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Level 9 MapLEVEL 9 – TREE OF LIFE (MP4366)

Jump the gap, climb down the ladders and drop onto the stacked movable blocks.

Before going on, I recommend heading to the left, dropping down into the hallway below and killing the 3 enemies. Climb back up and, if Lara is injured, use the medikit on the ledge to the left.

Climb back onto the movable blocks and pull the upper block once to the left. Hop down and pull/push the rightmost block underneath the rightmost ladder and climb up. At the top, turn left and jump to grab the next ladder, climb up and jump over to the statue.

Press Action to view your inventory, select the Ornamental Scepter (which you obtained in level 3) and use it. This opens three previously sealed passageways, one of which is just above on the right. (This is marked A on the map, the others B and C.) Climb up there and get the Uzi and a medikit.

Climb down and use the switch (S1) near the statue to lower the block (B1) on which Lara standing. Climb back down the ladder to the movable block. Jump to grab the ledge on the right and pull up. There are several sets of retracting spikes ahead. As you make your way to the right, then down along the right wall, wait for each set of spikes to retract so Lara is not injured.

Use the switch (S2a) in the room at the bottom right corner of the map to reveal another switch (S2b) in the hallway above. Climb the first two ledges above the switch you just used (S2a). Kill the 3 enemies in the hallway if you didn't do it earlier. Continue to the left and use the new switch (S2b) to raise the block (B2) on which Lara is standing.

Using this switch also opens a door (D2) back in the spike area. Go to the right, climb onto the block you moved earlier and jump to grab the ledge with the spikes. Make your way carefully past the first set of spikes. Then when the second set retracts, climb into the opening above. Here you'll find the Explorer's Notebook (CX6350). Drop down carefully, avoiding the spikes, and return to the left to the movable blocks.

Move the leftmost block beneath the leftmost ladder and climb up. Use the switch (S3) to extend a ledge (L3) with a ladder just to the right. Climb down.

Now move the left and right blocks back against the middle block. Climb up and push the upper block to the left, directly beneath the ladder you just extended. On the way up to the exit, kill a couple of snakes and pick up a medipack.

explorer's notebook

Item Code: CX6350
Item Name: Explorer's Notebook
Description: An inscription reveals that the owner of this notebook was one Dr E. Brendan Caldwell, a name familiar to Lara Croft. Dr Caldwell made many discoveries in this region during the twenties and thirties. Many of the pages have perished with time, but the little that remains is intriguing.... The notes and drawings seem to relate to a particular part of the tomb. 'We are certain we have discovered a secret room to the west of the chamber which bears the mark of Horus. Alas, without a new stock of dynamite I fear we will be unable to blast through. It is so disheartening; we are almost there. I resolve to return and continue this exploration after my trip to Tibet.

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