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Level 10 MapLEVEL 10 – TOMB OF RENENUTET (MP7788)

Climb the ladder almost but not quite to the top. Wait for a dart to pass overhead. Then climb up and quickly step down into the depression with the medikit. Wait until another dart passes before climbing over into the next depression. Get the dynamite, wait for the next dart, and then climb over the next low wall.

There are spikes beyond the third low wall, so this time wait for the dart, climb up and jump to grab the ledge below the dart trap. Drop down. Then climb down the ladder onto a movable block. Climb over the wall to the left and drop down. Pull the block to the left to position it under the wall with two ladders. Climb up the left ladder and down the right. Continue to the right.

Climb down the ledges, watch the darts then drop down and quickly duck to avoid being hit. Make your way to the right, ducking every time a dart passes. Climb onto the block. Lara is safe from darts here. Watch the passageway to the right. The darts come two at a time but less often. As soon as a pair of darts strikes the block, hop down and run to the right. Climb up through the opening in the ceiling.

Stand on the pressure pad (P1) to reveal a ladder (L1) overhead. Climb up, shoot the snake and pick up the Stone Fragment (CX4486). Use dynamite to break down the crumbling wall to the right and get a medikit.

Return down the ladder and hang from the ledge. Wait for a pair of darts to pass, drop down and run to the right. Jump the gap and grab the other side. (Or, if you fall in, shoot the snake and jump up to grab the other edge.) Wait for more darts to pass, pull up and run off the edge to the right.

Climb down to a ledge above a spike pit. Jump to the block above the spikes, then to the other side of the pit. Continue to the left. There are 2 snakes in the passage below the movable blocks. Drop down and kill them, then go to the left and climb up the ledges and down into the next room. (You don't need to do anything with the blocks and switch.)

Approach the broken stone needle and use the Stone Fragment to extend a ladder from the floor to the ledge above. Climb to the top and pick up the Golden Fang (CX1864).

Now you must move very carefully get past the 3 sets of retracting spikes. Stand at the left edge of the low ledge facing the spikes. When the first set of spikes retracts, jump forward (don't run). Then jump forward as the second set retracts. Then jump forward again as the third set of spikes retracts and quickly run to the exit.

stone fragment

Item Code: CX4486
Item Name: Stone Fragment
Description: This appears to be the tip of a stone needle. It would be appropriate to see if we could return this to its original place.

golden fang

Item Code: CX1864
Item Name: Golden Fang
Description: This snake's fang has been designed in gold complete with a hollow centre. Careful examination of this hollow channel reveals stains from what is probably an ancient poison. Knowing the Egyptian's predilection for fast-acting contact poisons, it would be wise not to touch this. The roots of the tooth are designed to fit into a structure of some sort, probably a statue of a snake. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game.

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