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Level 5 MapLEVEL 5 - TEMPLE OF KHEPRI (MP1758)

Go to the left and drop down the ledges. Jump the gap to the left and drop down once more. There's a medikit behind a crumbling wall. Getting it requires dynamite, which you'll also need later in the level, so I recommend not doing this unless Lara is near death.

Push the movable block all the way to the right. Climb over it and down the ladder. Drop to the floor. Pull the movable block to the right. Now go through the door on the right.

You emerge in a separate side area. If you still have dynamite from before, use it now to blow up the crumbling wall. Climb onto the ledge above, get the medikit, jump to the opposite ledge and use the switch (S1) to open a trapdoor (D1) in the previous area.

(NOTE: If you don't have dynamite, return through the door to the left and climb down the ladder that was previously blocked by the trapdoor. At the bottom, drop onto the platform and immediately duck to get the dynamite and avoid the darts flying from the right. After the next dart passes, jump to grab the ladder and quickly climb back up. Return through the door to the side area and use the dynamite to destroy the stone wall.)

Go through the opening where the stone wall was and climb down to the bottom of the room. Stand above the Golden Beetle (CX1943) and tap Down twice—once to crouch and take the beetle and again to stay down as darts fire from the statues' mouths. This only happens once. After the darts have passed, climb back up to the door and return to the larger area.

Climb down the ladder that was previously blocked by the trapdoor (D1). At the bottom, drop onto the platform and duck avoid more darts. (If you didn't get the dynamite before, you will now.) Wait for a dart to pass overhead. Stand, step carefully to the left and duck again. Wait for a dart to pass, stand and press Action to jump over the first spike pit. Duck again. Repeat the process to cross the second pit.

Continue to the left and climb the ladder, again watching out for darts. At the top, jump the gap to the right. If you moved the block earlier, you will be able to climb up and use the switch (S2) to lower a block (B2) to the left. Hop down, walk to the edge and jump to grab the ledge. Pull up and continue to the exit.

golden beetle

Item Code: CX1943
Item Name: Golden Beetle
Description: A classic Egyptian beetle created from solid gold. The beetle's legs have been designed to attach to something. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game.

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