Stella's Tomb Raider Mobile/Cell Phone Game Walkthrough - Elixir of Life

Level 7 MapLevel 7 - The Library (MP2826)

This level can be a bit confusing with the many elevators, some of which only go in one direction or which skip certain floors. On the level map I have used a different method than before to number the elevators. Here they are labeled by the vertical shaft in which each moves (A through E, from left to right) and by floor (1 being the bottom and 5 the top).

You begin on the top floor. Go to the right, draw guns and then press Up to get in the elevator (E-A5). It takes Lara down to the fourth floor (to E-A4). Kill the 2 Dobermans and get the medipack. The three elevators to the right (E-B4, E-C4 and E-D4) have not been activated yet, so get back into the same elevator you just exited (E-A4). This time it takes Lara down to the second floor (to E-A2).

Use the computer to the right (C1) to extend a ladder (L1) in a room on the fourth floor, far right. Use the computer to the left (C2) to activate 2 of the elevators on the floor above (E-B4 and E-D4). This also causes an intruder alert to flash on the screen. You can't reach the computer on the high ledge, so get back in the elevator and ride back to the top floor (E-A5). Use the elevator again to get back to the fourth floor (E-A2 to E-A4).

Draw guns and enter the second elevator from the left (E-B4) to ride up to the top floor. Kill 2 Dobermans and go to the right. Use the elevator (E-E5) to descend to the second floor (E-E2). Get the medikit and use the computer (C3) to open a door (D3) on the third floor, far left.

Draw guns and use the elevator (E-E2) again to ride up to the third floor. Shoot the security droid. Then use the computer (C4) to open a door (D4) on the first floor, far left, releasing 2 more security droids. Run to the left and pick up the Uzi (GN1372), but don't get into the elevator there (E-C3). Instead, return to the elevator on the right and ride up one floor (E-E3 to E-E4).

Climb the ladder (L1) and use the computer (C5) to extend ladders (L5) back in the computer room on the second floor. Climb down and ride the elevator back to the top floor (E-E4 to E-E5).

Run to the left side of the room, pull out that Uzi, and ride the elevator (E-B5) down to the first floor (E-B1). Take out the 2 security bots. On the left side of the room, behind the door (D4) you opened earlier, is an E-Mail Printout (EL2725). Take it and use the nearest elevator (E-A1) to reach the third floor (E-A3).

To get the medikit behind the wall to the left, grab the edge of the wall, wait for a laser bolt to pass, pull up, take a step to the left and then duck. Wait for another laser bolt, drop down into the room and get the health. Return over the wall the same way. Use the elevator (E-B3) beneath the gun to return to the fourth floor (E-B4).

Use the elevator on the left (E-A4) to return to the computer room on the second floor (E-A2). With the ladders extended, you can now reach the computer (C6) on the ledge. Use it to activate the remaining elevator on the fourth floor (E-C4). Return to the top floor (E-A2 to E-A5), then get back in the same elevator and ride down to the fourth floor (E-A5 to E-A4).

Go to the right to the middle elevator of the three (E-C4) and take it down to the first floor (E-C1). Get into the elevator at the end of the hall to finish the level.


Item Code: GN1372
Item Name: Uzi
Description: This is a more powerful gun than the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They do twice as much damage as the pistols but have a limited amount of ammunition. More ammunition can be picked up during the game. When you pick up the Uzi it automatically replaces the pistols until the ammunition runs out.

E-Mail Printout

Item Code: EL2725
Item Name: E-Mail Printout
Description: Somebody left this printout lying next to the computer. The email printed on it contains some passcodes which should be useful later on. FROM: Onyx Security Systems Ltd. TO: SUBJECT: Re: The Computer Room elevator Sir, In reply to your last e-mail. You are right, the defence system in the lift shaft below the computer room can be circumvented by simply crouching on the lift to avoid the ordnance. We are happy to return to adjust the firing patterns at your earliest convenience. Regards, R. Lowell. ONYX.

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