Stella's Tomb Raider Mobile/Cell Phone Game Walkthrough - Elixir of Life

Level 6 MapLevel 6 - Storeroom (MP6103)

Climb up and push the movable box into the laser beam. Don't go any farther. If Lara herself triggers the beam, it turns on the electrified floor. Go back to the left and climb onto the ledge above the door. Climb over to the other side of the laser beam. Pull the box all the way to the right. Then climb on top of it to reach the elevator (E1a). Ride down to the floor below (E1b).

Drop down on the left and pull the movable box once. Climb back up to the elevator and jump the gap to the right. Drop down on the right then jump back to the ledge below the elevator. Drop onto the movable box below and then to the floor.

There's a medikit off to the left if you need it. Climb up on the left side of the ledge and pull the movable box to the left. Drop down and climb back up on the right side of the box. Jump across to the computer (C1) and use it to open a door (D1) just below. Jump back to the movable box and then drop to the floor. Climb down to the elevator (E2a) and ride down to the next level (E2b).

Walk to the edge above the electrified floor. When the moving platform comes down, jump onto it. Immediately draw guns and face right. As the platform moves up and down, shoot the 2 security droids and 3 Dobermans on the ledges. Ride all the way to the top and jump off on the right.

Go to the right, drop down and shoot the switch (S3) to open a door (D3) on the left side of the map. Drop down to the next ledge and shoot another switch (S4), then another switch (S5) on the ledge below. These modulate the electricity in the floors leading up to the panel you just opened.

Climb back to the top ledge and jump back onto the moving platform. Hang from the left edge as you ride down. Then drop onto the ledge below. Climb up to the elevator and return to the room above (E2b to E2a).

Go to the left, use the medikit if you need it and then grab the lowest electrified ledge. Wait for the current to turn off, then pull up, step left, turn right, then jump to grab the ledge above. Repeat the process to reach the room at the top, where you'll find a Security Pass Card (EL1161). Carefully climb back down the ledges and return via the elevator to the room with the moving platform.

Jump onto the platform, ride to the top and jump off on the right. Climb down the ledges and use the pass card at the card reader (C6) to turn on the elevator. Enter and ride up (from E3a to E3b).

Push the movable box all the way to the left. (Ignore the pressure pad for now.) Climb the ledges and pull the next movable box once to the left. Climb back down to the floor. Pull the first box back to the right until it is beneath the small square ledge. Climb over and pull the box back to the left until it is on top of the pressure pad (P7). This extends a ladder (L7) above. Climb the ladder, use the medikit and then jump across to the left. Climb to the room above, pull the movable box out of the opening and climb over it to reach the exit.

security pass card

Item Code: EL1161
Item Name: Security Pass Card
Description: This pass card has the words "ACCESS ALL AREAS" printed on it. With a bit of luck, this should allow Lara to get through any security doors that she comes across.

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