Stella's Tomb Raider Anniversary Mobile/Cell Phone Game Walkthrough


Step down on the right and shoot the tribesman. Continue to the right. Climb over the wall and kill 2 dogs. Use the medipack and return to the entrance.

(NOTE: If Lara is very low on health at the start, you can begin by going to the left to get the medikit. Then you can deal with the tribesman or not, and either go all the way to the right to fight the dogs and get the medipack or skip that area altogether. Killing the dogs isn't necessary to proceed, though you will need to deal with the tribesman when you return here later.)

From the entrance, jump across the gap to the left. (The small platform doesn't move yet.) If Lara needs health, climb the ledges on the left to get a medikit. Otherwise save it for later. Drop down from the lowest of these ledges to the small ledge on the left wall. Climb down and jump over to the top of the ladder.

Climb down the ladder and step on the pressure pad (P1) to start the small platform on the left moving. Immediately jump onto it. If you miss it, wait for it to return and try again. Hang from either edge as the platform passes beneath 3 flame jets. Then pull up. As the platform ascends, draw guns and aim to the right. Shoot the switch (S2) on the right wall to raise a block (B2) in the room above. Ride the platform back to the left, hanging from the edge when it passes beneath the flames. Jump off at the top near the pressure pad (P1).

Climb the ladder, go right and climb down another ladder. Use the switch (S3) to open a door (D3) to the right and also extend a ledge (L3) preventing Lara from climbing back up the ladder. Go to the right and wait for another moving platform. Jump onto it, ride up and jump off on the right. Cross the ledge and wait for another moving platform. Jump onto it and ride it as it makes a clockwise circuit of the room. When it begins to ascend, move to the right edge. Jump to the first ledge on the right. Use the switch (S4) to raise another block (B4) above.

Jump back on the moving platform when it returns, ride up and jump off on the left. Continue to the left, wait for the other moving platform, jump onto it and ride it down. Hang from the edge and drop off at the bottom. Climb into the doorway on the left. Use the switch (S3) again to retract the ledge (L3) above so Lara can climb the ladder. Go left, jump the gap and climb the ledges. (If you didn't already get the medikit on the highest ledge, do that now.) Jump back over to the doorway where you entered the level.

Run to the right, killing that tribesman now if you didn't do so earlier, and climb the blocks (B2 and B4). Use the switch (S5) to start the small platform near the entrance moving. Climb back down, return to the left and jump onto that little platform. Ride it upward, jump off on the right and exit the level.

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