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NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.

AREA 20: SUMMIT FOREST (includes Shantytown second visit)

Updated: 10/4/15()

Camps: Summit Marsh (Day Camp), Hunting Lodge (Fast Travel Camp), Stormguard Sanctum (Day Camp)
Gear: none  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Tactical Pistol
: 2  Relics:GPS caches:Treasure Maps: Relic/Document Map
Challenge Tombs:Challenges: 1 (10 items)
Area Map: Summit Forest*

*Map includes all major collectibles and challenge items. Refer to the in-game map by pressing Tab/Back if you'd prefer no spoilers. The in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Out of the Forest

You begin the level with a new weapon, the TACTICAL PISTOL Lara inherited from Roth. Before moving on, turn around to face the smoldering embers of the funeral pyre. On a boulder near the edge of the cliff is a document (1/2), "Roth: An Apology," which is part of the Endurance Officers series. (screenshot)

Turn around and head east to the Summit Marsh Day Camp. Use the camp to make any skill and weapon upgrades you can afford. Note that with the new pistol comes several new options to upgrade this gun: Magazine Well, Ergonomic Grip and Silencer. Resting here also unlocks an entry in Lara's Journal (7/10).

NOTE: I recommend using this camp even if you don't need to make any upgrades. If you skip it, you may encounter a bug in which Lara's 7th journal entry repeats on every visit to any camp after this point. You'll know that the bug has been avoided when Lara exits the camp, and you see the message about the journal update. (Thanks to Jeff Reid for this warning.)

Move under the wooden archway and down the steps to the east. You'll hear wolves howling in the distance, and Lara will keep her bow drawn, but there's no danger yet. There are several collectibles in the open area at the bottom of the steps. As long as you don't leave this area on the path to the northeast, you won't meet any enemies.

CRASH SITE: Straight ahead between the entrance to this clearing and the wooden archway with the lantern next to it is a salvage crate. Off to the left, in a marshy area, there's a GPS cache (1/5). (screenshot)

In the middle of the clearing is the helicopter in which Lara and Roth crashed. Sitting inside a hollow log to the southwest of the wreckage is a relic (1/3), a Chou Dynasty Dagger. On the southwest side of the helicopter, near the edge of the clearing, is a large mushroom (1/10) growing at the base of a tree. Use Survival Instinct if you're having trouble spotting it. Pick it to unlock the Red Cap Roundup Challenge: Harvest 10 of these fungi for bonus XP. Off to the east of the wreck you'll find another salvage crate and a mushroom (2/10) growing behind a tree. (screenshots)

Throughout this area there are rabbits and birds to hunt. Later, after you've defeated all the enemies, a few deer will emerge as well. I thought having the loud, smelly men scare away the wildlife was a nice touch on the designers' part.

When you have everything here, move under the wooden archway and along the path to the northeast. Lara overhears some men talking in the area ahead. Stay quiet as you move over to the left side of the path and pick another mushroom (3/10). (screenshots)

MAIN AREA - ELIMINATING THE ENEMY PATROLS: Before moving into the next area, be aware of what's in store. There's a squad of Solarii searching for Lara and the other survivors. If any of the men notice you, they'll call for reinforcements. More soldiers will arrive with trained wolves, and you'll quickly be overwhelmed. So unless you crave combat, I recommend using stealth. Move quietly through the forest picking off soldiers one by one. You can track them by their flashlights. Stay out of the beams, don't make too much noise, and hide behind trees and rocks if necessary. Never shoot at men in groups, since this will blow your cover. Instead wait for them to separate and then quietly attack each lone Solarii. Remember enemies glow red in Survival Instinct view if they will alert others when killed.

You can gather collectibles as you go, but I found it much easier to eliminate all the Solarii first. Then you can explore the forest freely without worrying about attracting unwanted attention. That's the strategy I'll describe here.

Sneak along the path from the CRASH SITE toward the forested area to the east. Take cover behind the rock on the left side of the path with the arrows leaning against it. While hiding behind the rock at the end of the path leading down from the crash site, watch and listen to the first 3 soldiers. When two of them head off in separate directions, take out the third with a quiet headshot. You can use the bow or your new pistol, provided you've acquired the silencer. To attach it, just press the Pistol Select button (D-Pad down on the controller or 2 on the keyboard) repeatedly until you see the silencer has been equipped. Then aim and fire as usual. As long as you kill each man with one shot and there are no other enemies nearby, you will not be discovered. When in doubt, use the bow. (screenshots)

In addition to the first enemy at the end of the path, there are 2 more soldiers in the woods to the right (south) on this side of the stream. Kill them one at a time using silent headshots. Stealth attacks can sometimes work too, but your timing needs to be precise. If a soldier turns around while you're sneaking up on him, he'll immediately call for backup. (screenshots)

After you've eliminated the men on the west side of the stream, return toward the wooden bridge at the north end of the forest. There are several Solarii on patrol near the hunting lodge on the east side of the swamp. If you take out the man guarding the bridge, you can move down into the water, cross under the bridge and climb out on the opposite bank, on the left side of the bridge. A checkpoint registers when you cross the bridge, either on top or underneath. There's a mushroom (4/10) for the Challenge growing near the end of the bridge, as well as some trees and bushes that make good cover. Slowly and carefully take out the 4 men guarding the area near the hunting lodge. They move around and call out to each other a lot, so make sure each one is out of hearing distance when you kill him (white not red in Survival Instinct). (screenshots)

When you've dealt with them, move across the area in front of the building. You can't use the Hunting Lodge Day Camp yet, since there are enemies about. Instead stick to the darker, more wooded areas as you move to the south. Take out 2 more roving Solarii and you should see a checkpoint. (screenshots)

NOTE: When you get down to the last one or two enemies, if you want to go for the extra XP and salvage, you can attack them openly to trigger a larger battle with wolves. I'd just as soon not do this, but it's up to you. It's a little easier if you've taken out most of the original enemies first.

Before going in search of collectibles, I recommend dealing with the final enemies in this area. Sneak up the hill behind the hunting lodge and 3 more men will emerge from the cave at the top of the stone steps (in the northwest corner of this area). There's a stone wall between their position and the lodge that makes good cover.

Since these guys are grouped so closely together (note the red glow in Survival Instinct view), shooting just one of them will cause the survivors to sound the alert and release the wolves. But if you shoot an arrow into the wall off to the right, near the mushroom which also glows if you press Survival Instinct, you can create a distraction. One of the men will then go investigate. Once he turns white in Survival Instinct view, you'll know he's far enough from the others that you can pick him off with a well-placed headshot. Repeat the process by shooting a another arrow near the mushroom. One of the remaining Solarii will move to check it out. You can then take him down with a headshot. Finally, kill the last man the same way. (screenshots)

Alternatively, instead of using distraction, try lobbing a couple of grenades up there. You may be able to get them all at once. If necessary, finish off any survivors with your weapon of choice. The game autosaves once you've defeated this group. Now the woods are completely clear and you can explore at your leisure. (screenshots)

When you climb the stairs to the cave opening where the men were standing, you receive 50 XP and a new goal.

OBJECTIVE: Exit the Forest Through the Wolf Cave

If you like, you can continue to the next level now. In that case, skip down to the WOLF CAVE section below. You'll probably want to sweep this area for goodies first, though.

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – NORTH SIDE: You may have found some of these items as you roamed the area hunting Solarii, but since it's easy to get disoriented in the heat of battle, I've decided to describe the collectibles separately. This results in a little backtracking but not too much since the area is small-ish.

After you've killed the last 3 enemies near the cave entrance, approach the tanner's hut below and to the left of the ledge where the bad guys were standing. Use a rope arrow to pull open the rope-wrapped door. Grab the 2 bunches of arrows leaning next to the door if you need them. Then go inside and pry open the salvage trunk. (screenshots)

Exit the hut, turn right and head back down the hill toward the wooden bridge. Stay close to the right (north) boundary wall and you'll find a salvage crate about halfway down the slope. Just beyond it, also on the right, is the Challenge Tomb entrance. (screenshots)

STORMGUARD SANCTUM CHALLENGE TOMB: Follow the tunnel to the Stormguard Sanctum Day Camp. It's pretty dark in here, so use fire arrows to light the 4 hanging lanterns. The first is directly above the campfire. Use Survival Instinct if you're having trouble seeing the others. There are arrows leaning against the wall to replenish your supply. You can also light the carved stone lantern for a little more illumination if necessary. (screenshots)

As usual, the treasure chest is high above. The climbing wall between the 2 huge Stormguard statues will enable you to reach it. To get there, you must first clear a path. Stand back from the wooden wall with the debris and natural gas vents on top. Shoot the debris or the gas cloud with a fire arrow to set off a huge explosion. After a short while the gas begins to flow again. So either move quickly or wait until you see the green clouds start to form. Then set off another explosion to clear the gas temporarily while you climb. (screenshots)

Do not use your torch or fire arrows while climbing, since this will ignite the gas when it starts to flow again. Scramble up the wooden wall and hang on. As soon as the debris burns away, pull up, hurry around to the left and climb onto the ledge above, where Lara will be safe from the gas. (screenshots)

Pick up more arrows if you need them and turn to face the climbing wall on the far side of the cave. Use Survival Instinct if necessary to get a clearer view. Use a fire arrow to light the lantern in the cave opening above the climbing wall and another to burn away the pile of debris blocking the opening. Then step out onto the jutting beam, jump toward the climbing wall and press Interact to latch on with your axe. Climb to the top and follow the short passage to the treasure chest. Open it for 1250 XP, plus 250 salvage points and the Summit Forest Relic Map, which reveals both relic and documents in the area on your in-game map. (screenshots)

Follow the tunnel back to the opening overlooking the camp. To get down, either hang from the edge and drop, taking a bit of damage, which Lara will quickly regenerate; or, jump over to the jutting beam and drop from there. Use the camp if you like. Then follow the tunnel back to the main area. (screenshots)

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – NORTH SIDE (continued): Exit the Challenge Tomb tunnel and turn right. Continue down the hill toward the wooden bridge. If you didn't notice the mushroom (4/10) growing on the right side of the bridge earlier, pick it now. (screenshot)

Cross the bridge. On the other side, where the stone path forks, head to the right to find another mushroom (5/10). Use Survival Instinct if you're having a hard time spotting it. Just beyond it to the northwest is a salvage crate hidden in the bushes near the boundary wall. (screenshots)

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – WEST SIDE: Now head south along the western side of the forest. There are several pickups in this area. First, some arrows leaning against the rock with the deer carcass, near where you killed the first enemy. A bit farther south you'll come to a fallen tree. There are more arrows leaning against a nearby. Head around the huge, hollow tree stump to the right, toward the stream bank, and you'll find another mushroom (6/10) for the Red Cap challenge. Then look up and to the south to spot a salvage net hanging from a wooden platform. Shoot it with a fire arrow to get the salvage inside. (screenshot)

Return up the slope to the fallen tree. Walk along it to the end, jump forward, and latch onto the climbing wall with your axe. Climb to the ledge above. Turn around so the rock wall is on Lara's left and take a running jump to the wooden platform ahead. Take the arrows if you have room for them. Then climb the rope line to the next platform. Here you'll find more arrows and a relic (2/3), a Jade Ceremonial Dagger. (screenshot)

There's an anchor post on the relic platform that will allow you to create another zip line to the area below, but we're headed the other way. So instead, slide down the same line you climbed up. Turn left and jump back to the ledge above the climbing wall. There's another anchor post here. Stand near it, shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped beam off to the southeast and slide down. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you get down from the relic platform, don't worry. Just head for the rope-wrapped beam. It's just south of the fallen tree and climbing wall and is easy to spot in the darkness—easier still with Survival Instinct. There's another bundle of arrows, leaning against a large, hollow tree stump between the climbing wall and the rope-wrapped beam.

Climb onto the long, moss-covered rock near the rope-wrapped beam. Follow it to the upper end and jump from there to grab the ledge with the mushroom (7/10) growing on it. Pull up, pick the fungus, and then drop to the ground. (screenshot)

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – SOUTHWEST: Continue south along the boundary wall until you come to a small, elevated hut. Move past it for now. Ahead (to the south) you'll find a deer carcass lying near a tree. Just beyond it is another mushroom (8/10) for the challenge. There are also more arrows leaning against a tree between the elevated hut and the bridge made of metal wreckage. (screenshots)

Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped pole holding up the wooden hut. When Lara yanks on the rope, it tilts the hut to one side, allowing you to scramble up into it. When you pull up into the doorway, turn around and jump to grab the rocky ledge jutting out directly ahead. Pull up to find a GPS cache (2/5) hidden among some small mushrooms. (screenshots)

Turn around and jump back down into the hut. Move to the other doorway. Jump to grab the horizontal pole and swing over to the wooden ledge ahead. Turn left, stand near the anchor post, and shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped tree ahead. Climb the rope until Lara is hanging directly above the perpendicular line. Then press Dodge/Roll to drop and grab the lower rope. Unless you press in the opposite direction, Lara will automatically slide down to the left, but this is OK. You can pick up more arrows there. Then grab the line again and climb to the next wooden platform. Crack open the salvage crate. Move around to the southeast side of the platform. Ahead, through the leaves, you can just make out a rock ledge with a flashing object sitting on it. It's just to the right of the waterfall. Adjust Lara's position until you can spot it. Then take a carefully angled running jump to grab the edge. It's a long, awkward jump, so you'll probably need press Interact at the on-screen prompt to hang on. Then pull up and claim the GPS cache (3/5) sitting on the stump. (screenshots)

Cross over this ledge to the side near the waterfall. Drop down and pick up another GPS cache (4/5) sitting in the water to the left of the falls. (screenshots)

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – SOUTHEAST: Move out of the water into the forest again and turn right (east). Approach the chunk of rusted metal wreckage and look up to spot a salvage net hanging from a wooden platform. Shoot a fire arrow to burn away the net. Then break open the crate and the second crate sitting near the metal junk. (screenshots)

Continue eastward along the south boundary wall. Soon you'll come to a large rock formation with a plank-and-barbed-wire barrier opposite it in the rock wall. Go into the small canyon in the rocks here to find another mushroom (9/10). (screenshots)

Move back out of the little canyon and climb onto the rock ledge on the right. The Solarii have "improved" this ledge with wood planks and old airplane parts. Grab the shotgun shells. Use the rope line to reach the wooden platform off to the southwest. Turn left and take a running jump to the grassy ledge with the relic (3/3), a Japanese Ceremonial Dagger. Examine it closely for more info and XP. Then drop to the ground. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can use your shotgun to destroy the plank barrier opposite the stone ledge where you found the shotgun ammo. This is an alternate route to the 3rd GPS cache. You won't need to do this if you've already gotten it following as described above. If you want to try it this way, shoot out the barrier, jump from the rock formation into the opening or climb up from below using the wooden slats. Follow the tunnel to the slope. Slide down, jump near the end, and use your axe to latch onto the climbing wall above the pool. The timing is quite tricky, though, and it will probably take several tries. Once you've made it to the climbing wall, climb up and around to the right. Then jump to grab the ledge with the GPS cache. Note that if you fire your shotgun to destroy the barrier before killing all the enemies in this area, they will hear it and attack. You can take cover inside the tunnel as you pick them off.

SUMMIT FOREST COLLECTIBLES – NORTHEAST: Head north to the hunting lodge and the nearby Hunting Lodge Base Camp. It should be marked on your map since you most likely "discovered" it while hunting Solarii earlier. Pick up more arrows leaning against the tree stump to the left of the campfire. Climb the stairs to the building. Crack open the salvage crate on the veranda. Then go inside to find a document (2/2), "General: The Conquerors," part of the Ancient Scrolls set, plus 2 more bundles of arrows. (screenshots)

Go behind the lodge and climb the stairs to the wolf cave, picking up more arrows and the final mushroom (10/10) for the Red Cap Roundup Challenge. The mushroom is growing on the right side of the stairs. It's pretty obvious, but you can use Survival Instinct to see it more clearly. If you've picked all the other fungi, you'll receive a bonus of 150 XP. (screenshot)

NOTE: Several times it appeared I'd earned 200 XP for this challenge instead of the usual 150. I finally figured out that the game was awarding the challenge points and the 50 XP for finding the cave entrance simultaneously.

WOLF CAVE AND TUNNEL TO THE LEVEL EXIT: Enter the cave at the top of the stairs. Move onto the wooden bridge and use a rope arrow to open the door. Enter and follow the tunnel to a cave with 8 caged wolves. They can't harm you, but you can get a little XP by shooting them through the bars—extra for headshots. If you like, you can use rope arrows to conserve ammo.

The exit from this room is high on the wall opposite the entrance. To reach it, climb the yellow ladder to the top of the wooden platform or just scramble up onto the ledge. It's not too high. Shoot a rope arrow into the hanging deer carcass. When Lara pulls on the rope, the deer swings toward her then back into the metal armature, causing it to swing around. Before it can swing back to its original position, jump to grab the horizontal bar and then immediately jump to the climbing wall ahead. If you don't make it the first time, just climb back onto the ledge and try again. Once you reach the rough wall, climb to the top and continue into a small cave with an altar. You receive 100 XP for your efforts. (screenshots)

Pick up the area's final GPS cache (5/5), which is hidden in the pile of bones. Burn the 2 salvage nets and then crack open the crates plus 2 more salvage crates that were already sitting on the floor. (screenshots)

You should now have all the collectibles in the Summit Forest area. If necessary, you can go back and retrieve anything you missed. Or return later via the Hunting Lodge fast travel camp.

When you're ready to move on, exit through the tunnel near the bone pile. Slide down the slope onto a narrow ledge. Lara nearly falls over the edge into a deep crevasse, and you'll need to press Interact to hold on. Pull up and follow the ledge around to the right. Cross the narrow stone bridge and enter the tunnel beyond. A flock of bats flies past in the wider tunnel ahead. Follow them to emerge outside on a ledge overlooking Shantytown.

SHANTYTOWN (second visit)

After emerging from the caves, you'll spend a short time back in Shantytown. Never has this wretched hive of scum and villainy looked so glorious!

Move to the left side of the ledge and slide down the zip line to the grassy area on the other side of the gorge. (screenshot) When you land, Lara makes contact with Alex by radio. He says they could use her help getting the boat running. She replies that she's on her way. You receive 900 XP for giving poor Alex false hope—plus a mission update.


OBJECTIVE: Find a Way Down to the Beach

Move through the tunnel in the rocks to another high ledge across from the burning fortress tower. Slide down another zip line onto one of the huge, jury-rigged towers. (screenshot) It's possible to drop down to the lower level of this tower and climb back up again, but the rest of Shantytown is inaccessible from here. If you need to return later, use the Fast Travel network. For now, climb along the rope line to reach the gondola tower to the northwest. Here you'll find arrows and shotgun shells. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you happen to be one effigy short on the Laid to Rest Challenge, there's one hanging on the cliff wall just beyond this tower, provided you haven't already destroyed it. (screenshot)

When you're ready to go, move onto the metal ramp on the west side of the tower. Wait for one of the gondolas to approach. Then, as it turns around to head back down the mountain, jump onto it. (screenshot)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 5/18/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
7/10/13 - Made a few minor tweaks for clarity and added the tip for using rope arrows to kill the caged wolves. Thanks to Sahara for this great suggestion.
10/4/15 - Added the stealth option for defeating the last 3 Solarii. Thanks to a Jeff Reid, who sent me this tip ages ago. It's just taken me a while to add it.

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