Tomb Raider: Legend for Nintendo Game Boy Advance

WALKTHROUGHS for each level appear on separate pages:

Bolivia · Peru · Japan · Ghana · Kazakhstan · England · Nepal · Bolivia Redux · Croft Manor

The GAME BOY ADVANCE CONTROLS are pretty straightforward, and the early areas include on-screen tutorials. But in case you have a used copy of the game or have lost your manual, the basic controls are listed below. GBA cheat codes are included on my Legend Cheats page.

Control Pad

Movement Left, Right, Upscreen, Downscreen

Push/pull object (Stand against movable object. When Lara leans into it press Pad Left/Right to move the object. Press B to release.)

Swing around horizontal bar (While hanging, press Pad left or right to swing around in that direction.)

Swing on rope or vine (While hanging, alternate pressing Pad left and right to swing back and forth.)


Draw and shoot weapon

Shoot environmental hazard (when A icon appears on-screen)

Action (activate a switch or similar object)


Choose or holster weapon (Tap R to holster the weapon Lara is holding. Or hold R and use Control Pad Left/Right to cycle through available items. When the item you want is selected, release R. Then press A to use item.)


Jump (straight up)

Control Pad Down + B

Roll in the direction Lara is facing

L + Pad

Use magnetic grapple (Press L to throw the grapple, then left or right on the Control Pad to pull. Only works near objects that can be grappled.)

L + Pad

Grapple swing (Only works in certain spots. Take a running jump off an edge, press L to extend grapple cable and hang from it. Press Pad Left/Right to swing and B to jump.)

Motorcycle Controls

R = accelerate
Control Pad Left/Right = steer
A = shoot enemies

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