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NOTE: The items enemies drop can vary. This walkthrough indicates some of the possibilities, but what you get may be different from what's listed here. Some enemies don't drop anything.

Introduction: Lara and her mother, passengers on a private plane, crash in the Himalayas. Those who've followed Lara's biography since the early days will recognize this as a crucial event in our heroine's history. Segue to the present. Lara works her way up a rough cliff side, all the while chatting over her headset with her assistants Zip and Alister, who are apparently holding down the fort back at Croft Manor.

Unless you've played one of the other versions of Legend, it's not easy to tell what's going on in the cut scenes. I have tried to include the basics here, but if you want the full story, you may want to play the original game or at least follow the cinematics in that walkthrough.

ASCENDING: Use direction buttons to climb along ledges. Press B + direction to jump. Lara will automatically grab a ledge if there is one. Climb to the right, jump up, climb a little more to the right and then jump up twice. Climb as far as you can to the right and then jump to grab the tan ledge on the right. Climb the ledges and continue to the right to a CHECKPOINT.

WATERFALL & LEDGES: Follow the path, jump the gap and continue to the waterfall. Step into the water and use the direction buttons to swim. Swim down and to the right to get the first bronze reward. Lara takes it automatically when you swim past it. Swim to the right side of the pool and tap Up to climb out.

Push the boulder into the pit by standing against it and pressing Right. Step back from the edge and jump down into the pit where you'll get a silver reward.

Climb out of the pit on the right. Stand below the vine and press Jump to leap straight up and grab it. Climb up and then jump to the vine on the left. Climb a little higher and jump to the ledge on the left. A little farther to the left is the waterfall again. Jump to grab the dangling rope. Climb up to the level of the higher ledge and press D-Pad Left and Right to swing back and forth. As Lara swings to the left, press B to jump from the rope to the ledge. Go to the left, jump the gap and get the bronze reward. Drop down to the ledge below by pressing B + Down.

Continue to the left, jump the gap and climb onto the next ledge. Jump up to grab the dark-colored crevice, climb to the left and then jump to the left to grab the ledge. Pull up. Jump up to grab the dark crevice (at this point you can see the blue sky above). Climb along the crevices to the right, jumping to the right each time you reach a gap.

When Lara makes a particularly long jump, you may need to tap A to make a "saving grab" so she doesn't lose her grip and fall. The A icon appears on screen when you need to do that. Keep climbing to the left to reach the next CHECKPOINT.

HEADING UPSTREAM: Hang from the ledge ahead. When the big boulder comes rolling toward Lara, climb back onto the ledge or she'll be squashed.

Continue upstream to a waterfall that's a little too high to grab. Stand on the rock beneath the horizontal pole and press Jump + Right to grab it. Press Right to swing around the pole and then, as Lara swings toward the waterfall, press Jump to leap and grab the edge. Pull up and continue upstream to another waterfall and a bronze reward.

Return downstream to the black horizontal crevice. Jump up to grab it. Jump up twice more to the highest crevice, then to the left to a ledge with a silver reward. To get down safely, hang from the right edge then press Jump + Down to fall and grab the lowest crevice.

Climb up to the ledge on the right. Push the white carved stone off the ledge so it lands on the tree branch, pushing the opposite end up. Drop down and stand directly beneath the higher end of the branch. Jump straight up to grab the end of the branch, which functions as a horizontal pole. Press Right to swing around it, then jump to grab the cliff with the waterfall. Continue to a CHECKPOINT.

OUTSIDE RUINS: The view shifts briefly to a silver reward somewhere above. For now, follow the on-screen instructions and use L to throw Lara's magnetic grapple at the bronze disc blocking the path. Once it's out of the way, continue on.

Hold R and tap Right/Left until the pistols are in the selection box. Then release R and Lara will pull out her guns. Shoot the 3 mercenaries ahead (press A to fire). Pass over the spot where the men fell and Lara picks up a SHOTGUN, an SMG and a grenade. Go a little farther to the right to get a bronze reward.

If Lara is injured, press R to open the item select window. Press Left to select the health pack. Then press A to use it.

Stand at the top of the slope and jump straight up to grab the horizontal crevice. Climb to the left. Jump to grab the horizontal pole, swing around it and jump to grab the crevice to the left. Climb/jump along the crevices to the left. When you reach a brown ledge, jump straight up to grab it. Pull up and continue to the left.

Take a running jump to grab the horizontal pole. (If you just jump from a standing position, Lara will miss the pole and fall.) Swing around the pole and jump to the next ledge where there's a silver reward. Take another running jump back to the pole, swing around and jump back to the previous ledge. Go to the right, jump to grab the dangling rope and swing over to the next ledge.

On-screen instructions tell how to use the PDA. Note that it gives mission objectives, info on your weapons and equipment, as well as the number of rewards found in the level so far.

Jump to grab the first horizontal pole ahead. Swing around it and jump to grab the next one. Swing around again and jump to the ledge ahead. Pick up the bronze reward. Continue right to another CHECKPOINT.

BROKEN BRIDGE: When the next area loads, draw guns (pressing A is enough as long as they're already selected) and shoot the mercenary ahead. He drops a health pack.

Continue to the broken bridge. Before following the instructions on screen to grapple the disc, climb down into the pit and get another bronze reward. Climb back up to the left edge of the bridge.

To grapple swing across, hold L then press B jump and throw the grapple. Once Lara is hanging from the grapple cable, you can release L. Press Right and Left to swing and then B to jump and release the cable as it swings to the right. Continue along the path to the next CHECKPOINT.

ROLLING BOULDERS: In then next area, follow the on-screen prompt and press A to shoot environmental hazards, like the 2 huge boulders. Follow the boulders down the slope as they crush the 2 soldiers below. Run over the shotgun and SMG ammo they drop to pick it up. Continue to the right. Jump onto the next ledge and kill another mercenary. He drops a grenade, but if Lara already has 4 of these, she can't pick up any more. Climb up a couple more ledges, kill another mercenary and take the health pack he drops.

To climb down into the pit ahead, follow the on-screen instructions: After tapping Right to drop and hang from the edge, press Down + Jump to drop and grab the ledge below. Repeat to drop all the way to the bottom. Pick up a bronze reward. Then climb out of the pit by jumping straight up from ledge to ledge.

Jump to grab the dangling rope and swing across the pit. Slide down the slope to a CHECKPOINT.

STONE BRIDGES & TEMPLE ENTRANCE: Advance to the stone bridge, where you'll meet another soldier. Kill him and pick up shotgun shells. Continue to another bridge with another soldier who drops SMG ammo. Just beyond that bridge, press A to shoot the pillar, toppling it onto the 2 mercenaries. Pick up the health pack and grenade they leave behind, as well as the silver reward just ahead. Approach the temple door and press Up to enter. Another CHECKPOINT registers.

TRAPPED TEMPLE INTERIOR: To get past the spike trap, take a running jump off the edge and press and hold L to throw the magnetic grapple. (Once Lara is swinging, you can release L.) Swing and jump to the other side of the pit.

To climb up the pulley chains, first stand in front of the chain on the right and press Jump to grab it. Climb up then jump to the left to grab the other chain. Climb up, then jump to the right to grab the first chain. Jump from there to the ledge on the right. Head to the right, drop down and get another silver reward. Continue to the right and another CHECKPOINT.

In the next room, swim down and to the right, avoiding the piranhas if you can. Once you've passed the wall, swim upward and climb out of the water on the ledge with the bronze reward. Swim downward again then to the right, then up to another ledge where you can climb out.

Go down the stairs, shoot the leopard, then continue down the next set of stairs to a block trap. To get past it, run toward it when it is almost all the way down. Lara will run up against it. Continue holding the Right D-Pad button and as the block rises, Lara will run underneath it. To get past the double blocks, push the wooden crate in front of Lara as she passes underneath the blocks. The crate will prevent her from being crushed. Continue up the stairs to a CHECKPOINT.

CRATE & SEESAW PUZZLE: In the next room are 2 pressure pads, a seesaw-like balance and 2 wooden crates. First, pull the first crate onto the first pressure pad. Go to the right and pull the second crate so it's just in front of the right side of the seesaw. Stand in front of the left side of the seesaw and jump. Lara's weight will catapult the crate onto the ledge to the right. Climb up and push it onto the pressure pad. Then go to the far right side of the room, kill the leopard and pick up the gold reward.

Return to the left side of the room, climb the chain and jump to grab the crevice on the right. Climb all the way to the right and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. (The positioning here is a little tricky. If Lara doesn't immediately grab the ledge when jumping straight up, inch her to the left just a little and then try again.) Pull up and get the silver reward.

Jump straight up to grab the chain and climb over to the next ledge. Hang from the edge and drop to grab the crevice below. Climb to the right and jump over to the exit, which will be open if you placed the crates on the pads. Beyond the exit is a CHECKPOINT.

SLICING BLADE TRAPS: In the next room there's a pair of vertical blades. Stand near the first one and run underneath it as it starts to rise. Wait between the two blades and do the same for the second. (Or make Lara roll underneath them by pressing Down + B.) Take a running jump over the horizontal blade and continue to the next CHECKPOINT.

ROTATING WHEELS: The next room contains a series of three-spoked wheels. Hang from the ledge near the entrance. Drop down three narrow ledges and then jump to grab the wheel to the right. Before it turns, swing around the spoke and jump to grab one of the white ledges to the right. Drop down to the floor.

Go to the right and roll through the tunnel (B + Down) to get another silver reward. Roll back out to the left.

Continue to the left to the two low steps. Climb up these but don't jump up to grab the ledge. Instead turn to face right and jump to grab the lower of the three-spoked wheels. Swing around the spoke and jump to grab another spoke. Swing and jump to the white ledge to the right. Jump up two ledges, climb to the right and jump to grab the lower of the three-spoked wheels to the right. Swing around the spoke and jump to grab one of the narrow ledges to the right. Climb to the top of the room and exit on the right.

In the next cut scene, Lara meets James Rutland, who asks if she's found a piece of something that looks like a stone blade.

THE STONE DAIS: A CHECKPOINT registers when the cut scene finishes. Run to the right across a wooden bridge. The bridge collapses as you go, so don't hesitate or Lara will plunge into the canyon below. On the other side of the bridge, you must fight 4 mercenaries. The first three drop a SHOTGUN, SMG and a grenade. When you shoot the fourth the level ends.

Another cut scene shows Lara examining a stone dais. She says her father was right and there is more than one. Then she speaks to Zip and Alister over her headset, telling them they've all got work to do.

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