Stella's Tomb Raider Lost Artifact Walkthrough - Windows & Macintosh

NOTE: This walkthrough is currently undergoing a complete revision, but this level has not yet been reworked. Please pardon any errors, broken links, etc., and feel free to contact me with questions.


Updated: 6/28/00

Kills: 17 Items: 43 plus 3 keys, the Hand of Rathmore (again) Secrets: 3

(NOTE: The regular pick-ups in this level will include the shotgun, Uzis, MP5 submachine gun, Desert Eagle pistol, grenade launcher and rocket launcher if you don't have them already. Also, the number of kills may vary depending on how many monkeys you shoot.)

SEASIDE CAVE: Swim away from the sunken raft until you can surface for air. Swim toward the steps leading up from the water. Below the steps on the left is a greenish area under the water. Swim down there and light a flare to see and pick up the HAND OF RATHMORE. (You don't have to light a flare to pick up the artifact, but it helps to see where it is. Check this screenshot if necessary to get oriented.) Taking the artifact opens the gate above the nearby ladder. Climb out of the water onto the steps. Pick up the flares (a hint in case you have trouble finding the artifact). Then climb the ladder to the zoo.

(NOTE: At this point, I encountered a minor bug, where Lara continues to hold spent flares. This doesn't seem to affect gameplay, however.)

COURTYARDS WITH CAFÉ TABLES: Go through the doorway on the left, to another brick-floored courtyard. Just inside on the right is a barred opening. You can see the street beyond, where there's a circular flower bed. At the far left end is a grated opening through which you can see a GOLDEN STATUE with a clock above it and a trapdoor in front of it. Pick up 2 boxes of shotgun shells—one in each of the stairwells with half-circle windows. When you take one of them, a cut scene shows a red car speeding down the street outside. Make a mental note of these areas, as you'll be returning to them later on for two of the secrets. (NOTE: If you don't yet have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here in place of one of the boxes of shells.)

Return to the first courtyard and continue to the left. In the next open area, there's a large gate through which you can see the street. Enter the area opposite the gate. On the left, at the bottom of the brick steps near the tiger cage, you'll find 2 more boxes of shells. Go up the uneven steps under the colorful zoo sign. As you do, 2 white tigers charge down. If you like, you can run down into the room at the foot of the stairs and climb into one of the ledges near the doorway to shoot the tigers from safety with pistols. You may need to climb down a few times to draw them out of hiding.

Go to the top of the uneven stairs. Note the locked gates on each side. The posters here, and elsewhere in the level, are wittily chosen from popular movies. "La Volière" (The Birdcage) hangs outside THE AVIARY. "La Planète des Singes" (Planet of the Apes) decorates the MONKEY HOUSE.

Climb onto the ledge at the far end of this area. There's a streetlight up there. Go through the gap in the foliage on the right and pick up the ZOO KEY in the low trench. Climb out and use the key to unlock the "Planète des Singes" door.

MONKEY HOUSE ENTRANCE: Go down the stairs to a low-ceilinged room with square pillars. Use the switch ahead to open the gate at the left end of the room. On the way there, pick up the shotgun shells near the benches. A brief cut scene shows some playful monkeys inside the cage making off with a medi pack. Go through the open gate and crawl into the low opening in the greenery to get a large medi pack. Crawl back out the way you came, then go to the right. Pick up some flares on the ground near the brick pedestal. You'll see a couple of tigers lurking in the bushes, but you can't get them yet. Climb onto the pedestal and up through the hole in the ceiling.

Madhouse maze diagram

THE MAZE: This hedge maze isn't too complicated, but I've included a diagram anyway. You'll meet those 2 tigers as soon as you enter the maze. You can climb onto any of the low carved benches so they can't reach you. After taking care of them, head to the far side of the maze, keeping the wall on Lara's left. (Follow the blue path in the diagram.) Enter the low-ceilinged passageway and go to the left down the ramp into the TIGERS' CAGE. Pick up the Uzi clips on the far side of the enclosure near the bars. Then return to the bottom of the ramp. (NOTE: If you don't yet have the UZIS, you'll get them here instead of clips.)

STREET OUTSIDE THE ZOO (SECOND GOLDEN STATUE): Just to the left of the ramp (when facing it) is an opening concealed by leaves. There's a thick vine dangling just in front of it. Walk through the foliage and the chime sounds for secret #1. Climb up two ledges, then up to the left onto a third ledge, which juts out above the street and is concealed by leaves. A cut scene shows another red car speeding down the hill.

Hop down to the street. There's one item you need to get quickly before the mischievous little monkeys steal it. So run to the right toward the SECOND GOLDEN STATUE. Then turn left and run down the hill. Near the bottom there's a small peach-colored house jutting into the road. Climb onto the brick ledge just before this house on the right and take the small medi pack before the monkeys do. If one of them gets it, he will carry it up the hill to the small ledge with the bars around it and you won't be able to reach it. (Or, if you're the violent type, just kill both monkeys straight off.)

Continue down the hill to the end of the street where the red car is parked. Get the large medi pack in the alcove on the left. (Here you'll get another glimpse at the FIRST GOLDEN STATUE near the trapdoor.) Pick up 3 sets of MP5 clips on the cement ledge. (NOTE: If you don't yet have the MP5 SUBMACHINE GUN, you'll get it here instead of one set of clips.) Be careful; it's a long drop. When you take the clips near the corner, you get a wide-angle view of the area below, where a couple of lizard-like creatures come down some stairs. Don't waste your MP5 ammo on these guys now. You'll get an easier shot later on. Return to the top of the hill.

Before leaving this area, be sure to pull the switch on the back of the statue pedestal to open a trapdoor below the FIRST GOLDEN STATUE near the clock, which you may have noticed through the bars. This will enable you to get secret #3 a bit later on. For now, climb back onto the greenery-covered ledge where you entered this area and return through the TIGERS' CAGE and up the ramp to the MAZE.

THE MAZE (again): Go through the covered passageway to the far end and re-enter the maze there. Climb onto the first carved bench you see and shoot the tiger that comes around the corner from the right. Now continue through the maze to the back corner. (Follow the orange path in the diagram.)

MONKEY PLAY AREA: Climb over the ledge into an open area with wooden walkways and bridges. A couple of monkeys rush to grab the goodies: the AVIARY KEY, which is on the top of the walkway on the far right, and a small medi pack in the far left corner. You'll probably have to kill these two to get the items.

(BUG NOTE: I encountered a bug here in which, after shooting the monkeys but before picking up the key, I saved the game. When I reloaded, the key was gone. So, I recommend picking up the key before you save in this area. If you made the same mistake, you can download my savegame, in which Lara has the first Aviary Key. For help with savegame and zip files, click here.)

Drop into the water below and swim around to pick up 3 pairs of grenades from various underwater nooks. Climb out of the water on the sloped, gray stone ledge near the middle one of the three circular windows. There's another pair of grenades in an alcove just below the doorway where you entered. To get them, take a diagonal running jump from the walkway to the right of the white brick pillar (as shown in this screenshot).

Climb back to the upper level and go through the door opposite the one through which you entered. (The other gates, which lead to MONKEY ISLAND, close before you can get through.)

OVERGROWN AREA WITH SPIKED WALKWAYS: Walk carefully to the right end of the branch. It's a long way down and there are spikes below. You can use the MP5 to shoot the white tiger below. Jump straight up to grab the branches on the ceiling. Traverse forward toward the far end of the room. Drop onto the angled block and jump to grab the horizontal crevice in the right wall. Traverse to the right along the crevice as far as you can. Then drop to land in a safe spot amid the spikes. Kill the tiger if you didn't do it before.

(NOTE: This is a difficult sequence. If you position Lara above the lower middle part of the angled block—as shown in this screenshot—let go, then immediately jump and grab, she should catch the crevice. If you drop onto the middle of the angled block, then immediately jump, she will land in the alcove below the crevice, which is also fine. Jumping from the higher side of the angled block will land Lara in the spikes. If you have trouble with this, try traversing forward to the wedge-shaped block on the ceiling about halfway across the room. Turn right and traverse forward toward the wedge—as shown in this screenshot—and Lara will drop onto the spiked walkway taking a small amount of damage.)

Walk through the spikes to the clear area of the walkway near the alcove with the flares. Take a running jump from the walkway to grab the edge of the alcove. Pull up, get the flares and take a running jump back to the walkway. Continue along the walkway to the left. At the far end, below where you entered this area, safety drop off the ledge into the dark pit in the corner. Climb into the alcove to get some Uzi clips then climb the branch-covered wall back up to the walkway.

Return to the far end of the room and go through the doorway into a hall with stairs going up on both sides. Go up the stairs to the left and use the switch to open the gate. If the monkey grabs the small medi pack on the low pedestal before you do, follow him down the stairs to see where he hides it: Just down the stairs around the first big tree is a green plant with broad leaves. Look in the little space behind this plant. (See this screenshot if you're having trouble finding it.)

From the room with the low pedestal at the top of the stairs, go to the right through the brick-floored hall with benches. At the far end of the hallway is a closed gate with a small courtyard beyond. This is a secret area (you can see a small-med pack and some other goodies near the palm trees), but the gate doesn't open yet. For now, Go through the doorway at the far end on the right. Don't jump over the slope on the right; there are spikes on the other side. Instead climb onto the ledge on the left and ride the zip line down into the monkey habitat. The gate on the right side of the enclosure opens as you slide past.

(NOTE: To use the zip line, position Lara at the edge of the ledge just below the handle. Press and hold Action and don't release it until she lands on the island.)

MONKEY ISLAND: Notice the monkeys making off with a couple more small medi packs. You don't have to kill them if you don't want to. You can retrieve the medi packs in a moment. For now, walk around the island and pick up 2 rockets. Be careful not to fall into the water or Lara will quickly be devoured by piranhas. Jump into the small, square pool and grab the second AVIARY KEY. You have a few seconds before the piranhas find their way in, so climb out quickly and use a medi pack or two if necessary.

Cross the wooden walkway to the gate on the right (the one that opened when you slid in on the zip line). Go straight in to the spiked walkway, around the big tree and down the steps. Look in the little niche behind the broad-leafed plant for the medi packs—there may be up to four of them, depending on how many the monkeys were able to steal. (Again, see this screenshot if you need help finding the hiding place.)

SECRET COURTYARD: Return to the hall with the two sets of stairs, up the stairs to the left and through the gate with the switch (the same way you came before). Continue to the end of the brick-floored hallway. Now the gate is open and you can go in and get the goodies. This is secret #2. The monkeys will have stolen the small medi pack. (Check the hiding place described above if you didn't already.) Pick up the large medi pack and 2 sets of Desert Eagle clips. (NOTE: If you don't yet have the DESERT EAGLE PISTOL, you'll get it here in place of one of one set of clips.)

Leave the courtyard and go through the doorway on the left. Climb up to the zip line and ride it back down to MONKEY ISLAND. Or, follow the brick-floored hallway back to the stairs, go downstairs to the gate (you can check the monkeys' secret hiding place, described above, on the way if you like) and cross the bridge back to MONKEY ISLAND.

Use the switch on the cement block to open the gate ahead. It is timed, so pull the switch, hop back, take a standing jump onto the block and sprint across the bridge and through the gate before it closes. You're now back in the low-ceilinged room with square pillars near the MONKEY HOUSE ENTRANCE. Go straight through this room and up the stairs to the courtyard.

AVIARY: Cross the courtyard and use one of the AVIARY KEYS (you should have two) to unlock the gate. Enter and step out onto the elevated walkway. Go around the first turn to the right and continue to the edge of the walkway. You should be facing a big tree that is the middle one of three similar trees along the right wall. Drop off the walkway in front of that tree. Be careful not to land on the sloping edges of the little island. The pool is infested with piranhas. Go behind the tree and climb the ladder to a small room with shotgun shells, Desert Eagle clips and Uzi clips. Climb back down the ladder to the ground.

Turn around and come out from behind the tree on the right side. Beyond the bridge supports you'll see a green area with a cycad (fat-looking palm tree). Take a running jump across the water between the bridge supports to land there (as shown in this screenshot). Pick up the shotgun shells on the ledge at the back of this area and jump back to the area near the tall trees the way you came.

Take a running jump from near the middle tree of the three tall ones to the small island with the first bridge support and palm trees. Climb up onto the walkway there. Go to the end of the winding walkway and kill 2 vultures that fly in from above. (You can take a shortcut by standing at the beginning of the white walkway—where it meets the brick part with the railings—and taking a running jump across the water to grab the edge of the walkway near the end.) Take a standing jump from the end of the walkway to the square ledge with the small medi pack.

Turn around and step off the left side of the ledge to land on the flat spot at the base of the palm tree on the small island below. Turn around again, walk to the edge of the island and jump straight up to grab the ladder made of branches. Climb to the top. Walk to the right end of the ledge. (Be careful not to fall through the delicate branches. Lara won't step off the edge if you hold the Walk button.) Take a standing jump to the leafy triangular ledge ahead on the left. From there, take a standing jump, pressing Action to lower the arc of the jump, to the green ledge below the metal arch. (See this screenshot for clarification.) Pick up the shotgun shells and crawl under the arch and out onto the other side of the ledge. From there, take a running jump to the top of the carved white pillar below the zip line handle. Kill 2 vultures.

Before riding the zip line, take a running jump to the green ledge on the other side of the room. Walk to the top of the hill near the blue brick wall to get some grenades. (NOTE: If you don't yet have the GRENADE LAUNCHER, you'll get it here instead of clips.)

[IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to get secret #3, you need to have found secret #1 (the STREET OUTSIDE THE ZOO) and used the switch on the GOLDEN STATUE there to open the trapdoor near the SECOND GOLDEN STATUE. You also need to have collected the second AVIARY KEY in the MONKEY AREA. It is possible to exit the AVIARY the way you came in and do those things now, but once you've ridden the zip line down from the AVIARAY, you won't be able to go back to these areas.]

When you're ready, return to the top of the white pillar and ride the zip line down into the next area.

If you didn't do what's necessary to get the third secret (explained in the note above), proceed to the end of the level: Drop into the hole in the area at the bottom of the zip line. Go down the stairs, carefully jumping the gaps above the toxic green stuff. Pick up the flares along the way if you want them. Head down to the left and pick up the walkthrough below at the **.

AREA BELOW THE AVIARY (THIRD GOLDEN STATUE): If you picked up the second AVIARY KEY, use it in the lock on the side of base of the statue to open a gate near the FIRST GOLDEN STATUE (the one with the trapdoor near the clock). Go past the hole in the ground and look for an opening in the tan stone wall on the right. Take a standing jump into the opening and follow the passageway to the FIRST GOLDEN STATUE. If you used the lever on the side of the SECOND GOLDEN STATUE when you were in secret area #1, the trapdoor at the base of the FIRST STATUE will be open. Drop down through it. When you start down the steps the chime sounds for secret #3.

Jump the gap above the toxic green stuff. Pick up the flares. Hop to the next block to get another rocket. Walk down to the lowest step for a second rocket. Go to the left side of the ledge, where you can see a ladder on the wall on the other side of the mutagen pool. Take a running jump to grab the ladder. Climb down until Lara's hands are two rungs below the top of the sparkling vapor. Then press Jump to backflip into the alcove behind. Pick up another rocket.

(NOTE: If you don't yet have the ROCKET LAUNCHER, you'll get it here instead of the rocket.) An alternate way to get into the alcove is to position Lara on the ledge with her back to the ladder and the wall on her left. Drop and hang from the ledge, as shown in this screenshot. Let go and quickly press Action again to grab the ledge below. Climb into the narrow space, turn and crawl backwards down to the ledge with the rocket.)

After getting the rocket, take a running jump from the alcove to grab the ladder. Climb up until Lara's hands are just below the level of the hanging rock on the left. Backflip onto the ledge where you started.

SEASHORE WITH LIZARD MUTANTS: Go to the other side of this ledge and hop down through the sparkling vapor into a safe area below. (The safe spot is tan rock, not sparkly green.) There are 3 lizard mutants running around on the shore outside. You can probably shoot two of them from the cave opening with pistols. One will probably hide and not emerge until you slide down onto the beach. Don't get too close to the mutants. If their green breath touches Lara, she'll be poisoned. You'll notice the health bar begin to flash yellow, and you'll need to use a medi pack to antidote the poison, or Lara will gradually lose health until she dies.

After killing the lizards, pick up the 2 large medi packs on the vents. Taking one of these causes 2 more lizard mutants to charge in. Kill them then climb the stepped tan blocks to the opening above. Safety drop into the next room.

MUTANT POOLS: Go around the first pool. The floating mutants are creepy but harmless. Approach the pool with the eviscerated corpse. If you want all the pick-ups, continue past this pool and up the steps to get some flares. Take care not to fall into the sparkling green mutagen. Return to the pool with the floating corpse.

(**) If you've come in from above, rather than from the seashore, make your way down to the pool with the floating corpse.

Take a standing jump down to the translucent platform in front of the body. Place the HAND OF RATHMORE in the hole in the man's chest to end the level.

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