Stella's Tomb Raider Mobile/Cell Phone Game Walkthrough - Quest for Cinnabar

Level 3 MapLevel 3: Spirits Awaken (MP4155)

Go to the left, passing over 2 stacked movable blocks. Go to the third block and push it against the left wall. Climb onto it and pull the switch (S1) to open the trapdoor (D1). Climb down through the opening. Place the Bronze Coins from the previous level on the scale (S2) to lower a dangling stone block (B2) in the room above.

Climb back up. Pull the switch (S1) again to close the trapdoor. Push the movable block over the closed trapdoor and against the ledge on the right. Pull the upper block to the left once. Climb onto it and jump straight up to grab the edge of the dangling block. Pull up.

Climb up on the right side and follow the hallway. Slide down the dangling rope and drop onto the pressure pad (P3), which opens the door (D3) to the right. Shoot the purple spirit. Then drop down on the left and get the medipack. You can't jump the gap due to the low ceiling, so climb up and over.

Climb down 2 ladders and go to the left along the bottom of the map. Step on the pressure pad (P4) to raise a large block (B4), revealing a secret hallway. Go to the end and pick up the Runic Moondial (QC8059).

Return to the right and climb the first ladder. Face left and wait for the moving platform to approach. Jump onto it. As it moves to the left, cross over it and hang from the left edge. Once you've cleared the spikes, pull up, turn left and jump to the ledge above the pressure pad. (Alternately, crouch to avoid the spikes and, once you've cleared them, stand, step to the left and jump to the ledge.) Exit to the next level.

moon dial

Item Code: QC8059
Item Name: Runic Moondial
Description: Careful examination of the runes inscribed on this moondial indicates that it should be used in conjunction with the Osiris Codex. Fortunately, it is a full moon tonight so Lara can operate the moondial as described to solve the puzzle. Placing the page containing the Eye of Horus at the centre of the moondial and reflecting the moonbeams through the dial's perforations, a faint map and instructions appear beneath the Eye. Using a pencil to quickly sketch in the illuminated map before the moonbeams fade, Lara now has a solution to accessing a hidden room that lies ahead.

Level 4 MapLevel 4: The Barrier (MP4177)

Get the dynamite and climb down the ladder. Set the dynamite near the crumbling wall to the right and jump out of the way before it explodes.

Shoot to the right twice to kill the 2 monks in the next room. Go to the right, climb up and get more dynamite. Jump the gap to the left and climb over the movable block onto a ledge with a pressure pad (P1).

The pad triggers a fireball trap (T1) off to the left. Wait for 2 fireballs to pass then pull up, step to the left edge and jump over the spike pit to grab the opposite ledge. Wait for 2 more fireballs to pass, then pull up and drop down on the other side.

Lara lands on another pressure pad (P2), which lowers a block on a chain (B2) off to the right but only as long as there is weight on the pad. Go to the right past the pressure pad. Grab the movable block and pull it as far as possible to the left. Climb over it, so Lara is on the right side of the block, and pull it once onto the pad.

Go to the right and climb onto the block (B2) you just lowered. Jump across the gap to the right. Use the switch (S3) to open a door (D3) in a room below. Dropping from this ledge will hurt Lara a bit, so if her health is low, you may want to jump back to the dangling block, climb down, push the movable block off the pressure pad and then climb down the ledges the way you came.

Return to the left through the room where you shot the monks. Use dynamite to blow up the crumbling wall below the ladder. Walk to the left edge. Jump onto the moving platform. Hang from the right edge as it descends, then drop to the floor.

Get the dynamite and use it to destroy the crumbling wall. Go to the right. If Lara's health is in good shape, leave the medipack for now. Climb the ladder and shoot the monk before he can blast Lara with his blue death ray. Jump across to where he was and grab more dynamite. The pressure pad (P4) here opens the door (D4) just to the left so you can return to the upper rooms, but you shouldn't need to do so.

Climb down and use the medipack if you didn't get it before. Then continue to the right past the exit, which you can't reach yet. Use dynamite to destroy the crumbling wall and quickly climb out of the way before it explodes. Go through to the right.

Climb the two short ladders. Lara can't help but step on the pressure pad (P5) as you use the switch (S6). The pad extends a small ledge (L5) below. The switch lowers a block (B6) into the pit near the exit. Drop down and pull the movable block once to the right. Climb back onto the ledge above it, drop and hang from the left edge, drop again to grab the ledge below, and then drop to the floor. Climb up to the exit and continue to the next level.

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