Stella's Tomb Raider 2013 Walkthrough - For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One

NOTE: Combat strategy is based on the Medium difficulty setting, so your experience may vary slightly. In addition to the walkthroughs for each level, there are separate pages for Controls & Gameplay Tips, Skill & Weapon Upgrades, and Collectible Items.

SAVING AND CHECKPOINTS: Like the last several games, TOMB RAIDER uses autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. You may also want to periodically back up your autosaves on a memory card (consoles) or into a separate folder (PC). See the controls page for details.

AREA 13: MOUNTAIN VILLAGE (third visit)

Updated: 9/29/13()

This can be a confusing level, since it is large, has many isolated sections, and changes during the course of the game. I've attempted to describe an optimum path to all collectibles, but if you miss anything during the three visits that occur as part of the storyline, you can always return later via the Fast Travel network. All of the major items will still be accessible. I've also included a few notes at the end of this page about going back for missed items.

Camps: Mountain Descent (Day Camp)*
Gear: none  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Shotgun Part (1/3)
Documents: 3/7 Relics: 2/6  GPS caches: 5/15  Treasure Maps: none
Challenge Tombs: none  Challenges: Illumination - 3/10 items; Egg Poacher - 1/5 items **
Area Maps: Mountain Village - Part 3***

*In addition to the camp you discover on this visit, the Village Plateau and Village Overlook Fast Travel camps (where you met Roth the first and second times), as well as both challenge tomb Day Camps, are also still accessible. For details about the different types of camps, see the Controls page.

**According to your level map, there are a total of 7 documents, 6 relics, and 15 GPS caches in the Mountain Village; however, this section of the walkthrough only covers some of them. Similarly, there are two challenges, one with 10 items and one with 5. This walkthrough describes the locations of the last 8 challenge items. The rest of these collectibles and challenges are detailed in the Mountain Village Part 1 and Mountain Village Part 2 sections.

***This map includes all major collectibles and challenge items for the areas you can reach now. The items numbered on my map are covered in this walkthrough. For the others, you'll need to look at the Mountain Village Part 1 and Part 2 walkthroughs. Also note that the in-game map does not include a compass rose showing which way is north. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left.


Lara slides down the tunnel from the Chasm Monastery, lands in a subterranean pool and drags herself out of the water onto a little island. She hears Sam's voice over the walkie talkie and briefly makes contact with her. Before Sam is silenced by her guards, she tells Lara she's being held in some kind of palace in preparation for a "fire ritual." After the cut scene you receive 500 XP and a new goal.


OBJECTIVE: Find the Way to the Solarii Base

CANYON EAST OF THE VILLAGE – LOWER LEVEL: Follow the tunnel to the south to emerge near the Mountain Descent Day Camp, where you can spend the Skill Point you probably just unlocked, along with any accumulated salvage points. Resting here also unlocks an entry in Lara's Journal (5/10).

NOTE: The document shown on the map near the Mountain Descent Day Camp is actually high above. If you followed this walkthrough, it was document 3/7, found on your second visit to the Mountain Village. If you missed it you'll have another chance it in a bit. See the footnote for details.

Move out onto the wooden bridge, jump down into the water on the right and wade upstream until you can climb out of the water in a narrow canyon. Follow the canyon to an area with 2 hanging salvage nets. Use your torch to burn the first one and get the crate inside. You can't reach the other net or the dangling burners from below. Continue forward to the edge of another stream and look to the left to spot a GPS cache (11/15) sitting on the bank. Grab it. Then jump across the water to the ledge with the salvage crate and trunk. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you missed the BOW PART (1/3) in the Chasm Monastery, you should find it in one of these crates.

After getting the salvage, climb onto the wooden platform and use your torch to light the nearer of the 2 hanging burners. Jump down to the opposite bank of the stream and position Lara so the unlit burner is between her and the lit one. Then shoot a rope arrow into the unlit burner to swing it into the lit one, igniting it. Now move a few steps to the right so the salvage net is hanging between Lara and the burner you just lit. Shoot a rope arrow into the burner to pull it into the net, setting it on fire and dropping the salvage crate in front of you. (screenshots)

Now return to the wooden bridge near the day camp and continue wading past it to the little enclosure ahead on the left. Climb up and light the statue (8/10) for the Illumination Challenge. (screenshot)

Hop back down into the stream and wade back to the ledge near the day camp, where you can climb out of the water. Stand near the anchor post and shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped tree trunk on the ledge ahead. Climb the rope to reach that ledge. Then move up and around to the left. (screenshot)

As you approach the top of the slope, you'll hear 3 Solarii scouts bantering down below. Eavesdrop on their conversation as you pick up the GPS Cache (12/15) near the edge on the right. (screenshot)

When the men are done talking, one of them will move off to the other end of the ledge where they're standing and face away from the other two. This will make it fairly easy for you to kill him with a bow-and-arrow headshot without attracting attention. Then you can take out one of the others the same way and hopefully finish the third before he can do too much damage. (screenshots)

NOTE: You can also approach this group along the path leading from the camp and the wooden bridge, but I find this way easier and more convenient for getting all the pickups.

When the coast is clear, jump onto the top of the painted wooden archway. Walk across and jump onto the ledge with the salvage crate and arrows. Climb the steps to light the statue (9/10) for the Illumination Challenge. (screenshots)

Drop down to the rocky path and head down toward the scouts' camp. Jump across the gap in the path and loot the bodies where they fell.

Move to the lower end of this ledge, stand near the anchor post and shoot a rope arrow into the archway in front of the building ahead. Slide down and pick up another GPS cache (13/15) on the rocks to the right of the house and a box of shotgun shells on the left side of the porch. (screenshot) Use your shotgun to blast away the planks and barbed wire blocking the door.

Inside Lara hears from Sam over the radio once more. Her friend sounds frightened, and Lara promises to come and help just as soon as she can.

OBJECTIVE: Descend Down the Mountain to the Solarii Base

After the cut scene, Lara is pointed in the direction she needs to go, but since this is just a video game, Sam is basically in stasis until you manage to drag your butt down the mountain. There's no actual hurry.

If you want to skip the collectibles and follow the storyline, skip down to the section "HEADING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN," below. Otherwise, take time to go after the rest of the goodies in this area.

RETURNING TO THE VILLAGE: Turn around and re-enter the room with the big bell from the cut scene. Pick up the shotgun shells in the far left corner. Then run up the bell and jump to grab the ledge above. Climb up and over the railing into a little loft, where you'll find a document (5/7), "Hoshi: At Her Side," from the Ancient Scrolls set, plus more shotgun shells, rifle/SMG ammo and a food cache. (screenshots)

Drop down and use your shotgun to destroy the planks and barbed wire blocking the other doorway. There are more shotgun shells and a salvage net on the porch here. On the grassy ledge below the shotgun shells you'll also find an edible plant. (screenshot)

Jump across the narrow gap down to the ledge below. (screenshot) To the right is another salvage net hanging next to a burner. Use your torch to light the burner then use a rope arrow to swing it into the salvage net, burning it away so you can get the crate inside. (screenshot) Move back along the grassy ledge to the broken wooden bridge and jump across to the area near the crashed plane.

NOTE ON REVISTING AREAS FROM PARTS 1 AND 2: This walkthrough assumes you did not re-explore the lower areas of the Mountain Village after the plane crash. If you did, you'll have obtained some of these items already. If you missed any of the major collectible items or challenges from the first and second visits, all of them are still accessible. See the footnote for details.

Pick up 2 boxes of pistol ammo, one on the left and the other on the right when facing the bulk of the wreckage. The Village Plateau Base Camp is right here if you need to rest or make upgrades. You'll also find a document (6/7), "Reyes: Dear Roth," which is part of the Endurance Officers set, lying beside the campfire. (screenshots)

There are small black birds and chickens to hunt in the lower village area, plus boars and rabbits on the ledges to the north and west.

Explore the area around the wreckage to find 2 food caches and a salvage trunk. Inside the broken fuselage, there's more pistol ammo and another food cache. After picking up the goodies inside the plane, jump from the upper opening onto the broken nose section of the aircraft. Move to the edge and jump to grab the grassy ledge above. Pull up. Crack open the salvage crate and pick up another GPS cache (14/15) and some arrows on the ground to the right. Scramble up the wooden wall and follow the path up and around, burning the salvage net at the bend and smashing another salvage crate at the top. (screenshots)

Use your axe to climb the rough wall ahead, climb around to the right and then up to the ledge above. If you missed the 9th GPS cache or 4th Illumination Challenge statue near this hut, you can get them now. (See the Part 2 walkthrough for details.) Then use the zip line to slide down to the ledge where the tail of the airplane landed. (screenshots)

LEDGES SOUTHWEST OF THE VILLAGE: This area can also be reached by going up the muddy slope to the west of the Village Plateau Base Camp. (screenshot) If you slid down via the zip line as described above, you'll land in one of the two huts, where you'll find pistol ammo, arrows and a salvage crate. Move outside and open the salvage trunk lying on the ground in front of the tail section of the aircraft. Then enter the other hut to get a food cache, more arrows, rifle/SMG ammo and a relic (5/6), USMC Dog Tags, from the Semper Fi series. Outside on the little porch is another salvage crate. (screenshots)

Now scramble up the wooden wall behind the first hut. On the ledge above you'll find a salvage crate and the final statue (10/10) for the Illumination Challenge. (screenshots)

After lighting the statue, move onto the wooden ledge to the left and light the nearest of the 2 hanging burners. Drop down to the ground and position Lara so the unlit burner is between her and the lit one. Use a rope arrow to swing the unlit burner into the other one, igniting it. Move to the base of the stone steps below the ledge with the Illumination statue. Shoot a rope arrow into the burner on the right and swing it into the salvage net hanging between the wooden beams. Now climb onto the roof of the hut on the left and use a rope arrow to pull the burner into the other salvage net. Drop down and crack open both crates. (screenshots)

NOTE: In the Xbox 360 version, there may only one hanging salvage net here. The process for burning it is the same, though: light the burner with your torch and swing it into the net using a rope arrow. There should be 2 nets, as described above, in the PC and PS3 games.

Climb back up onto the ledge with the Illumination statue and head up the path to the right. At the top is another hut with 2 salvage crates, one on each side. The last GPS cache (15/15) in this area is sitting on the grassy ledge beyond the second salvage crate. (screenshots)

Return down the path to the Illumination statue, and jump onto the roof of the nearby hut to find the final bird's nest (5/5) for the Egg Poacher Challenge. (screenshots)

REMAINING VILLAGE COLLECTIBLES: After collecting the eggs from the nest, drop down behind the hut where the zip line attaches. Jump over the low railing made of sticks to land on top of the nearest house in the lower part of the village. (You can also follow the path down toward the Village Plateau Base Camp and then walk into the village, but this is quicker.) Cross the roof, jump onto the dangling crate and from there to the doorway on the left side of the THREE-STORY BUILDING. (screenshots)

Inside, move to the back left corner of the room and use a rope arrow to pull open the rope-wrapped door next to the one blocked with planks. Here you'll find a salvage crate and some rifle/SMG ammo. Grab these goodies, exit the little room and proceed straight ahead, past the stairs leading down to the basement, and into the next room on this same floor. Blow out the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier in the far right corner with your shotgun. Use your torch to light the burner hanging outside the opening. Then go around to the right and out onto the balcony. Shoot a rope arrow into the burner to swing it into the salvage net hanging just beyond. Don't drop down yet. You'll return this way in a moment. (If you do drop down to crack open the crate, go back into the building and use the stairs to get back up to the balcony.) (screenshots)

After swinging the lit burner into the salvage net, scramble up the outer wall to the top floor of the building. Turn left and climb onto the roof. Hop over to the next section of roof ahead on the right. Jump down onto the grassy ledge on the left. (screenshots)

NOTE: The 1st Egg Poacher nest and 3rd and 4th GPS caches are here in case you missed them the first time. See Part 1 for details.

Shoot out the plank barrier in the doorway of the elevated hut on the right. Jump to grab the doorway and pull up to find 2 salvage crates inside. Shoot out the other barrier and jump down onto the roof of the little enclosure ahead. Pick up the GPS cache (5/15) sitting on the roof if you missed it before. Then jump down onto the fuselage of the first crashed plane and from there to the ground. (screenshots)

Go around to the side of the THREE-STORY BUILIDNG and crack open the salvage crate from the net you burned earlier. Then use the horizontal pole holding the lantern to swing over to the roof of the enclosure where you lit the 1st Illumination Challenge statue. Drop down and turn around to face the large building. Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped door on the basement level and pull it open. Inside is a relic (6/6), Dried Gobo Root from the Kanpo Herbs set, plus a salvage crate and rifle/SMG ammo. (screenshots)

Now head back to the southeast to the Village Plateau Base Camp. If you've been following this walkthrough, you're still missing one major item: the document in the house on the high ledge northwest of the village. Use the camp to fast travel up to the Village Overlook Base Camp, where you met Roth after the plane crash. Head down the path and slide down the zip line just as you did before. This time, however, there are no smelly men waiting for you at the bottom. Go into the house and use the shotgun to destroy the planks and barbed wire on the left. Inside this little alcove is the last document (7/7), "General: The Oath," one of the Ancient Scrolls series. If you missed the Medicinal Herb Vial relic (3/6) earlier, it can also be found in this building. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you'd rather not use the Fast Travel option to move around within the level, you can also reach the last document on foot. Starting in the area southwest of the village with the wooden huts and the airplane's tail section, climb onto the roof of the hut with the Egg Poacher nest on top. Climb the zip line from this roof to the ledge high above the north side of the Village. Then climb the next zip line to reach ledge with the 3rd Illumination statue. Then follow the path down to the wooden house where the 7th document is located. (screenshots)

To continue the story: Leave this hut and head up the steps to the east. Slide down the zip line to the next little hut, then down the next zip line into the village. Return to the Village Plateau Base Camp near the crashed plane to spend any Skill and Salvage points you've collected before moving on.

HEADING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN: From the camp site, head to the northeast and use a rope line to get back to the building with the bell, where Lara last spoke with Sam over the radio. Go through and out the other side to the spot where Lara ended up after that cut scene. Jump across the gap to the ledge with the 2 boxes of shotgun shells. Then slide down the zip line to the hut below. (screenshots)

In a brief cut scene, Lara crashes through the roof of the hut, tumbles out and—if you're quick enough to press the Interact button on cue—ends up hanging from the floor above the canyon. Stay where you are as one of the 3 Solarii stationed outside comes to investigate. As long as you don't pull up, he'll go back outside without noticing Lara. (screenshots)

Now pull up and stay crouched to the left of the doorway. Watch the 3 guys as they discuss what to do about the fuel leaking out of the tank nearby. Don't wait too long, though. Once they start talking about needing something to hold the gas, you're about to run out of time. At that point one of them will come back into the hut to look for a container. So before that happens, target the lantern the numbskulls have left sitting on the ground and shoot it with an arrow to set off a lovely explosion. The man with the shotgun and bandolier will most likely survive. So shoot him has he comes toward you. Be sure to loot his body, since he's carrying a SHOTGUN PART (1/3). Search the other bodies as well. (screenshots)

NOTE: If you forget to loot the bodies and miss this SHOTGUN PART, you'll find it in one of the early salvage crates in the next area, Shantytown.

Before the rest of the enemies down the hill figure out what's going on, move down the path on the left but stay to the right side of the path and use the pile of metal debris for cover. From here you can pick off the men as they move up the hill toward you. You may even be able to take out a few by shooting the lantern hanging above the path. There are 5 more Solarii here, 4 with guns and one with explosives. Watch out for him. If he starts hurling petrol bombs, or if you move too slowly in taking out the others and get overrun, you may need to retreat up the hill and find cover near the shack. (screenshots)

As usual, when Lara stands up and stows her weapon, you know the coast is clear. Loot the bodies. If you still have room in your inventory for shotgun ammo, there are a few more pickups in this area. Go back up the hill to where you exploded the gas tank. Face it and go around to the right. Pass through a narrow space between the rocks onto a ledge overlooking the path. Cross over the painted arch to the ledge beyond to pick up 2 boxes of shells. Move to the lower end of this ledge and jump down onto the fuselage of the crashed airplane. Walk over the top of it. Then jump onto the grassy ledge on the right, where there are 2 more boxes of shells. (screenshots)

Drop down and move toward the small but fast-moving river to enter the next area.

NOTES ON 100% COMPLETION IN MOUNTAIN VILLAGE: If you've finished Mountain Village Part 3 and are still missing some collectible items, refer to your in-game map and the level maps included with the Mountain Village Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 walkthroughs. These should help you figure out what you need. Most areas remain basically the same even after the changes in the terrain caused by the plane crash.

Remember you can Fast Travel back to this area later in the game, even after you finish the story. You can also Fast Travel between the upper and lower areas of the village using the Village Overlook and Village Plateau base camps. To get back to the Mountain Descent Day Camp, near where you re-entered this area from the Chasm Monastery, start by climbing back up to the second Challenge Tomb entrance. (Follow the Part 2 walkthrough if you need guidance.) From there, slide down a rope line to the nearest tall pillar in the canyon. Jump down to the pillar on the right, and then slide down another line to the wooden bridge near the day camp. Refer to the beginning of this page for details on the collectibles there. (screenshots)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 4/16/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
4/18/13 - Fixed error in header about weapon parts. Still working out which parts are in fixed locations and which are random.
7/7/13 - Updated weapon parts info with help from Jerad Z.
7/10/13 - Made a few minor updates including Xbox-specific notes and info on returning to the Village Overlook camp without Fast Travel. Thanks to Jerad Z. and Mike S., respectively.
7/19/13 - Added several missed items, thanks to Oskuro. Specifically, the edible plant outside the shack with the bell and the items behind the rope-wrapped door inside the three-story building.
8/8/13 - Ellie confirmed that the PS3 game includes 2 hanging salvage nets in the area near the 10th Illumination statue, just like the PC version, though the Xbox 360 game may have only one.
9/29/13 - Fixed several typos in the header. The item counts there were not correct, though all the collectibles were included in the walkthrough. Thanks to Paul for the heads-up.

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