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Updated: 1/25/09()

Available weapons: Pistols, assault rifle, Mjolnir and sticky grenades

Cinematic: Lara pulls her boat alongside the Tisiphone, anchored off the southwestern coast of Thailand. We get a long view of the upper deck, hinting at the route to Lara's objective: Natla.

MAIN DECK – CARGO CONTAINER AREA: There's a mercenary stationed on the upper deck just ahead of the spot where you begin. So get out your new toy and take him out before he notices Lara.

Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, is now the third option when you repeatedly press the change weapon button (+). You can use Mjolnir in two ways: Hold (Z) to target an enemy, aim with the Wii remote and press (B) to fire as usual, except that instead of bullets, Mjolnir shoots a lightning bolt. Alternatively, hold (Z) and swing the remote to smash with the hammer itself, sending out a shockwave that affects all enemies in the vicinity.

The layout of this ship is nearly identical to that of Amanda's other vessel, and as in the earlier level set on the ship, you need to make your way to the stairs on the right side of the cargo deck (i.e., right when facing the stern).

Several of Amanda's men stand guard in the area below. The longer you spend exploring the area with the stacked cargo containers, the more enemies will appear. There's nothing to pick up in this area, so there's really no reason to linger. If you just head straight for your goal, you'll only encounter two mercenaries. Here's what to do:

After you've dealt with the first mercenary on the upper deck, go past where he was standing and down the stairs to the deck with the stacked cargo containers. At the bottom of the stairs turn right so the stacked containers are on Lara's left. (This way you may be able to avoid the soldier on the other side of the containers.) Head forward toward the rail and then turn left. The containers are now on Lara's left and the stairs and hatch where you're going are straight ahead.

Take out the pair of soldiers standing between Lara and the hatch at the top of the stairs. The second man comes in from behind the last row of containers. Don't wait around after you've dealt with them, or more men will appear. Just go up the stairs and through the hatch, which is open.

BELOWDECKS: Go downstairs and follow the hallway through a storage room then a control room. After this, you'll encounter one more soldier at the T intersection. Kill him and go to the left to meet Natla.

Cinematic: Lara enters the large room housing Natla's glass cage and demands to know the location of Helheim. True to form, Natla stalls a bit by complimenting Lara's tenacity, but when Lara presses, she channels energy through her fingertip to scribble something on the glass.

"Before you put me to death," Natla says, "tell me, are you prepared to wait for Odin to appear and perform the ritual to open Helheim?"

Lara now understands Natla's plan. The two need each other in order to reach their opposing goals. Lara will have to agree to work with the erstwhile queen, at least for the time being. But she musters a bit of bravado and assures Natla that the moment she steps out of line, Lara will kill her.

But before Lara can release Natla, Amanda appears with the doppelganger and orders Lara not to break the glass.

Lara turns on her former friend with cold fury. "You destroyed my home," she accuses. "You killed Alister!"

"I got what I wanted," Amanda replies, dangling the Wraith Stone for Lara to see. "Isn't that all we care about?"

Amanda begins to draw power from the stone, as Lara stands poised to wield the hammer. But the standoff is broken when the doppelganger intervenes, hoisting her mistress and tossing her off the walkway. Lara attempts to kill her double, but her lightning bolt doesn't completely do the job.

"Ah, Lara, you really are a woman after my own heart," Natla croons.

The taunt nearly sends Lara over the edge. She shrieks as she smashes the cage but manages to restrain herself before doing Natla any harm. She knows she'll need the other woman's help to enter Helheim.

"Get out of my sight," Lara growls.

Natla nudges a shard of glass with her toe, indicating the coordinates she etched upon it earlier.

"Meet you there," she says before escaping through the vent above.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/24/09 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
1/25/09 - Amended section on using Mjolnir to include aiming with the Wii remote.

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