IMPORTANT: If you haven't already done so, you may want to review the INTRODUCTORY NOTES on the storyline, controls and saving/checkpoints. These appear at the start of the PROLOGUE walkthrough.

As always, I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave. Instead be sure to save manually at least once or twice each level. Then, if you miss something or run into a bug, you can reload rather than having to replay the entire level. The most common bugs in the Wii game are documented in this walkthrough. They are in hot pink text, like this, so they're easy to spot. However, not all potential bugs are covered here yet. Wii saves are available on my Underworld Save Files page if you need them.

NOTE: There is some bugginess with the checkpoints in this area. They appear to function normally, but if you save manually, the level names on the save files sometimes say "Bhogavati" and sometimes "The Ancient World." In the PC/PlayStation/Xbox game, "The Ancient World" level doesn't start until after you've solved the major puzzle in the Shiva/Kali courtyard area. I have taken the liberty of following the PC walkthrough chronology, rather than jumping back and forth between levels.

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Updated: 1/29/09()

SHIVA/KALI STATUE COURTYARD - ENTRANCE: After the cut scene, Lara is standing on the wooden platform above the courtyard. The switch on the left is not fully functional yet. If you pull it, the platform jiggles slightly but does not move. You'll need to repair both sides of the mechanism. It doesn't matter which side you do first. Here I've designated the left and right sides when facing the Shiva/Kali statue and opted to do the right side first.

REPAIRING THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE MECHANISM: While standing on the wooden platform near the entrance, turn so the Shiva/Kali statue is behind Lara and follow the hallway around to the left and down the stairs. At the end, duck through the low opening on the left and hang from the edge. Jump back to land on the horizontal beam.

NOTE: You can also reach this beam from the floor below by first grabbing the wooden pole sticking out of one of the square columns. While hanging from this pole, turn so the open courtyard is behind Lara. Then swing and jump to grab the handhold on the column ahead. Climb around to the right and jump straight up to grab the beam. Then pull up to stand on it.

Jump from the end of the beam onto the short beam jutting out of the neighboring column above the wooden pole. Drop and hang from the beam with Lara's back facing the open courtyard. Traverse along to the left, past the column itself and onto the broken beam on the other side. Pull up, turn left, walk to the end of the beam and jump to the ledge ahead.

Turn left, grapple the metal ring and pull to free one side of the mechanism.

Return to the edge of the ledge where you just climbed up and jump back onto the short broken beam. Walk toward the column and then turn about 45 degrees to the left. You should be able to jump from here to the long, horizontal beam ahead without having to traverse around the column first. Jump from the long beam to grab the ledge where you first dropped down into this room. Pull up and follow the hallway back toward the wooden platform.

REPAIRING THE LEFT SIDE OF THE MECHANISM: Go past the wooden platform (on the right) and follow the hallway around to the right. At the end, turn right and take a running jump to land on the long, horizontal beam ahead. Turn left, walk to the end of the beam and jump to the ledge ahead.

Turn right, grapple the metal ring and pull to free the other side of the mechanism.

NOTE: You can also reach the mechanism from the room below by taking the long way around. While facing the open courtyard, go to the left wall and grab onto the light-colored handhold. Climb to the right, where a vine grows up the wall near the corner. Jump past the gap in the wall to grab onto the handhold on the next wall. Now traverse to the right, all the way around to the far side of this wall, so the Shiva/Kali statue is behind Lara on her left. Pull up onto the narrow ledge and chimney jump up the alcove to the ledge above. The mechanism is on the left when you climb up from this side. Grapple the metal ring and pull to release the stuck mechanism.

Now the mechanism is fully functional. A brief cut scene shows the wooden platform and switch. To get back there, step to the edge of the ledge overlooking the small room with the square columns (i.e., on the right when facing the mechanism where the ring was). Jump onto the long, horizontal beam. Hang from the right side and traverse along past the column in the middle. Then pull up to stand on the beam. Walk to the end and jump forward to grab the light-colored ledge. Climb along to the left until you can pull up into the hallway. Turn left and follow the hallway back to the wooden platform.

With the mechanism repaired, the switch on the left side of the platform now works. Pull it by pressing Interact (-) then raising the Remote and Nunchuk and making a downward yanking motion. This triggers a situational adrenaline sequence. The game shifts into slow motion as the platform drops out beneath Lara's feet. Press (B) to grapple the metal ring that was previously hidden by the platform. Once the cable is anchored Lara is safe. After the adrenaline sequence finishes, rappel down the wall by holding (Z) and pressing Back on the stick. When Lara reaches the bottom, press (-) to release the cable. Hop off the ruined platform onto the floor ahead.

SHIVA/KALI STATUE COURTYARD – LOWER LEVEL: Between here and the big statue are 2 smaller statues of Thai dancers with fans. These move, but you'll need to do some other business before they'll do anything useful. Ignore them for now.

There are two hallways here, one on the left, one on the right. You can explore them in either order, but if you go to the left first, you'll save backtracking later on. So turn left and go up the stairs.

SHIVA/KALI STATUE COURTYARD – UPPER LEVEL – LEFT SIDE: When you near the top of the second flight of stairs, slow down and move ahead cautiously. Two red nagas are waiting in the next room. If you step forward slowly, you can get a lock on the first one and shoot it while moving backward down the stairs. Then return to the top and repeat the process for the second naga. These big lizards are not as tough as they look. Just try not to let them reach Lara and knock her down. That's when they do the most damage. Also, when Lara is knocked off her feet, the camera goes nuts and targeting becomes difficult.

When the coast is clear, go through the room the nagas came from and out the left side. Go forward and step onto one of the platforms of the huge balance scale. Lara's weight lowers the platform, operating a mechanism that lowers one of the Shiva statue's right arms.

Hop off the platform and go forward to the puzzle panel on the wall ahead. Press Interact (-) to examine it. First use the multi-tool to clear off the grime with compressed air, by holding (A) and directing the nozzle over the blackened parts of the picture. Now manipulate the jewels by pointing the remote at the one you want to move and pressing (A) or (B) to spin it. Rotate the jewels so each one points toward the jewel next to it, directing the beam of light to form a diamond shape. When the jewels are aligned correctly, a secret panel opens revealing the FIRST SHIVA GEM, which is square. Press Interact to take it.

You're not done here yet, though. Press Interact to examine the puzzle once more. Now use the multi-tool as pliers to pry off the BLUE JEWEL in the middle of the panel. To do this, hold (A), use the remote to point the pliers at the jewel and shake or twist the remote. The process can take a little while, but as long as the pliers appear to have caught on the jewel and you're seeing gray dust falling from the spot where the pliers are poking into the wall, then you're doing it correctly.

When you've finished with the puzzle, turn around, return past the balance scale and climb onto the ledge behind it. Go to up the stairs and around to the side of the Shiva statue. Hop up onto Shiva's palm and place the FIRST SHIVA GEM in the lotus-shaped receptacle he's holding.

Return to the balance scale and jump onto the upraised platform to raise the statue's arm once more. With the gem in place, a beam of sunlight is directed down into the courtyard.

Now, if you're collecting treasures, return up the hallway to the spot where the statue's hand was before. Jump to the narrow ledge running along the wall behind the statue. Walk along this ledge and pick up the treasure (3/3) lying behind the statue. Then continue along the ledge to the other end. There's a leafy plant growing out of the ledge here, but you can walk through it. Jump onto the low wall ahead.

Hop down into the hallway below and advance carefully. Another pair of red nagas runs up the stairs to meet you. You can run back to the low wall and shoot them from there, but be careful not to step back off the wall or Lara could be in for a long fall.

NOTE: Even if you don't want the treasure, you may still want to take the shortcut across the narrow ledge to the other side of the area. Otherwise, return through the room where you encountered the two red nagas, back down the stairs and up the stairs on the opposite side of the courtyard. When you do this, you'll encounter the second pair of red nagas at the top of the stairs.

SHIVA/KALI STATUE COURTYARD – UPPER LEVEL – RIGHT SIDE: If you've come to this area across the narrow ledge behind the big statue, follow the hallway down to the right. If you've come up the stairs from the lower level, go through the dark room and up the stairs on the right. In either case, you'll now find yourself on a ledge above another low, open room with a balance scale. To operate it, you'll need to use Lara's weight to lower the side with no platform. Go to the small, square column with the wooden pole protruding from it. Grab the handhold on the side of the column and jump up to grab the pole. Swing and jump to the next pole, then the next. Lara's weight on the third pole tips the scales, lowering one of Shiva's left arms.

Drop to the floor and approach the puzzle panel on the wall to the right. Press Interact to examine the puzzle. Then turn the jewels as you did with the first puzzle to direct the beam of light forming a rectangle. When the jewels are aligned correctly, a secret panel opens revealing the SECOND SHIVA GEM, which is round. Press Interact to take it.

NOTE: This puzzle will only work if you have the BLUE JEWEL from the puzzle in the room on Shiva's right. If you missed it, return to that area and get it now. The walkthrough above explains how.

Climb back onto the walkway behind the scales and follow it around to the statue's hand. Hop up into Shiva's palm and place the SECOND SHIVA GEM in the lotus-shaped receptacle.

NOTE: If you haven't already retrieved treasure #3 on the narrow ledge that runs along behind the huge statue, you can still do that now. Just jump from Shiva's hand to the ledge, which has a leafy green plant growing out of it. Walk behind the statue to find the treasure. Then return to the hand.

Return to the balance scale and jump onto the upraised platform to raise the statue's arm. With the second gem in place, another beam of sunlight is directed down into the courtyard. Climb onto the ledge behind the scale and go through the dimly lit room and out the door on the left. Follow the stairs to the bottom.

SHIVA/KALI STATUE COURTYARD – MOVABLE STATUES WITH FANS: Approach the 2 small statues of Thai dancers holding fans. You'll notice these are set on tracks in the floor, enabling them to move. Face the big Shiva/Kali statue to get oriented and then go to the dancer statue on the right. Press Interact to grab it. Slide it along the straight track to the left. Then push it clockwise along the circular track, almost all the way back to the straight track. When it reaches the correct spot, the beam of light shining from the gem in Shiva's hand reflects off the fan the small statue is holding.

Now go to the statue on the left. Take hold of it and push it counterclockwise along the circular track all the way around to the straight track. Then slide it to the left all the way across the straight track. Finally push it forward (clockwise) just a little bit along the circular track until the sunbeam from the gem above reflects off the fan. (The diagram at right shows the sequence.)

When the statues are positioned correctly, the two beams of light strike the Kali statue and the floor opens up, revealing a doorway.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/2/09 - First draft of walkthrough posted online.
1/29/09 - Fixed left/right mix-up in the section on freeing the left-side mechanism, thanks to a tip from Sim.

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