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Nevada Level 1: Nevada Desert - Ending [video]

Lara jumps the quad bike over the fence and crashes into a shallow streambed on the other side. A pair of military policemen find her lying unconscious.

"You crazy geek freak. What kind of stunt is that to pull?" one of them says, crouching down to get a grip on Lara and hoist her up.

"She don't look much like one of them," the other muses. "Maybe she's an eco-terrorist or something."

"And they wear hot pants, huh?" the first man asks, clearly skeptical.

The two then walk along the streambed toward the compound, supporting Lara between them.

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Nevada Level 2: High Security Compound - Ending [video]

Lara sneaks on board a truck headed out of the compound. She hides behind a crate as a couple of workers close the back doors and signal the driver he's good to go.

"You're all ready," one of the workers says.

"OK. See you," the driver replies.

Lara finds a can of delicious American Coca-Cola on the floor, pops the top, and takes a sip. As the truck pulls away from the loading dock, she finds a seat on top of a crate and takes a long swig of her drink as she settles in for the ride to Area 51.

[Level 2: High Security Compound | Level 3: Area 51


Lara enters the hut and meets a man wearing dog tags and bandages, whose leg has been cut off below the knee. He's lying on a crude bunk clutching a rolled-up piece of paper in one hand. He uses this to shoo away flies which we can hear buzzing around him. His other hand holds a cigar.

"Not interrupting, am I?" Lara asks.

"Not bleeding, are you?" he replies with a distinct Australian accent. "Not about to use this place as a dunny?"*

"No" Lara answers dryly.

"Good. Good. Just don't want any fly-carrying visitors in here." He taps away his cigar ash on his injured leg.

"Right, I understand. What happened?" Lara asks as she moves closer.

"Woke up in the jungle with one of those little blokes snacking on my leg, didn't I?"

"A tribesman?" Lara's sounds surprised. "It isn't usual for them to eat right off the bone like that."

"Well, it was dark," the soldier answers, "and I never got the bugger, so I can't be sure. Something spooky is in that jungle." The soldier stops and watches as a fly circles his head. He watches it and readies the paper as he continues, "Our air carrier crashed up in the mountains. Every night some of my men would vanish without trace. Others fled in fear. Then this happened." He points to his leg. "So I brought the men down to shore for safety only for us all to be captured by this greedy mob. Some sort of sacrifice to their god who lives up in the hills. Though it seems I've not been invited to the barbie."*

As he tells his story, he tracks the movement of a fly buzzing around him. When it lands on the bunk next to him, he swats it with the rolled-up paper.

"Maybe you're the dessert," Lara says. "Ripe flesh can be a bit of a delicacy around here."

"For real?" he asks.

"Listen," Lara says as the sound of distant drums starts to become louder. "We'd better get you out of here. Do you know how the tribe cross the swamp down there? Which stones they tread on?"

"Yeah, but I'm staying put," he tells her. "With this wound I'd be like a fill-up station to every diseased bug in the bush. I'd rather be the main course for a real feast." He hands Lara the map he's been holding, then lowers himself back onto the bunk and turns away. "Hey, If you see any of my men alive in there, direct them to the north shore will you? Away from here."

"Of course," Lara promises.

*Dunny is Australian slang for outhouse. Barbie is short for barbecue.

[South Pacific Level 1: Coastal Village | Level 2: Crash Site]


Lara enters the temple and surveys the architecture. She is drawn to a huge carving of a flaming meteor surrounded by smaller images—a lizard, men with boats, a larger figure holding a glowing object aloft. She approaches for a closer look and is startled as a man appears behind her, dancing and chanting.

"Is well for you me fasting this day," he tells Lara. "You make plenty good flesh pot."

"You forget," she counters. "I might be quite hungry myself. Famished actually."

"Ugh!" The man draws back in disgust.

"Why did your ancestors flee from Antarctica so suddenly?" Lara asks, indicating the small figures in the carving.

"Koma-Koma, bad place," the man explains. "Plenty flesh but for the price of evil! Mutilation! The sixth leader, Mauki, was born without face. Terrible storms. Men afraid. Ran! Set curse of Mauki on the land. No one go there now."

"But you still worship it?"

"White fellow later come here with magic Koma-Koma stone," the man replies nodding. "In a day we celebrate the death of him. The feast of Smythe."

Lara makes the connection between the artifact she's seeking and the white fellow from the village's history.

"One of Darwin's sailors. Poor fool. Where is the stone now?"

But the man doesn't answer. He crouches and bows his head, continuing his prayer. Then he appears to change his mind and looks up to offer one final piece of wisdom.

"He lucky fellow that kill you. A 'plenty Mary' like you."

"I'll be sure to point that out to him," quips then leaves him to his chanting.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to The Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide for assistance with these transcripts. Their versions are quite complete and include numerous details provided by the developers, some of which have been incorporated here.

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