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Kills: 24 Items: 19 (23) plus automatic pistols, 3 keys, and 3 secrets

NOTE: Under items, the number in parentheses (23) includes the reward for finding all three secrets.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Venice Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: Obtain a motorboat. Then go through the dark, flooded tunnel to the second part of the level. Once there, clear away the unerwater mines blocking the exit and proceed to the next level.

With its various interconnected canals, multiple switches, doors, etc., this level can be a bit confusing. The map below shows the basic layout of the area, along with points of interest, which are numbered to correspond with the numbers in the walkthrough. (To show/hide the map for printing, click here. To open the map in a separate window, click here.)

Venice Level Map

FIRST CANAL WITH BOATHOUSE AND VILLA: This level begins in a narrow alley (#1 on the map). Turn around and advance forward, pistols drawn. As you near the end of the alley, a Doberman appears in the courtyard ahead. As soon as you get a lock on it, hop back shooting and you should be able to kill it before it reaches Lara.

Continue into the courtyard. A sniper will fire at you from a balcony above on the right, so take care of him too. Here it may help to run out of the alley into the near left corner of the courtyard (2 on the map) and shoot at the sniper while jumping straight up and down (screenshot). Don't enter the next alley on the left yet, though, since this will trigger the appearance of more enemies.

Once you've dealt with the sniper, proceed down the other alley leading out of the courtyard. Another dog and a club-wielding thug emerge from the building on the right. To avoid being surrounded, run forward, get a lock on the dog and hop back shooting. Then repeat the process with the man. Afterward, be sure to pick up the small medi pack he drops.

For now, ignore the small wooden building where the man and dog came from. Across the canal there's a boathouse with a large wooden door. Swim underneath the door to get inside (3 on the map, screenshot). Climb out of the water onto the wooden walkway on the right. Here you'll find a button on the left and a keyhole on the right. You don't have a key yet. So push the button to open a door inside the small wooden building you passed before. Swim back under the door and across the canal. Then climb out of the water and enter the small wooden building (4). Take the flares off the table. Push the button to open the trapdoor and either climb the ladder or pull up through the opening to the second floor. Push another button here to open a second trapdoor, and climb onto the roof.

Shoot out the window and climb inside (screenshot). A Doberman is on guard in the checkerboard-tiled room to the left. Kill it, then leave this room for now and climb up into the window opposite the one you came in (5, screenshot). This window overlooks the courtyard near the level entrance. Jump across the gap onto the red awning. Cross the awning and hop over to the balcony ahead on the right. Take the BOATHOUSE KEY (6) from the sniper you shot earlier. To get back onto the awning, step away from the low railing and then jump forward to clear it. Return through the window to the checkerboard room. Cross over the glassed-in walkway and throw the switch (7), which opens a door outside.

Return to the checkerboard room and shoot out the window next to the glassed-in walkway. Take a running jump from the windowsill to grab the red awning across the canal and pull up (7). Turn left and jump across the red awnings to the door you just opened with the switch. Climb inside and throw another switch (9) to open the door in the fence below. (These screenshots show this entire sequence.)

NOTE: Some people have trouble here because they try to jump from the top of the wooden building to the awning, which is too far. In order to make the jump across the canal, Lara must begin in the window of the room with the checkerboard floor. This is also the first place in the game where it's really important to set up your running jump in order to make it. This process is detailed in the screenshots, as well as in a short video on the main Strategy page.

After pulling the switch, jump down into the water, swim under the boathouse door once more and use the BOATHOUSE KEY to unlock the door. This cues a masked thug with a gun to appear on the dock by the small wooden building. Swim across the canal, climb out of the water and take care of him, relieving him of his AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. Then swim back into the boathouse, climb into the speedboat and drive through the door in the chain link fence.

NOTE: The speedboat controls are listed on the TR2 Controls page in case you need them.

DARK, FLOODED TUNNEL & BOAT LOCK: On the right, just beyond the entrance is a small passageway (10). Steer the boat alongside it and press Jump + Right to hop out of the boat into the passage. Here you'll find SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon, plus some flares. (These screenshots show the exact location.) If you like, you can climb down the ladder just beyond the flares and kill 2 rats. Then climb back up the ladder.

NOTE: Since flares are limited at this early stage, you can try to conserve them by saving your game before entering dark areas. Then you can use as many flares as you like during your initial exploration. Once you know where key items are located, reload your save and head straight toward them, using only as many flares you need. If you run out of flares, try turning up the brightness on your TV or monitor.

Hop back in the boat and continue through the dark tunnel. Follow the tunnel as it turns right and take the boat over a waterfall. In the pool below the falls is SECRET #2, the Gold Dragon (11, screenshot). After retrieving it, hop back in the boat and take the only exit from this room into a room with many pillars.

Under the water just to the left of the entrance are 2 sets of Uzi clips. On the right is the ledge with the 2 rats you may have killed earlier. In the far left corner is a wooden ledge with a small door, a window and a ladder going up. Maneuver the boat into the flooded alcove to the right of the ladder (note the lever high on the left wall). This is actually a BOAT LOCK, which will raise your speedboat up to the next area. (screenshot)

Hop out of the boat, swim to the wooden ledge and climb out of the water. There's a rat on this ledge as well; kill it. The door doesn't open, so shoot out the window and continue firing to dispatch the thug in the next room. Grab his automatic pistol clips and the shotgun shells in the dark corner near the door. Pull the switch to close the lock doors and raise the water level (you'll hear rushing water). Go back out the window, climb the ladder, jump in the water and pull the lever, which is now submerged, to open the doors leading to the next area. (13, screenshot).

SECOND MAIN AREA - CANALS: This section is somewhat labyrinthine, so refer to the map (above) if necessary. Again, the numbers in parentheses in the walkthrough refer to locations on the map.

As you enter this area from the BOAT LOCK (13), turn left, then right. Ram the speedboat through the three gondolas to clear a path. (Hold Action + Forward for a speed boost.) Hop out on the wooden dock where the gondolas were parked. If you move to the far end of the dock, below the stone bridge, you may be able to target the armed thug patrolling the CEMENT DOCK in front of the next building (screenshot). If not, don't worry; you can deal with him later.

STONE BRIDGE & ROOF GARDEN: Climb onto the raised wooden block, walk to the edge and jump to grab the red awning on the other side of the canal. Pull up and walk to the right edge of the awning. Take a standing jump forward onto the stone bridge. Then immediately backflip onto the awning to avoid the Doberman and bat-wielding thug that rush you from the left. They can't jump over to the awning so you can shoot them from safety. (screenshots)

Jump back onto the stone bridge and advance cautiously to the right. Another baddie with a gun lurks in this lovely roof garden. There's plenty of room here to avoid him as you fight. Be sure to gather the goodies afterward: The bat thug has a large medi pack (guess the big oaf forgot to use it while you were shooting at him) and the gun thug has a STEEL KEY. Use this key to unlock the door in the roof garden (14). Enter, drop through the hole in the floor and flip a switch to open a TALL METAL GATE (15). When you climb back up to the roof garden, another guy with a gun is waiting. Kill him and take 2 sets of automatic pistol clips.

CEMENT DOCK: If you weren't able to kill the bad guy on the cement dock farther down the canal before, you may be able to snipe him from the bridge (screenshot). When he's dead, you can go and lift 2 sets of M16 clips off him. There's a locked door here (16), and you don't yet have the key. So you may want to wait until you return later to make the ammo pickup. There's also a second speedboat parked here.

Get into either boat and drive away from the CEMENT DOCK back toward the area where you came in. Pass the entrance to the BOAT LOCK (13), now on your right, and continue around the corner to another wooden dock with yet another armed thug (17). Either park next to the dock and jump out onto it or leave the boat near the boat lock, swim around the corner, climb onto the dock, and then take out the bad guy. Steal a large medi pack and 2 boxes of shotgun shells from the body.

Get back in the boat and continue straight past the dock where you killed that last thug. Pass the gate you just opened (15) and turn right, passing under a white stone bridge.

SECOND WOODEN DOCK WITH GONDOLAS: Ahead is a dock with two parked gondolas (18). Ram the gondolas to destroy them, since you'll need a clear path here later on. When you step out on the dock, a bad guy with a bat comes through the door. Kill him and take the small medi pack he's carrying. Enter the building and shoot 2 rats. Then flip the switch to open a door elsewhere. (This door is marked 19 on the map.)

Now go after a secret. Just above the dock outside the room with the switch, there's a glassed-in walkway. You can see the secret through one of the windows. (These screenshots show the spot.) Stand below the walkway and jump straight up to grab the edge. If Lara doesn't grab it at first, just hold Action + Jump and she'll gradually hop her way forward until she's able to grab. Pull up and shoot out the window. Enter and take SECRET #3, the Jade Dragon, plus 4 sets of automatic pistol clips if you also found the other two secrets.

COVERED DOORWAY & FLOODED ROOM WITH LADDERS: Return to the boat and drive through the narrow waterway across from the dock. (This is labeled 'TUNNEL' on the map.) When you emerge from this tunnel, turn left and proceed forward. Stop the boat near the covered doorway (19) just beyond the small wooden dock. This is the door that you opened with the last switch. When you step out here, a bad guy with a gun appears on the small dock just to the right. You can kill him now or wait and do it from above, which is probably easier.

Go through the door into a room with shallow water on the floor and ladders on the walls. The door closes behind you. Pick up an IRON KEY and climb up through the hole in the ceiling. There are enemies—a thug with a bat and a dog—waiting on the floor above. To avoid being ambushed, climb the section of ladder on the right when facing the corner below the opening. At the top, pull up, run forward into the room while drawing weapons, and then quickly roll and start shooting (as shown in these screenshots).

Afterward, take the small medi pack off the thug and pull the switch that opens the big double doors (20). If you didn't kill the bad guy down below earlier, you can shoot him through the gap between the door on the right and the wall. Just equip pistols, get a lock on him and hold Action. Lara will do the rest. (screenshot)

The IRON KEY you found in the room below opens the door back at the CEMENT DOCK. To get back there from here, return to your boat. Turn around so the covered doorway where you entered this building is on your left. Then drive forward along the canal as it bends slightly to the left. Pass beneath a CLOTHESLINE (marked on the map) continue straight on to the wooden dock where you shot another gun-toting bad guy earlier (17). Turn left there and go past the entrance to the BOAT LOCK (13). Turn right at the next corner, pass under the STONE BRIDGE that leads to the ROOF GARDEN, and continue straight on to the CEMENT DOCK (16), which will be on the left side of the canal.

CEMENT DOCK (again): If you didn't deal with the armed goon here before, you'll need to fight him now. He drops 2 sets of M16 clips. Grab them if you didn't do so earlier. Use the IRON KEY to unlock the door and take out another goon with a gun who emerges. Relieve him of a small medi pack. Go inside and flip the switch that opens the SECOND TALL METAL GATE (21).

CLEARING THE WAY TO THE EXIT: There are underwater mines in front of the exit, which is under the big clock beyond the cement dock (marked EXIT on the map). At this point, it's a good idea to take one of your boats and set them off. Drive toward the mines and jump out at the last minute. (screenshots) The boat will be destroyed, but you can take the other one.

Now proceed to the room with the button that opens the level exit beneath the clock. In true Tomb Raider style, the button is as far away from the door as it could possibly be. ;) From the CEMENT DOCK, drive through the narrow waterway with the iron gates you opened previously (21 and 15 on the map). Continue straight under the white stone bridge, turn right down the narrow, covered alleyway (marked TUNNEL on the map), then left past the COVERED DOORWAY (19) and through a dark TUNNEL. Now turn left and you'll end up near two doorways—one small and square, one more of a large, open bay. Inside this room is the button that opens the exit, guarded by a bad guy with a gun. If you pull your boat up alongside the open bay, you can jump out and shoot him from there. (screenshots) Search his corpse for some auto pistol clips.

If you missed it before, it's easy enough to get SECRET #3, the Jade Dragon, from here. Just swim across to the wooden ramp that runs along the wall beside the canal. Run up the ramp, shoot out one of the windows and enter the glassed-in walkway to find the dragon sitting on a low pedestal. (Check these screenshots if you need a visual.)

RACE TO THE EXIT (OR NOT): The button on the wall in the dark, flooded room (22 on the map) opens the level exit, which is located beneath the clock on the other side of this area. When you press the button, a brief cut scene shows the doors opening. As soon as you pass over the wooden threshold, a timer starts, the bell in the clock tower starts ringing, and you have about 23 seconds to get to the exit before the bell tolls twelve and the doors close.

There are basically two ways to do this: One is an exiting, James Bond-style speedboat race; the other—reserved for cheaters and type-B personalities—involves a more leisurely ride through the canals. Take your pick.

BOND METHOD: First, set things up for a smooth run. Drive the speedboat through the small doorway into the dark room with the button. Position the boat just in front of the button, facing out toward the door and the ramp leading up to the glassed-in walkway. Stand Lara near the button and save your game. That way, if you don't reach the exit on the first try, you can just reload and try again, rather than having to drive all the way back and reposition the boat.

When you're ready to go, press the button. If you like, you can tap Look to bypass the cut scene showing the doors opening, but since the timer hasn't started yet, this isn't necessary. Roll and press Forward + Action to run to the boat and hop in. Continue pressing Forward + Action to gun the engine and take off over the wooden threshold. This is when the timer starts. Keep holding Forward + Action for turbo speed as you cruise up the long wooden ramp, crash through the glassed-in walkway and land in the canal below. (As you race up the ramp, you can lightly tap the Left/Right controls if necessary to stay on course, but if you lined up the boat correctly before takeoff, you won't need to do much.)

Continue straight ahead under the white bridge. Ease off the Action button as you veer left then immediately right, steering into the narrow passageway with the raised metal gates at each end (15 and 21). Hold Action again for a speed boost once you get going straight. At the end of the narrow passageway, release Action, turn hard right, then press Action again to race past the underwater mines (hopefully you detonated them earlier, as described above) and on to the exit. (This sequence is shown in both screenshots and a gameplay video.)

- OR -

CHEATER METHOD: Park the boat outside the dark, flooded room. Go in, press the button and swim out under the door (screenshot). This way the timer never starts and you can proceed to the exit at your leisure. Less stressful but also less fun. You can follow the same route as in the previous set of screenshots if you like, or go any which way. Even if you decide to swim through the exit, there will be a new speedboat waiting for you in the next level. (This method is also shown in the video.)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 7/27/10 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots, as well as a revised level map.
12/1/13 - Added "objectives" section for each level.
2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: New Venice map based on an original map provided by Albert H. Thanks also to Tyler and Paul K. for their helpful suggestions/corrections. In addition, I'm greatly indebted to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough could not have been written.

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