HIDDEN CITY – Temple of the Sun Challenge Tomb

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SCORE & TIME ATTACK: If you're playing this tomb from the Challenge Tombs section of the main menu and need tips for the various Attack modes, check out these videos from Treeble: Score Attack or Time Attack.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is at the southern tip of Paititi. There are two ways in: The more circuitous route takes you past mural #6, document #4, and relic #8. If you don't yet have the collectibles mentioned above, head for the top of the long flight of stairs at the south end of the city. Here you'll find a cave entrance and a climbing wall. Climb the wall to the ledge above. Examine the mural and document on the way. Then climb the craggy wall to the left (east) of the mural. Climb up and around to the left. Then jump to the left and latch onto the next section of climbable wall. Rappel down to the ledge below, where you'll find the relic sitting on a little altar. Use the horizontal bar to swing over to the tunnel on the left (south). This tunnel leads to the pool outside the tomb. (Check these screenshots and the main walkthrough for additional details.)

Alternatively, if you already have the collectibles mentioned above, it's quicker and easier to reach the tomb entrance via a hidden passageway in one of the nearby houses. Go to this point on the map. There are 2 women working outside the house. One will tell you a story if you talk to her. Document #6 is inside the house, and the little pool is actually the entrance to a flooded passageway. Swim through to the pool near the tomb entrance. (screenshots)

CAVERN WITH POOL: Gather various resources from the bottom of the pool, including some jade ore embedded in the south wall. Then climb out of the pool on the west side to find the Temple Path Base Camp and a document (13/42) Contract (Yucatec/Day in the Life of a Paititian) sitting on the ground near the camp. (screenshots)

When you're ready to enter the tomb, climb the stairs near the campfire. At the top of the stairs, on the right, is another document (14/42), Disease and Death (Subjugating Paititi). Climb the wall to the left of the document to reach the ledge above. Here you'll find an archivist map (2/7), which reveals a number of documents, relics, and murals on your map. There's also a wooden barrier. Before going through the barrier, turn around to find another document (15/42), Journal of T. Serrano (The Missionary), sitting on one of the stone blocks to the left of the diving platform. If you like, you can do a swan dive into the pool for the High Diving Challenge, then climb back up. But you'll have another chance to do this on the way out. Break down the wooden barrier with your climbing axe and squeeze through the narrow gap. (screenshots)

PATH ALONG THE GORGE: Follow the upper/right path to the edge of the deep gorge. Grapple-swing across the gap and latch onto the climbable wall ahead. Climb up to grab the handhold above the climbing wall. Then climb around to the left until you can't go any farther. Then jump to the left to another craggy climbing wall. Climb down as far as you can. Then rappel down until Lara is hanging next to the smooth wall-running area. Run back and forth to build momentum, then jump to the left to grab a handhold on the brow rock formation with the plants growing on top. Climb around to the left, then down and around along the rough climbing wall. When you run out of climbable surface, scramble straight up to grab the ledge above. Climb to the left as far as possible. Then jump to the left to land on the ledge below. (Don't just drop or Lara will fall into the gorge.) Climb onto the next higher ledge. Grab some health herbs then jump from the jutting rock to grab a handhold below the trapezoidal door. Scramble up the wall and drop through the opening. (screenshots)

TEMPLE SIDE ENTRANCE: Just inside on the right is a document (16/42) The Monkey Twins (Mam/Legends of the Maya). Approach the ladder but don't climb up yet. First, go down the steps to the right and examine the mural (11/23), Mirrors (Yucatec/Secrets and Lies). The clues it provides can help you solve the puzzle you're about to undertake. Return to the ladder and climb to the room above, where you'll find the Temple of the Sun Base Camp. Approach the doorway on the right, jump to the horizontal bar, and swing over to the climbable wall. Then rappel down to the floor. There's another mural (12/23), Temple of the Sun (Mam/Trials of the Gods), at the top of the stairs on the left. After examining it, pick up some gold ore in the alcove to the east. Then climb the stairs to the west and follow the hallway to an apparent dead end. Approach the door and Lara will crawl through the low opening into the tomb. (screenshots)

MIRROR PUZZLE: There are 4 mirrors which can be rotated to direct beams of light around the room. The goal is to lower the golden pavilion in the middle of the room. From there you'll be able to reach the stele at the south end. If you fall into the rushing water, Lara will die and you'll need to restart from the last checkpoint. One of the murals you passed earlier (Mirrors from the Secrets and Lies Story) provided a few clues: "Turn Mirror 1 to the left. Follow the beam of light to mirror 2. Direct mirror 2 across the chamber diagonally. Return to mirror 1." That's a start. (screenshots)

Mirror 1 is in the northwest corner of the room, near the entrance. Grab the handle and rotate the mirror so the beam of light points at the rotating armature near the left (north) wall. As the light moves away from the pavilion, the platform in the middle ratchets downward a few notches. Then, when the light activates the armature, one end rotates toward you. Now you can jump to grab the end of the armature and climb on top of it. Walk along the armature and jump down onto the ledge in the northeast corner near mirror 2. (screenshots)

Rotate mirror 2 so the beam of light shines diagonally across the room, passing through the central pavilion, and activating the rotating armature in the opposite corner of the room. In the process, the platform in the middle of the pavilion sinks a little further, now that the beam of light is no longer activating it. (screenshots)

Climb back across the first armature the way you came. Rotate mirror 1 so it activates the armature to the right (west). This causes it to rotate so it's oriented north-to-south. Now you can jump and grab it, cross over the top, and jump down on other side. Climb across the next armature (the one you activated with the light from mirror 2) to reach mirror 3 in the southwest corner. (screenshots)

Rotate mirror 3 to point the beam of light away from the central pavilion and toward the armature on the left (i.e., the one you used to get here). Use the climbing wall to the left of the armature to reach it. Cross over this armature, then the next one, to get back to mirror 1. (screenshots)

Rotate mirror 1 back toward the armature on the left. Then cross over to mirror 2 again. (screenshot)

Rotate mirror 2 toward the armature on the right (i.e., the one you just climbed across). This will keep it in place so you can move mirror 1 again. Cross back over to mirror 1. (screenshot)

Rotate mirror 1 so the beam of light points through the center pavilion and activates the armature to the left of mirror 4, in the opposite (southeast) corner of the room. Then cross back over to mirror 2. (screenshot)

Rotate mirror 2 so the beam of light points at the armature on the left, turning it so you can reach it. Cross over to the ledge in the middle of the east side of the room. Ignore the hallway on the left for now, that's the exit. Instead climb across the next armature to mirror 4. (screenshot)

Examine the mural (13/23), Fertility God (Mam/Pantheon of Gods 3) in the dark, corner near mirror 4. Now rotate mirror 4 so the beam of light activates the armature on the left, orienting it and the armature between it and the pavilion so both point toward the tomb stele at the south end of the room. (screenshot)

To get there, start by scrambling up the east wall and climbing around to the left until you can jump and grab the armature you used to reach this area. Cross over it and jump down. Follow the wooden walkway toward the central pavilion and jump onto it. Turn left and use the two rotating armatures to cross over to the altar. Pick up 2 piles of gold ore. Then examine the stele to unlock the Seeker Skill Hoatzin's Hunger, which automatically increases the amount of natural crafting resources Lara obtains from each source. (screenshot)

EXITING THE TEMPLE: Return across the 2 rotating armatures to the pavilion. Jump over to the wooden walkway on the right. Then head up the stairs into the hallway to the east. Here you'll find a document (17/42), The Paddler Gods (Mam/Legends of the Maya) and a survival cache (17/34) buried at the north end of the hallway. Return to the south end of the hallway and climb into the opening above. (screenshot)

Follow the passageway outside. Continue along the path, jumping across a misty pit full of spikes. When you reach the next gap, shoot a rope arrow into the post on the other side of the gorge and slide down the rope line. Scale the climbable wall near the post then scramble up to grab the handhold directly above. Climb around to the left as far as you can. Then climb to a slightly higher handhold and on to the left a bit more. Jump to the left and latch onto a small, brownish area of climbable wall. Rappel down until Lara is hanging roughly level with the handhold on the cliff wall ahead. Swing back and forth to gather momentum. Then as she swings toward the wall, jump and grab the handhold. Climb then jump to the left to land on the path below. (screenshot)

Head up the hill and squeeze through the narrow gap to get back to the ledge above the pool and the Temple Path Base Camp, where you found the archivist map and document #15 earlier. If you're still working on the High Diving Challenge, you can make one of those dives here. Then stop at the camp if you like before returning through the flooded passageway to the main area. (screenshot)

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