Stella's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough - For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Windows PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch*

Throughout this walkthrough I use abbreviations for north (N), northeast (NE), southwest (SW), etc., to give directions. There is no compass in this game, but just to make it easier to navigate on screen, we'll assume north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down. Outdoor levels include a map screen in the Inventory in case you get lost. Also, I played using the medium combat difficulty setting so your experiences may differ slightly on a different setting.

*Although the PC, console and iOS versions are similar, there are significant differences in a few areas. This walkthrough covers the original version but may also be helpful to iOS users.

Level 7: Flooded Passage (Single Player)

Updated: 11/7/12()

For the 2-player co-op walkthrough, please see here.

Score Challenges: 120K, 160K, 180K (Bonus: Automatic Pistols)

Reward Challenges:

  • Collect all 10 red skulls (War Drum Artifact)
  • Break down the wall with the giant ball in 8:00 or less (Golden Eye of Cipactli Relic)
  • Destroy all the arrow traps (Health Powerup)
  • Find and destroy the 3 hidden urns (Ammo Powerup)

Artifacts: Gold Feather, War Drum
Relics: Eye of Cipactli, Golden Eye of Cipactli
Weapons: High Power Assault Rifle, Automatic Pistols
Powerups & Upgrades: 2 ammo, 2 health

A complete list of artifacts, relics and weapons can be found here.

TRAPPED WALKWAYS: There are ammo and health pickups near the start, which you probably won't need. Jump across the gap in the walkway, climb the stairs and pull the large ball out of the alcove to find a red skull (1/10) and some gems. (screenshot)

Roll the ball in front of Lara as a shield to approach the arrow traps without taking damage. Smash the traps by rolling the ball into them or use bombs/grenades. Be sure to smash all 5 arrow traps (5/37) as part of the Reward Challenge. (screenshots) Backtrack and pick up any gems you missed. Then continue past where the traps were to the NE.

At the top of the stairs, near the poison pods, a skeleton appears. Shoot it to knock it down. Then destroy its bones with a bomb or grenade to prevent it from reanimating.

Pull the handle to temporarily retract the bars in front of the spike pit. Grapple the golden ring on the wall, step off the edge and climb up the cable a bit. Wait for the bars on the left to close and the ones on the right to re-open. Then swing and jump to the other side of the pit. Continue downstairs to the NE. (screenshots)

LARGE PLATFORM WITH ARROW TRAPS AND POISON PODS: Roll under the flying arrows, grab the large ball and roll it between the pods to the NW, using it as a shield to protect Lara from the arrows. Use the ball to smash through one of the arrow traps. When you reach the NW side of the room 2 skeletons appear behind you. Shoot them or let the arrow traps take care of them, but be sure to destroy the bodies with bombs or grenades so they don't respawn. (screenshots)

Destroy the remaining arrow traps with bombs or the rolling ball. (There are 8 traps here, bringing your total to 13/37 toward the Reward Challenge.) Then move carefully among the pods, gathering gems. To get the HEALTH UPGRADE in the eastern corner without taking damage, shoot the pods surrounding it, wait for the gas cloud to dissipate and then very quickly—before the pods can re-grow—roll in and out of the corner to snag the upgrade. (screenshots)

Jump over the pods in the NW corner to snag a few gems and trigger the appearance of a long-haired ogre. If necessary, you can move back to the open area where you'll have room to maneuver as you fight. If you like, you can squash him with the rolling ball. Pick up the health and/or ammo he drops and return to the NW. Smash the urns near the CHALLENGE TOMB entrance for health and a gem.

NOTE: These are not the "hidden urns" mentioned in the Reward Challenge. We'll get to them soon.

FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: Inside there are 2 large retracting panels on the NW side of the room. When the pressure pad on the floor is depressed, these panels open revealing the wall behind. Position the large ball so it's facing the vertical crack between the 2 retracting panels. Then plant a bomb behind the ball. Stand on the pad to open the wall sections and then detonate the bomb to propel the ball at the wall. Quickly step off the pad to close the panels, trapping the ball between them. Hop up onto the ball, plant a spear in the wall and use it to climb to the ledge above. Take the Eye of Cipactli Relic (Power Bomb). (screenshots)

Move to the left side of the ledge but don't smash the urn yet. Climb on top of it, throw a spear into the wall and use it to reach the red skull (2/10) hovering above. When you have it, hop down and smash the urn to get a gem. Drop down to the floor and return up the stairs to the main area. (screenshots)

WALKWAY TO THE NORTHEAST: Continue up the next flight of stairs to the NE. Hop onto the pod to get the red skull (3/10) floating above it. Then quickly move away as the pod explodes. Or, throw a spear into the wall next to the pod and jump onto it to get the skull (hopefully) without disturbing the pod. (screenshot)

Grapple the golden ring, step off the edge and rappel down the wall. Swing to the left and right to snag the red skull (4/10) and several gems. Then swing to the right and without releasing the cable, drop a bomb on the bull's-eye target. Climb back up the cable onto the ledge. Then detonate the bomb to flip the bull's eye and lower the barrier near the golden ring. (screenshots)

NOTE: The floor below the grapple ring is a little glitchy in the PC game, as you can see from my screenshots. Rather than bending over the edge, the cable tends to get embedded inside the ledge. But as long as you make sure the grapple is anchored before stepping off the edge, you should still be able to do the wall-running and bomb-dropping business. Jumping off the edge and quickly grappling the ring in mid-air also works well.

Continue to the end of the walkway. Just around the corner to the left, you'll find the first hidden urn (1/3) you must smash for the Reward Challenge. The on-screen message about hidden urns is a tiny clue. ;) (screenshot)

Now move to the end of the ledge near the NW wall. Throw 2 or 3 spears into the wall above the deep pit so you can jump across to the next ledge and retrieve the red skull (5/10) in the process. As you're crossing the pit, a shaman appears on the right. Hop down, move around to face him and hit him with a couple of spears. (screenshot)

Grapple the golden ring and rappel down just far enough to get the next red skull (6/10). Then quickly climb back up as the pod on the wall below it bursts. (screenshot)

Continue NE, following the stairs down and around and destroying the dynamite kegs and urns as you go to get gems and a health pack. Before going through the door at the end of the walkway, grab the HIGH POWER ASSAULT RIFLE hovering near the AMMO CACHE. (screenshot) You may want to equip this very nice gun so you're fully prepared for the ambush ahead. Now step through the door.

AMBUSH ROOM WITH SPIKES & ARROW TRAPS: Bars close over the doorway behind you. As you approach the middle of the room an ogre and a bunch of lizards appear, then several regular enemies, followed by a long-haired ogre, some bogmen, a pair of shamans and a couple of skeletons. If possible equip a relic that gives you weapon bonuses and try to avoid taking damage as you spray the room with bullets. If you can raise your relic meter enough to trigger a relic power like power shot and/or scatter shot, you can make short work of most of these enemies. Needless to say, you'll want to avoid the pods and the flying arrows on the far side of the room. Don't forget to finish off the skeletons with bombs, so they won't keep rising up to bother you.

There are various urns here containing 2 health, 2 ammo and some gems. The ogres drop health and/or ammunition as well.

After the big fight, position the large ball next to the spike field on the NW side of the room. Jump up onto the ball and from there, jump over the spikes and quickly move toward the wall to avoid the flying arrows. Grab the red skull (7/10) and simultaneously step on the pressure pad to retract the spikes. Then use bombs to destroy the arrow traps. (The 4 traps here should bring your total to 17/37.) You'll also find more gems and another hidden urn (2/3) in the northern corner of this room. Smash it for the Reward Challenge. (screenshots)

With the arrow traps destroyed, you can safely pull the golden handle on the NE wall to open the exit.

If you're trying for the 8-minute Reward Challenge, skip most of the pickups and use the ball to block the arrows so you can pull the handle without taking damage. Go through the door, which then closes behind you, and head down the stairs.

WALKWAY WITH RETRACTING BARRIERS: Shoot the bull's eye to lower the first and third retracting barriers ahead, while simultaneously raising the second barrier. Climb onto the low, square platform with the gems and jump over the second barrier. Or, if you have trouble with this jump, instead shoot the target to lower the first barrier. Then plant a bomb next to the target. Move into the area between the first and second barriers and shoot the target again to raise the first and third barriers, while lowering the second. Move past the second barrier and then detonate the bomb to raise the second barrier and lower the first and third so you can proceed. (screenshots)

Just beyond the third barrier 4 bogmen attack from behind you. Take care of them. Then climb onto the urns or use a spear to get a little height. Jump over the pod sticking out of the wall to get the red skull (8/10) and quickly move out of the way as the pod bursts. (screenshot)

There are a couple more urns just ahead. Break those as well. Gather up the ammo, health and gems.

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: Inside, hop up onto urn on the right or the AMMO CACHE in the south corner and throw a spear into the NW wall, just to the right of the alcove with the artifact. Plant another spear below the first and use them to reach the red skull (9/10) hovering above. Then smash the urn to get the gem inside.

Equip the grenade launcher. Aim at the wall to the left or right of the bull's-eye target on the other side of the pit. If you have trouble with this, try aiming with the spear first, so you'll see the yellow dot. Without moving or changing your aim, switch to the grenade launcher. Then fire a grenade to bounce it off the wall so it explodes near the target, flipping it and opening the alcove containing the Gold Feather Artifact (+ speed). Replenish your ammunition and return to the main area. (screenshots)

THREE LONG FLIGHTS OF STAIRS: From the CHALLENGE TOMB, head to the SE, jump across the gap in the walkway and start up the stairs to the NE. When you do, a pack of lizards comes down. It can be difficult to shoot enemies above or below you, so either stand on one of the landings and shoot as the lizards approach, or run downstairs, plant a bomb near the gap, jump back across and bomb/shoot the lizards as they approach.

Continue all the way to the top of the stairs, picking up some gems on the way. A long-haired ogre and his bogman sidekick are waiting for you at the top. Deal with them and pick up any health/ammo the ogre may drop.

WALKWAY WITH RETRACTING BARRIERS AND VARIOUS HAZARDS: This area is basically a long, elevated walkway running SW to NE. The large, rectangular holes in the middle are lined with spikes, so you can't drop over the edge without dying, and there are retracting barriers placed at intervals to prevent you from going all the way along either the left or right side.

Smash the urns near the start for health, ammo and gems. Then move forward along the right side. (A raised barrier on the left prevents you from going that way.) Avoid the pods and head over to the left side.

Step on the pressure pad to lower the retracting barrier just ahead. (It also raises the barrier behind you on the right.) As soon as you pass the barrier near the pad, a giant swamp ogre appears behind you, and several skeletons and bogmen spawn up ahead. If you want to, you can run forward (N) and lure the ogre onto the retracted spike field. Then quickly run/roll onto the large pressure pad on the right (E) to extend the spikes. You may be able to kill the ogre and some of his buddies this way. (screenshots) However, you don't get points for enemies killed by spikes, and approaching the pad causes more bogmen to spawn. So it might be easier to just retreat the way you came and shoot the enemies as they approach. Don't forget to blow up the skeletons' bones so they stay dead.

When the coast is clear—or if you need supplies during the fight—smash the urns near the big pressure pad and along the left wall for 2 health packs, 3 ammo and some gems. Also pick up any health/ammo the ogre may drop.

Advance along the left (NW) side of the hallway, stopping just before the flying arrows. Shoot the TNT barrels on the other side of the gap to destroy the nearby arrow traps. These 3 traps should bring your total to 20/37. (screenshot)

With the arrows no longer flying, you can safely pull the golden handle on the left wall to lower the next barrier on the opposite side of the room. The handle starts to retract so quickly run/roll around to the south then NE to get past the barrier before it rises again. Now you should be in the area on the right where the arrow traps were. Step on the square pressure pad to lower the barrier just ahead. Break the urns to get more ammo and continue forward (NE).

Another swamp ogre appears just ahead, and a regular ogre approaches from behind. Watch out for the pods as you fight them, but don't run all the way across to the left side of the room yet, or you'll run into multiple arrow traps and more enemies. Try to destroy both of the ogres while staying near the right wall or in the middle between the right and left sides of the walkway. Then retrieve the health near the barrier ahead on the right, plus any health and ammo the ogres leave behind.

When you cross the walkway to the left side of the room, you'll step on a large pressure pad which activates the arrow traps near it. A pair of skeletons also spawns nearby. Either stay close to the wall beyond the pad or run back to the other side of the room to avoid the arrows coming from the NE. (Once you step off the pad, the arrows moving from left to right stop.) Deal with the skeletons and then carefully make your way along the wall past the flying arrows to the NE. Blow up the row of arrow traps here. (These 9 traps make 29/37 in all.) Now you can move safely along the left side of the room. (screenshots)

Shoot the bull's-eye target on the other side of the gap to lower the barrier just south of the target and raise the next barrier just north of it.

Return to the large pressure pad and blow up the remaining arrow traps. (These 8 should bring your total to 37/37.) If you've destroyed the others in the level as well, you'll receive a HEALTH POWERUP for completing the Reward Challenge.

Now move into the area with the bull's eye target and shoot it once more to lower the barrier ahead so you can continue NE.

When you move past the next cluster of pods, a giant swamp ogre appears on the far side of the walkway, along with a few other enemies, including a regular ogre just ahead to the NE and a couple of skeletons to the SW. As usual, the ogres drop health and/or ammunition. There are some gems on the floor on both the right and left sides of the room, and the various urns in this area contain more gems, 3 boxes of ammo, and 2 health packs.

Step on the pressure pad at north end of the right side of the room, just before the spike field, to lower the corresponding spike field on the left side of the room. Go around the hole in the floor, past the retracted spikes, and continue NE.

In the next short cut scene, Xolotl taunts Lara once more and then disappears through the doorway ahead. Smash the urns just to the left for more health and ammo. Then head down the stairs, jump across the gap in the walkway and continue forward toward the doorway where Xolotl went. This door is barred, so you'll need to find another way in.

BROKEN STAIRS AND GIANT BALL: Start up the stairs to the left (NW). Unless you're going for the Score Challenge and need every point, don't worry too much about fighting enemies—skeletons and bogmen mostly—or picking up gems. Just go as fast as you can to the top. Avoid or jump over the gaps in the stairs and watch out for poison pods and rolling balls. (screenshots)

There's an ogre at the top of the stairs but, again, you only need to kill him if you're after the points. Otherwise, step on the pressure pad to release the giant ball balanced above. When it falls, it will squash the ogre. But before that happens, you need to run as fast as you can back down the stairs. Avoid enemies, pods and holes in the floor. At the bottom, veer onto the broken walkway to the SW to get out of the way as the giant ball crashes through the wall on the right.

If you've managed to break down the wall within 8 minutes, you'll beat the Reward Challenge and receive the Golden Eye of Cipactli Relic (Power Bomb and Power Speed).

The boulder should have taken care of all enemies except the skeletons, since they reanimate even after squashing. You'll need to shoot them and then explode their remains with bombs. Then climb back to the top of the stairs, gathering gems as you go and picking up the health/ammo left by the ogre. At the top, climb up onto the giant hand that held the ball to find an AMMO UPGRADE.

Return to the bottom of the stairs, through the hole in the wall where the ball smashed through and into the room behind the gate. Climb on the low platform for a gem. Smash the urn in the northern corner to find another gem and the final red skull (10/10). (screenshot) If you've collected all the others, you'll get the War Drum Artifact now (+ weapon, + bomb).

The last hidden urn (3/3) is standing against the wall beside the gate. It's difficult to see, but if you stand in the middle of the room and shoot toward the left of the gate, you should hit it. If you've found and smashed the other urns as well, you get an AMMO POWERUP. (screenshot)

Go through the doorway to the NE to finish the level.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 8/29/10 - First draft walkthrough posted.
8/31/10 - Added Golden Eye relic powers, thanks to info from OB One T Raider. Also changed "zombies" to "skeletons," since apparently that's what these are.
10/20/10 - Added screenshots and made a few left/right corrections, plus several other minor changes.
10/30/10 - Added tips for the buggy grapple sequence near red skull #4.
11/7/12 - Made a few minor tweaks for clarity during the writing of the co-op walkthrough.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Toby for the tip on obtaining the 9th red skull in the Challenge Tomb and to Andrej for his tip on overcoming the glitchy grapple near red skull #4.

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