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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


Updated: 1/4/07()

DEEP CHASM WITH BROKEN PILLARS: The level starts with another cinematic and a CHECKPOINT. Grab the ledge on the back wall and traverse to the left. When you come to the weak section of wall, jump to the left and grab the next section of ledge before the one Lara is on drops away. Continue to the left and climb on top of the big square pillar.

Slide down the other side and jump forward (B + Pad Left) at the end to grab the next pillar. Climb up and take a running jump to the next pillar, then the pillar. Stand close to the back wall and take a running jump to grab the narrow ledge to the left. Traverse to the left, jump the gap and continue to the left. Jump from the ledge to the next pillar and climb up.

Jump onto the unstable sloping ledge ahead. Quickly run up it and jump off the end to grab the horizontal bar before the sloping ledge collapses. Swing around and jump to grab the next pillar. Climb on top of it.

A cut scene shows the path to the right, but first drop down on the left side of the pillar to get a bronze reward. Climb back up and get ready for a tricky series of jumps: First take a running jump off the right edge of the pillar, grapple-swing to the right and grab onto the first long icicle. Before the icicle breaks off, jump to grab the next icicle, then the next. Quickly climb up a bit before jumping to grab the narrow ice shelf to the right. If you don't climb up a little, Lara will probably miss the grab, but if you take too long, the icicle will break.

Climb to the right and upward, along several ice shelves, until you can climb up near a silver reward. Swipe the snow away with the stylus to get it. Hang from the ledge and traverse to the right to the next CHECKPOINT.

DESCENDING TO THE CRASH SITE: Go to the right. Shoot the ice wall blocking the tunnel entrance. Go through, jump the gap, slide and jump forward to clear the next gap. Slide and jump again to land on another stone pillar. Jump to the next pillar and quickly move to the center before the left ledge collapses.

Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar jutting out of the wreckage. Swing around, jump off and then grapple-swing into the tunnel ahead. Go through, take a running jump to grab the broken wing and drop down to the ground. Continue to the right, drop down and kill the leopard lurking there.

Stand just inside the wrecked fuselage of the plane. Don't go too far in or the wreckage will tumble over the edge of the cliff. Face left and hook the chunk of wreckage with the grapple. Pull it into the open end of the fuselage to weigh it down so it doesn't tip and fall. Inch your way to the right until you see a sparkling thing on the rear wall of the plane interior. This is the Ghalali Key. Press Y to grab it and then quickly run and jump to the left to get out of the plane before it falls into the chasm.

THROUGH THE ICE CAVES: After the movie and CHECKPOINT, run to the right, slide down the snowy slope and jump to the next ledge. Then run to the right again, slide down the small slope at the edge of the ledge just a little before jumping to grab the horizontal bar ahead. Swing around and jump to grab the narrow ice ledge.

Traverse to the right and jump to grab the next ice ledge. Continue climbing to the right and upward until you reach a horizontal bar. Swing around, jump off to the right and grab the icicle. Jump to the next icicle, then to the precariously balanced pedestal. Wait just a second or two for it to begin to tip to the right and then jump to the right to grab the next ledge before the pedestal collapses. (The timing here is a little tricky, but must wait that extra moment; otherwise Lara won't be able to jump far enough to make the grab.)

Traverse to the right along the ledges to a spot where you can pull up. Grab the narrow ledge on the back wall. Climb around to the right. Jump to grab the next ledge. Climb around the next corner, drop to grab a lower handhold, continue to the right and jump to grab the vertical pole. Climb to the top and jump to the right, falling quite a ways before grabbing a narrow crevice. Continue climbing to the right and upward to a snowy ledge where you can climb up. Just beyond that is another CHECKPOINT.

CONFRONTATION WITH RUTLAND'S MEN: Follow the path to the right. In the open area head there are 4 mercenaries on the ground and another enemy on one of the high ledges. Kill them and take whatever useful items they drop—SMG, shotgun, grenades and/or health.

Go past the man-made structure to the right and get the silver reward near the icy pool. Return to the left and climb up onto the lowest of the snowy ledges. Jump across the ledges and then grapple-swing to the top of the man-made structure. Shoot the mercenary waiting there and cross the pool using the angled cable. Slide down the hill to the next CHECKPOINT.

DARK CAVERNS WITH ICY STREAM: Follow the tunnel to a pool. Try to avoid the icy water by hopping across on the floating chunks of ice. When you see the 'A' icon, shoot the chunk of ice on the ceiling so it falls into the water. Then hop onto it and continue to the right. Get the bronze reward at the far right before entering the dark tunnel.

The next tunnel is similar except the ice chunks are floating along downstream and you need to hop from chunk to chunk in order to make your way upstream. It's a little more challenging when the ice is moving, but if Lara falls into the cold water, just climb out as quickly as you can and continue to the right. Get another bronze reward at the right end of the passage before heading up the stairs.

INSIDE THE MONASTERY: As you enter, a cut scene shows the way, but first pick up the bronze reward just ahead and then go to the back of the room, shoot the leopard and follow the back wall to the right for a silver reward.

Return to the entrance and face out over the area to the right. Grapple-swing across the deep pit using the dangling bells above: First, take a running jump off the edge and press X to grapple. Swing to the right, jump and grapple again. Lengthen the grapple cable if necessary as you go by pressing Control Pad Down as Lara is dangling. At the last bell, swing over to the area with the altar.

Shoot the leopard lurking off to the left and pick up another bronze reward in the back left corner.

BALANCE & BLOCKS PUZZLE: In front of the door to the temple, there are 2 movable blocks and a balance-type scale. Pull or push the block on the right a little bit to the left, so it just touches the gray line on the floor below the edge of the scale platform. Go around to the block on the left and push it to the right as far as it will go (i.e., all the way to the right side of the left scale platform, so it's touching the edge of the altar). Go to the front of the altar and climb up onto it. Step on the right side of the scale to lower it and raise the left side. Pull the right block onto the scale and then step off. The block should now hold the right side of the scale down and the left side up. Climb back onto the altar. (Don't step on the left side of the because Lara's weight will push it down). Pull the left block off the scale onto the pressure pad. This opens the door below.

EXCALIBUR: Enter the room below the altar. After the movie, in which Lara uses the Ghalali Key to reassemble Excalibur, there's a CHECKPOINT. Pick up the silver reward in the corner. Then follow the hall to the left.

Equip Excalibur and, when you see the red targeting reticle on the door, attack with Excalibur to blast the door open.

Outside, take a running jump to the nearest platform, then another running jump to the next one. Quickly move to the left so Lara is standing on the part of the platform with the column supporting it before the rest of the platform collapses. Turn toward the back wall, run along the platform and jump the gap. Turn left, run and jump to the solid ledge on the left side of the room. Go to the back of the room to find a gold reward. Return across the ledges and platforms the way you came to the platform with the pillar supporting it. Jump across to the exit, which is on the far left.

After another cinematic, the level finishes.

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