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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


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PROFESSOR WORTH'S KING ARTHUR MUSEUM: After the intro movie comes a CHECKPOINT. Use the grapple to pull down the grate high on the left wall. Slide the movable box beneath the opening and climb up. Get the bronze reward. Use the grapple to pull out another grate at floor level on the left. Roll through the low opening into the alley below.

Go to the left and grab the top of the window nearest the fence. Jump straight up to grab the narrow ledge above. Traverse to the left, then drop down behind the fence.

Use the switch to turn on the power. Climb the drainpipe and jump to grab the ledge to the right. Traverse to the right then jump to grab the top of the window. Jump across from window to window above the electrified puddle. On the other side, go through the door back into the abandoned museum.

Go through to the inner room and pull the lever near the ticket window to open the door. Enter and cross the next CHECKPOINT.

Drop into the pit ahead to get a silver reward. Climb out on the right side. Stand on the angled planks between the entrance and the pit. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar on the back wall. Swing around and jump to grab the next horizontal bar. Lara's weight pulls it down a bit. When it reaches its lowest point, swing around and jump to the next bar. Swing around, jump and grab the top of the wall ahead. This is actually a drawbridge, which starts to descend. Quickly jump off to the right to re-grab the nearest horizontal bar. Then, before the drawbridge raises up again, turn, swing around and jump onto it.

In the next room, press A to shoot the wooden ledge so it moves into a horizontal position. Jump across it to the opposite side of the pit. Use the switch to open a panel near the door. Step back and grapple the pulley that was hidden behind the panel. Pull it to raise the door, release the grapple and run through to the next CHECKPOINT.

WAREHOUSE WITH FORKLIFT: To get on the forklift, press Y. Use Pad Left/Right to drive, Pad Up/Down to raise and lower the fork, and X to get off. From the starting point, drive to the right and crash through the wall. Drive on past the spears. When you reach the portcullis, lower the fork, drive into the portcullis and then raise the fork to lift the portcullis. Drive on through. Pick up speed and drive through the wall at the end of the passage. When you see the 'B' icon on screen, quickly press that button to save Lara from a long fall.

TALL ROOM WITH BROKEN STAIRS: Follow the wall around the corner and down the steps. Stand near the wall and jump to the right to grab the ledge. Traverse to the right, jump to grab the next ledge, continue climbing to the corner and then drop onto the corner ledge. Go down the stairs, jumping the gap in the floor. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around and jump to the next corner ledge. Be careful not to run off the other side.

Stand near the wall and then take a running jump to the right to grab the next ledge. Climb to the right and drop onto the next corner ledge. Take a running jump to grab the dangling rope. Swing and jump to the next corner ledge. Go down the stairs and jump across the gap. Beyond the next corner, stand near the wall and take a running jump to grab the ledge ahead. Traverse to the right and jump to grab the crevice in the corner. Drop down to the floor. Go up the short flight of steps to the next CHECKPOINT.

CORRIDORS WITH FLAMES & BLADES: Take a running jump across the pool of flaming oil. Follow the hall to an area with flaming coals. Stand a few steps back from the first set of flames. When the flames die down, take a running jump onto the box. Stand on the left side of the box so Lara will have a little room to run. When the flames beyond the box die down, run off the box and then jump to clear the next set of flames, which never go off. Quickly run onto the safe floor ahead. Repeat the process for the next fire trap.

The next several rooms contain spinning blades and movable crates. Approach the first crate and push it under the blades to stop them from spinning. Let go of the crate, leaving it blocking the blades, and go past it into the room to get a silver reward. Return to the hallway, continue to the next room and again push the crate under the blades to stop them. Go into the room for a bronze reward.

Return to the hallway and continue to a third crate. Push it under the spinning blades ahead. Go under the blades and then carefully pull the crate out on the other side. Be careful not to step back onto the burning coals. Let go of the crate and move around to the left side of it. This time, be careful not to step into the moving blades. Push the crate onto the coals. Climb on top of it and use the grapple to pull the next crate toward Lara. Stand at the back (left side) of the crate and take a running jump onto the next crate. Repeat the process several times, grappling and pulling each crate toward Lara then jumping onto it, until you clear this section of coals. Run on to the next CHECKPOINT.

POOL AND PRESSURE PAD-TRIGGERED GATE: Follow the hall to a pool. Notice the pressure pad on the floor. This opens the gate to the left but you'll need something to hold it open. Continue to the right.

Hop into the pool and swim down to get a bronze reward near the middle of the pool behind some rubble. Surface, swim to the right and climb out of the water. Jump up to grab the small, light-colored ledge on the back wall. Make your way to the left, grabbing onto various niches and ledges. When you reach the sloping stone arch, pull up.

Face left and use the grapple to pull down the coffin from the ledge ahead. The coffin floats over to the right. Drop down and follow it. Jump on top of the coffin and use the grapple to hook the metal sconce to the left. Use the Control Pad to pull the coffin, with Lara on top, back to the left side of the pool. Repeat the grapple-and-pull move to get the coffin out of the room and onto the pressure pad you saw before. The weight of the coffin holds the gate open. Head to the left and go through it. Continue downstairs to a CHECKPOINT.

FLOODED PASSAGEWAYS: Swim to the right. Climb out on the stairs and pull the lever in the alcove to open the nearby gate, releasing another coffin. Follow it to the left. Climb on top and jump to the ledge behind it. Use both levers to open the gate to the left and another gate underwater to the right. Swim down through the gate on the right to get a gold reward.

Swim to the left, climb back on top of the coffin and use the grapple to pull it to the right, toward the doorway with the bars below. Jump into the doorway and go through to another flooded room. Swim to the right and use the underwater lever to open the gate behind the lever, letting the coffin into this area.

Climb onto the coffin and use the grapple to pull it to the left. Jump into the alcove and use the lever to open a gate off to the right. Jump back onto the coffin, ride it to the right and jump into the opening above the water. The next CHECKPOINT is just beyond this gate.

SUBTERRANEAN LAKE & TOMB ENTRANCE: Follow the stream to a huge underground lake. Swim to the right and climb out on a broken bridge near the bells and levers. You can't do anything with these yet, so continue to the right. Jump across the chasm and approach the tomb.

Go to the right side of the tomb for a silver reward. Then stand in front of the door to the tomb, which doesn't open. There's a grapple point above, which you can't really see, but if you position Lara correctly and jump straight up, you'll see the 'X' icon. Press X to grapple and then swing to the ledge on the right.

If this doesn't work, you can take the long route: Go to the far left side of the building, climb the ledges and jump onto the slope where the roof has collapsed. Slide down, run across the broken pillar and jump to grab the horizontal bar to the right. Swing around, jump and then quickly extend the grapple to swing across to the ledge on the right. (If necessary, extend the cable a bit while Lara is hanging by pressing Pad Down.)

Once Lara is on the ledge to the right of the door, take a running jump toward the back of the screen to land on the ledge alongside the building. Go up that ledge and jump up to grab the sill of the arched window. Traverse to the right, jump to the next ledge, then to the vertical chain. Climb to the top of the chain and jump onto the roof.

Cross over the roof and hop down into the dark area to the left to find a bronze reward. Use the stylus on the touch pad to swish off the dust. Then slide down the broken roof to the front of the tomb. Repeat the grapple-swing maneuver to get back on top of the roof. This time drop down through the belfry opening in the center.

INSIDE ARTHUR'S TOMB: Find the yellowish stone pillar near the middle of the room toward the back. There's a dark-colored chunk of stone just to the right of the pillar. Pull the stone in front of the pillar and use it for a boost to climb onto the pillar. Jump onto the dangling counterweight to the right. Lara's weight pulls it down, raising the bell. Drop to the floor and position Lara to the right of the chandelier—a little bit to the right of the cross carved on the floor. Grapple the chandelier, pull it toward Lara and then release it. The chandelier should swing back to the left and strike the bell. A movie shows the reverberations from the bell shattering the king's crypt and allowing Lara to retrieve another piece of the sword. After the movie comes a CHECKPOINT.

BATTLING THE SERPENT: You can now exit to the left. Head back toward the lake. Jump across the chasm between the tomb and the broken bridge. The ringing bell also apparently woke the blind serpent living in the lake. It is now swimming in the waters beyond the bridge. You can't defeat it with weaponry, so you'll have to use wiles instead. Run from side to side along the bridge to avoid its acid spit while you do the following:

First take note of the 3 bells and 3 levers. When the serpent is positioned to the left of one of the bells, run to that bell, draw pistols and when you see the red reticle on the bell, start shooting at it. After several shots, you'll notice gray, concentric circles emanating from the bell. This means the bell is vibrating strongly and the serpent will soon be attracted to the sound. Don't wait for the serpent to turn, stop shooting and move in front of the nearest lever as soon as you see those gray circles. Pull the lever and, if your timing is right, you'll drop a heavy metal cage on the serpent's head just as it turns to look at the bell. When that happens, the serpent destroys the bell and also loses part of its health. Repeat the process for the remaining bells. When you drop the third cage, the serpent will be defeated and the cave will collapse, revealing the way out. Walk across the serpent's body to reach the exit and a CHECKPOINT.

SERPENT PART TWO: Follow the passage. Grapple-swing across the pit. At the next gap, take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around and jump to the slope ahead. Slide down and when you see the 'B' icon on-screen, quickly press that button to avoid the serpent that rises out of the crevice ahead. Just beyond the serpent is another CHECKPOINT.

BACK TOWARD THE START: Drop down and head back to the left. The flames are off now, but there are mercenaries stationed in the hallway—2 soldiers near the crates and coals, another near the spinning blades and 2 more near the first flame trap. Take them out and pick up any items they drop. Continue back toward the start, jump across the pool of flaming oil and kill another mercenary.

Get on the elevator, press the switch and ride to the top of the room. Take a running jump to the ledge on the left. Continue back toward the left. Confront 2 more mercenaries in the room where you found the forklift earlier. When you kill them, a movie kicks in and the level is over.

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