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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


Updated: 1/13/07()

MILITARY COMPOUND: After the cinematic and the first CHECKPOINT, take a running jump off the ledge and press Y as soon as the icon appears on screen in order to deploy Lara's parachute. Float to the ground.

Climb the crates to the roof of the building where the angled cable is anchored. You can then use the machinegun to shoot the 2 soldiers below (press Y to activate, A to fire and X to disengage). Or just run out into the open area and meet them head on. They drop SMGs. (You may trigger a CHECKPOINT near the machine gun. This happened once for me but not every time.)

Climb from the section of roof where the gun is to the higher section behind it. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal bar sticking out of the flagpole. This jump is tricky; you have to take off right at the edge of the roof to make the grab. Swing around and jump to the next roof. Grab the bronze reward and drop to the ground.

Enter the building on the right, kill the soldier inside and pick up various items (shotgun shells, etc.) and a silver reward. Climb the ladder to the roof. Jump over the open skylight, then to the tower on the right. Here you'll find a health pack and another CHECKPOINT.

Slide down the ramp and jump to the ground. There's one enemy out in the open. Take him out then enter the infirmary to the left. Kill the 2 soldiers inside and pick up the health packs if you need them. Use the button on the left wall (Y) to open a gate outside. Exit the infirmary and head to the right through the gate you just opened. Beyond the gate is another CHECKPOINT.

COMMAND CENTER & CABLE SLIDING: Run up the hill, taking out a lone soldier on the way. Enter the command center. After the cinematic, pick up the bronze reward behind the console. Then climb the ladder. Cross the roof, stand on top of the stacked crates and jump to grab the ladder on the side of the tower. Climb to the top and slide down the cable to the next tower and another health pack and CHECKPOINT.

Slide down the next cable toward the right. There may or may not be another CHECKPOINT near the machinegun. (Perhaps it only registers now if it didn't at the start of the level.) Again there are 2 soldiers below. You can use the big gun to kill them or drop down and get in close. Follow the train tracks to the left. Then run after the moving train on foot.

MOTORCYCLE CHASE: A new area loads (with a CHECKPOINT) and Lara is on a motorcycle. The controls are the same as in Peru. You don't have to stay on the road, but try to avoid obstacles as you follow along beside the train. Drive over health packs and shoot at enemies whenever possible.

When the train goes into a tunnel, bear right but stay to the left side of the narrow path so Lara doesn't drive off the edge. A little further on, you come to a narrow wooden bridge. After crossing it, drive on, keeping to the left away from the drop-off.

Soon the terrain opens up a bit and a few jeeps carrying gunmen appear out of nowhere. Shoot them when you can and try not to let them hit Lara or force her into obstacles, even if it means you have to slow down a bit.

When the train enters another tunnel, again bear right but stay to the left side of the path. A bit farther on, the road widens and you come to a narrow snowy slope. Stay toward the right to drive up the slope. Accelerate to jump the chasm at the end of the slope.

Continue, following the curving path and using the wooden ramps to jump over the train. After two such jumps, the path curves around to the left. Drive up the narrow path alongside the moving train and then jump the bike off the end of the path onto the train. Steer with the Control Pad to make Lara land on the flatcars with the motorcycle pointing straight forward as much as possible. When you land the jump successfully, a movie plays, showing Lara's dramatic entrance at the train yard.

ENTERING THE SECRET LAB: After the CHECKPOINT, face right and stand a few steps from the edge of the platform. Use the magnetic grapple to pull the crane arm toward Lara. Release the grapple and take a running jump to grab the dangling rope before the crane swings back to the left. Swing on the rope and jump to the next platform.

Move to the back wall and jump up to grab the top edge of the sign. Traverse to the right, jump to grab the horizontal bar, then the next. Swing around and jump to the next sign. Then drop onto the platform below and get the bronze reward.

Move to the edge of the platform. A cut scene shows the path ahead. Stand just forward of where the ledge juts out a bit to the right. Use the grapple to pull the crane arm toward Lara then jump to grab the dangling rope. Wait for the crane to move back to the right and then swing over the burning wreck. Climb onto the crate, stand at the right edge and jump straight up to grab the metal platform; pull up. Take a running jump to grab the sill below the big fan to the right. Pull up near a CHECKPOINT.

VENTILATION DUCTS: Follow the duct. Slide down the slope. Take a running jump over the electrified wires. Pick up the silver reward and then roll under the second bunch of live wires. Follow the duct around the corner, slide down the slope and jump to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around, jump and then grapple-swing to the opening on the right. If Lara falls, climb up on the left and try again.

Slide down the slope and jump forward (B + Pad Right) to clear the live wires. Follow the duct, get the health pack and continue, following the ducts and avoiding the live wires as you have so far. At the bottom of the second slope, you can either slide into the pit and climb back up on the left, or jump at the end of the slope to grab the horizontal bar. Swing around the bar, jump and then grapple-swing to the other opening. Slide down the final slope to the next room and CHECKPOINT.

GENERATOR ROOM: Climb onto the ledge on the left side of the generator. Jump over to the bronze reward. Then jump to grab the dangling rope. Lara's weight pulls down a pipe which fuels the generator. Stand to the left of the generator switch and use the grapple to pull it toward Lara. The power comes on and you can leave through the door on the right.

HALLWAY WITH TOXIC GAS: After the CHECKPOINT climb the ledges on the wall and make your way to the right along the ledges and bars above the poisonous gas. Where you have to jump from a ledge to grab a horizontal pole, it's easy to overshoot the bar if you take a running jump. So it may help to hang from the edge of the ledge and then jump to the pole instead. Where the ledges are folded up against the wall, traverse along the tops of them. When you reach the next room, a movie plays, in which Lara meets Amanda, who's still very much alive.

LARGE ROOM WITH TESLA GUN AND TOWER: The Tesla gun doesn't work yet. You'll need to turn on the power first. Go to the right and run down the broken walkway to the lower level. Approach the Tesla tower and stand below the left side. When the electrical charge moves to the top, climb the vertical pole. Jump to the vertical pole on the right and then to the ledge beyond. Go forward and follow the track on the floor through a door into another hallway.

SECOND HALLWAY WITH TOXIC GAS: When you come to the toxic gas vents, climb onto the ledge. First climb over to the left to get a gold reward. Then make your way to the right above the gas.

ROOM WITH TRACK AND ELECTRIC CAGE: Climb onto the metal box on the left. Climb and swing across the ledges and bars to the bronze reward and from there to the control room high on the right. (If Lara falls after getting the bronze, you can just climb up into the control room at the far right.)

Up in the control room, use the green switch (Y) to turn on the power, electrifying the small cart below. Climb down on the right and then move to the left side of the cart. Don't touch it. Instead use the magnetic grapple to pull it to the left. Once it gets going, follow it back to the previous room.

SECOND HALLWAY WITH TOXIC GAS (again): Use the ledges and bars to get past the toxic gas. It won't harm the cart, but it will still kill Lara. (You can also get the gold reward on the ledge at the left end of the hallway if you didn't do so before.)

LARGE ROOM WITH TESLA GUN AND TOWER (again): Go through the door at the top of the screen. Get the health pack and bronze reward. Then go through the door to return to the room with the Tesla gun.

Go to the right and run down the broken walkway to the lower level, where you can now find a gold reward that wasn't there before. Blow into the mic or tap the stylus on the touch screen to reveal the reward.

Climb back up to the Tesla gun and press Y to use it. Target the dangling platform and tap the A button to nudge it along to the right. Disengage from the gun (X) and then jump across the platform you just moved to reach the exit and another CHECKPOINT.

THIRD HALLWAY WITH TOXIC GAS: Climb onto the small platform to avoid the poisonous gas ahead. Step onto the larger platform to the right. Attach the magnetic grapple to a projection on the wall ahead and pull with the Control Pad to slide the platform on which Lara is standing to the right. Repeat to slide farther to the right. When the 'A' icon appears press that button to shoot the pipe blocking the way. Repeat the process: grapple and pull, shoot the pipe, then grapple and pull again. Hop across the small platforms until you've cleared the toxic gas. Then drop down and get a silver reward before entering the next room.

LARA VS. THE CREATURE: After the movie comes another CHECKPOINT. The monster summoned by Amanda cannot be defeated using normal weapons. So just try and avoid it as you use the 3 switches along the back wall to turn on the power. When the current is on, you'll see electricity arcing between the electrodes at the top of the screen.

Once all the switches have been turned on, run to the Tesla gun in the middle of the room and get on (Y). Target each of the 3 electrodes outlined with red reticles and shoot each one (A) until you can't do so any more. You can also shoot the monster with the Tesla gun to make it disappear for a few moments at a time, making it a little easier to deal with the electrodes. When you've shot all 3 electrodes, completing the electrical circuit, the force field above disappears. Disengage from the gun (using Y this time), step to the right a bit and use the magnetic to grab Amanda's sword fragment, which is hanging just above the gun (X to extend the cable and Pad Right to pull). When you get it, the level ends and a movie sequence cuts in.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/4/07 - Walkthrough first posted.
1/13/07 - Added the technique of blowing into the microphone to dust off certain rewards, thanks to my son, Max.

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