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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


Updated: 1/4/07()

After an introductory movie, in which Lara returns to Bolivia, a CHECKPOINT registers and you confront 11 of Amanda's hired soldiers. Excalibur makes quick work of them, but you can also use any weapon at this point, since you'll only need Excalibur for the final battle ahead. There's also a machinegun at the left side of the platform, in case you want to use it.

The mercenaries drop various random items, sometimes weapons or ammo, sometimes grenades, sometimes health packs. You won't need any more ammo, but you may want to collect extra health packs for the boss fight by picking up as many as you can before killing the last mercenary then running off the edge of the platform to start the section over. When you have 3 health packs in your inventory, you can then kill the last man and move on to the next phase.

Another cinematic shows Amanda melding with the entity. A CHECKPOINT follows the movie. Then you must defeat the Amanda-Creature.

Equip Excalibur if you didn't do so already. Move from left to right along the platform, dodging the monster's attacks, which take the form of fireballs and green energy bolts like the ones Lara fires from Excalibur. Also take care not to fall off the edge. When you get the opportunity, turn to face the monster so the red reticle is visible. Blast it once with Excalibur and immediately move out of the way to avoid its counterattack. It may take a little while but eventually you'll do enough damage to knock it down. It may collapse on the platform or disappear over the edge. The first two times you do this, it won't actually die but rise up again fully healed. Repeat the process, attacking when you get a chance and avoiding being hit as much as possible.

The third time, your attacks can actually kill it. If you have enough health to withstand a bit of damage, turn to face the creature and just blast away repeatedly with Excalibur, using health packs when you need them. The creature should die fairly quickly this way. If you're low on health, continue to dodge, getting in your own attacks when you can.

Once you defeat the creature, there's a final movie sequence and the game is over.

EXTRAS: After beating the game, you can use the rewards you've collected to purchase goodies from the Extras menu, including concept art, character models, mini-games, and cheat codes. You can also trade these items with friends using the DS's wireless communication feature.

CROFT MANOR: If you haven't already explored Lara's home, you can pick up a few extra rewards there. Access it from the level menu.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/4/07 - Walkthrough first posted.

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