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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


Updated: 11/9/08()

Croft Manor is an optional level which you can explore to pick up a few extra bronze rewards. If you first explore this level at the start of the game, the four doors off the main hall-two downstairs and two upstairs-will not open yet. You can open them one at a time as you complete each of the first four levels of the main game. However, there are a couple of rewards that only appear later on in the game, so you might want to save Croft Manor for last.

I have not written a complete walkthrough, but here are notes on the locations of all the rewards I found. If you have found anything I missed, please let me know.

Main Hall - There's a bronze reward in the office to the left.

Swimming pool (left door on lower level) - You can pull the 2 fish statues away from the wall enabling you to climb and swing across to the balcony on the far right. Move the 2 statues holding spears to open a secret panel, where you'll find a bronze reward late in the game. (It's not there at first.) Follow the balcony to the right and drop down to access the other side of the room. Move the fish statue here to reveal a bronze reward. (I think this one also appears later in the game.)

Exercise room (right door on lower level) - I only found one bronze reward here-on a high ledge at the far right side of the room.

Library (right door on upper level) - If you move the 2 chairs onto the white rugs or tiles next to them, a door opens to the right. Behind it you'll find a bronze reward. There's another bronze reward behind a secret panel in the room upstairs and down the hall. (Press Y to use the switch that opens the panel.)

Bedroom (left door on upper level) - One bronze reward in an alcove on the right. Pistols behind the round carving, which you can open using the 2 switches flanking it. Another bronze reward to the left of Lara's bed. You have to dust this one off by swiping the stylus across the touch pad. I guess Winston the butler is getting a little nearsighted in his old age. ;)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/4/07 - Notes for this level first posted.
11/9/08 - Added another bronze reward that I'd missed, the one found by moving the chairs in the library, thanks to tips from Manuel and Lisa.

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