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Below are questions that I have received from fans regarding my stories. If you have a question that you do not already see on this page, fill out the Ask Katie form here.


Could you make a story about the new Tomb Raider 2013? I'm sure you get a lot of these, but I enjoyed the game so much.

I appreciate the request! Unfortunately I don't have any plans to carry on Tomb Raider stories by Crystal Dynamics. Any future stories will follow classic Lara's storyline.

What would you do if Crystal Dynamics asked to use one of your stories as a game, which one would you let them use? Would you say yes? Would there be any special requirements into making it? "I know this would most likely never happen, Just thought it was an interesting question." Can't wait to hear the answer...

That's a great question! I remember when Core Design was still around I was told my stories were read by most of the team and that was just the best feeling in the world. If Crystal Dynamics wanted to use one, I think I'd choose A Room in Waiting or Perilous Paradise. As far as special requirements, I would want them to stay as close to my story as possible. My goal has always been to remain true to the games, and for me, this would be the most important aspect. Would I say yes? Absolutely, but I would expect a paycheque! Thanks for your question.

Are you going to write any more books soon? I love your stories btw.

Thanks for reading them! Really glad to hear you like my stories. At this time I have decided to put all Tomb Raider writing on hold, but if that changes, I do have a story planned.

KATIE I love your stories a lot but have not read them all right now. I was wondering if you are ever going to write any Tomb Raider stories in 1st person that would be awesome.

I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying them! Thanks so much for reading them. That's a great question - as of right now I prefer writing in third person (to mimic the games) but I do have a story in my brain (non-Tomb Raider related) that would be written in the first person.

Do you plan on writing more?

Absolutely! I have one in the works but I'm taking a bit of a break right now to focus on other projects and other real-life things as well. I've got an excellent start on this story, and when I'm ready to continue, I will. Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list if you'd like to receive news/updates, and of course, my Twitter.

Hello Katie! I'm a British 16 year old. I first came across you in the Documentary included within Tomb Raider: Anniversary, I was compelled to research you online. (Didn't take me long to find you!) and I was then inspired to write stories of my own. I downloaded your guide and it was extremely helpful! My question was (it may sound idiotic) are your stories based around factual history then tweaked to be fictional? I that does make sense. Thank you! Keep up the great work!

Thanks for your question! I'm glad my guide book has been useful. You're absolutely right - I mix fact with fiction in my stories constantly. Take my latest one, A Room in Waiting for example. The place is real, the temples are real, but all the "goodies" in-between are fictional. The Tomb Raider games follow the same "formula" and I think it works really well. Best of luck with your stories!

Dear Katie,
Do you plan on writing another story featuring the character Zip sometime in the future?
Submitted by Beautay

I don't tend to plan ahead for stories very often...right now I'm only focused on the story I have in the works. It is possible he could be in a future story but I haven't planned anything just yet!

Hello, Katie. This is Mike. You write stories, right? So, you were ever in such situations as Lara in your stories? Your soul is in those events?

Great question! I've never been in any of the same circumstances as Lara in my stories, or had any of the events happen to's purely fiction. I draw inspiration from the classic games and find it incredibly fun to create new adventures for her!

What was your most interesting story to write? From Jeffery higgons

Tough question! I loved writing all of my stories. I think A Room in Waiting involved the most research, though. I love researching and learning as much as I can about the spot I'm writing about and have lots of fun mixing in a fictional storyline around it. The temples in that story are a great example of fact/fiction.

Do you ever plan to release podcasts of your stories?

I hadn't ever thought of this actually! I'll have to think about it...thanks for bringing it up!

Hey Katie love your stories I'm making a Tomb Raider fan film and I'd love to use one of your stories

Awesome! I'm flattered. Give me a shout via e-mail if you'd like to discuss it further.

You've written about... 12 stories in 10 years, before you took a break. How do you keep the inspiration for all of these? I ask because, I've gotten halfway through a story before, many times, and within a few days, it's in the bin... How do you keep so inspired?

Sometimes finding inspiration can be a bit tricky, and I've certainly heard this question from many writers before! What keeps me so inspired is simply replaying a classic Tomb Raider game, whether it be a couple levels or the whole thing; or listening to the soundtracks from the games. I do have a story in the works which I'm ready to get back to anytime but definitely before I continue writing it I'll review all my notes for the story, all the research, and re-read what I've written thus far. It's ok to take breaks - if you feel like you've hit a wall, leave it. It's better to let it rest and have your brain think about what should come next instead of forcing it out of you. You'll have a better quality story because of it.

Feel free to check out my Guide Book to writing Tomb Raider Stories if you haven't already - it may give you a few extra tips. Best of luck with your story! Don't trash it - just let it sit for awhile and come back to it.

How did you come up with the good plots for your magnificent stories and what games or characters were they based on?

I'm not entirely sure where my plot ideas come from, but they're hugely inspired from the classic Tomb Raider games. It's almost as if I can just see Lara on different adventures. I always start with a very basic plot idea and the location, at minimum. Then I spend quite a bit of time researching the area and putting together the plot in more detail. I've been inspired by Kurtis Trent, Zip from Chronicles, and Winston, and have all made appearances in my stories.

My goal with each story is to capture the essence of every classic Tomb Raider by remaining true to Lara Croft, the events that have already happened, and facts from the official books. I love creating new adventures for Lara, but the credit really goes to Core Design and their games for inspiring me to write in the first place!

Heyahh, love the stories, I was wondering maybe you could go comic, and maybe have chase carver in one of your stories as a romance/action/adventure. Totally adore the stories btw xxx

Hi there, at this time I don't have any plans to write any romantic adventures for Lara. My goal with my writing is to stick as closely as possible to the Lara from the games, and as the Lara Croft bible said, she'll always remain single :)

Hi Katie I love your stories how do you become so successful with your stories? Your stories are the BEST!

I'm glad you've been enjoying them! I guess it depends how you define being successful. For me, writing my first story was a success on its own. Being able to produce something and be proud of it is being successful I think. My writing has come a long way since The Evil House - I believe I've really mastered being able to research and find information, plan a story, and write it. Another measure of success are the positive e-mails I receive from fans - so for me, success has many forms!

Since I'm using a family PC I'm not allowed to download anything! Can't you put the stories on the screen without having to download?

The options I have available for downloading my stories are as follows: individual PDF files (located on each story page), a zip file with all PDF's, or a zip file with all Word documents. Note: PDF files are viewable by your web browser - check if these files are OK to view. Hope this helps, you can always contact me if you have further questions.

How long did it take you to write these?

There isn't really an average time I spend on each story. My first one, The Evil House took about a month or so to write, but stories like A Room in Waiting, and some of my other later ones took a minimum of 6 months, excluding the editing process. Generally I spend a couple of months doing research and plotting out the theme, overview of the story, etc, and then several months to write. Depending on my schedule sometimes I have to (unfortunately) put a story down for awhile. The editing process usually takes about a month, depending how long I take/my editor. It's quite the process, but it seems to work well for me! If you're interested in learning more about the process I go through, check out my Tomb Raider Guide to writing stories.

Which Tomb Raider story is the most classic Tomb Raider style? Like lots of ancient settings and themes :)

Great question! I definitely think all of my stories have certain elements from the classic games, but the ones that come to mind right away are Revenge of the Aztec Gods (tomb setting), Search for Delphi (kind of Last Revelation-ish), The Strenuous Escapade (Tomb Raider Chronicles VCI Headquarters like), and A Room in Waiting (Mayan temples). Thanks for your question!

Hi my name is Imogen. When did find out all of these stories. And how long have you been writing for?

Hi Imogen - I released my first story, The Evil House in 2000, and have released on average, one story a year since then. I was about 12 years old when I began writing. Thanks for your question!

I just finished A New Place, A New Life. Was that based on a game, or did you make it up?

A New World, a New Life was entirely fiction! It was not based on a game. I've always had an interest in the Bermuda Triangle and thought it would be cool to place a story there with Lara. While her behaviour/attitudes/etc are related to the games, the storyline was new.

Hello, I am Cate and I would like to know where you get the ideas
for the stories and how?

Hi Cate, thanks for your question! Most of the ideas for my stories come from inspiration I get from playing the Tomb Raider games. Certain levels or ideas seem to spark ideas for storylines, and I go from there. I also get ideas from general topics I'm interested in. My story, A New World - a New Life spawned from having an interest in the Bermuda Triangle, and The Strenuous Escapade was formed around my love for Zip from Tomb Raider Chronicles!

Wow! For someone who could write like that at 12, you must be extroadinarily talented at English! What are your favourite
non-Tomb Raider related books? I imagine H. Rider Haggard probably features!

I've come a long way since The Evil House, but I do appreciate your compliments! To be honest, I don't read a lot anymore, but when I was younger I used to read Dean Koontz books all the time. His plots are excellent and I would be absorbed instantly when I read them.

I thought Search for Delphi would be about the actual Delphi, the oracle in Greece! Is the Delphi you describe also based in fact?

Have you played Tomb Raider 4, The Last Revelation? One of the artefacts she finds during the game is the Amulet of Horus. I thought it would be interesting to continue that part of the storyline and create another artefact which accompanied the one from the game.

Hey Katie. I'm intrigued by your stories. I should be saying story
because I only started with your latest story written (A Room In Waiting). I'm currently at page 40, sitting with eagerness to go on. I must first ask: Is it necessary to read t he stories made before A Room In Waiting? I can safely assume that I don't have to but I just feel that I should know anyhow. Thanks in advance! Can't believe all this is free. Love from Canada :D

I'm so glad to hear you've started to read my stories - and with positive comments to start! No, it is not necessary to read my stories in order. I only suggest that fans do, because a couple of them follow one another. The only two I suggest reading in a specific order are The Strenuous Escapade followed by Premonitions - as the beginning of Premonitions literally takes off from the previous story. I hope you continue to read and enjoy them!

I was just wondering, how did you get your stories to be read by Core Design, Eidos?

When Core Design was making the Tomb Raider games I first wrote Susie Hamilton (PR Manager) and told her about my story (The Evil House). She agreed to read it, and shortly after Gary Reading took her place, and he continued to read them! I introduced myself, told him about my site/stories and it was an instant hit. To my knowledge, Eidos has not read any of my stories.

I was wondering, in your stories you must be imagining a specific person as Lara. So, are you imagining like a Tomb Raider 1 version, Angelina Jolie, or who?

Great question. When I write stories I always picture Lara from the games - never Angelina. For instance, when I was working on The Strenuous Escapade, I was picturing Lara from Tomb Raider Chronicles, since I was bringing back Zip, and that whole idea of a high security compound. When I was writing Lara's Mansion - Death Trap? I was thinking more of Lara from TR3. So definitely always from the games, and sometimes a mixture!

Where will the story take place? Will there be any other characters besides Lara? And finally, what is the main plot of the story?

This story takes place in Tikal, Guatemala. This is the largest ancient Mayan city, and there are hundreds of temples and palaces that have been excavated. There are still many areas in Tikal that haven’t been explored where there are probably more temples to be discovered. I thought this would be a perfect spot for Lara to travel to, as it’s full of mysteries and is truly a beautiful spot.

There will be one other main character who will be accompanying and aiding Lara on her next adventure. He isn’t from the games, and is a new character specifically for this story. He resides in Tikal and works at the park where she’ll be visiting.

The main plot, without giving anything away, is Lara travels to Tikal to explore the ancient Mayan ruins. She has done some research before traveling there and uses this information to help solve puzzles and explore the city. This is a several-day trip for her and makes some exciting discoveries.

Hey Katie, It's me again. Ok, Soo I have started to write a tomb raider story, And with your advice it's going great! I am really happy Can you tell me how long you took just writing the story please ?

That's great news, I'm glad it's going well! I think it's really great when people can make Lara come alive on paper, so keep it up! I started my current story in January, but as most of you know I’m still a student so I had very limited free time during my final semester. Typically it takes about 3 or 4 months to write a story, but as I’ve been producing more they seem to take a bit longer. I really spent a lot of time researching Tikal for this story and literally have about fifty pages of handwritten material before I even thought about starting it!

How long did it take you to write all your stories? They're fantastic!!!

I'm not sure exactly how long in total, but I wrote my first story when I was 13 and have continued since. Typically a story takes a few months to write, but it depends on the length. On average I release one story per year. Thanks for your question!

What is your 12th story about?

To receive all the updates about my next story, make sure to sign up to my Story Mailing List! This story is taking place in Guatemala, specifically Tikal. Tikal is one of the most famous places full of Mayan temples and tombs and ancient artefacts. Lara will be travelling here to explore Tikal and all of its mysteries!

Which one of these two is your favorite story, A New World, A New Life, or Search for Delphi?

Tough question! Hmm...I'd have to go with Search for Delphi. To me this is a classic Lara adventure with tombs and traps!

Your stories are fantastic. How old are you and was it difficult writing your stories?

I'm glad you have been enjoying them :) I'm currently 21 years old and I can't say I find it difficult writing. Before I start I write out a skeleton of what the story is going to be about. I don't plan out every detail but I do make notes. I find this helps me structure them and get a logical order on paper before I begin.

In what year do your stories take place for example are they after Tomb Raider 3 or before Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness etc and where can I find the answers to these questions? Keep Up The BRILL-LARA work.

Great question! I try to write along-side the games, but not all of them are like this. For example, The Evil House could have taken place at any time. The ones that I feel follow the games are Lara's Mansion Death Trap? (TR3), Search for Delphi (TR4), The Lost City of Tsumeb (TR6), and the rest could have happened at any time. My next story I'm working on (#12) is more "time sensitive" due to a few facts but otherwise my stories can really take place at any time. :)

Have you considered publishing these stories into books, I'm sure many fans will be interested. The comics were a great success. I believe you will make alot of money and also give more ideas to the ideas of the Tomb Raider legacy.

Yes! For a few years I have been interested in publishing them. I have submitted to several publishers and found some who are interested. Unforunately though, Eidos is not giving out any rights for Tomb Raider at this time. I'm hoping that sometime soon the rights will become available again so I can continue my pursuit. I get tons of mail from fans asking when I'm going to publish them, and I'm hoping that can come true some day!

Hey Katie, have you ever thought of writing a series in your story section on the Tomb Raider games? Such as re-writing the levels and putting them into a story? Thanks for keeping us raiders happy.

Some of my stories I believe sort of fall in this category. Lara's Mansion - Death Trap? really embodies the third Tomb Raider game as Lara re-visits many of the locations (Aldwych, India, etc). Also, The Strenuous Escapade is similar to the final levels in Tomb Raider 5 (Chronicles) because I incorporate Zip into the story. I try to remain close to the games while still making new storylines/adventures for Lara. Hope this answers your question!

Will you ever release a story with Lara finding someone to love?

This is a tough question! I certainly won't be writing any Tomb Raider romance stories - I want to keep them action/adventure based like the games. My goal with my stories is to write along-side the games and keep them as close as possible. I once heard (not sure if it was just a rumour) that there was a Lara Croft bible that was made which stated she'd always remain single. As of right now I don't think I'll be introducing anyone to her in my stories -- I want to remain as true to the character/games as possible! :)

Hi Katie! I found your site about 2 days ago, and so far my favorite is your newest, Perilous Paradise. I love how you use your writing, and I'm considering going into writing adventurous stories related to Tomb Raider. So what would be the best part about writing stories? I really want to type my own, and share them like you do!! And any helpful tips are great for beginner writers. I'm only good at poems so far! Tia, age 13

Hi Tia, thanks for the questions! I have a bunch of tips for writers on this page, so scroll down to read through them. If you've already been writing poems then you're off to a great start. The more you write the better you will become! I can't pick one part about writing I like the best, but I'd say I love the planning/researching aspect, and then when I'm writing the final paragraph of a story. It's a great feeling when you're at the end, wrapping everything up!

Your stories are really amazing. My favorite story is The Evil House. Can you give me some tips on how to write one?

Thank you, I'm glad you've enjoyed them! I do have tips for you...scroll down a bit further to read some tips!

When you finished Tomb Raider 1 and started writing stories did you ever consider bringing back Jackleen Natla? And have you considered publishing them and asking Core Design to make one of your books a Tomb Raider Game?

Great questions! To be honest I've never thought of writing about Natla. She is definitely a great character in the game and could be continued in story format for sure. Who never know what I'll write about! As for publishing...I actually have been actively contacting various publishers for awhile seeking representation. Tomb Raider is a very tough genre to publish in since it's so unique, but I am going to persevere and keep trying! All comments from publishers have been very positive, it's just about finding the right one. I appreciate everyone's e-mails that I've been getting over the years with regards to publishing -- thank you!

I have started to write a Lara Croft story. I need some tips to make it as good and a detailed as yours. Kelsey age11

That's great you're working on a story! The best advice I can give you (and what has worked for me) is to read as many books as you can. It's very helpful to read a variety of different writing styles and can even end up giving you some insight on what you might like to use in your story. I like to plan out a "skeleton" of my stories before I begin writing. What is the basic plot going to be? What characters are going to be in it? What specific events do you want to happen? Try and plan out as much as you can before you begin writing - then you will have an idea of where the story will go! Best of luck!

How do you come up with all the stories?

I'm not really sure where my ideas come from. But when I play the games or listen to music from the games I get inspired. I can see Lara doing different things and it really just spawns from there. Sometimes there have been locations in the world that I've been interested in, so I research the area, local folk tales, legends, etc and come up with stories that way.

Hey Katie how are you? I am so excited for your upcoming story! What is the title or have you thought of it yet? What is the plot? Oh and also what other characters are going to be in the story? Sorry I am so curious but I am so sosos ossososo excited for your next story!!! I have read all of your stories and they are all great! My favorite is Run - and Don't Stop. It is really cool! Well I hope to hear from u soon bye!

I'm good! I've been busy working on the contest to win a CD-ROM/keychain and working on my story. Just yesterday I came up with the title for my story, but it won't be released just yet! As far as characters go, Lara and Winston are the only characters that will be making an appearance from the games. The rest will be made up. I can't wait to release the story, I think everyone will be really interested in the place she visits. I'll post more when I can!

How was it when you won?

When I won the signed montage from Core's contest I was so shocked. When I entered the contest I thought about it everyday - I really wanted to win. It was a long wait, and I tried not to get my hopes up, but I knew if I won my stories would have a lot more recognition. One day I received an e-mail, saying 'Contest Winner' in the subject. I thought it was a general e-mail to all participants saying who won, and I didn't actually read it right away! I was too nervous! I had been waiting a couple months for the result, but when you have an e-mail waiting for you with the results, it's hard to read it. Anyway, eventually I did. I read the letter, saying I had won the signed montage and it didn't quite sink in right away! I re-read it and that's when it hit me. I can't tell you how excited I was. It was such an amazing feeling - it's so hard to describe. I'll definitely never forget that night!

Ok, I've kinda been wanting to know this for ages but...Will you make more stories?! I really want to see a more dramatic/romantic story with Kurtis in. I mean, she was left with his blade and a pool of blood and no body! I'd be suprised is I just saw him there!

Yes, I will be doing more stories! I don't have any plans to write another story with Kurtis in it - I kind of like to keep in touch with the current games.

I was wondering if you are going to continue writing any more stories after "Premonitions", because I really like them and I think they're good! :)

Absolutely! I am working on my eleventh story right now. Check out my story mailing list if you want to receive updates as I write!

Will you be writing anymore stories?

Yes, of course! I'm just taking a little break right now from the writing, and this is my usual routine. Once I release a story I like to have a break and then I get right back into it. So yes, there will be more stories! Why don't you check out my fan club and take a peek at my story mailing list You get tons of updates and news about upcoming stories! :)

Are your stories in book shops or just on the internet?

Currently my stories are available online. One of my stories, Search for Delphi was published in Tales of Lara Croft (#1) which was available in some comic book stores. I'm hoping to get all of my stories published one day!

What is your favourite story that you have written?

Good question! It's hard to pick a favourite when it's your work...hmm...well I really enjoyed Search for Delphi. To me that was a classic Lara adventure. I also enjoyed The Strenuous Escapade because I brought Zip into the story and was a lot of fun. :)

When are you going to submit another book on your site?

Thanks for asking! I am currently working on my 10th story, but I'm still near the beginning of the story. If you want to be kept up-to-date with what's happening, I have a story mailing list that you can sign up for. :)

Do you consider your stories about Lara to be a sequel or just continuous?

Do you mean a sequel from the games? I'm not sure if I'd consider them that, or not. Most of my stories could happen any time, so I wouldn't necessarily say they continue the games. They do contain certain things from the games, so if you've played all the games you'll enjoy certain references I do make.

If you played tr6 why don't you write a story with Kurtis in it but in one of the chat rooms I went on is if they fell in love and get maried what will happen to tr and lara?

My story, The Lost City of Tsumeb features Kurtis Trent.

Do you ever consider writing a book?

To be honest, no, I've never thought of writing a book. I like short stories best, but if you staple all the pages together you'll have a book ;)

They are really good, can you write some shorter ones? ;)

I never decide before hand if the story is going to be long or short, so I can't guarantee that my future ones will be shorter!

In Lara's Mansion-Death Trap, Lara got to read Von Croy's Journal. In the game, you get to play young Lara, and that's when Von Croy gets trapped in the Tomb. But in your story it says that he's trapped, freed the next day and then flies to find Lara in Egypt! But Lara's not even there and she's just a teen, probably back in England.I got a it confused there. Please help?

Sounds a bit hectic, doesn't it?! I don't want to give away the ending, but the entire story is based directly with the end. Let me know if still need explaining!

Which story was gonna be published? The search for Delphi or SSD?

Search for Delphi is the story that is published in the comic book. Sweat, Strength, and Determination was the 1st place story.

"A new world a new life" is really great! How the heck did you get the idea?!

I'm glad you liked it! I have been interested in the Bermuda Triangle for awhile now, so I wanted to see if I could somehow incorporate Lara into it. After brainstorming for awhile the idea basically popped into my head and I went from there.

We're really excited about your new story! What's it gonna be like? Can we get a sneak peak?

Oh good! I'm glad to hear that! Well, the next one is about the same length as my last one, so it won't be too long of a read. Kurtis Trent (as you might know) will be featured in this one, so it will be a bit different in a sense that Lara's no longer alone. I can't give you too much info on it just yet, but it's a big adventure that both Lara and Kurtis go on together. Keep checking for any ads on the story, they'll provide you with more info on it!

In "Lara's Mansion - Death Trap?" how did you get the idea to make that story? Did you have a dream that "your" house was like a death trap? "Revenge of the Aztec Gods" is just like some of the TR4 levels. Did you have to go play some of the game to get main ideas?

Hi there, thanks for the lovely compliments. I got the idea of "Lara's Mansion - Death Trap?" from the Tomb Raider games. I wanted to somehow incorporate them into my story, so I thought of an idea to do this. Mostly the events in the story are based on things that happened in Tomb Raider 3, and of course, fictional as well. So no, I didn't dream it up! That's a good question about "Revenge of the Aztec Gods." I did not take ideas from Tomb Raider 4 for this story, because I hadn't yet played it! (At the time I was playing Tomb Raider 3) I guess though, after playing Tomb Raider 4 I did a good job of creating the story!

When did you write the 1st comic you made if you ever did write a comic?

I've never actually written a comic book, but rather short stories. One of them is being published in a new TR comic book, which you can read about here.

So, judging from one of your stories, you think Kurtis is still alive? Wasn't he killed by Boaz?

When I decided to incorporate Kurtis into one of my stories, it wasn't because I thought he was still alive. I thought I should keep up with the games, so when I was writing the ending of "Run - and Don't Stop" I wanted to have Kurtis in one of my stories. At this point, AOD wasn't even out! So this obviously means I had no idea if/when Kurtis was going to be killed. And remember, we don't know if he actually died or not. I have a feeling he lives, because I heard the next part of the game can be written with or without Kurtis, depending on how we felt about him.

In your upcoming story(s) will Kurtis be in them?

The last couple lines of "Run - and Don't Stop" gives a big clue on 'who' will be featured in my next yes, Kurtis Trent will be in it. I can't say right now whether or not he'll be in stories after this, but he'll at least get into one!

In your last story, "Run and Don't Stop" Lara seems somewhat dark... Is this the beginning of her Angel of Darkness style, or was she still the same Lara?

This is a great question. First off, Lara may have seemed "dark" in "Run - and Don't Stop" only because of her location. An insane asylum isn't really the happiest place to be! This certainly is not the beginning of her new style. I would say she is still the same, but rather acting with her surroundings. I have no intention of changing the image of Lara, so I hope you didn't have a negative reaction to her in this story.

How on EARTH did the old lady in (A New World, a New Life) think that Lara was a robot? Was it because she was drifting lonely way out to sea?

What a great question! It was a bit vague, wasn't it? To tell you the truth, I actually have no idea. Lara's teacher said, "That I'm not entirely sure of. Ever since she started helping us, hundreds of robots have come home." Perhaps the old woman was actually a robot who also survived? Maybe she didn't want to return home, so instead decided to help others who did? It's really up to you. Pick the scenario that you like best!

What motivated you to write Tomb Raider stories?

Well, just after a year of playing Tomb Raider I went on a trip which was about a 20 hour drive. We were going to be gone for awhile and that Tomb Raider! I really wanted her adventures to continue so I decided to write a story. I wrote all the way there, and all the way home. Then, it continued from there since I loved writing about Lara.

How do you feel now the quality of your stories has been officially recognized?

It feels pretty darn good! When I first got my stories up on the net it was really hard to get people to read them. I started by letting Core read and respond to them, which took quite a long time. After my site was recognized more and more people started reading them. I posted links to them on several forums hoping that people would read them...and they did! We had a little corner for reviews on my stories which was great. Then I won 1st place in Core's competition with one of my stories, and that really boosted some recognition for my work. Writing about Lara is only a hobby, but it's one I certainly love to do, and it's great other Raiders around the world are enjoying them too.