The Lost City of Tsumeb


Lara’s first adventure with Kurtis was no walk in the park. Together they teamed up in Africa to help the Emperor of Namibia find whether the legends of the city were true. Both of them won’t get any rest as they fight their way to the end in the search for the Lost City of Tsumeb.

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"I love your latest story The Lost City of Tsumeb it's brill and I hope you make another one with Kurtis in it." - Prudence James

"I finished reading it! Wow, I loved the plot twist at the end! The whole thing was brilliantly done. All the imagery was really really good. I thought the bit with the broken glass that floated was really clever. Loved the surprise with the wrong elephant, LoL. Well done, you should give yourself a massive pat on the back on that one. I hope you continue to right and bring us another sometime!" - Xian

"Your stories are impressive. Have you thought about submitting them for publication?" - James