Media: Writing Tomb Raider Stories

I have been writing Tomb Raider stories for years and have received numerous e-mails from fans who are interested in writing as well. I've given advice in my Ask Katie section before but really wanted to construct something bigger.

I hope this section proves useful to those who are interested in entering the exciting and rewarding world of writing.

Writing Tomb Raider Stories: A Guide Book by Katie Fleming

Interested on my take on how to write Tomb Raider stories? I've written twelve stories to date, won 1st in a world-wide competition, been published, and was interviewed I have a little credibility behind me :)

I wrote this guide to aid other fans who are interested in writing, or how to improve their writing. It is a highly detailed guide, walking you through my process of how to write. I receive e-mails on a continual basis from fans seeking advice - so this is my gift to you: everything I know/have done to be successful to date.

Ever wonder how I construct my stories, come up with ideas, and execute the story from start to finish? I tell all in this guide with hopes that you will get take something from it that will enable you to craft your own adventures. There's nothing more rewarding than bringing Lara to life on paper and continuing adventuring with her around the globe.

I would be thrilled to hear your comments and success stories. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me - I would love to hear about your adventure!

Alternative Download

A printer-friendly version is also available for download here.