Tomb Raider Mobile - Elixir of Life - Map & Item Codes

Each level and item has a 6-digit code. Map codes can be found on the map screen: From the Main Menu select Play Game, then Adventure. Scroll to the box for the particular level. For each completed level, the display will cycle between the level name and map code. For item codes, select Item Info from the Main Menu, then scroll through the various items you've found to see the codes. Once you have a code, you can enter it on a page at the Tomb Raider Mobile or Eidos Mobile UK web site to access a level map or detailed item information. Eidos's maps for this game are more detailed than the ones for The Osiris Codex and Quest for Cinnabar, and some of the item descriptions will help in subsequent levels.


Level 1: A Discreet Entrance - MP0902
Level 2: The Machine Room - MP1124
Level 3: The Lobby - MP3636
Level 4: The Kennels - MP6558
Level 5: The Museum - MP0671
Level 6: Storeroom - MP6103
Level 7: The Library - MP2826
Level 8: The Computer Room - MP9958
Level 9: Below Ground - MP7291
Level 10: The Great Halls - MP7924
Level 11: The Underground Complex - MP7967
Level 12: The Liftshaft - MP9210
Level 13: The Ventilation Shaft - MP1754
Level 14: Access Tunnels - MP5607
Level 15: The Control Chamber - MP9850

ITEM CODES (in order of discovery):

Pistols - GN0000
Medi Pack - GN4700
Medi Kit - GN9500
Security Pass Card - EL1161
Uzi - GN1372
E-Mail Printout - EL2725
Control Room Plans - EL7676
Data Disk - EL7573
Cellular PDA - EL4128
Diagnostic Disk - EL4022

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