Stella's Tomb Raider Mobile/Cell Phone Game Walkthrough - Quest for Cinnabar

Level 15 MapLEVEL 15: The Roof of the World (MP3546)

Climb the ladder above the entrance and climb down the next ladder. Go to the right and use the Mural Fragment to raise the mural. The cinnabar Lara has been seeking is hidden behind it, encased in amber. To get at the urn inside, you'll need to break the amber somehow.

Pull the block of amber to the left until it's beneath the switch (S1). Climb onto the block and pull the switch. The block begins to descend and continues to move up and down the tall room.

There are 4 switches in various side areas on the way down. You don't have to pull them in any particular order. If you're doing a time trial or just want to finish quickly, it is possible to jump off the block, use each switch and then get back on the block as it descends. But if you miss the block the first time, just wait for it to return.

On the first trip down, jump off on the first ledge on the right. Climb over to the right, jump the gap and pull the switch (S2). This lowers one of four flame-spitting gargoyles at the bottom of the room. Drop down below the switch, go to the left, climb down two small ledges, and when the amber block moves level with the ledge Lara is on, jump over to it.

Ride down a little farther and jump to the next ledge on the right. Climb over the wall and drop down next to another switch (S3). Pull it to lower another gargoyle below. Drop down below the switch, go to the left and jump back onto the block as it passes.

Ride the block downward and jump off on the first ledge on the left that's near enough to reach. Climb to the top of the odd-shaped block and hang from the left edge. Drop to grab the edge of the alcove below. Pull up, turn and jump to the alcove with the switch (S4). Pull it to lower another gargoyle.

Drop to the ledge below and go to the right. Pick up the medipack and, if you need it, jump across the gap and get the second medipack. Take one step back from the edge and when the block moves past again, jump onto it. (If you don't step back first, Lara will overshoot the block and grab the ledge on the other side.)

Ride the block about 3/4 of the way to the top. When you pass the three narrow steps that you climbed down after using switch S2 (they're on the right), jump to the ledge on the left side. Drop down on the left side twice. Jump over to the last switch (S5) and use it to lower the remaining gargoyle. Drop down below the switch and go down the steps to the right.

When the block descends, jump onto it. Ride it all the way to the bottom of the room. When all four gargoyles have been lowered, they shoot flames at the block of amber, melting it so Lara can retrieve the Urn of Cinnabar (QC4645). (Lara is not injured in the process.)

Ride the moving platform all the way back up. At the top of the room, jump up to grab the edge of the opening in the ceiling. Pull up and go to the left.

Climb the ladder. At the top, jump over to the right. Drop down into the room with the movable blocks. Move the first block all the way to the left. Then pull the second block out of the doorway. Climb over it. Then climb the ledges to the exit.

Congratulations on a job well done!

urn of cinnabar

Item Code: QC4645
Item Name: Urn of Cinnabar
Description: Description: The urn of Cinnabar. The item that Lara has been searching for. Originally encased in amber and now freed from its ancient prison, Lara will need to hurry back to Scotland with her prize. The elements contained in the urn have many properties, but according to the Codex, the key property discovered by the ancient mystics was its use in a ritual to extend life. From the information gleaned in the Codex, Lara can assume that her mysterious employer needs to re-enact the ritual for their own purposes. Given the secrecy involved in this mission so far, she feels she should investigate her mysterious employer before handing over such an important treasure.

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