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This game includes various bonuses you can unlock during gameplay, from outfits for Lara to cheat codes, character bios, concept art, etc. You can peruse the bonuses you've unlocked by selecting Rewards in the main menu. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of extra content and how to obtain it. As always, I welcome corrections and additions.

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Each level contains a varying number of artifacts and relics (formerly known as "secrets"). Artifacts look like shiny statuettes with a different design for each game location (e.g., Tyrannosaurus teeth in Peru, spearheads in Greece, cartouches in Egypt, carved idols in Atlantis). Relics are unique items. Each has a different appearance and description. You'll see an information screen about each relic when you find it. You can also examine the relics you've found so far in the Rewards section of the main menu, or by visiting Lara's trophy room in Croft Manor.

Artifacts and Relics are saved in the player's Profile, not in the individual savegame files, as in TR Legend. So, any savegame files you exchange with other players will not include artifacts and relics. You'll need to find these yourself or download/exchange entire game profiles to share artifacts and relics.

There are a total of 44 artifacts and 8 relics in the game. My walkthrough lists the number available in each level, if any. This info can also be found in the Level Statistics screen for the level you're currently playing, along with how many you have found so far. Press Escape (PC) or Start (PS2) to go to the pause menu and select "Level Statistics" view your stats. The tables below give details on what the artifacts and relics unlock


The Nintendo Wii version of the game also includes 12 rubbing rewards. These are special carvings hidden in various levels, which, when found, can be copied by using the paper and charcoal in Lara's archaeological tool kit. The images, or rubbings, are then placed on display in a special room in Croft Manor. My walkthrough lists the number of rubbing rewards in each level (if any) and describes their location. As far as I know, there is no bonus for finding all of them except your own sense of accomplishment.


It is not necessary to find all rewards in a level before moving on. If you miss some, you can replay any completed level, or replay just a section of a level, to find them.

To replay part of a level, you will need to be able to load a savegame you have made previously. For example, if you're having trouble retrieving a certain artifact or relic, save the game manually. That is, press Escape (PC) or Start (PS2), choose Save Game, then save your progress in a new slot. Continue playing until you feel you want to go back and try for that artifact or relic again. Save your progress again in a new slot, so you do not overwrite the previous save. Then re-load the earlier save. If you manage to obtain the artifact or relic, reload your later save. Lara will be restored to the later point in the game but the artifact or relic will still be saved in your profile. Then you won't have to replay the entire level just to get that one item.

If you want to replay an entire level, you can do that too, but only after completing each chapter of the game (i.e., Peru, Greece, Egypt, Lost Island). So, for example, once you finish all four of the levels set in Peru, you will then be able to replay any of them. When you complete all of the levels set in Greece, you'll be able to replay any of those. And so on.

To replay a completed level, first, make sure you have saved your progress in the level you are playing currently, so you can go back to that point later. Then, from the main menu, select Play Game, then Replay Level. Replayed levels include the same enemies, items, puzzles, etc., but only the artifacts and relics you have not yet picked up. When replaying a level, you can change Lara's outfit or choose a new Difficulty Level, including Time Trial (below).


After completing each chapter (i.e., Peru, Greece, Egypt, Lost Island), you can then replay any of those levels in Time Trial mode. To do this, select Play Game from the main menu. Then select Replay Level. Select the level you want. Then cycle through the difficulty levels and choose Time Trial. The goal in Time Trial is to complete the level before the timer at the bottom of the screen runs out. Beating all the levels in each chapter (Peru, Greece, Egypt and the Lost Island) in Time Trial mode unlocks various cheat codes (see below).

NOTE: I plan to add a Time Trial Tips section to the walkthrough. I encourage players to send me their suggestions, both general time-savers and specific shortcuts for each level.


After completing each chapter (i.e., Peru, Greece, Egypt, Lost Island), all cinematics up to that point are unlocked. You can replay them by choosing Rewards then Cinematics from the main menu. If you like, you can turn on Subtitles in the Options menu so you don't miss any dialogue.

To unlock the music tracks from each chapter of the game, you must first complete the Croft Manor level by unlocking Lara's music room. After that, completing each chapter unlocks all of the music for that section. Access the soundtracks by choosing Rewards then Music from the main menu or by using the stereo in the music room in Croft Manor.


From the main menu, choose Rewards, then Outfits, to view all the clothes you've unlocked for Lara. Once you have unlocked an outfit, you can try it on by going to the bedroom in Croft Manor. Lara's closet will look familiar to anyone who's played The Sims. And check out the vast array of stretchy, aqua tops on the hangers in the closet. ;) Just walk in and follow the on-screen instructions to change outfits.

You can't choose Lara's outfit when starting a level for the first time, but you can change outfits before replaying a level. To do this, choose Play Game from the main menu. Then choose Replay Level and select the level name from the list. Then next screen allows you to choose the difficulty level (Easy, Medium, Hard or Time Trial), as well as pick Lara's outfit from the ones you've unlocked so far. Click the Outfits option repeatedly to cycle through the choices. Then click Start Game.

This page of snapshots shows all the unlockable outfits. The table below tells how to unlock each one.




(available at the start)

Legend (TRL)

Collect one relic in Peru

Classic (TR1)

Collect both relics in Peru

Croft Manor Sport (TR2)

Collect one relic in Greece

Golden (TR1/TRA)

Collect both relics in Greece

Camouflage (Angel of Darkness)

Collect one relic in Egypt

Catsuit (TR3/Chronicles)

Collect both relics in Egypt

Wetsuit (TR2)

Collect one relic in the Lost Island

Doppelganger (TR1/TRA)

Collect both relics in the Lost Island

Scorched Natla

Collect all relics in the game

Antarctica (TR3)

PSP exclusive - Collect both relics in Midas's Palace

Camo Shorts (AOD)

PSP exclusive - Collect both relics in Sanctuary of The Scion

Winter Camo (TR5)

PSP exclusive - Collect both relics in The Great Pyramid


Finding artifacts throughout the game unlocks short profiles for Lara and her friends and her enemies who appear in the game. These can be accessed through the Rewards menu. As with the Cinematics and Music, the Character Bios section in the Rewards menu updates after you complete each chapter of the game, rather than each level. Here's how to unlock each one:

Lara Croft

5 artifacts (10% of total)


9 artifacts (20% of total)


14 artifacts (30% of total)


18 artifacts (40% of total)


23 artifacts (50% of total)



27 artifacts (60% of total)

Richard Croft

32 artifacts (70% of total)


36 artifacts (80% of total)


41 artifacts (90% of total)


The Bonus menu includes an extensive collection of unlockable artwork, including concept art from this game, as well as material from the Tomb Raider archives. As with the other unlockable content, the Art Gallery section in the Rewards menu updates after you complete each chapter of the game, rather than each level. The table below includes a list of all unlockable galleries, along with what is needed to access each one.





Promotional Art

Croft Manor - 50%

Origins of Lara

Peru - 33%

Box Art

Peru - 67%


Peru - 100%

TR1 vs. TRA Peru

Peru - 100%

Peru levels complete

Game Gallery

Greece - 33%


Greece - 67%


Greece - 100%

TR1 vs. TRA Greece

Greece - 100%

Greece levels complete


Egypt - 33%


Egypt - 67%


Egypt - 100%

TR1 vs. TRA Egypt

Egypt - 100%

Egypt levels complete

Lost Island

Lost Island - 33%


Lost Island - 67%


Lost Island - 100%

TR1 vs. TRA Atlantis

Lost Island - 100%

Lost Island levels complete

Atlantean Creatures

Game Complete

Items & Artifacts

Game - 25%

Game Complete

Other Characters

Game - 50%

Game Complete


Completing each chapter of the game (Croft Manor, Peru, Greece, Egypt, the Lost Island) unlocks the designers' commentaries for that chapter. To access the commentaries in-game, load a saved game or replay any level in a chapter you have completed and turn Commentary on in the Options menu (i.e., from the Main menu or Pause menu choose Options, then Display, then set Commentary Markers to "On"). Then as you explore the level, you'll see blue crystals here and there. Activating these crystals by pressing Interact plays the commentary tracks recorded for that area by Creative Director Jason Botta and Story/Consultant Designer Toby Gard. If you're not sure what the guys are saying, you can also turn on subtitles under Options > Language or refer to the commentary transcripts linked to each walkthrough. (Many thanks to the awesome Treeble for providing these transcripts, which were first posted at TombRaiderBOARD and are reproduced here by permission.)


There are two items available in the 'Special' section of the Rewards menu. First is a 'Note to the Fans' which is unlocked at the start. This is a welcome message from the developers. Second is a quasi-level called 'Style Units,' a sort of test level or 3-D showcase for the designers' work in progress. This is unlocked when you complete the entire game and find all 8 relics in the process.


Cheat codes can only be unlocked by beating the game. (Yes, I realize this makes no sense. Sorry.) After completing the final level, the Cheat Codes sub-menu is accessible by selecting Options then Cheat Codes from the pause menu (i.e., the menu accessed by pressing Escape on the PC or Start on the PS2 during gameplay). Additional codes can then be unlocked by beating each chapter in the game again in Time Trial mode.

The Cheat Codes section of this site includes a list of all codes and how to unlock them.

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