Tomb Raider: Anniversary PlayStation 3 Trophies

Updated: 4/17/21()

The original Anniversary game was released for PS2 so naturally didn't include trophies. The Tomb Raider Trilogy for PlayStation 3 includes a remastered high-def version of Anniversary which also added trophy support. Here's a breakdown of all 42 possible trophies.

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Bilateral Disarmament (bronze)

Turn off both dart shooters in the Mountain Entrance hall in Peru

Getting the Goods (bronze)

Find an artifact or relic

Hot Shot (bronze)

Kill 3 enemies with an Adrenaline Dodge and Head Shot attack

In High Gear (bronze)

Complete the Peru gear puzzle without dying

Peruvian Raider (bronze)

Complete the Peru chapter

Good Show in Peru (bronze)

Complete all the Peru Super Actions without dying

Peruvian 'fact Finder (bronze)

Collect all the artifacts in Peru

Weapon Master I (bronze)

Collect the Shotgun

Queen of the Jungle (bronze)

Kill a lion with an Adrenaline Head Shot

Greek to Me (bronze)

Complete the Greece chapter

Weapon Master II (bronze)

Collect the Dual 50 Caliber Pistols

Greek 'fact Finder (bronze)

Collect all the artifacts in Greece

Good Show in Greece (bronze)

Complete all the Greece Super Actions without dying

Like a Rolling Stone (bronze)

Kill 6 rats with a boulder in Egypt

Sign Seals Delivered (bronze)

Collect the seals of Anubis, Horus, Isis and Osiris

Good Show in Egypt (bronze)

Complete all the Egypt Super Actions without dying

Raid Like an Egyptian (bronze)

Complete the Egypt chapter

Lost Island Tomb Raider (bronze)

Complete the Lost Island chapter

Weapon Master III (bronze)

Collect the Dual Mini SMGs

Slayer I (bronze)

Defeat the boss in Peru without dying

Egyptian 'fact Finder (bronze)

Collect all the artifacts in Egypt

Lost Island 'fact Finder (bronze)

Collect all the artifacts on the Lost Island

Lightning Never Strikes Twice (silver)

Complete the Hephaestus room in Greece without being struck by lightning

Central Shaft Survivor (silver)

Complete the central shaft in the Lost Island without dying

Slayer II (silver)

Defeat the boss in Greece without dying

Slayer III (silver)

Defeat the first boss on the Lost Island without dying

Slayer IV (silver)

Defeat the final boss on the Lost Island without dying

Homebody (silver)

Complete all of the challenges in Croft Manor*

Peruvian Reliquarian (silver)

Collect all the relics in Peru

Greek Reliquarian (silver)

Collect all the relics in Greece

Egyptian Reliquarian (silver)

Collect all the relics in Egypt

Lost Island Reliquarian (silver)

Collect all the relics on the Lost Island

Peruvian Speed Run (silver)

Complete all the Time Trials in Peru

Greek Speed Run (silver)

Complete all the Time Trials in Greece

Egyptian Speed Run (silver)

Complete all the Time Trials in Egypt

Lost Island Speed Run (silver)

Complete all the Time Trials on the Lost Island

Home Run (silver)

Complete the Time Trial in Croft Manor

Good Show on Lost Island (silver)

Complete all the Lost Island Super Actions without dying

Sweet Victory (silver)

Complete the game

Dressed to Kill (gold)

Unlock all the outfits

Tough Enough (gold)*

Complete the game on Hard difficulty

Master of Tomb Raider: Anniversary (platinum)

Earn all the trophies in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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IMPORTANT NOTES: I had previously provided incorrect info about the 'Tough Enough' trophy. Apparently it is possible to unlock it by replaying all of the levels on Hard. You can then use any unlocked cheats to make each run a little easier. Rockets, who wrote the roadmap for, warns players not to complete the Croft Manor level until after unlocking Tough Enough. I assume you can also play Croft Manor for the Homebody trophy then start a new game on Hard, but interrupting your playthrough to explore Croft Manor can apparently revert the difficulty setting to medium.

UPDATE HISTORY: 3/27/11 - Added trophy list following the release of the PS3 Trilogy.
3/20/21 - Added notes about Tough Enough, thanks to a heads-up from AJ on Twitter.
4/17/21 - Further clarified the Tough Enough info, thanks to Ioannis/