IMPORTANT: If you haven't already done so, you may want to review the INTRODUCTORY NOTES on the storyline, controls and saving/checkpoints. These appear at the start of the PROLOGUE walkthrough.

As always, I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave. Instead be sure to save manually at least once or twice each level. Then, if you miss something or run into a bug, you can reload rather than having to replay the entire level.

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ROUND ROOM WITH PRESSURE PAD: Go through the door beneath the Kali statue and follow the hallway to a room containing a raised dais with a pressure pad in the center. When Lara steps on the pad, the exit opens, and green nagas begin to slither out of the holes in the walls.

NOTE: The number of enemies here may be random. I'm not sure, but one player reported fighting seven of them—three from the holes on the right side of the room, four from the left. Another player says he only had to fight five.

These lizards are not too hard to kill, but they are fast and have the ability to spit poison from a distance. You'll want to keep moving and firing constantly. Don't hesitate to use the submachine guns now, since there are no other enemies ahead and no need to conserve ammo. I don't recommend using grenades, though, since they stick to enemies, and the nagas are likely to charge at Lara carrying her own explosives back at her. Ouch!

When you've dealt with all of them, leave through the door you just opened and follow the hallway, triggering one cut scene then another.

In the first short cinematic Lara notes the similarity of these ruins to the ones at Niflheim. In the second movie, as she examines the big doors, she notices a blue glow emanating from her backpack. She retrieves THOR'S GAUNTLET, puts it on and touches the door, causing the carvings on it glow with magical energy. She finds she's able to shift the massive thing with just a small movement of her hand. "I can see where the rumors of Thor's godlike strength came from," she quips.

LARA CROFT IS COMPLETELY BADASS: When you regain control of Lara, stand close to the huge door, just to the right of the seam in the center and press Interact. Step to the right to open the door. Then press Interact again to let go.

Go through and follow the walkway with the blue glowing runes toward the central platform with the small tree.

Cinematic: Lara takes a look around and notes that this part of the ruins must have been built long before the temple above. She finds more Proto-Norse runes and finds references to the second gauntlet, Thor's belt and his hammer scattered throughout the world. These treasures, she reads, "are protected by the dead to keep Jörmungandr subdued." But the map, which apparently showed the artifacts' locations, has been destroyed. . . and recently, Lara observes.

She then approaches the pedestal in the center of the platform. "If one of Thor's gauntlets was here, it's gone now," she says. Then, upon examining the pedestal more closely, she notices a rough inscription: "Natla, I see your goal and am your puppet no longer. Richard James Croft." Lara ponders the inscription and finds it odd that he should use the initials RJC. Apparently he never used his middle initial to avoid confusion with Lara's grandfather. Lara realizes this must be a clue to the location of the second gauntlet.

HUGE ROOM WITH ODIN STATUE AND CIRCULAR PLATFORM: When the movie finishes, step forward and hang from the edge of the central platform. Once Lara is hanging here, you'll see that this is actually a carved panel made up of rectangular segments with more glowing blue runes. Drop down to the ledge below.

This small, curved ledge runs around the entire central structure but it's broken in places, so watch where you step. Stand facing the carved panel and press Interact to grab it. Step to the right to rotate the entire walkway about 45 degrees. Release the panel.

Now turn left and jump across the gap in the curved walkway, staying close to the central structure where the gap is narrower. Now the wall with the glowing blue runes that supports the movable walkway is on Lara's right. There are three horizontal poles sticking out of it. Take a running jump to grab the first pole. Swing and jump to the second, then the third, and from there to the curved ledge running along the outer wall of the room.

Stand facing the movable wall at the left end where it nearly touches the outer wall of the room. Press Interact to grab onto the wall and walk backward a few steps. You only need to drag the wall far enough so there's a space on the left that Lara can fit through. Let go of the wall and go around behind it. On the other side, grab on again and push the wall forward as far as it will go.

Now turn so the movable wall is on Lara's right. There are three poles on this side of the wall as well. Use them to swing back to the walkway around the central structure. Go around to the left and jump the gap. Grab the carved panel and step to the right in order to align the walkway with the exit above. A brief cut scene plays, showing you've done it correctly.

Climb the carved panel and cross the walkway to the exit. Grab the door just to the right of the center seam and step to the right to open it.

When you cross the threshold a brief cinematic shows the gauntlet's power fading away. Lara wonders aloud how Thor was able to recharge the device.

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