Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness:
Unfinished Training Area (continued)

To explore the unfinished training area in the Parisian Back Streets level, first activate debug keys using one of the methods described on the previous page. Or, download a PC savegame with Lara inside the secret area. (Sorry, but so far I only have a save for the v52 patched game.) Instructions for downloading and installing savegame files are here. PlayStation 2 users can try the alternate method below.

A brief "walkthrough" of the secret area follows. Since it's unfinished, this is just my take on how it might have worked. If you have other ideas, or find anything I've missed, please let me know.

Once you're in the game with debug keys active, start a new game or load a save near the start of the first level. Go past the dog chained to the wall and press B to activate flight mode (as shown in the screenshot above). Fly through the locked door... emerge in a narrow alley.

If you like, you can de-activate the cheat on the other side (by pressing Action) and explore as you would normally. The door you just passed through opens from the alley side, so you can return to the start (below) whether or not you have the fly cheat on.

As you explore the unfinished area, Lara explains how to use various controls. Pull the barrel beneath the drainpipe (above). Climb up the pipe, then traverse to the ledge on the left and pull up.

Pick up some V-packer cartridges and face the wires running across street (above).

As Lara instructs, walk to the edge, then jump and grab the wires. Traverse across the alley to the right (as shown above), drop onto the ledge and get the Courtyard Key. Then drop to the ground.

There are two wrought-iron gates at the end of the alley. (These can be seen in the screenshot above.) Like most doors here, Lara can walk right through these. (You can use the flight cheat to get through other solid doors if you like, but you'll find mostly blackness or incomplete textures inside.) If you go through the left gate, you'll come to the end of the level and miss a whole section of the street. The designers probably intended this gate to be locked.

Instead, go through the gate on the right. If you actually use the Courtyard Key to unlock and then open the gate (stand next to it so the hand icon is visible, press Action to use the key, step back, step forward to reactivate the hand icon, and then press Action again to open the gate), it sets up the next area to include a police car and gendarme. If you pass through the gate without opening it, there is no car and the gendarme appears later when you approach the next corner.

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