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NOTE: I've also done a separate walkthrough without using snowmobiles. "Tibet on Foot: A Walking Tour" can be found here. Aside from being a fun way to replay the level once you've beaten it in the usual way, it could come in handy if you lose one or more of the snowmobiles.

Kills: 33 Items: 22 (26)* plus 2 keys and 3 secrets

OBJECTIVES: Cross the canyon to the hut, where you'll find a snowmobile. Ride it through the caves and canyons. On the way, locate the Drawbridge Key. When you come to the open area with the drawbridge, use the key to raise the bridge. Then cross the bridge to trigger an event that will enable you to get the Hut Key. Return to the hut near the start of the level. Go inside and use the switch there to open the gate leading to the end of the level.

CANYON WITH ROLLING SNOWBALLS: Kill the vulture and then follow the path forward and around to the right. Below is a long hill with snowballs at the top. Slide down into the canyon and start running up the hill. Stay near the middle of the slope as you run and jump over the first wave of snowballs. Then run into the alcove on the left to avoid the second wave. (screenshot) Or, instead of sliding down into the canyon, jump to grab the right wall and traverse to the left as far as possible. (screenshot) This will trigger the first set of snowballs. As they roll down the hill and land below, traverse back to the right, drop onto the slippery slope and slide down into the canyon. Then run up the hill into the alcove on the left to avoid the second avalanche.

When the coast is clear, leave the alcove and head back down the hill. On the right is a semi-transparent ice wall. Use your pistols to shatter it like a window and step inside. Kill the leopard lurking there and pick up 2 sets of automatic pistol clips at the end of the tunnel. Return outside, continue to the top of the hill and climb up into the cave.

Ahead is another, larger wall of ice. Run up the ramp and jump through the ice. (screenshot) You'll start to slide, so jump and grab the wall ahead to avoid falling into the deep chasm. There are a number of these ice ladders coming up. You can identify them by this striped texture. Climb to the top right corner of the wall, traverse until you're over the doorway and then drop down. (screenshot) Follow the tunnel to emerge on a snowy ledge above a small mountain lake. Watch and listen for 2 vultures. They may attack right away or approach later as you explore. There's hut and snowmobile in the distance. This is where you're headed.

SHORTCUT: You can take a shortcut here if you like, which will get you to the hut much more quickly without missing any items. However, you will miss one kill: a vulture. Details are on a separate page.

LAKE AND SURROUNDING CAVES: If you prefer to take the longer route to the hut, turn around and safety drop from the snowy ledge onto the slope below, slide back and grab the edge. Then drop once more to land on the flat ledge below. Enter the tunnel ahead. (screenshot)

If at any time you fall in the water and don't want to reload, there's a small ledge where you can climb out of the water. (screenshot) An ice ladder there will get you back up to the ledge below the entrance. From there, you can either try the big jump for the shortcut or safety drop to the ledge below and re-enter the tunnel.

Follow the tunnel to a small, water-filled hole and icicles on the ceiling beyond. Walk to the edge of the hole, hop back once and then jump forward to grab the top of the icy ledge. Or, drop into the water and climb the ice wall from below. Pull up onto the ledge but don't step forward until after the icicles have fallen; otherwise Lara will be impaled. (screenshot)

Jump over the fallen icicles and continue through the tunnel to another opening above the lake. Turn right and then climb the rocks to the opening at the top left. (screenshot) Follow this tunnel forward and climb onto the ledge on the left. In this small, dark area there's a lighted opening ahead and a darker opening below. Going forward brings you to a dead end, where you can see but not reach the Silver Dragon behind some bars. So instead, drop down through the opening on the left. (screenshot) Slide down a slope to a cave with a little pool and more icicles on the ceiling. Wade through the pool slowly, avoiding the areas directly beneath the icicles, so they fall in front of Lara and not on top of her. Continue through the cave to emerge outside on another ledge above the lake.

Turn left to face out over the water. Another vulture will try and interfere about now. If you can't target it right away, just watch out for it as you go. See the large medi pack on the rock ahead? To get there, take a running jump to the nearly flat block against the left cliff wall and another running jump from there to the block with the medi pack. After picking up the health, turn to face the cliff wall and then jump over to the snowy ledge ahead on the left. Climb the snow ledges to the top of the canyon. (screenshots)

HUT AND SNOWMOBILE: Head for the hut and take out the 2 guys with guns who try and stop you. Take their large medi pack and 2 sets of automatic pistol clips. To the right of the hut, sitting on the ground in front of the barred opening is SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon. Grab it. (screenshot)

The cave opening to the right of the hut is blocked by a wooden gate, so you can't go that way yet. Instead, steal the snowmobile and head into the cave on the other side of the hut. Just after the tunnel takes a turn to the right, a gunman gets in your way. Run him over, dismount and pick up his shotgun shells. Then get back on the snowmobile and ride on to the next open area.

NOTE: The snowmobile controls are listed on the TR2 Controls page in case you need them. Remember to press Action for extra power to get over larger gaps.

OPEN AREA WITH RAMPS AND LEDGES: At the far end of this clearing is a raised opening with 2 large blocks of ice. You'll have an easier time going on if you move those first. So get off the snowmobile, climb onto the snowy ledge and jump from there into the smaller opening to the left of the one with the ice blocks. (screenshot) Follow the passageway around to the wide tunnel and kill the 2 leopards that charge from the left. Then move the blocks out of the tunnel opening and drop back down.

Now you can either take a slightly tricky shortcut or the longer route around the edge of the clearing to reach the cave opening with the snowmobile.

First, the shortcut: Move the snowmobile into position facing the ramp in the middle of the clearing. The tunnel and the smaller opening where you just climbed up to move the ice blocks will be on Lara's left. Save the game here. Then if you miss the first jump, you can just reload and try again. Ride up the ramp diagonally so you take off at the top right corner. (I found it easier not to use the turbo boost for this jump.) Steer just a little to the right while in the air to land on the jagged ledge facing the right cave wall. Then drive forward into the wall to avoid slipping off the other side of the ledge into the trench. Once you've landed safely, save again. Carefully turn the snowmobile around so it's facing the tunnel opening. Race forward along the jagged ledge, holding Action for a speed boost to clear the gap in the ledge, race up the ramp at the end and sail into the tunnel opening. (These screenshots show the whole sequence.)

If you can't manage the first tricky jump onto the jagged wall, try this longer route instead. Start in the same position as for the shortcut: facing the ramp in the middle of the clearing with the tunnel and the smaller opening on Lara's left. Drive straight up the ramp, holding Action for a speed boost to jump over the jagged ledge and land in the little cave on the other side. Turn around and drive along the trench beside the jagged ledge toward the tunnel opening. When you reach the corner below the opening, turn left and position the snowmobile squarely facing the snowy ramp ahead. (Save the game here and again each time you make a successful jump. Then if you crash, you can reload and not have to start over from the first ramp.) Use turbo to race up the ramp, jump the gap and land on the ledge in the next corner. Then quickly tap reverse to brake so you don't slide off the other side of the ledge. Now turn left and race the snowmobile forward along the next ledge. Again, hold Action to clear the gap. On the other side, tap reverse to avoid crashing into the wall. Turn left again and use turbo to jump the wide gap in front of the entrance. When you land on the next corner ledge, tap reverse to brake or steer into the right wall so you don't slide off the other side of the ledge. Carefully turn the snowmobile so it's facing the tunnel opening. Race forward along the jagged ledge, holding Action for a speed boost to clear the gap in the ledge, race up the ramp at the end and sail into the tunnel opening. (The long route is shown in another set of screenshots.)

CAVES AND NARROW ICE BRIDGE: Continue on, jumping the next large gap using the ramps on the left. Follow the tunnel until you come to a chasm with ledges on the left and right sides and a stone column in the middle. You can't see it from here, but there's a gate blocking the passage to the left, so you can't go that way yet. Instead, drive carefully along the narrow ledge on the right side of the chasm. (screenshot) At the end is a alcove where you can park and dismount. Pick up 2 pairs of grenades lying on the ground and then climb the ice ladder into the small room above. Pull the switch to open the gate mentioned earlier.

Two bad guys with guns come out. Climb back down the ladder and shoot the first enemy from across the chasm. (screenshot) Then get on the snowmobile and drive back along the ledge, taking care not to slide off into the chasm as you run over the second bad guy. Dismount and pick up the M-16 clips he dropped. Then get back on the snowmobile and follow the ledge along the other side of the chasm, jumping the gap halfway along. Stop to pick up the first bad guy's small medi pack. Then continue through the gate you just opened.

Drive on across a narrow ice bridge, mowing down the bad guy who stands in your way and his 2 buddies in the cave ahead. They don't drop any goodies. Continue to the next open area and stop the snowmobile before the next big gap.

CANYON WITH TWO RAMPS (THE BIG GAP): SECRET #2, the Jade Dragon, is sitting on a ledge to the right, just beyond the mouth of the cave. (screenshot) Take a running jump to land on that ledge. When you grab the dragon, 2 leopards appear on the ramp where you left the snowmobile. You may be able to shoot them across the gap (screenshot), but if they run back into the cave, jump back across to get their attention. Just be careful not to fall into the canyon as you fight.

NOTE: If you look down into the canyon below the ledge where the Jade Dragon was, you can spot some grenades in a shallow pit. Ignore them for now. You'll be able to get them more easily from below in a few minutes.

Get back on the snowmobile, face the ramp leading up to the wide gap above the canyon and gun the engines. This time, you'll definitely need turbo (Forward + Action) to get across. (screenshot)

DRAWBRIDGE KEY: When you get to the cave on the other side, get off the snowmobile and proceed on foot. Walk out along the edge of the next chasm to trigger the avalanche. Jump onto the slope where the snowballs just passed, slide back and grab the edge. Then climb down the ice ladder to the top of the opening in the wall. Let go and then press Action again to grab the ledge below. Climb into the cave and take the DRAWBRIDGE KEY. (screenshots)

Drop into the hole in the floor and follow the tunnel to a wall of ice. Draw weapons and Lara will automatically target the thug on the other side. Take care of him and continue up the slope to the next room. Walk cautiously forward to trip the icicle trap. Then jump over the icicles and pull the switch to open the gate above. Go through the gate to emerge at the bottom of the canyon where you made the long snowmobile jump earlier.

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CANYON: Climb down to the canyon floor and cross to the opposite corner. Drop into the shallow pit to find 2 pairs of grenades. This pit is directly below the ledge where you found the Jade Dragon earlier. If you missed it before, you can climb the ice ladder here to reach it. (screenshot) Three leopards start prowling the canyon floor when you go into the pit. If you don't want to confront them at close range, you can shoot them one at a time with pistols from inside the pit by jumping straight up and down while firing.

Cross the canyon again and climb the ice ladder next to the opening where you came in. Climb onto the ledge at the top of the ladder, hop down on the right and re-enter the cave to find your snowmobile. (screenshot)

Drive along the right side of the pit above the cave where you found the DRAWBRIDGE KEY. Use turbo to keep from sliding off the edge and avoid the remaining snowballs. (screenshot) Continue to the next large cave, which has a frozen pool in the middle of the floor.

NOTE: In the dark, low-ceilinged area just before this area, there's a wooden gate and a switch to open it. The tunnel here leads to an opening overlooking the chasm where you found the DRAWBRIDGE KEY. I mention it to be thorough, but you won't need to use it if you follow this walkthrough.

DRAWBRIDGE AND HUT KEY: Use the key in the lock at the base of the drawbridge to raise it. (screenshot) Then head up the ramp and cross the bridge either on foot or by snowmobile. Turn left and cross the flat area beyond the little sign, moving quickly to avoiding the avalanche. (screenshot)

As you enter the snowy cave ahead, you'll hear a huge rumbling and the screen will shake as the snow tumbles down, blocking the opening behind you. Continue around to the left to a deep pit. If you drove the snowmobile this far, be sure to drive it out along the right edge of the pit. If you leave it here, you won't be able to get back to it later. If you came on foot, jump onto the sloping ledge on the left side of the pit, slide back and grab the edge, then traverse across the pit to the other side. Drive or run down the slope on the left to emerge near the DRAWBRIDGE.

At the base of the huge snowbank is the HUT KEY. When you approach it, a baddie on a snowmobile enters through the opening between the drawbridge supports. Either shoot him while dodging like mad, or climb onto the snowbank to the right of the key and shoot at him from there. Just be sure to stand toward the front of the snowbank where it comes to a little point. He can drive over the snow behind Lara, and he can still shoot at her, but he can't turn sharply enough to run her over. (screenshots) Either way, you'll want to use powerful weapons, like the Uzis, to kill him before he kills Lara.

Afterward, pick up the key and get on the red snowmobile. The bad guy's ride is very cool with its guns and all, but it doesn't have the turbo feature.

NOTES: Sharon, one of the regulars, suggested an alternate strategy: Park the snowmobile near the key, facing the exit. Then picking up the key, get on the snowmobile and speed away before the nasty guy can get a lock on Lara. Keep going until you get past the big jump over the canyon. He can't follow on his heavy machine.

If you lose the red snowmobile and don't have a recent save where you still have it, you can still go on. Just follow "Tibet on Foot" walkthrough to get back to the hut from here.

BACK TO THE HUT: From the DRAWBRIDGE area, drive through the dark room with the low ceiling and around the rim of the chasm above where you found the DRAWBRIDGE KEY. Then use the ramps to make the big jump back across the canyon. Continue through the caves and over the narrow ice bridge. At the top of the next hill go through the open wooden gate and turn right. Go forward along the right side of the next chasm, jumping the gap halfway along. When you come to the next wide gap, be sure to use turbo and jump it on the left side. Then continue through the OPEN AREA WITH RAMPS AND LEDGES into the tunnel on the other side.

Just around the next corner, a low ledge prevents you from driving any farther. Dismount here and shoot the 2 leopards ahead. They won't come down off the ledge. So you can climb up to get their attention and then hop back down and shoot them from below. Then continue through the tunnel on foot.

Back at the hut, use the HUT KEY to unlock the door. Enter and take the 2 small medi packs, 2 sets of Uzi clips and 2 sets of M-16 clips lying on the floor. Then pull the switch in the back right corner. This opens the wooden gate outside. Three thugs with guns rush out. Quickly roll and run out of the hut so they don't corner you inside. When you've killed them, take their large medi pack, Uzi clips and auto pistol clips, and head into the cave beyond the hut.

NOTE: If you missed the Silver Dragon earlier, don't forget to pick it up now. (screenshot)

CAVE WITH SNOWMOBILER: Continue to an opening overlooking a large cave. When you drop down to the floor, another guy on a snowmobile drives in from the other side. You can shoot him while dodging or run immediately to the back of the snowy block and climb on top. (screenshot) The snowmobiler can still shoot Lara up there, but at least he can't run her over. Once you've taken care of him, you can steal his snowmobile or continue on foot.

Follow the tunnel to the edge of another deep pit. From the rim you can see something shiny below. Save the game before starting across. Then, either drive the snowmobile along the left side of the pit or leave it and continue on foot. (Both paths are shown in these screenshots.) To cross on foot, stand at the edge of the pit facing the left wall and touching it. Hop back once and then turn just slightly to the right. Jump to grab the ledge close to where it first extends out over the pit. (If you try to grab much farther out, Lara will miss and fall.) Traverse across the pit and drop down on the other side. Now climb to the bottom of the ice ladder and let go. As soon as you drop to the ground, jump to the left to avoid the rolling snowballs. Wait for a second wave of snow to pass before picking up SECRET #3, the Gold Dragon, along with 4 sets of Uzi clips if you've found all three secrets. Stand beneath the ice ladder, jump straight up to grab it and climb out of the pit.

OPEN AREA WITH SNOWMOBILERS: Continue to the end of the tunnel. When you emerge, 2 more snowmobilers appear at the bottom of the hill. Immediately climb on the rock wall to the right and shoot them from above. (The M-16 works nicely for targeting, but you can also take your time and use the pistols as long as you back away from the edge when they drive by with their guns blazing.) Or, if you still have the black snowmobile from the previous area, you can use it to chase and shoot them down.

CAVERN WITH POOL AND EXIT TUNNEL: Proceed to the bottom of the hill, where you'll find a block of ice set into the wall. Push it twice to get into the cavern behind it. When you climb over the block, 2 thugs with guns appear inside on the right. Take care of them, move forward to the drop-off and shoot another bad guy on a ledge below on the right. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you don't care about getting all the kills, you can use a little trick when entering this cavern. After you push the ice block twice, jumping on top of it or over the slope to the right of it triggers the 3 bad guys beyond. But if you jump onto the slope to the left of the block and then go around it instead of over it, these enemies don't appear. (screenshot)

Now you're headed for the pool at the bottom of the cavern. The quickest way down is to drive one of the snowmobiles over the edge. Lara will jump off as it lands in the water. However, you do need to move the ice block a little farther into the room to get the snowmobile inside.

To climb down to the pool, walk to the right side of the cliff edge, turn around, drop back and grab the edge, traverse all the way to the wall on the left and then drop to the snowbank below. Lara will slide to a stop on the ice ledge. The sniper in the cave isn't carrying anything, so you needn't bother going over there. Instead take a carefully angled running jump off the corner of the ice ledge to land in the water. Be sure to set up this jump precisely; otherwise Lara will hit the ice instead of the water. Alternatively, turn around to face the cliff wall. Then safety drop from the left side of the ledge to the ice below. Swim to the small, stone ledge in the opposite corner, climb out of the water and follow the passageway to the next level. (screenshots)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 2/6/11 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications. Fixed a few typos and re-ordered screenshots later that same day. (Whoops!)
12/1/13 - Added "objectives" section for each level.

*Under found items, the number in parentheses shows the total including extra items granted for finding all three secrets.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Thanks also to Andy C., Cujo, Geoff, gtadem, Ivtzaan, Kristian, Richard, Sharon and Tom C., for their help on this level.

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