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Kills: 30 Items: 24 (28) plus 3 keys, the Seraph, and 3 secrets

NOTE: Under items, the number in parentheses (28) includes the reward for finding all three secrets. Also, the regular pickups in this level will include the GRENADE LAUNCHER, SHOTGUN, UZIS, AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, and M16 if you didn't get them earlier.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

The Deck Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: This is another large, complicated level. You begin on the main deck of the ship, which has somehow come to rest in a huge, undersea cavern. Climb down into the cave alongside the deck to find the Stern Key. Swim through a flooded passageway to the cavern floor. Use the key to reach an underground lake, where you'll find the Cabin Key. Make your way back to the upper decks and use this key to open a door there. Then locate a hidden cave, where you'll find the Storage Key. Climb all the way back down to the cavern floor and use this key to obtain the Seraph artifact. Doing so ends the level.

NOTE: Most of the gameplay here occurs on and around the decks of the Maria Doria, which has 4 LEVELS: The lowest (and largest) of these is the MAIN DECK where you start. Above that is the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK. (This is actually two half-decks, one on each side, that don't connect. There are movable crates on each side for climbing if you need them). The next higher is the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK (with the swimming pool). Above that is the TOP DECK.

MAIN DECK AND FLOODED CAVE ALONGSIDE: Go to the right and take out the 2 enemies with wrench and flamethrower. Pick up the small medi pack one was carrying. Go around to the other side of the deck to grab 2 pairs of grenades (or one pair and the GRENADE LAUNCHER, if you don't have it already) left lying on the ground. (screenshot)

Return to the corridor where you started, climb up into one of the windows and dive into the water below. There are 2 barracudas in the water. So either harpoon them or climb out on the small, square ledge on the left and use your pistols. From the square ledge, climb the rocks around the perimeter of the cave to reach the STERN KEY. (screenshots)

When you have the key, hop back into the water and swim through the tunnel below on the left when facing the wall with the windows. (It's also shown in the last screenshot.) Follow the flooded passageway forward, right, then left. At the upper end of the passage is an opening where you can surface.

CAVERN FLOOR/OVERTURNED HULL: Ahead is the rusted hull of the ship's stern, which apparently broke off when it sank. A goon with a wrench attacks as you climb out of the water, so take care of him. Hop down off this metal ledge and head to the right, taking out the flamethrower guy on the next ledge from a distance. Note the trapdoor at the right end of the ledge where he was standing but for now continue past that ledge and around the corner to the left, where you'll find some movable crates stacked against the hull.

MOVABLE CRATES AND STERN ENTRANCE: Push the crate on the left against the others. Climb on top of it and push the upper crate on top of the rightmost crate. Pull the left crate out again. Then climb over it and push it once. Turn around and pull the other crate away from the stacked crates to reveal the door to the STERN. Take the flares on the ground and use the STERN KEY to unlock the door. (screenshots)

When you first enter the stern, it's partially flooded. Jump into the water, swim down and forward, then make a sharp U-turn to the right. You'll see a lever on the wall. (screenshot) Pull it to open a trapdoor elsewhere. Swim back the way you came, exit the STERN, turn right and head back to the rusty ledge with the trapdoor, where you killed the guy with the flamethrower earlier. A thug with a shotgun meets you there. Kill him and take his shotgun shells before dropping down through the trapdoor. (This is not the door you just opened with the lever; it opens automatically when Lara stands on it.)

NOTE: If you don't have the SHOTGUN already, you'll get it here instead of shells.

Follow the rusty corridor to a ladder. Climb up through the trapdoor you just opened using the lever in the flooded STERN. Flip the switch to drain the water from the STERN. Return outside, go through the door near the movable crates and drop down into the now dry cave inside the stern. (screenshot)

Proceed to a dead end with a movable crate embedded in the wall. Pull it out to reveal an opening. (screenshot) Follow this tunnel to its end and climb up into a larger cave. Near the tunnel opening is a huge propeller. (If you explored the CAVERN FLOOR earlier, you may have seen the propeller from the other side.) Head away from the propeller and tunnel opening until you come to a large, underground lake. (screenshot)

SUBTERRANEAN LAKE: In the middle of the lake is an INFLATABLE RAFT guarded by 2 scuba divers. You can kill them with harpoons or swim to the landing on the left side of the cavern next to the raft. (screenshot) When you climb out of the water here, a guy with a wrench emerges from behind the wooden crates. Deal with him and then shoot the divers from dry land. Then pick up 2 sets of Uzi clips hidden behind the crates.

NOTE: You'll get the UZIS and one set of clips here if you don't yet have the guns.

There's a key sitting atop one of the crates on the raft, but unfortunately you can't climb into the raft from the water. So you'll need to make your way to the cavern exit at other end of the lake. First, stop off for a secret: From the ledge with the crates, facing the raft, turn left and swim forward until you come to a tall rock formation sticking out of the water. On the bottom of the lake just below this rock formation there's something shiny amid the seaweed. Dive down to find SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon. (screenshots)

Surface, face the rock formation again and then swim around to the left side of it. There's a small tunnel in the rock wall near the lake bottom. (screenshot) Swim through it and then quickly head for the surface to avoid the barracuda lurking here. Climb out of the water and shoot the fish from above.

Turn around and follow the wide passageway away from the lake. The passage slopes upward gradually and takes several turns. When you come to the area where the floor and walls are mottled blue and white, a guy with a shotgun appears ahead. Kill him and take his shells. Bypass the opening on the left for now (this leads to the TOP DECK) and continue straight ahead to an opening in the floor with a large medi pack nearby. Get that health meter up to 100% then safety drop through the opening onto the INFLATABLE RAFT. (screenshot) Take the CABIN KEY and 2 bunches of harpoons.

Two sharks come out of hiding and begin to circle in the water below. You can take them out with pistols from the raft or do it the hard way with harpoons. If you only see one shark, try taking a dip to draw out the other. Then swim to the ledge with the crates to shoot it from above. If you want all kills, swim back toward the underwater tunnel (i.e., the same one you used before, shown in this screenshot) to draw out a third shark. Kill it and then swim through the tunnel to surface in the little pool where you encountered the barracuda earlier. Or, if you don't care about that third shark, you can climb out of the water on the ledge with the wooden crates and make your way across the rocks to that same little pool. (screenshot)

Once again follow the wide, twisting passageway to the area where the walls turn mottled blue-white. This time, instead of continuing straight on to the opening above the raft, follow the side passage on the left and climb a series of stone ledges to emerge near the TOP DECK.

TOP AND UPPER-MIDDLE DECKS: Climb down from the tunnel opening onto the deck. Head straight forward into the alley between the two cabins. (screenshot) Ready weapons. As you pass the small doors that face each other, 2 enemies appear just ahead. One has a wrench, one a shotgun. Backflip while shooting to take them both out before they reach you. One drops a box of flares. Continue forward between the walls and turn left. Hop down into the depression just to the left of the ornate bench to find 2 pairs of grenades. Then continue toward the front of the deck.

NOTE: There are several small doors on this level that don't open yet. Don't worry about it; you'll return here later.

An ambush awaits Lara on the level below: 2 thugs with wrenches and a guy with a flamethrower. If you're careful, you can deal with them one at a time. Begin by moving to the front edge of the deck where it overhangs the swimming pool. Drop and hang from the edge above the pool to trigger the enemies below. (If you hang from the edge to the left or right of the pool, Lara will get toasted by the flamethrower. So be sure to dangle above the water.) Then quickly pull up and move away from the edge. Turn so the pool is on Lara's right. From here, you can target the wrench guys as they climb up to your level. When they're both dead, equip the Uzis or M16. Save the game just in case. Then move cautiously to the edge and quickly take out the flamethrower guy down below. (screenshots)

NOTE: If he does manage to set Lara on fire and you haven't saved recently, you can drop into the pool to put out the flames. Just watch out for the barracuda and scuba diver.

Now drop down and approach the swimming pool. Kill the barracuda in the water. Then walk around to stand at the edge of the pool just above the tiled door in the corner. If you jump over the corner of the pool just above the door, you'll hear it open. Roll and shoot the scuba diver who emerges from underwater alcove. Then swim inside to find SECRET #2, the Gold Dragon. (screenshots)

Before moving on, give a moment of thanks that you don't work for Marco Bartoli guarding a statue in a swimming pool at the bottom of the ocean. Then locate some Uzi clips in an alcove in the back left corner of the deck, when facing the pool, and 2 sets of M16 clips behind a movable crate on the right side of the deck.

LOWER-MIDDLE DECK: The deck below the one with the swimming pool is actually two separate decks: one on the left, one on the right. If you want all the kills, look for a bad guy with a shotgun down on the left. You can shoot him easily from above. He isn't carrying any goodies so there's no need to climb down there. If you do drop down, you can return to the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK by pulling out the wooden crate and using it for a boost. (screenshot)

CLIMBING FROM THE DECK TO THE OVERTURNED HULL: Drop down onto the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK on the right side when facing away from the swimming pool. Do not drop all the way down to the lowest deck. Move to the front corner of the lower-middle deck, save the game in case you miss any of the subsequent jumps, and then take a running jump to the flat rock with wood on top. From there, take another running jump to grab the metal duct ahead; pull up. Here the camera shifts to a wide-angle view of Lara's position and the overturned hull ahead. (screenshots)

While standing on top of the metal duct, notice the Jade Dragon off to the right, but don't go there yet. You'll have another chance to claim the secret soon. Instead take a running jump from the higher end of the duct across the gap and onto the overturned hull. Cross the top of the hull toward the big propeller at the back left side. Turn around so Lara's back is toward the edge and the propeller is on her right. Drop and hang from the edge, then release and grab the crevice below. Traverse to the left until you can pull up. Turn left and take a running jump into the opening on the cavern wall. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

NOTE: If you miss any of these jumps and fall down onto the MAIN DECK, where you first entered this level, you won't immediately be able to climb back onto the metal duct or to the upper decks. Instead, you'll need to reload your last save and try again. Or, use one of the alternate techniques described in the note at the bottom of the page.

CAVE WITH STEPPED BLOCKS: Follow the passage to a large cave where you can jump from one flat block to another to hop up the steep slope. (screenshot) Take care of the 2 bad guys with wrenches at the top. If necessary, slide back down to the bottom and shoot them as they approach. One drops a large medi pack.

TOP DECK (again): Continue through the cave to an opening overlooking the deck. Take a running jump to grab the cabin roof ahead and pull up. Cross to the other side of the roof and look to the left to spot a trapdoor on the next roof, just to the right of the rusty section on top. Jump over and drop through the trapdoor. Kill the thug with the wrench and retrieve 2 sets of automatic pistol clips in a corner.

NOTE: If you didn't get the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS earlier, you'll get them now along with one set of clips.

Go around to the exit, which opens as you approach. Before leaving, pull the wooden crate near the door out from the wall, then to the side, to reveal a switch. Use it to open a door at the other end of this deck.

As you exit this room, a guy with a gun appears on the left. Kill him, take 2 sets of automatic pistol clips off the body. Then head for the front of this deck. The door you just opened is on the left side of the deck when facing out toward the open cavern. Inside you'll find 2 sets of M16 clips.

NOTE: If you didn't get the M16 RIFLE earlier, you'll receive it now along with one set of clips.

Use the CABIN KEY in the lock to open the door. Enter cautiously; there are glass shards beneath the breakaway tile floor. Run across the tiles, keeping to either side, to reach the one solid bit of floor. Press the button to open another door at the back of this deck. Then run back across the remaining breakaway tiles or, if you've broken all the tiles, take a running jump to grab the opposite edge of the pit and pull up. Another wrench thug approaches as you exit. Kill him and head for the door you just opened at the back of this deck (i.e., just opposite the room where you moved the crate and pulled the switch earlier).

CAVE LEADING TO UPPER HULL: Enter and go up the stairs. Then climb the metal blocks to the cave above on the left. Follow the twisting stone passageway to a low stone step with a raised opening above it. You can't reach the opening from the step, so turn around, walk to the edge of the step and jump to grab the top of the tall stone block. Pull up, turn around and take a running jump into the opening. Safety drop through the hole in the floor onto the rusted hull and pick up the STORAGE KEY. (screenshot)

CLIMBING BACK DOWN TO THE METAL DUCT: Once you have the key, slide down either side of the hull to the deck. Then make your way forward and down to the UPPER-MIDDLE DECK (the level with the swimming pool). Go to the right side of that deck, drop down to the LOWER-MIDDLE DECK and jump from there to the flat rock with the wooden top, then to the metal duct. (Check the screenshots from the last time you did this if you need visuals.) From the top of the metal duct you should be able to dust off 2 goons with flamethrowers milling about near the crates below. (screenshot) If Lara won't target them with pistols, either use the M16 or wait. You'll have another chance in just a minute.

Now go after SECRET #3, the Jade Dragon: Take a running jump from the top of the metal duct to grab the crevice to the left of the little cave lined with broken glass. Traverse to the right, pull up and walk carefully over the glass to the statue. If you found the other secrets as well, you'll get a bonus of 4 pairs of grenades here. Move carefully back through the glass and step or drop off the ledge. (screenshots)

NOTE: In the PS1 version, attempting to safety drop off the edge results in Lara getting skewered on the broken glass. So you'll need to walk to the edge and jump forward instead. Lara will take a small amount of damage from the glass, but she'll survive.

If you haven't already killed the 2 flamethrower guys down below, try again now. Lara should have no trouble targeting them with pistols from the MAIN DECK, and their flames should not reach her.

STORAGE SHED: Now make your way down to the floor of the cavern. If Lara has full health, you can safety drop from here, but she'll lose almost a full bar in the drop. To get down without any damage, take a running jump from the left side of the deck onto the overturned hull and slide down. (screenshot) Again, if you didn't kill the 2 flamethrower guys earlier, watch out for them now. They'll be waiting near the movable crates by the STERN entrance.

Behind the overturned hull, on the far side of the cavern from the decks, you'll find the storage shed door. Use your newly acquired key in the lock, enter and pick up the SERAPH to end the level.

FMV MOVIE: Now that she's got the Seraph, Lara uses a flotation device to return to the surface. She then steals Bartoli's seaplane and takes off for Tibet. (Notice her expression as she spies the cozy leather bomber jacket on the co-pilot's seat. As far as I'm concerned, this look alone is worth the price of admission!) Unfortunately the plane runs out of fuel before Lara can reach the Barkhang monastery and she crash-lands in the nearby mountains. (Re-watch the video, titled "Crash," on my YouTube channel.)

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/19/11 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.
4/7/11 - Added new strategy for dealing with scuba diver guarding the gold dragon, thanks to a tip from dscheJ-Ouh.
7/6/11 - Removed a shortcut that turned out not to work as expected. Apologies to anyone who was led astray by my mistake. Thanks to Luke P. for helping me sort things out.
5/5/12 - Added links to cinematics on YouTube.
12/1/13 - Added "objectives" section for each level.
2/4/18 - Added note about getting down from the Jade Dragon secret in the PS1 game. Thanks to Boobandie for the heads-up.
2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks are given to the participants in the newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Thanks also to dscheJ-Ouh for the tip regarding the scuba diver guarding the gold dragon and to the many people who sent in the suggestion for the shortcut from the movable crates to the cave with stepped blocks.

NOTE: If you miss any of the jumps while climbing from the deck to the overturned hull, or if you go after the Jade Dragon and wind up back on the MAIN DECK before obtaining the Storage Key, you won't be able to climb back onto the metal duct from below. However, there are a few alternatives:

  1. Reload an earlier save and try the sequence again.

  2. Use the corner bug to hop from the MAIN DECK onto the duct, starting at the spot shown in this screenshot. If you aren't familiar with the corner bug, there are detailed instructions on my Useful Bugs page.

  3. Return to the cavern floor and then use the shortcut described on this separate page to get from the wooden crates to the cave with the stepped blocks. Or, make the long trek through the STERN back to the TOP DECK. (Follow the walkthrough above if necessary.)

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