THE HIDDEN CITY – Manko's Crypt - Side Mission: Hearts and Minds
Part 2: Retrieve the Savior's Amulet

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When you give Uchu the King's Horn from Part 1 of the Hearts and Minds Mission, he asks Lara to go after a second sacred object, an amulet that belonged to Manko, the farmer who led Unuratu's ancestors to Paititi. Uchu explains that Manko's followers were known as the Order of the Peasant Savior, and this order evolved into the rebellion Unuratu leads today. When the Cult of Kukulkan came to power, the Order hid Manko's remains in a secret place: a cistern whose entrance is through a cave above a white tree.

RIVERSIDE: The first objective is to Find the White Tree. Its location is marked on your map with a green mission objective marker. You'll find it just south of the Fishing District Base Camp. You may have already explored this area while searching for collectibles. (screenshots)

Climb the tree near the campsite. Then Climb the Cliff by first jumping to grab a handhold on the rock wall. Climb onto the ledge above. Turn left, and jump over to another set of handholds. Climb to the ledge above on the left. Here you'll find a condor's nest, which you can loot for feathers and/or the Keep Calm and Carrion Challenge. Use the horizontal branch to swing over to a handhold on the wall beyond. Then scramble up onto the ledge. If you didn't get it before, you'll find a document (8/42) The First Emperor (Quechua/Founding Paititi) sitting on a stone block. At this point, your objective is updated: Enter the Cave. (screenshots)

PASSAGE TO THE CISTERN: Climb into the tunnel opening and squeeze through the narrow gap. Scramble under a spear trap that has already been triggered. Jump over the spike pit beyond the spears. Then pick up some supplies and examine a document (23/42), The Cult's Control (Subjugating Paititi), before continuing along the tunnel past another spear trap. Beyond the spears is an apparent dead end with a mural (16/23), The Peasant Savior (Quechua/Subjugating Paititi). Examine it then break through the crumbling wall on the left to access a hidden passageway. (screenshots)

Now to Search for Manko's Remains. Advance carefully along the dark passage. Cut the tripwire to trigger a spear trap. Scramble under the spears, but don't rush forward; there's another tripwire just ahead. Cut it to trigger the next set of spears then scramble past them. Enter the open courtyard with gold and turquoise decorations. On the right is a box with a relic (17/28), Golden Effigy (Quechua/Cult of Kukulkan), and on the left, a document (24/42), Protection (Quechua/Resistance). Climb into the rectangular opening to the right of the document. Follow the dark passageway to another courtyard. Go through the low opening on the right, then another partially closed door, into a small, dark room containing some gold ore. Return to the previous courtyard the way you came. Now continue through the wide doorway to the right (north) and proceed down several short flights of stairs. (screenshots)

THE CISTERN & MANKO'S CRYPT: Ahead is a wooden footbridge leading to Manko's sarcophagus. Lara expresses suspicion, and sure enough, when you step onto it, the bridge collapses, dropping Lara into the pool below. You must now find another way to Reach Manko's Remains. First, collect a few aquatic plants and pry some gold ore out of the south wall of the pool. Then swim through the tunnel to the north. (screenshots)

Surface and climb out of the water into a room with a minor mural you can examine for information about Manko and the Cult of Kukulkan. In the next room is a jaguar-head handle. Use it to close the nearby sluice gate, raising the water level. Before Lara drowns, turn around and swim through the passageway to the south. Beyond the broken bars and the angled gold door, you can surface in the pool below the sarcophagus. (screenshots)

Swim to the opposite (south) side and enter another side area. Examine the minor mural then use the jaguar-head handle to raise the water level further. As you swim back out to the north, the door starts to close, but it remains open just wide enough for Lara to swim through and up to the surface. (screenshots)

Head for the doorway on the left (west) side of the pool. Examine another minor mural. Use a rope arrow to pull down the wooden barrier so you can reach the next jaguar-head handle and use it to raise the water level again. This time, as you swim back toward the main room, the door where you entered closes all the way, and you'll need to swim up through the opening in the ceiling. In the small room above, swim forward and use a climbing axe to smash through the wooden barrier so you can then squeeze through the narrow opening and head straight up to the surface. (screenshots)

Manko's tomb is now directly ahead. Climb out of the water. Open the sarcophagus to retrieve the The Savior's Amulet and 750 gold pieces. The amulet doesn't count as an official relic, but it is added to your Artifacts collection under the Subjugating Paititi Story, and your mastery of the Quechua dialect increases a little. There are also 2 piles of jade in the corners. (screenshots)

NOTE: Completing this crypt, does not count toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge.

EXITING THE CRYPT: Finally, Return to Unuratu's Hideout with the Amulet. You could return the way you came, following the passageway west then south. Or take a shortcut: break through the doorway behind the sarcophagus. Jump across a spike pit and scale the climbing wall to the top. Proceed through a low tunnel to another climbable wall. Jump across the gap to latch on, then rappel down to the ground. Follow the passageway back to the south, past an already triggered spear trap, a spike pit, and another spear trap to the ledge above the river where you first came in. (screenshots)

Return to Uchu to give him the amulet. Depending on where you are in the main story when you complete this mission, he will either be in Unuratu's Home or, later in the game, SKULL CAVE. Both have base camps, and Uchu's location should be indicated on the in-game map. He gives you 350 gold pieces for retrieving the Amulet.

Later in the game, Uchu will ask you to retrieve a third treasure: The Champion's Bow. This is covered in the HIDDEN CITY REVISIT walkthrough.

[Hidden City Walkthrough]

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