HIDDEN CITY – Crypt of Ollanta, The Potter

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NOTE: There are five crypts in Paititi. Only four of them count toward the Speak of the Dead Challenge. You can explore them in any order, but if you follow my walkthrough, this will be the last one. The second, Manko's Crypt, is part of the Savior's Amulet Side Mission and does not count for the challenge.

CRYPT ENTRANCE: The entrance to this crypt is in the wild jungle area on the west central part of the Hidden City map. You'll pass near it during the third HEARTS AND MINDS SIDE MISSION, Retrieve the Champion's Bow. To save backtracking, I have included it in the HIDDEN CITY REVISIT walkthrough. If you want to explore the Crypt sooner, that's absolutely fine.

POOL NEAR WILD JUNGLE BASE CAMP: If you do the Champion's Bow mission, you'll find yourself in this area when you're finished. Otherwise, locate the tunnel entrance, on the western edge of the city, just north of the MARKET. There's a small pool there and the tunnel is decorated with red paint, feathers, and bones. (screenshot) Follow the tunnel into the jungle. Then turn left (north) to the pool. Or, if you've been in this area before, Fast Travel to the Wild Jungle Base Camp. The pool is just north of the camp. (screenshot)

CLIMBING TO THE CRYPT ENTRANCE: Climb out of the pool on the mossy stone ledge on the northeast bank, opposite the entrance to the PATH OF BATTLE CHALLENGE TOMB. Scramble up the tree onto the broken branch. Jump to grab the next branch, swing, and jump over to a handhold on the rock wall. Climb/jump to the right toward the waterfall. Continue climbing around the corner to the right. Scramble up to the handhold above, climb to the right, and pull up onto the next ledge. Examine the document (39/42), Warning (Quechua/Inside Out), sitting on the stone shelf just ahead. Then continue around to the right, toward the falls. Jump across the gap behind the waterfall, grab the next ledge, and pull up. Walk out onto the jutting tree branch and around to the left. Jump toward the cliff wall, scramble up to grab a handhold, then climb to the handhold above. Continue climbing around to the right until you can jump up and grab the overhanging ledge and pull up in front of the Crypt entrance. There's another diving platform for the High Diving Challenge here. If you haven't completed it yet, wait until you finish exploring the Crypt, since you'll exit here. There's also a condor's nest you can loot for condor feathers and/or the Keep Calm and Carrion Challenge. (screenshots)

ENTERING THE CRYPT: Follow the dark passageway into the Crypt. Watch out for a concealed spike pit a little way in. Jump over it. Examine a relic (28/28), a broken Arrow (Quechua/Inside Out), lying on the ground just beyond the pit. Then squeeze through the narrow opening on the left. Examine the document (40/42), More Questions (Quechua/Inside Out), lying on the sunlit mound near the dessicated corpse. Then continue through the low passageway to the southeast. Where the tunnel splits, head to the left first to find some gold ore, a resource container, and a mischief of rats. Then backtrack to the fork and head the other way. (screenshots)

LARGE, CYLINDRICAL ROOM: Follow the passageway past another resource container to a doorway overlooking a large, cylindrical room. Lara spots the sarcophagus on the other side. You can't reach the other high doorway from here, so drop down onto the ledge below. Drop or climb down to the floor, then scramble up the wall onto the south ledge to find another document (41/42), Merchant Sacrifice (Mam/Metamorphosis). At ground level, against the east wall, is a mural (21/23), Ollanta, The Potter (Quechua/Resting Places). There are also a couple more resource containers here. (screenshots)

SIDE AREA WITH SPIKE PIT AND CLIMBABLE WALL: Break down the crumbling wall opposite the mural and go through into a passageway with a wide spike pit. Grapple-swing to the other side. In the tall, misty room ahead, go around to the right into a slightly lower side room. Here you'll find some jade ore and an archivist map (7/7), which may not be very useful at this point. If you've been following this walkthrough, you will have already found the collectibles it would reveal. (screenshots)

SARCOPHAGUS: Return up the steps to the previous room, climb the ledge on the left, and scale the climbable wall above it. Walk out onto the jutting beam and jump from there to the doorway of the sarcophagus room. Open the sarcophagus to find 750 gold pieces and a Vestige: Greaves of Six Sky, which provide faster health regeneration. If you've completed the other Hidden City Crypts (not including Manko's Crypt, the one from the Savior's Amulet Side Mission), you will now complete the Speak of the Dead Challenge. (screenshots)

EXITING THE CRYPT: Getting back to the main area is fairly straightforward. Start by moving into the northeast doorway of the sarcophagus room. Stand near the post and hoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped beam above the doorway on the far side of the large, cylindrical room. Climb across. Follow the passageway back the way you came. When you come to the room with the ecstatic corpse, where you found document #40, continue through the narrow opening to the north. Just beyond the dark area where you found relic #28, follow the passageway toward the light, but watch out for the spike pit. Outside, dive off the wooden platform into the pool below the waterfall. If you haven't already completed the High Diving Challenge, this will count toward your total. (screenshots)

The entrance to the PATH OF BATTLE CHALLENGE TOMB is on the left (west) side of the pool. Or, if you're ready to move on, swim to the north end of the pool, wade forward through the shallow water, and you'll find the Wild Jungle Base Camp just ahead on the right. (screenshot)

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