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  • Defeat Sobek in under 3:00 (Large Machine Gun)
  • Feed Sobek Three Time Bombs at Once (Max Ammo Upgrade)
  • Feed Sobek One of his Minions (Max Health Upgrade)

Rings: none
Amulets: none
Weapons: Large Machine Gun
Other: 1 Max Health Upgrade, 1 Max Ammo Upgrade

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located inside the pyramid, which lies across the bridge to the east of Osiris's Shrine. The section for the Shrine of Osiris - sixth visit explains the transition from the Oracle's Chamber to this level.

STARTING AREA: The timer for the battle doesn't start until after the next cutscene, so you can take your time and adjust your gear. You won't need much in the way of weapons for this fight, since you defeat the boss indirectly, but it may help to equip a powerful weapon to fight Sobek's minions, as well as items that give you increased speed, bomb power, bomb radius, and/or bomb reload. There are also a few gems to be had in the long entryway leading to the main room. When you're ready to confront Sobek, move to the end of the walkway and jump down onto one of the wooden rafts floating in the pool.

The challenges in this level are not especially hard, but it would be quite difficult to beat all three in one playthrough. I recommend trying the second and third challenges together and then replaying the level for the time challenge once you get the hang of the mechanics.

SOBEK BOSS FIGHT - PHASE ONE: When you first enter the cavern with the large pool and wooden rafts, there is a basket full of fish hanging from the ceiling. To see how it works, shoot the eye-shaped switch above the basket. (screenshot) This raises it out of the water. After a few moments, SOBEK breaches the surface and devours the fish, basket and all, before returning to the depths. (screenshot)

Like the previous boss, Khepri, Sobek is practically invulnerable, but he does have a weak spot. You'll need to trick him into exposing it. When he disappears after his little appetizer, more wooden rafts bob to the surface. Some of these have time bombs on them. Since there are no other enemies about, this is a good time to attempt the Challenge: Feed Sobek Three Time Bombs at Once.

Even if you are not attempting the challenge, You'll need to do the first part of this sequence in order to defeat the boss. So follow along for now. Approach one of the time bombs that's fairly close to the hanging basket. Plant a remote bomb behind the time bomb. Then raise the Staff of Osiris and hold it up throughout this sequence to prevent the time bombs from exploding too soon. Now detonate the remote bomb to (hopefully) fling the time bomb into the basket. If it doesn't work the first time, you can either choose a different time bomb or move to where the first bomb landed and try again using another remote bomb. (screenshots)

If you're not going for the challenge skip the rest of this paragraph. If you are trying for the challenge, once you have the first bomb in the basket, repeat the process with a second then a third time bomb. Note that you can use a remote bomb to shift a time bomb whether it is on a raft or in the water. Just be sure to position the remote bomb on the opposite side of the time bomb from the basket, so the force of the detonation propels the time bomb toward the basket. Remember to keep holding up the staff as you work so the bombs don't explode. (screenshots)

When you have three bombs in the basket (or just one bomb if you're not attempting the challenge), shoot the switch to raise the basket. Then immediately lift the staff again so the bombs don't explode before Sobek gets to them. After a moment, Sobek will power up out of the water and devour the basket, bombs and all. An on-screen message shows you've beaten the challenge, and you receive a MAX AMMO UPGRADE for your efforts. (screenshots)

There's a commotion below the surface as the bombs explode. Then Sobek floats to the surface belly up. That red, scaly spot on his tummy is his weak spot. Quickly jump/swim over to him, climb onto his belly, and plant a remote bomb on the red patch. Then detonate it to take about a third of his health. (screenshots)

SOBEK BOSS FIGHT - PHASE TWO: The boss then retreats to the depths as several of Sobek's priests appear on the wooden rafts. As in the Tomb of the Lamplighter, these guys call down lightning bolts from above. These can injure your characters and destroy any raft on which they happen to be standing. So watch out for the white circles and move away before the lightning hits. (screenshot)

If things get dicey, there are health packs and boxes of ammo on several of the rafts. Some of these will respawn throughout the level.

If you are attempting the third Challenge: Feed Sobek One of his Minions, use this phase of the battle do do it. Pick one of the enemies who's standing on a raft close to the basket. Swim or jump over to him and plant a remote bomb so just the edge of the blast radius touches the enemy, rather than the bomb itself. Then detonate the bomb to launch the enemy into the basket. Shoot the switch to raise the basket. Then just wait for Sobek to rise up and devour it. You'll then receive a MAX HEALTH UPGRADE as a reward. (screenshots)

NOTE: This challenge can be tricky. The enemies don't always appear on the rafts near the basket, and sometimes the bombs kill the enemies rather than flinging them through the air. If things are not going well, don't hesitate to reload the last checkpoint from the main menu. You may find the enemies appear in better spots next time around

Once you've completed this challenge—or if you don't care about the challenges, or you're going for the 3-minute time challenge—ignore the enemies and focus on getting one of the time bombs into the basket, just as you did before. When you succeed, shoot the switch to raise the basket, let Sobek eat the bomb, and then use a remote bomb on that irritated spot on his belly. (screenshots)

SOBEK BOSS FIGHT - PHASE THREE: The final phase is the same as the previous two. Choose a time bomb that's close to the basket if possible; otherwise you'll need to use remote bombs to nudge it closer before attempting to fling it into the basket. Again, place a remote bomb behind the time bomb—either on a raft or in the water. Then detonate the bomb to toss the time bomb into the basket, while keeping the staff raised to slow the timer on the bomb. Shoot the switch to lift the basket out of the water. Then raise the staff again to prevent the bomb from exploding too soon. Wait for Sobek to eat the bomb. Then, when he floats to the surface climb onto his belly and explode a remote bomb on his weak spot. (screenshots)

If you manage to defeat Sobek in less than 3 minutes, you'll receive the LARGE MACHINE GUN. As Sobek sinks to the bottom, the water recedes revealing the exit. Go up the stairs and through the door to the end-of-level treasure room. (screenshots)

TREASURE ROOM: Lara and friends receive another CANOPIC JAR for their efforts. If you beat all three challenges, you'll also unlock the Heartburn achievement now. Explore the treasure room, pick up more gems and, if you have enough saved, unlock a treasure chest or two. Then return to the golden symbol on the floor to go back to the Overworld.

NOTE: Chances are you will not beat all three challenges in one playthrough. To replay this level, return through the main Pyramid entrance from the Overworld and then go back into Sobek's tomb (the one on the far right).

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