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Challenges: None
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Weapons: Rocket Launcher

Follow this link for a complete list of collectibles and their powers/effects. See here for PlayStation Trophies and Steam/Xbox One Achievements.

TOMB ENTRANCE: The entrance to this tomb is located in the southwestern corner of the Cliffside area of the Overworld. (screenshot) When you have completed the Tomb of the Torturer, the entrance to the Pharaoh's Tomb opens and the Overworld map is updated with its location. (screenshot) See the Cliffside - second visit walkthrough for details.

Use the AMMO CACHE in the entryway and adjust your equipment if necessary before moving out into the main part of the tomb. Once you start the upcoming battle, you will not be able to leave this area until you beat it, so make sure you are prepared. Equip items that provide cold resistance and, if possible, increased defense, weapon power, and/or bomb power. You may also want improved speed. If you don't have any cold resistance items, I recommend replaying some of the previous levels until you get one as a challenge reward or are able to find one in a treasure chest.

Select a powerful weapon to use against the boss. If you're using something with a slower fire rate, like the railgun or any of the shotguns, you might also want to equip a ring that increases rate of fire. Include one or two alternate weapons that don't run through ammo so quickly, since there will be minions to fight as well.

In the co-op game, the boss seems to be a bit tougher, and there are more minor enemies in the sections where they appear, but other than that the battle is essentially the same in all versions.

PHARAOH BOSS FIGHT - PHASE ONE: Step forward and use the Staff of Osiris to rotate the 2 huge gears so you can jump past them to the other side of the room. Approach the alcove on the far left to trigger a brief cutscene, in which the PHARAOH appears, screaming like an angry teakettle. Now the fight begins. (screenshots)

You may want to start by planting a remote bomb near the edge of the spike pit between the 2 gears. When the Pharaoh jumps across this pit toward you, you can immediately do a little damage by detonating the bomb as soon as he lands. Bombs don't hurt him much, though, so you'll need to concentrate on using weapon fire to chip away at his health. (screenshots)

Unlike Khepri and Sobek, there is no "trick" to beating this boss. It just takes agility and firepower. Watch the floor throughout the fight. It is completely covered in ice vents which flare up at intervals. Each vent glows white just before it activates, spewing a blast of frigid air. Try to move out of the way before that happens. Even with cold resistance, you'll still take damage if you stand on or jump over an active vent, but you will not be slowed by the cold. (screenshots)

In addition to physically slapping your characters if they get too close to him, the pharaoh's main attacks are a thunderclap and foot stomp that can injure your characters and knock them down. When he spreads his arms wide or lifts his foot threateningly, try to move out of the way. Run/roll onto a clear area, turn to face the Pharaoh, and continue shooting as you back away. If you're too close when he claps or stomps, the shockwave will do damage and knock you down—possibly onto an ice vent. So try not to let that happen. (screenshots)

Continue to evade the boss by rolling past him, taking up a position in a safe spot, and shooting as he approaches. At this point, there's no need to go past the big gears. Just move back and forth along one side of the room as you fight. When you have reduced the Pharaoh's health bar by a third, he vanishes in a cloud of smoke. During the brief lull after he disappears, you can pick up health and ammo if you need it. (screenshots)

PHARAOH BOSS FIGHT - PHASE TWO: Now various minions begin to drop from the ceiling and emerge from the alcoves. These include mummies, exploding mummies, etc., mostly ice types but possibly a few others too. If you're playing a co-op game you can position characters on either side of the gears and take on the enemies as they appear. If you're playing solo, just do your best to stay off the active ice vents while avoiding the enemies. If you you can stand your ground for a few moments, you may be able to lure several enemies to your position. Then plant a remote bomb, quickly roll out of the way, and detonate the bomb to damage several foes at once. (screenshots)

Don't try to jump across the spike pit. Enemies can do this, but it's too far for humans (and gods in human form). Instead use the Staff of Osiris to rotate the huge gears so you can jump past them. This can actually work to your advantage. If you jump past one of the gears to the other side of the room, then lower the staff so the gears rotate back, the enemies will have to jump across the pit to pursue you. Then you can shoot them as they approach. (screenshots)

Other than that, just continue using the same basic moves. Let the enemies chase you around the room, planting bombs behind you to destroy them, shooting them when you have the opportunity, and avoiding the ice vents as much as possible. (screenshots)

PHARAOH BOSS FIGHT - PHASE THREE: When you've killed most of the minor enemies, the ice vents along the sides of the room will activate, trapping you in the middle as the PHARAOH reappears. Use the same tactics you did earlier: Move away from him, while also staying off the vents as much as possible. Shoot him as he approaches. Then quickly run/roll away before he can slap, clap, or stomp you. When you've put a little distance between you, turn and continue shooting. Repeat until you've taken another third of his health and he will disappear once more. (screenshots)

PHARAOH BOSS FIGHT - PHASE FOUR: Next comes a test of agility—and if you're playing the co-op game, teamwork. There are no enemies, just a shifting pattern of ice vents. The vents in the upper right corner turn on first then begin to activate counterclockwise around the room. They don't move especially quickly, so as long as you stay alert, it's not too hard to keep ahead of them. Raise the staff to rotate the huge gears whenever you need to jump across to the other side of the room in order to stay ahead of the active vents. (In co-op it's probably a good idea for at least one Egyptian character to keep his or her Staff raised throughout this sequence so the gears stay in the "open" position.) This is also a good opportunity to pick up more health and ammo, since you'll cover the entire perimeter of the room while avoiding the vents. (screenshots)

After the vents have made a full counterclockwise circle and then reached the upper corner once more, they will reverse direction and start moving clockwise. It will look as if you're about to be boxed into the right corner, but don't panic. Keep the staff raised and wait for the vents below and to the left of the huge gear to clear. You should have just enough time to jump across before the vents beneath you activate. (screenshots)

PHARAOH BOSS FIGHT - FINAL PHASE: As you return to the left side of the room, the PHARAOH reappears for a last confrontation. This time, several mummies and exploding mummies join the fight. Concentrate fire on the Pharaoh, since the minor enemies will just continue to respawn until you beat the boss. Now the old boy is really pissed. In addition to his earlier attacks, he also throws massive tantrums that release blasts of freezing air in a ring around him. When this happens, continue firing, but stay well back so you don't take damage. (screenshots)

As in the previous phases, you'll also need to avoid the active ice vents. There are more of them now, so as soon as you see white circles on the floor, run/roll out of the way to avoid injury. If you must get close to the minor enemies in order to avoid the vents, try planting remote bombs and detonating them as you move away. If it doesn't kill the enemies outright, it should slow them down so you can continue attacking the Pharaoh. Bombs don't have much effect on the Pharaoh, but exploding mummies definitely injure him. If you can manage to destroy exploding mummy when it's standing near the boss, it's a win-win. (screenshots)

Repeat these tactics, concentrating most of your efforts on the Pharaoh, and before long you'll reduce his health to zero. In a brief cutscene, he freezes solid and explodes. Whee! The gates on both sides of the room open, and you retrieve the SUPPLE ELBOWS OF OSIRIS. (screenshots)

After the cutscene, collect the gems left behind after the Pharaoh's demise. Move past the giant gears and take the ROCKET LAUNCHER from the pedestal near the AMMO CACHE before exiting the tomb. (screenshot)

NOTE: There are no challenges in this level, but should you feel like replaying it anyway, just re-enter it from the Overworld, approach the obelisk in the alcove where you found Osiris's elbows earlier (screenshot), and use the obelisk to activate a Combat Challenge in which you can re-fight the Pharaoh and his minions.

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