Stella's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Walkthrough - For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Windows PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch*

NOTE: Throughout this walkthrough I use abbreviations for north (N), northeast (NE), southwest (SW), etc., to give directions. There is no compass in this game, but just to make it easier to navigate on screen, we'll assume north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down. Outdoor levels include a map screen in the Inventory in case you get lost. Also, I played using the medium combat difficulty setting so your experiences may differ slightly on a different setting.

*Although the PC, console and iOS versions are similar, there are significant differences in a few areas. This walkthrough covers the original version but may also be helpful to iOS users.

Level 2: Temple Grounds (Single Player)

Updated: 12/19/10()

For the 2-player co-op walkthrough, please see here.

Score Challenges: 100K, 200K, 300K (Bonus: Automatic Shotgun)

Reward Challenges:

  • Find all 10 red skulls (Golden Scepter of Huitzilopochtli Relic)
  • Open the Spider Tomb in 5 minutes or less (Gold Owl Artifact)
  • Cross the river without touching the water (Health Powerup)
  • Find and defeat the Giant Demon Lizard (Ammo Powerup)
  • Destroy all the trucks (Clay Lizard Artifact)

Artifacts: Stone Feather, Clay Lizard, Clay Owl, Gold Owl
Relics: Arrow of Tezcatlipoca, Golden Scepter of Huitzilopochtli
Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Bolt Action Rifle, Automatic Shotgun
Powerups & Upgrades: 4 ammo, 4 health

A complete list of artifacts, relics and weapons can be found here.

TEMPLE OF LIGHT EXIT - OVERGROWN RUINS: At the start of the level you gain a secondary weapon: the ASSAULT RIFLE. A brief tutorial explains how the ammo bar works and how to equip weapons on the inventory screen.

Before following the obvious path away from the building, head to the north to discover a red skull (1/10) hidden in the bushes in the top corner of this area. (screenshot) A couple of lizards attack when you take the skull.

There are also some gems below and to the right of the temple stairs where you started. Get them, then head to the south, killing a few more lizards. Near the SE edge of this area is a small dais with another red skull (2/10) and more gems. (This screenshot shows the skull. The dais is indicated as a little rectangle on the level map in your inventory.)

Now follow the stone road leading away from the stairs where you started. Soon you'll come to a clearing with some trucks. After a short cut scene showing Xolotl's undead warriors slaughtering some mercenaries, prepare for an onslaught of enemies from the NW. The shamans fire blue energy beams, which you should try and dodge if possible. The square columns also offer some cover. Watch out for various lizards that spawn around you as you fight the larger enemies.

Before leaving this area, use bombs to blow up the 2 trucks that aren't already on fire—one is just to the left of the bridge at the NW end of the road lined with square columns. The other is at the SW end of this same road. These are the first 2 of 10 trucks you'll need to blow up for one of the Reward Challenges (screenshots). Gather a health pack and gems from among the flaming ruins.

Then head all the way down to the SE edge of this area to find another dais with gems. More lizards appear as you explore here.

Return to the NW to the road with the burning trucks where you fought the shamans. When you step out onto the bridge, 2 enemies attack. Deal with them and continue forward. At the gap in the bridge, hop down onto the ledge, throw a spear into the wall and use it to climb up on the other side. A bit farther along, you'll see a huge statue supporting the bridge. Fire a spear into the statue and climb onto its head to find red skull (3/10). (screenshot) Drop down and continue to the end of the bridge.

SPIDER TOMB EXTERIOR WITH CIRCULAR ROAD: The level exit is at the top of the huge temple ahead. In order to open it, you'll need to find 3 SUN DISCS. The level map shows the general location of each disc. You can go after them in any order. Here I've described what I hope is the most direct route that still gets all major pickups. Note that some enemies respawn if you return to areas you've already explored.

AREA EAST OF SPIDER TOMB: Start by heading to the right (NE) along the circular road surrounding the temple. Fight some lizards and pick up some ammo on the road, plus more ammo and health in the bushes to the left and right of the road.

The TNT crates in the open area to the ahead can be used strategically in the next fight, so don't destroy them yet. Start up the long flight of stairs to the NE. After a few steps, you'll hear a rumbling as a large stone ball rolls down toward you. Quickly run down and dodge out of the way. Plant a bomb at the base of the stairs and prepare for a massive ambush.

A giant ogre lumbers down the stairs, along with several regular sized enemies. More enemies come from behind (SW), and lizards spawn all around you. Break out that assault rifle if you haven't already and just spin around shooting anything that moves. Remember to shoot the boxes of dynamite to damage nearby enemies, but wait until the ogre steps on your bomb before detonating it. He'll be much easier to kill once he's taken some damage. He drops health and/or ammo when he explodes. There's also more ammo near the wall above and to the right of the stairs.

NOTE: A tomb containing one of the SUN DISCS is located at the top of the long staircase, on the NE side of the map, but I recommend saving that one for last. If you go for the discs in the north and west first you'll end up doing less backtracking overall.

NORTH OF THE SPIDER TOMB: For now, continue along the circular road toward the north. You may encounter 2 shamans here. (Whenever I played this level on the Xbox they appeared; in the PC version they sometimes did and sometimes didn't.) Take them out, along with a few more lizards, and then move to the north edge of the ring road, where there's a SUN DISC already in place on the ground, and a broken bridge to the north. Use the checkpoint here, but don't follow the bridge; instead head back to the right (east).

NORTHEAST OF THE SPIDER TOMB: Go through the gap in the ruins just beyond the NE edge of the circular road. A little ways into these ruins there are 3 square columns with gems and an AMMO UPGRADE on top. Climb up the angled support and jump on top of the first column. Jump from there to the second, then the third column with the upgrade. (screenshot) Drop down, fight more lizards and continue north to find a health pack sitting in a gap in the wall.

RIVER CROSSING: Just beyond this gap in the wall there's a spot in the river with a series of small, square stones. This is a good spot to try and cross the river without touching the water for the Reward Challenge. (screenshot) After hopping across, you'll need to move up onto the opposite bank in order for the challenge to register. If you don't make it the first time, you can return to the area where you found the AMMO UPGRADE and try crossing again. Success brings a HEALTH POWERUP.

After crossing the river, head to the right along the far bank to get some gems and a health pack. Then wade into the water and step into the waterfall to the NE to find a red skull (4/10) and more gems. (The skull is shown in the previous screenshot.) Grab the goodies and then head downstream (SW).

RIVERBANK: When you come to the broken bridge angling down from the bank into the river, step down into the water to trigger another ambush. Two ogres, several shamans, various man-sized enemies and lizards attack. The ogres appear one at a time—the first materializes on the collapsed section of bridge on the NW bank; the second jumps down from the higher end of the bridge after you've defeated the first. If you like, you can lead the enemies up onto the northern bank and head further the left, where there's a HEALTH SHRINE. Fight and heal at the same time. ;)

Afterward you'll find various health and ammo pickups nearby. (Some are planted and some are dropped by the ogres.) There's also a red skull (5/10) sitting inside a ring of rocks near the raised end of the broken bridge, a HEALTH UPGRADE concealed beneath the SE end of the broken bridge (screenshot), plus various gems scattered along the river bottom. Just take care not to go over the waterfall at the SW end as you explore.

Just beyond the HEALTH SHRINE is a pair of square columns with another red skull (6/10) on top. Deal with some lizards that try to interfere. Then climb onto the shorter column, throw a spear into the taller one and use the spear to reach the skull. (screenshot)

When you have everything in this area, return to the middle of the northern riverbank, where there are two staircases leading up to two stone bridges.

COLLAPSING BRIDGES: These parallel stone bridges collapse as you move across them. To cross safely, start on the right bridge. Run forward and, as the bridges start to crumble, jump across the first gap to land on the next section of the right-hand bridge. Continue running and jump across the center gap onto the left bridge. Keep running forward along the left bridge and jump at the end to grab the broken edge of the section ahead. Now you're safe. Pull up and continue forward. (These screenshots show the sequence.)

Beyond the end of the bridges is the building housing the FIRST MISSING SUN DISC. Before going after the disc, head to the left and blow up 2 trucks (3 and 4/10) for the Reward Challenge. (screenshot)

Then go to the right (NE) into an open area with 2 more trucks (5 and 6/10). An ogre appears, along with various regular enemies and lizards. Fight them and take the health/ammo the ogre drops, along with more health and ammo from under the trucks. There's also a red skull (7/10) hidden in the upper left corner. It's difficult to see behind the burning trucks. (Both trucks and the skull are shown in these screenshots.)

FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: The doorway with the red lights to the NW is another optional Challenge Tomb. Inside is a spike field with 4 pressure pads and 2 large balls. To cross the spikes, begin by pushing the ball on the left (the pink one in the diagram) onto the pressure pad nearest the entrance (#1 in the diagram). This retracts the spikes leading to the nearest pressure pad on the right (#2).

Push the second ball onto pad #2. This retracts the spikes leading from pad #1 to pad #3. Roll the first ball (pink) off pad #1, forward 3 squares, then right three squares, then down onto pad #3. This retracts all the spikes in the last two rows so you can reach the alcove containing the Arrow of Tezcatlipoca Relic (Scatter Shot). When you take the relic, all the spikes retract so you can exit safely. (This sequence is also shown in a series of screenshots.)

Return outside, head back to the SW and climb the steps to the temple.

MISSING SUN DISC (NORTH): A short cut scene shows the gate closing over the DISC. Before opening the gate, pick up the SHOTGUN sitting in plain sight on the left. There's also an AMMO CACHE here—the blue glowing pile. This works like a health shrine except that it replenishes Lara's ammo bar when she stands near it.

There are some TNT barrels near the ammo cache. Do not destroy them yet. You'll be able to use them in the next big fight.

To get the disc, first place a bomb in front of the huge, stone fist to the right of the gate. Step back onto the square pressure pad to open the gates. The stone fist prevents the right gate from opening all the way. Stay on the pad and detonate the bomb. The big fist flies up into the air, the gates open all the way, then the fist falls back down. Now, when you step off the pad, the gate remains open and you can take the FIRST SUN DISC. (screenshots)

The big doors at the bottom of the stairs on the left also open now. When you descend, numerous enemies—an ogre, several shamans and regular enemies, plus numerous lizards—will attack. Try to draw them out in waves: Plant a bomb at the top of the stairs. Run down to get the first group's attention and then quickly run back up. Move back out of bomb range and shoot any lizards and small enemies that come up the stairs. When the ogre arrives, set off the bomb and shoot the TNT barrels. Then finish him off with guns. Repeat this process if you like.

When you've cleared the area, pick up the ammo/health the ogre drops. Blow up the truck (7/10) for the challenge and find another health pack underneath. (screenshot)

NOTE: Now I recommend going back upstairs to where you found the disc, then down the stairs in front to re-use the checkpoint near the broken bridges. Then, if Lara dies before the next save point, you won't have to repeat that big fight.

LONG, WOODEN RAMP: Continue to the SW. Follow the stone walkway to its end and then drop down onto the wooden walkway below. (This is the northwestern most area on the level map.) Go down the ramp and stop on the first landing. Throw a spear into the wall and climb onto the ledge to get an AMMO UPGRADE. (screenshot) Carefully drop down onto the spear and hop back to the wooden ramp. Continue to the bottom.

SPIKE PIT: Proceed SE to a pit lined with spikes. Throw spears into the wall above the pit to cross safely. Just beyond the pit, plant another spear in the wall and use it to climb onto the ledge above. Here you'll find a Stone Feather Artifact (- bomb, + speed) on a dais. Take it, drop back down and continue SE. (screenshot)

SOUTHWESTERN AREAS: Here we have several small, linked areas along the left side of the level map. At the bottom of the next set of steps, blow up the truck (8/10) and gather gems. (screenshot)

Step onto the stone bridge to the SE and fight a couple of shamans. Proceed down the stairs to an open area with a HEALTH SHRINE.

When you approach the ammo pickup, lizards spawn all around you. This is a great opportunity to try for the "Three birds, one stone" achievement/trophy. Plant a bomb amidst the reptiles, roll clear and detonate it.

Slide down the collapsed bridge into the shallow water. Shoot the shaman in the doorway to the north, but don't go inside yet. First, make a few pickups: Continue to the right (SE) to find another red skull (8/10) sitting on another square dais. (screenshot) When you climb up to get the skull, 3 shamans appear. Destroy them, take the skull and the ammo lying on the ground. Then return to the tomb entrance on the left.

Throw 2 spears into the outer wall of the building, one from ground level, one from the hillside. Use these to reach the roof, where you'll find another red skull (9/10). (screenshot) Drop down and go inside.

SOUTHWESTERN TOMB & UNDERGROUND PASSAGE: This tomb (labeled "Sun Disc Tomb Entrance" on the level map and shown just to the left of the waterfall) contains a bull's-eye target that controls 2 barriers made of giant spiked pillars. Shoot the target so the first barrier comes down and the second rises. Plant a bomb next to the target, move into the space between the barriers and then detonate the bomb to flip the target and rearrange the barriers. (screenshots)

Continue out the other side of the room and down a long hallway that leads to the NE. Step on the pressure pad to open the gate and go through.

SUN DISC TOMB (NORTHEAST): This room contains a round cage with an arrow trap protecting the SECOND SUN DISC. To get it, climb onto the lower of the two fat, square pillars. Jump to grab the taller pillar and pull up. Push the huge ball off the edge and drop down. Now push the ball between the pillars, so it shields Lara from the flying arrows. Pull the golden handle to raise the cage then quickly run/roll to the disc before the cage drops. (screenshots) Exit using the stairs in the NE corner. (This spot is labeled "Sun Disc Tomb Exit" on the level map.)

An ambush awaits you outside the tomb. There's an ogre, shamans, regular enemies and lizards. Deal with the bunch and then gather the rewards. The ogre drops health and/or ammo, plus more ammo to the right of the tomb doorway and a health pack at the top of the stairs on the left. There's also another truck (9/10) just to the left of the tomb that you can blow up for the Reward Challenge. (screenshot)

If you strike out to the SE, you'll come to a broken walkway jutting out over the cliff side. Dangle from the end to retrieve the HEALTH UPGRADE. (screenshot)

When you have everything, head down the stairs to the SW and circle back around the front (SE) of the SPIDER TOMB, where the SECOND SUN DISC now fits into place. Three of the four discs should now be in place, since the first one was there when you started. Several lizards spawn each time you pass in front of the tomb entrance.

NOTE: If you didn't climb the staircase leading to the SUN DISC TOMB earlier and trigger the rolling stone ball and various enemies, that will happen when you descend after exiting the tomb. This is described in the section "AREA EAST OF SPIDER TOMB," above.

AREA SOUTHWEST OF SPIDER TOMB: Follow the circular road around the SPIDER TOMB to the SW. There's a health pack in the bushes near the SW corner of the building, plus more health and ammo close to the wall on the west side of the road. Watch out for lizards throughout this area.

As you enter the clearing SW of the circular road, head to the SE. Look for a section of wall with crates of TNT piled against it. (screenshots) Shoot the boxes to destroy the wall. A horde of enemies converge. Deal with them and then move through the gap in the wall to find a BOLT ACTION RIFLE sitting on a dais. A few more enemies materialize when you pick up the gun. (This dais is shown on the level map between the end of the long bridge between the starting area and this one, and the Sun Disc symbol on the left, it's circled in this screenshot.)

Now return to the clearing to the NE, where you'll find a HEALTH SHRINE. There are also five square columns with an AMMO UPGRADE on top of the tallest one. To reach it, stand on the center pillar, throw a spear into the pillar to the NW and use it to climb onto that pillar. Jump from there to the pillar with the upgrade. (screenshot)

Head back to the circular road around the SPIDER TOMB and follow it up to the west side of the tomb. Then descend the stairs to the west.

AREA WEST OF SPIDER TOMB: Another ambush awaits you here, with enemies large and small converging on the clearing at the bottom of the stairs. A few also come down the stairs from the tomb area. Again, it may help to run up the stairs, drop a bomb, and detonate it when enemies approach.

When the coast is clear, explore the area at the bottom of the stairs, picking up various gems in the grass and on the dais to the NW, health packs to the right of the stairs and behind the wall to the NW, plus any health/ammo the ogre may have dropped.

You'll also find the final truck (10/10) for the Reward Challenge. (screenshot) Blow it up and, if you've found all the others, you'll receive a Clay Lizard Artifact (- weapon, + bomb).

Continue SW onto the elevated walkway and down the stairs. When you come to a gap with a health pack, drop down into the area below the walkway.

THIRD MISSING SUN DISC: You can see the THIRD SUN DISC in a raised alcove off to the NE. To reach it, throw a spear into the base of the smooth, light-colored stone ledge and climb up. Toss another spear into the wall below the alcove and use it to reach the disk. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you're not interested in all the pickups and Reward Challenges—or if you're trying for the 5-minute Time Challenge—you can skip the rest of this area. Drop down on the left, climb back onto the elevated walkway and return to the SPIDER TOMB (and pick up the walkthrough below at the section titled "RETURN TO THE SPIDER TOMB.")

Otherwise, use the golden ring to swing across the pit to the right, or climb back onto the elevated walkway and follow it to the end. Either way, you'll end up in the clearing to the SE (shown here on the level map).

GIANT DEMON LIZARD: This is the site of one of the Reward Challenges. As you move out into the clearing, the Giant Demon Lizard appears, along with numerous regular-sized lizards. Try to keep ahead of the big beast, obviously, but as you run/roll, drop a bomb, wait for the lizard to move onto it and then detonate. Just try to avoid the cliff edge on the left. Also, if you approach the elevated walkway to the NW, several regular enemies will spawn as well. Once the big guy is history, deal with any smaller foes that remain. There are 2 health packs in the bushes to the south and NE if you need them, and the big lizard drops health and/or ammo as well. Winning this fight earns you an AMMO POWERUP.

You'll also find a HEALTH UPGRADE atop one of the square columns in the SE corner. Spears won't stick in the left and right columns, and these are breakable so you may have destroyed them with bombs during the fight. So, to reach the upgrade, go to the NE corner of the clearing to find a giant ball. Roll it close to the columns, hop on top of the ball, throw a spear into the column with the upgrade and use it to climb on top. (screenshot)

Now return to the elevated walkway to the NW. If you didn't trigger them earlier while fighting the lizards, several regular enemies will appear here. Deal with them and then follow the walkway back to the gap where you found the health pack earlier. Jump across the gap and then drop down to the ground. (screenshot)

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: Snag some gems beneath the walkway and then head to the west. Several shamans and other enemies pour out of the tomb. When you've defeated them, pick up ammo and health on either side of the building.

Use the angled stone support to climb onto the square column to the right of the tomb and jump from there to the roof to find the last red skull (10/10). Or throw a spear into the side of the building and use it to climb up. (screenshot) If you've collected all the others, you'll receive the Golden Scepter of Huitzilopochtli Relic (Health and Ammo Regeneration).

Enter the tomb to find a tall, square pillar with something shiny on top. Throw 2 spears into the pillar—one from the stairs and one at ground level—and use them to reach a Clay Owl Artifact (+ defense, - bomb). (screenshot) Exit the way you came.

RETURN TO THE SPIDER TOMB: Climb back onto the elevated walkway and follow it back to the AREA WEST OF THE SPIDER TOMB. Some of the same enemies you encountered here earlier respawn as you approach, including an ogre. Kill them and use the health/ammo the ogre drops. Go up the stairs to the NE and follow the circular road around to the front (SE) of the tomb, where you'll meet a few more lizards.

If you need supplies, there are a few boxes of ammo along the NW side of the circular road. Get what you need and return to the front (SE) of the tomb. Stay alert, since lizards continue to respawn a few at a time all along the road.

OPENING THE SPIDER TOMB: When you approach the tomb carrying the third and final SUN DISC, a cut scene shows the top of the structure lifting up to reveal an entrance. If you managed to open the tomb in under 5 minutes, you'll receive a Gold Owl Artifact (+ defense), per the second Reward Challenge.

When the movie finishes, a swarm of spiders pours out of the tomb. This is another excellent spot to attempt the "Three birds, one stone" achievement/trophy. Plant a bomb, run and detonate it when it's surrounded by spiders. Another ogre, a shaman and a regular enemy—sorry, I don't know what these guys are called—join in. Keep shooting and bombing until they're all destroyed, or just run up the steps and enter the tomb to end the level. If you stay to fight, you can get health/ammo from the ogre.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 8/21/10 - First draft walkthrough posted. Made a few minor tweaks later the same day, including adding the diagram for the challenge tomb that was accidentally left out. <blush>
8/22/10 - Added missing info on the Gold Owl artifact's power.
8/27/10 - Added missed Health Upgrade under broken bridge. Also added Gold Owl to list of major items in header. (It was already in the walkthrough; I just forgot to list it above.)
9/23/10 - Fixed a couple of typos and made a few minor tweaks while developing the co-op page for this level.
9/30/10 - Made a few more minor changes in strategy and added screenshots.
12/19/10 - Made a few minor tweaks to the single-player walkthrough while revising the co-op version.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Clara from the Eidos forums and Captain Alban's TR site for info on the Gold Owl's power. She's the time trial queen. :D

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