Stella's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Co-Op Walkthrough - For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Windows PC & iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch*

This game is available for download through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, PlayStation Store, for Windows PC through Steam, and for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch through the iTunes.

Throughout this walkthrough I use abbreviations for north (N), northeast (NE), southwest (SW), etc., to give directions. There is no compass in this game, but just to make it easier to navigate on screen, we'll assume north is up, west is left, east is right and south is down. Outdoor levels include a map screen in the Inventory in case you get lost. Also, we played using the medium combat difficulty setting so your experiences may differ slightly on a different setting.

*Although the PC, console and iOS versions are similar, there are significant differences in a few areas. This walkthrough covers the original version but may also be helpful to iOS users.

Level 1: Temple of Light (Two-Player Co-op)

Updated: 12/12/10()

For the single-player walkthrough, please see here.

Score Challenges: 100K, 130K, 160K (Bonus: Magnums)

Reward Challenges:

  • Find all 10 red skulls (Stone Arrow Artifact)
  • Reach the exit in under 6 minutes (Headdress of Ehecatl Relic)
  • Jump between 7 spider pots without touching the ground (Health Powerup)
  • Disable Xolotl's fire trap in less than 30 seconds (Clay Owl Artifact)
  • Destroy all the urns (Ammo Powerup)

Artifacts: Clay Arrow, Clay Owl, Stone Arrow
Relics: Knife of Itzli, Headdress of Ehecatl
Weapons: Magnums
Powerups & Upgrades: 3 health, 3 ammo

A complete list of artifacts, relics and weapons can be found here.

LARGE GATE AT START: Before proceeding, go up the steps behind you and gather the gems from around the base of the square structure with the pedestal on top.

NOTE: I haven't indicated the locations of all gems, just the ones that are easy to miss and a few that I use as landmarks to find other things.

Return to the start and use bombs to open the gate. To do this, each player should approach one of the 2 huge gears, plant a bomb, step outside the colored circles on the ground indicating each bomb's blast radius. (screenshot) Then press the Bomb button again to detonate the bomb and destroy the first gear. When both gears are destroyed, the gate will open. Go through and head up the stairs to the next room.

ROOM WITH BREAKABLE JARS: There are 8 clay urns here, which you can smash with guns or spear. This is part of one of the Reward Challenges listed in the header. Gather more gems and a red skull (1/10). (screenshot) You can also shoot the TNT barrels to blow them up, just make sure to do this from a safe distance.

Exit via the stairs in the bottom corner. Follow the walkway to an arrow trap that shoots in the direction you're headed. Plant a bomb near it, move back and detonate the bomb to destroy the trap. Continue along the walkway to the next corner, where another arrow trap shoots toward you. Lara can stay out of the way as Totec raises his shield to protect himself as he uses a bomb to destroy the trap. (screenshot) When the coast is clear, head upstairs to the next area.

COURTYARD WITH CIRCULAR INLAY ON FLOOR: After a brief cut scene, in which Xolotl expresses a desire to bathe in your blood, various enemies attack. Destroy them all and continue up the stairs to the NW to the next area.

NOTE: I don't know the official names of any of these enemy types, so I'm winging it. If they're humanoid, I'll just call them "enemies" and describe any special powers they may have.

Watch out for the arrow trap in the next room. Either destroy them with bombs or roll under the arrows. Pick up the gems and red skull (2/10). Step on the square pressure pad to open the exit. (screenshot)

Totec's shield can also be used to lift Lara to higher places. The player controlling Totec should raise his shield. The player controlling Lara can then jump on top of it and then jump to grab the ledge above and pull up onto it. (screenshot) Lara should then extend her grapple down to Totec so Totec can climb the cable onto the ledge. (screenshot)

NOTE: While Lara is standing on Totec's shield, if both players jump at the same time, Lara will go even higher, and you'll unlock a quick achievement/trophy: "Jump Jump."

The glowing green light is a HEALTH SHRINE. Stand on it to replenish your characters' health if they were injured in the recent fight. Be sure to smash the 3 urns for the Reward Challenge.

Continue up the stairs to the SW. More enemies drop from the walls above. When you've killed them all, look for gems where they fell. Then continue along the passage and up the stairs. Smash 2 more urns at the top.

FIRST GRAPPLE RING: Before going after the gems in the corner, use a bomb to destroy the arrow trap. Get the goodies and then move to the edge overlooking the passageway where you just fought the last group of enemies.

The player controlling Lara should now grapple the golden ring on the other side of the gap. Then Totec can jump onto the cable and tightrope walk across the gap, snag the another red skull (3/10) and, in the process, step on the pressure pad that opens the door to the SW. (screenshot) Totec can then walk back across the grapple line or drop down and return up the stairs. Now go through the SW door and up the stairs.

ELEVATED WALKWAY: As you step out onto the walkway, several enemies spawn in the courtyard below and jump up onto the walkway. If you stand at the bend in the walkway, you can target each of them as they land. Then continue around the corner. Shoot the TNT barrels to clear the way and proceed up the stairs and through the doorway with the carved face above it.

You emerge in a small anteroom at the bottom of another set of stairs. There are 2 health packs in the bottom corner of the room. Move over them to pick them up. (Lara won't take them if her health bar is already full.) Approach the golden handle on the NW wall. Hold B to grab the handle and step back to pull it. This opens the exit. Run through before it closes.

ARTIFACT ROOM: A group of enemies approach from the far side of the room. The arrow trap will damage some of them, but you'll need to shoot the survivors and any that come up the stairs. Then destroy the trap with a well-placed bomb.

If you need health, go to the bottom of the stairs and grab the health pack. Then return to the ledge above. Have Totec throw a spear into the wall near the hovering red skull (4/10). (screenshot) Lara can then jump from the ledge onto the spear and grab the skull, climb from the spear onto the ledge above, and then grapple Totec so he can climb up.

Use a bomb to destroy the arrow trap and pick up some gems and a Clay Arrow Artifact (+ weapon, - defense). (screenshot)

NOTE: There are 2 artifact slots on the Inventory screen (Back button), but you only have one artifact so far. Follow the on-screen instructions to equip it if you like.

Pull the handle on the NE wall to open the door. Run through before the door closes.

ROOM WITH STONE BALLS AND PRESSURE PADS: Climb the stairs, use the HEALTH SHRINE if you need it. Then climb the ladder to the NE. As you use your bombs to destroy the arrow traps, several enemies appear. Deal with them and then pick up the gems and another red skull (5/10). (screenshot)

Roll the 2 huge spheres off the ledge. (Hold B to grab onto a ball and use the left stick to push/pull.) Climb down and push the spheres onto the 2 pressure pads to open the door between them. Go through and follow the stairs to the next area.

SPIDER POTS: This is one of the Reward Challenges listed in the introduction. Jump on top of the pot nearest the door and then try to hop across all seven without touching the ground. You'll get several gems and another red skull (6/10) in the process. Remember to hold the A button to jump farther when necessary. (screenshot)

NOTE: If you slip and touch the floor, you can quit and reload if you want. As long as you don't trigger another checkpoint before attempting the challenge again, you can try as many times as you like. Beating the challenge earns you a HEALTH POWERUP.

NOTE: Health Powerups and Upgrades restore Lara and Totec's health and increase their health bars overall.

Now have Lara move to the edge of the deep pit, so she's facing the golden ring high on the wall. Press and hold the Grapple button to grapple the ring. Step off the edge and push the left stick from side to side to wall run. As Lara swings to the left, jump onto the next ledge. Stand on the pressure pad there to raise a set of wooden ledges so Totec can cross the pit.

XOLOTL'S FIRE TRAP: Now comes another Reward Challenge. If you can disarm this trap in less than 30 seconds, you'll earn a Clay Owl Artifact (+ defense, - bomb).

The central pillar with the flame jet rotates clockwise at first, but it takes a few moments to make a complete circle. So as soon as the cut scene ends, one character should run to the pressure pad on the right and stand on it to extinguish the burner under the golden handle on the left. The other character should simultaneously run to the handle. Just be careful not to get too close until the burner shuts off. As the first character keeps the pad depressed, the second should pull the handle to partially destroy the trap. (screenshots/video walkthrough)

Now the pillar begins to rotate counterclockwise, and there are 2 flame jets instead of just one. The character on the pad should then run to the left, following the flame jets, and stand on the second pressure pad, while the second character runs to the second handle; i.e., the one near the entrance. As the first character keeps the pad depressed, in order to shut off the burner beneath the handle, the second character should pull the handle. This destroys the trap and opens the door to the SW.

If one character gets burned and falls down in the process, the other player can revive him/her by moving close and pressing the Interact button.

NOTE: If you fail the first attempt at the timed challenge, both players can kill their characters in the flames and try again. As long as you do this before reaching the next checkpoint, the trap will reset. Or wait and replay the level later after you've obtained items that increase your characters' speed.

In the next room, pick up the red skull (7/10). (screenshot) Then have Totec stand on the pressure pad to raise a set of wooden ledges above the pit. Lara can then jump over to the other side of the pit and then grapple the golden ring on Totec's side so he can tightrope walk across. (screenshot)

SECOND COURTYARD WITH CIRCULAR FLOOR DESIGN: There are several squat pillars on the left. Have Totec jump on top of the pillar on the far left and throw a spear into the wall just below the red skull (8/10) hovering beside the door. Then Lara can jump onto the spear to grab the skull. (screenshot) When you have it, go through to the next area.

ROOM WITH TIERED LEDGES AND ARROW TRAPS: Use a bomb to destroy the first arrow trap on the right so you can get the health pack. Totec can then descend the stairs and use his shield to protect himself from the arrow trap on the lower level. (Lara can wait up above or drop down from the ledge to land next to the traps.) Use another bomb to destroy the arrow traps down below.

As Lara grapples the golden ring high on the wall and swings over to retrieve the hovering red skull (9/10), have Totec return upstairs to the upper level and throw a spear into the wall next to the golden ring. Lara can then jump from the grapple cable onto the spear, climb onto the ledge above and use her grapple to pull Totec up. Before leaving this room, move to the right and grapple the second ring, located high on the NE wall. Swing over to the HEALTH UPGRADE. Then swing back to the ledge on the left. (screenshots)

Shoot the bull's-eye target to open the exit. Go through into a small anteroom with another door. Shoot the bull's-eye again from within this room to close the first door and open the second so you can proceed.

YIKES! OGRES!: During the next cut scene with Xolotl, a huge ogre-like thing crashes through the wall into the room. When the movie ends, you'll have to fight him. A horde of smaller enemies joins the fray. If you both concentrate fire on the ogre, it will go down fairly quickly. When it dies, it explodes in a starburst blast of energy, which can injure your characters if they're in the way. So try to move between the blasts. Then take care of the little guys.

After the first wave of enemies, a second ogre enters from the previous room, and a few more small enemies drop in. There are health packs in 2 of the 8 urns here if you need first aid. The ogres also drop health and/or ammunition when they explode. (I'm not sure if the item drops are random or vary based on individual enemy or difficulty setting.)

FIRST CHALLENGE TOMB: The door flanked by red lights is a CHALLENGE TOMB. There are two in each level. These side areas are totally optional, but if you overcome the trials within, you'll get a nice reward. Inside, have Lara grapple the golden ring on the other side of the spike pit so Totec can tightrope walk across. From the opposite side of the pit, Totec can then shoot the bull's-eye target to raise the gate on the right so Lara can go through. (screenshots)

Once Lara is between the gates, the player controlling Totec should shoot the target again to re-open the inner gate. Then move into the space between the gates himself, throw a spear into the wall and then move out again and shoot the target once more to rearrange the gates. Now Lara can use the spear to reach the HEALTH UPGRADE on the ledge above.

After Lara climbs back down, Totec should shoot the target to re-open the inner gate. Then throw another spear into the NW wall so Lara can climb onto the ledge at the back of the room to get an AMMO UPGRADE.

Now have Totec shoot the bull's eye twice so Lara can get back to the other side of the pit. She can then grapple the ring once more to allow Totec to cross over the cable. Or just have Lara exit back to the main area and Totec will automatically appear alongside her.

NOTE: Ammo Powerups and Upgrades increase both characters' ammunition bars, enabling them to carry more ammo. This doesn't matter right now, since the pistols and spear have unlimited ammo, but it will help once you begin to collect secondary weapons.

Head up the stairs to the SE. Shoot the 7 urns on the landing (5 on the left, 2 on the right) to get a health pack. If you've broken the other urns in the level, you'll also beat the urn-smashing Reward Challenge here. The reward is another AMMO POWERUP. Continue SE, up the stairs to the next area.

ANOTHER ELEVATED WALKWAY: If you're not too low on health, try to avoid picking up the health pack at the corner of the walkway at first. Two ogres ambush you here. Take them down. Then grab the health pack, along with any health/ammo the ogres may drop, and proceed to the NE end of the walkway.

SECOND CHALLENGE TOMB: Again, the red lights next to this door indicate it is an optional side area. Enter if you wish. Totec: Shoot the bull's-eye target on the other side of the deadly pit to open the first gate on the left side of the room. Lara: Go through the gate. Totec: Shoot the target again to close the outer gate and open the inner one. Lara: Roll the giant ball onto the pressure pad between the two gates to raise a set of wooden ledges along the right wall.

Totec: Shoot the target again. Lara: Come back through the gate and stand on the pressure pad near the entrance to raise another set of wooden ledges above the pit. Totec: Using your shield for protection from the flying arrows, jump over to the other ledge, destroy the arrow traps and claim the AMMO UPGRADE. Then jump back across the pit to the entrance. Both: Return to the main area.

Continue up the stairs to the NW. At the top, you'll find the The Knife of Itzli Relic (Power Shot) sitting in plain sight. (screenshot) Take it and go through the door.

NOTE: When you pick it up, a tutorial explains how to equip relics on the inventory screen and how the Relic Meter works. Basically, this meter, located just below your health and ammo bars, increases as you collect gems and destroy enemies. When it maxes out, you are able to use the special powers associated with the relic you have equipped. (In this case, the Power Shot.) But if you take damage, the Relic Meter resets to zero.

HUGE SPIKE PIT AND MOVING WALL: This next room is dominated by a giant spike pit. Pull the golden handle on the upper wall to raise a set of wooden ledges. Release the handle and quickly jump across the ledges before the handle retracts and they collapse. (screenshots)

When you reach the other side of the pit, the wall starts moving. If you don't hurry, it will push Lara and Totec off the edge and into the pit. So quickly collect the red skull (10/10) and as many gems as you can. If you obtained all 10 red skulls, you'll now receive a Stone Arrow Artifact (+ weapon, - bomb). Then vault up onto the first two ledges as they extend. For the third and fourth ledges, which are higher, have Totec plant a spear so Lara can climb up. Then Lara can extend her grapple down to Totec so he can climb up. For the highest ledge, have Lara grapple the golden ring so Totec can walk up the extended cable, jump to grab the edge of the ledge and pull up. Once Totec is standing on top, Lara can grapple him and climb the cable. Then run forward to safety before a falling boulder destroys the ledge. Whew!

Continue up the stairs to the doorway with the golden light emanating from it. This is the level exit. If you managed to complete the level in under 6 minutes, you'll receive the Headdress of Ehecatl Relic (Power Speed).

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UPDATE HISTORY: 9/23/10 - First draft of co-op mode walkthrough posted. For complete update history for this level, see the single-player version.
12/12/10 - Added screenshots and video.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks to my son, Preciousgoo, for taking time out of his busy gaming schedule to play co-op with me.

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