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Part Seven: Helheim (Arctic Sea)

45 - Sea Floor
46 - Emerge

47 - Runes
48 - Deeper

49 - Falls
50 - Serpent



Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 0

Dive downward (CHECKPOINT) and harpoon the blue shark below. Swim down along the right wall to find an ARTIFACT (1/3) embedded in the ice. Swim near it and press X as usual to take it.

Swim back to the left and then downward along the wall. On the stone stairs near the bottom left corner of the map, you'll find another ARTIFACT (2/3). Get it and head to the right.

A cut scene shows the huge Norse warrior statue ahead. Lara comments that the statues appear to be the gatekeepers to Helheim. She also notices their swords jammed into the massive chain running along the sea floor.

Continue to the right toward the statues. (CHECKPOINT) Stay close to the bottom and follow the chain along the stone road below the huge statues. Pick up the FIRST POWER STONE lying on the road. (NOTE: This looks like a pale blue disk. It isn't listed on the inventory screen, but in the PC game, there are similar items called power stones.)

Keep swimming along the road to the right to find the third ARTIFACT (3/3) at the feet of the rightmost statue. You'll notice he looks different from the others—all aglow with blue rune energy, sword raised. (CHECKPOINT)

Head upward to about the statue's chest level and look out for another shark swimming back and forth. Once you've killed it you can explore without worrying about further attacks.

Now continue to the right, toward the gate with the blue glowing runes. It's possible to interact with it, opening a touch-screen puzzle. But until you've restored power to the other two statues, this puzzle cannot be solved.

To do that, swim up the front of the gate and pick up the SECOND POWER STONE on the small ledge behind the carved serpent head. Then swim back to the left. When you reach the middle statue, swim to the hilt of his sword and press X to place the power stone there. (A flashing light shows the correct spot.) This activates the statue, causing it to glow and raise its sword out of the chain. Swim to the next statue on the left and do the same thing.

With both statues' swords raised, the chain is free to move so the gate mechanism is now operational. Return to the gate, below on the right, and press X.

DS Challenge – Entering Helheim: This opens the touch-screen sequence mentioned above. Lara explains that the device uses rune energy, which enters one end and should flow out the other. But in order for the device to work properly, the three weighted pins must be arranged correctly.

The idea is to raise each weight to the proper height so that when all three weights fall, the pale blue gems in the middle line up horizontally, enabling the blue rune energy to flow in a straight line from left to right. Since each weight falls at a different speed, and the gems are set at different heights, you must arrange the pins carefully before letting them drop.

First, if you haven't already replaced the POWER STONES on the hilts of the three warrior statues' swords, as described above, do that now. Without power, you can manipulate the weights correctly, but the gate will never open because the statues' swords are preventing the chain from moving.

Then tap the gold disk at the bottom right corner of the touch screen to drop the weights. Now they are free to move. Slide each weight upward to lock it in place. For the pins to line up correctly when they drop, you must position the weights as follows: Left weight – top of pin level with gold clamp near top of track (i.e., slide the pin up to the first position where it will stay in place without sliding back down). Middle weight – align the middle of the gray, stone ball with the three dark, horizontal tracks through which the energy flows. Right weight – align the top of the gray stone ball with top of the stone ball on the middle weight.

Touch the gold disk at the bottom right again to release the weights. If you haven't lined them up correctly, nothing happens when the weights drop. Try again. If you have lined them up correctly, they will fall so the blue gems line up, allowing power to flow along the three tracks from left to right. A cut scene then shows the gate mechanism working.

Swim through to end the level.

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Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 1

Go to the left. (CHECKPOINT) After the on-screen review of grappling technique, step to the left edge, press X to grapple the stone wall ahead and X again to pull it down. A situational adrenaline sequence ensues. Jump or roll to the right to avoid being crushed by the falling wall. Then cross over the bridge you just made and continue to the left.

Run down the ramp and jump across the stream of blue water to the flat ledge with the staircase in the background. As you move to the left, a Yeti thrall climbs out of the pool ahead. If you start firing energy bolts with Mjolnir as soon as you see the enemy, you should be able to destroy it before it reaches Lara.

Pick up the shotgun ammo and then jump to grab the horizontal pole to the left of the ledge. Swing and jump to the ledge above on the left. Continue up the ramp. (CHECKPOINT)

There's a cluster of spears guarding an ARTIFACT (1/3) and health pack just ahead. To reach them, jump up to grab the horizontal pole. Perch on top of it and jump to the left to grab the pole above. Swing and jump to grab the third pole, below on the left. Drop down on top of the goodies. To get past the next set of spears, grab the pole overhead, swing and jump to the left. Lara will land near some automatic pistol rounds.

Step to the left (CHECKPOINT) and slide down the slope. Jump to grab the pole and swing over to the next ledge. There's rifle ammo here if you need it. You may be able to target the Yeti thrall in the room below with grenades, but this is hit or miss—mostly miss—and you'll probably waste grenades. You're better off jumping back to the slope and then, when Lara hits the floor, sliding beneath the Yeti to put some distance between it and Lara. Then use the hammer to put it out of Lara's misery. Just watch out for the edges of the ledge as you fight; there's toxic blue water on both sides.

When the yeti falls, gather some loot: an ARTIFACT (2/3), shotgun ammo, and a TREASURE CHEST on a small ledge across the pool to the right. (Click to click to show/hide treasure chest puzzle solution or click for all solutions on one page.)

Then head for the left side of the ledge. Jump to grab the nearest horizontal pole. Swing and jump across the next two poles to reach the flat spot on the slope to the left. Take care not to land on the lower part of the slope or Lara will slide into the pool.

Move carefully to the top of the slope. (CHECKPOINT) There's a clump of spikes just below. Jump forward to clear them and land near some more rifle ammo.

Slide down the next slope onto a wide, flat ledge with a health pack. (There's a small stream of blue goo at the end of the slope, but you shouldn't have to jump to clear it.) Move carefully to the right. Another Yeti emerges from the pool ahead. If you start hammering immediately, you can take him down easily.

Go to the left side of the ledge. Jump to grab the pole and swing across the water to the next ledge. Approach the wide staircase.

Cinematic: Lara enters the gate room, which is decorated with glowing red glyphs and sinister-looking serpent statues. As she takes in the sight, Natla flies down from above. She uses her special powers to manipulate the portal's puzzle lock. Then, having done her part, she gives Lara a half-smile, inviting her to complete the task. Apparently not wanting to wait around to get hammered, Natla takes flight once more and disappears. Then, with a powerful pyrotechnic display, Lara uses Mjolnir to open the exit.

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Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 1

At the start Lara notices the massive pressure plates down below. She guesses that she's not heavy enough to weigh them down.

Head down the ramp to the right. Jump onto the second carved block ahead and drop down on the left side. Push the block to the right, off the edge and onto one of the pressure plates.

A cut scene shows energy flowing through a conduit to a door somewhere above. The runes on the bottom right quadrant of the door light up, and a chain descends from the ceiling elsewhere.

Go to the left (CHECKPOINT) and jump across the spike pit. Continue left to the chain you just lowered. Climb up and jump onto the ledge on the right. Head to the right. (CHECKPOINT) Climb over the low wall and drop down on the other side. Pick up the grenade. Then climb over the carved block and drop down on the other side.

Drop down on the right and run down the ramp below. Here you'll find a third carved block. Push it to the right off the ledge so it falls onto the pressure plate below, just to the right of the first carved block.

The upper right quadrant of the big door lights up, but this time no chain descends.

Return to the top of the ramp on the left and pull up to the floor above. Climb onto the second carved block and jump onto the low wall on the left. Drop down on the other side and jump back to the chain. Slide down to the bottom and return to the right, over the spike pit (CHECKPOINT) and on to the 2 carved blocks you've pushed so far. Climb over them to find an ARTIFACT (1/3) behind the pressure plate on the ledge to the right. (There's another artifact on the ledge above, but you can't reach it from here.)

Return to the left, across the first and third carved blocks and spike pit. Climb the chain to the ledge above and then climb over the low wall to the second carved block.

Push this block to the right as far as it will go. (Lara stops pushing when she reaches the gap in the floor.) Climb over the block and pull it to the right some more, picking up some automatic pistol ammo as you go. When you come to the edge and Lara won't pull any farther, climb back over the block and push it to the right until it falls off the edge. It lands on the pressure plate below, near where you found the artifact.

Again, blue energy flows to the door above, lighting up the top left quadrant, and lowering another chain from the ceiling.

Go to the left, climb the chain you just lowered, and jump off on the left. (CHECKPOINT)

Pick up the health pack and climb onto the ledge ahead. Just to the left you'll find a fourth carved block. Grab it and pull it to the right, toward the gap in the floor. Climb over it and drop down on the other side. Run to the left and grab the TREASURE CHEST. (Click to click to show/hide treasure chest puzzle solution or click for all solutions on one page.)

Return to the block and push it to the right as far as it will go. Climb back over to the right side of the block and pull it to the right, but not all the way. Leave a little space above so Lara can climb back over to the left side. Then push it the rest of the way off the ledge.

Cross over the top of the block and drop down beside it. Pick up the shotgun ammo if you have room in your inventory. Pull the block to the right. It won't move very far, but this will enable you to climb back over it to the left side. Then push it to the right off the ledge onto the pressure plate below.

The lower left quadrant of the door lights up, and another chain descends from the ceiling. Then we see the door opening.

Jump to the right to grab the chain you just lowered. Slide all the way down to land on top of the carved block you just pushed. Hang from the left edge of the block and drop onto the slope below. Slide down to the ledge with the ARTIFACT (2/3) you saw earlier but couldn't reach.

To get back up to the exit, first drop down off the carved block on the left, cross over the other two blocks and continue to the left. Jump across the spike pit and climb the chain to the ledge above on the right. Climb over the low wall and continue to the right, jumping the gap in the floor. Climb the next chain and jump off on the ledge to the left. (The ledge on the right is too far to reach.) Go left, climb the wall and jump the gap to the right. Continue to the right and drop down onto the ledge below (Lara will lose a little health here.) Then go to the right and jump to grab the third chain.

Slide about halfway down and jump over to the ledge on the right. Pick up some rifle ammo and the third ARTIFACT (3/3). Then approach the door to end the level.

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Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 1

Go to the right. (CHECKPOINT) The scene shifts to show a metal disk perfect for grappling and a huge pool of deadly blue water far below. Take a running jump off the edge and grapple the disk. Swing and jump to the right to grab the nearest horizontal pole. Swing and jump to the second pole. Then swing, jump and grapple the disk ahead. Swing, jump and grapple the next disk ahead. Swing from there to the next horizontal pole. (CHECKPOINT)

NOTE: If you're having trouble making consecutive grapple swings, try swinging as high as possible before jumping toward the next grapple point. Then let Lara fall just a little below the grapple point before pressing X again.

From the first pole in the second set of horizontal poles, swing and jump to the next pole. Then swing and jump to the third pole, which is below on the right. Jump up to perch on that pole. Then jump and grapple the metal disk ahead on the right. Swing, jump and grapple the next disk on the right. Repeat to grapple the third disk. Swing and jump to the right to land on the flat spot at the top of the two-way slope, or beyond it to the right. (If Lara lands on the left side, she'll slide into the chasm.)

After sliding down the slope, continue to the right. (CHECKPOINT) Jump to grab the chain and slide down a bit. Then jump to the right to land on the floor with some distance between Lara and the Viking thrall. One blast from Thor's hammer should take care of it.

Drop off the left edge onto the slope below. Jump to the chain on the right and repeat the process with the next Viking thrall in the room below. Take the health pack and ARTIFACT (1/3) and then go to the left side of the room.

Jump to grab the chain and slide down so Lara is hanging below the ceiling to the right. Then jump to grab the next chain. Press X to do a saving grab and prevent Lara from falling into the toxic pool. Climb up a bit if necessary and jump to the ledge on the right. Jump across the gap to the next ledge on the right. (CHECKPOINT)

Jump from there to the chain and then on to the next ledge, where you'll find a TREASURE CHEST. (Click to click to show/hide treasure chest puzzle solution or click for all solutions on one page.)

NOTE: I encountered a bug here in which I accidentally let Lara fall into the pool on the right. But instead of dying, she landed on the bottom of the pool and was able to run back and forth normally. The edges of the pool are too high to reach, so she was trapped there. I thought I'd have to restart the level, but I was able to continue by jumping up toward the slope on the right. Lara fell into the pool again and died in the usual fashion. The game then restored at the checkpoint just to the left of the chain.

Jump back to the chain, climb up and jump to the ledge on the left. Get the health pack and then jump up to grab the horizontal pole. Swing in either direction and jump toward the wall. Then quickly jump again to spring off the wall and grab the chain above. Climb to the top and jump to the ledge on the right. (CHECKPOINT)

Roll through the low opening on the right. Climb the next chain and jump to the ledge on the left for an ARTIFACT (2/3).

Don't try to jump back to the chain; Lara will overshoot it and land in the spikes below. Instead just run off the right edge and Lara will grab the chain. Then you can climb to the top and jump over the spikes to grab the next chain. Press X for a saving grab to prevent Lara from dropping into the spikes below. Then jump to the left to land on the low ledge with the rifle ammo.

The spikes protect Lara from the Viking thrall in the room to the right. Blast it with Mjolnir and then hop over the spikes. Continue to the right and take the ARTIFACT (3/3).

Slide down the long slope and jump near the end to clear the small blue pool at the bottom. Continue right to the exit.

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Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 0

Head toward the wide doorway on the right.

Cinematic: Lara enters and approaches the hunched figure near the pool's edge. "Mother?" she asks softly. "Mother, it's me, Lara."

Amelia Croft turns to face her daughter and we see what's become of her in the years since she was trapped in Avalon/Helheim. Lara is stunned.

"No," she insists. "My mother is dead. My mother died a long time ago. You're not my mother."

At this point, the movie is interrupted for a brief situational adrenaline sequence. Lara aims her pistols at the thrall that was her mother and time stops. The scripting here is a little buggy, at least in my game. It seems as though you're supposed to press Y to fire, but if you do nothing, Amelia just stands there, waving feebly at Lara. If you press a button other than Y, Lara still shoots. In any case, when you've driven the thrall back into the pool, Lara collapses in a daze, and the movie continues.

As she kneels on the floor, struggling with her frustration and despair, Natla arrives to gloat. In true villain form, she reveals the part she's played in the entire scenario. By facilitating Richard Croft's search for his wife, she hoped he'd find the way into Helheim. When he refused to play along, she killed him, but now she's tricked Lara into doing the job for her.

Lara quickly comes to her senses and realizes she's carrying the one thing that can put a stop to Natla's plans for good. But before she can use the hammer, the doppelganger grabs her from behind, knocking the weapon from her grip.

"When I made this creature for Amanda," Natla explains, "she had no idea that my true purpose was to have the means to destroy you at this very moment." She goes on to admit that she'd been playing both of them all along. Now, having at last reached her destination, she stalks off to begin raising the serpent, leaving Lara in the clutches of her evil twin.

Lara attempts to throw off the doppelganger, but with its super speed and strength, it soon has Lara pinned to the floor. It is about to choke her when Amanda appears and uses the power of the Wraith Stone to fling the double into the pool. Lara is amazed, but Amanda explains her reasoning.

"Trust me, I wanted to let it finish you off," she says, "but the Midgard Serpent will tear the world apart, and only Thor's hammer can stop it."

Before they can speak further, a squad of Yeti thralls lumbers toward them along the hallway.

"Go!" Amanda urges. "I'll hold them off."

Lara leaves her to it and takes off after Natla.

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Kills:Artifacts:Treasure Chest: 0

NOTE: The DS game has omitted a crucial cinematic sequence, in which Natla at last explains what she's doing. Here is a transcript of the movie that is supposed to precede this level:

Lara steps out onto one of the curved walkways surrounding the Midgard Serpent device. She spots Natla on the level above and hurls a lightning bolt in her direction.

"Shut it down!" Lara orders.

But Natla has other plans. She explains to Lara that Jörmungandr is not the device itself but rather a network of tectonic ridges encircling the world's oceans. The device is merely a means to set off a cataclysmic seismic reaction along these ridges.

"When this relic unleashes its fury below," Natla says, "the very seams of the planet will burst. 'The Midgard Serpent will rise up and spew poison into the air, and all the world will be consumed by fire and ash.'" Even as she quotes Norse mythology to Lara, she sets the machine in motion. "Ragnarök!" she shouts triumphantly. "The seventh age is upon us!"

Then, to prevent Lara from interfering, Natla hurls a fireball down at her. But Lara tumbles nimbly out of the way. Now she must stop what she's accidentally started.

In the DS game, the level instead opens with a movie showing Amanda fighting off the Yeti. This is followed by a short in-game cut scene of the central tower of the device surrounded by a long, spiral walkway and moving platforms.

At the start of the level, go to the right around the circular walkway. (CHECKPOINT) Continue forward. Two large disks rise out of the floor blocking Lara's way forward and back. Natla flies down and begins hurling fireballs. Dodge the missiles and shoot at Natla with guns until she descends to the walkway. Then switch to the hammer and blast her until she flies away.

At this point the disks disappear and you can move ahead to the right. (CHECKPOINT)

When you reach the power node, Lara explains that it's an energy supply for the device, and she must prevent the energy surrounding it from reaching the center and activating the device.

DS Challenge – Midgard Serpent: Use the stylus to flick the small, glowing balls away from the orb in the center. There are just a few to start, but as the sequence progresses, things speed up. It's OK if you allow a few of the energy balls to reach the center, but if you let too many pass, the rings will begin to spin faster and the device will power up. Then you'll have to try the sequence again.

When you succeed, the power node shatters, but the water level starts to rise. Lara says she needs to get to higher ground quickly.

There's still a blue disk blocking the path to the right. Use Thor's hammer to smash it and start running. Run and jump up the sloping walkway, smashing the disks with the hammer as you go. Don't hesitate or the blue water will rise up and engulf Lara. Also, remember that Mjolnir only fires in a straight line. So run right up to each disk before trying to smash it. Otherwise, the hammer's energy bolts will fire into the walkway instead of the disk. Keep going to the level section of walkway above, which is safe. (CHECKPOINT)

When you move farther to the right, two disks rise up trapping Lara on this section of walkway. Natla reappears and resumes her fireball attacks. Again, shoot her with conventional weapons until she descends to Lara's level. Then blast her with Mjolnir until she gives up and flies off again. When the blue disks disappear, continue to the right toward the next power node. (CHECKPOINT)

DS Challenge – Midgard Serpent: This second power node sequence is exactly the same as the first. Flick the small energy balls toward the edge of the screen to prevent them from reaching the center. If you fail, the device activates; game over. Try again.

When you succeed, the power node is destroyed and the central structure starts to fall apart. Lara says she needs to escape immediately. Use the hammer to smash the disk on the right and run on. Keep running and jumping up the slope, smashing the disks as you go.

When you reach the small, level section of walkway at the top of the slope, a situational adrenaline sequence begins. To get through it, keep running and try to jump as close to the edge of the ledge as possible. Hold the B button until Lara grabs the ledge ahead, and then press X to make the saving grab. If Lara falls into the pool—or if she grabs the lower handhold instead of the upper one—the blue water reaches her and you have try again. If she grabs the upper handhold and makes the save, press B one last time to pull up.

Final Cinematic: The central structure begins to wobble. Natla, outraged, flies down to the base of the tower and tries to prop it up. Lara sees what she's doing and hurls Mjolnir down toward her. Her aim is true; the hammer strikes with a huge flash, knocking Natla into the pool below. The tower tumbles down after her.

As the walkways crumble and the water level rises, Lara runs for the exit. She finds Amanda lying on the floor and tries to help her up, but Amanda shoves her away.

"After killing the Midgard Serpent, Thor dies from its venom anyway," Amanda taunts.

"Not if you clear the corridor and get us out of here," Lara replies. Amanda tries, but the Wraith Stone is apparently drained.

"Out of juice," she says. "Just like Bolivia. The good news is we saved the world. The bad news is now we're going to die here. . . just like your mother."

Lara turns toward Amanda, ready to strike, but stops short. Amanda's mention of Bolivia has given Lara an idea. Just like the ruins where she last battled Amanda, this room contains a circle of standing stones and a portal. She runs to this dais with Amanda limping after her.

Lara examines the sword in the stone. "Mother must have tried to use it to escape but didn't know how." She presses the sword into the stone, raising the ring-shaped portal. The glyphs on the standing stones begin to glow red.

"If pulling out these artifacts always brings you here, what will happen if I'm already here?" she wonders aloud.

"Maybe you'll go to hell," Amanda snarls.

At first Lara doesn't understand why the portal has not activated. Then she spots a chunk of one of the steles lying on the floor. She lifts it back into place but finds she can't hold it there and reach the sword at the same time.

"Damn it! I can't reach the sword." Then realization dawns. "But you can," she tells Amanda.

Amanda looks at her skeptically. "What about you?"

"I can reach you if you hold out your hand."

"You trust me?" Amanda is incredulous.

"We're out of time!"

Amanda's conscience struggles with her hatred. Then, miraculously, conscience wins. "Now!" she yells, as she yanks the sword from the stone and simultaneously reaches for Lara's hand.

Thousands of miles away, in a ruined monastery in Tibet, another portal is activated. Lara and Amanda tumble out onto the floor. As Lara picks up the sword, Amanda clutches the Wraith Stone, now recharged. The two old adversaries eye each other warily.

"So it's back to this, is it?" Lara asks.

"What? You think we're even?" Amanda replies.

Lara stows the sword behind her, allowing Amanda the upper hand. "Will killing me make us even?"

Amanda ponders this for a moment then turns away, leaving Lara alone in front of the broken pedestal. Lara picks up a few tattered sheets of paper. We see that they are leaves from her old journal with childlike drawings of Yetis. She lets the pages fall and turns away.

"Goodbye, Mother," she says softly. "Rest in peace."

As she leaves the ruins, the camera pans up to a hole in the roof, and we see snow falling from a darkening sky.

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