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WARNING: The save system in this game is broken. Autosave checkpoints appear to register, and if Lara dies the game usually resumes at the last checkpoint. However, at least for some of the checkpoints, if you quit the game and/or turn off the DS, the game will resume at the beginning of the level, rather than at the most recent checkpoint. If you can't make it all the way through a level in one sitting, pause the game and close the DS so it goes into hibernation. Plug in the DS charger so it doesn't lose power while you're away. Then, when when you return and open the DS, it should start up where you left off, with the game paused.


Updated: 1/2/07()

NOTE: The items enemies drop can vary. This walkthrough indicates some of the possibilities, but what you get may be different from what's listed here. Some enemies don't drop anything.

HEADING UPSTREAM: Go to the right and jump the gap, or follow the lower path and climb back up. Press Y to grab the bronze reward. Then continue around the corner to the left. Swim across the pool, climb out and push the boulder (Y + Pad Left) off the edge.

Drop down into the pit to get a gold reward. Use the stylus to scratch off the dirt on the lower screen in order to excavate this one.

Climb out of the pit on the right side, jump across to the left and keep going. Climb several ledges then face the back wall. Jump straight up several times to scale the ledges. Climb to the right then jump to the right to grab the vine. Then jump to the ledge on the right.

Continue to the right. Take a running jump to grab the dangling vine. Swing back and forth using the Pad Left/Right buttons and jump to the next ledge on the right. Jump the next gap and then jump straight up twice to climb the crevices on the back wall. Traverse along the narrow ledge to the left. Don't hesitate because the ledge breaks as Lara climbs. Jump to grab the ledge to the left. Pull up near the top of the falls and cross a CHECKPOINT.

GIANT ROLLING BOULDER: Head upstream. When the huge boulder rolls toward Lara, move up against the wall so it passes in front of her. Continue to the right. Climb onto the rock and jump straight up to grab the horizontal branch. Press Control Pad Right to swing around the branch. As Lara swings around, just before she reaches the lowest point, tap B to jump off and grab the ledge to the right. Pull up and continue upstream.

Approach the mercenary and draw pistols (A). When you see the red targeting reticle, press A to fire. The enemy will appear on the touch screen. Tap him with the stylus to shoot. Note that a clean headshot results in an instant kill. When he's dead, pick up whatever item he drops—most likely a shotgun or health pack. A bit farther on, you'll find a health pack and a silver reward in the bushes.

BOULDER & FALLEN TREE: Climb onto the platform and push the boulder off the ledge (Y + Control Pad). It lands on the fallen tree below, raising the right end. Stand in the water beneath the horizontal branch and jump straight up to grab it. Press Pad right to swing around the branch, then B to jump off and grab the ledge ahead. (Remember to press B before Lara reaches the lowest point in the swing in order to jump far enough to reach the ledge.) Or, you can run Lara up the tree trunk and jump to the ledge.

BIG METAL DISK: Pull up and continue to the right. Face the big metal disk. Press X to throw the magnetic grapple. When it attaches to the disk, press Pad left to pull it down. Go through the opening.

Kill the 2 mercenaries beyond and pick up any goodies they leave. There's also a bronze reward in plain sight. A little farther on you'll meet 2 more soldiers, who may also drop some items.

Go all the way to the right, climb the broken stones and jump up to grab the narrow ledge. Traverse to the left. Jump to the left as the ledge starts to break away. If she falls, return to the right and try again, jumping past the gap where the ledge broke off. Jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing around and jump to grab the crevice ahead. Climb to the top of the rocks, jump across the gap to the left and continue to a wall. Climb over where the wall is lower and get another gold reward. Climb back over the wall and go to the right. Take a running jump where the ledge juts out to grab the vine. Swing and jump to the ledge to the right.

Continue to the right along the ledges. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing around and jump to grab the next pole. Swing around that pole and jump to the next ledge.

BROKEN BRIDGE: Continue to the broken bridge. Climb over the jumble of rocks and approach the edge. Note the 'X' icon that appears on the screen. This means Lara can grapple-swing here like Indiana Jones does with his whip. To do that, back up from the edge a bit, then take a running jump off the edge and quickly press X in mid-air to throw the grapple. Once the grapple is anchored, you can release X. Then swing with the Control Pad buttons like you do using a vine. Swing to the right and jump off.

Continue to a big boulder. This is an environmental hazard, as indicated by the 'A' icon on-screen. Press A to shoot the boulder sending it rolling down the hill and hopefully crushing the 2 mercenaries below. After it rolls, slide down and finish off any enemies who survived. Pick up whatever they may drop.

Get the silver reward in the alcove near the base of the slope and follow the path to the right to the next CHECKPOINT.

Climb onto the brownish ledge at either end. Take a running jump off the right end to grab the dangling vine. Climb about halfway up the vine (Pad up) then swing and jump to the next ledge.

Follow the path, killing 3 soldiers as you go. You can crush the second soldier by shooting the stone column when the 'A' icon appears on-screen.

TEMPLE ENTRANCE: Enter the temple and grapple-swing across the spike pit. In order to grapple-swing without falling into the spikes you must first take a running jump off the edge and then quickly press X to grapple. Swing and jump to the far side of the pit.

Get the bronze reward in the alcove and continue to a room with 2 vertical chains. Climb the chain on the right, jump to the one on the left. Climb it as far as you can then jump back to the chain on the right. Climb up a bit and jump to the ledge on the right.

POOL: Continue to a pool. Swim down, then right, then up to a room where Lara can get air and a silver reward. Again swim down, then to the right, then diagonally up to the right. Climb out of the water and shoot the jaguar. (It won't appear on the touch screen. Just keep away from it and shoot when the reticle turns red. If you shoot when there is no red reticle, you'll miss and waste ammo.)

POUNDING BLOCKS: Continue around the corner. Kill another human enemy and carefully approach the pounding block. To get past it, stand as close as possible without touching it. Wait until it just starts to move upward. Then roll underneath it (hold R and then press B) and run out to the right.

Continue to a set of 2 pounding blocks. Push the crate ahead of Lara as she moves beneath them. The crate will keep her from being crushed, as long as you time it so she isn't under the left block after she's pushed the entire crate under the right block, or under the right block after she's pushed the crate out from beneath it. Beyond the blocks is another CHECKPOINT.

BOX & BALANCE PUZZLE: The next room contains a seesaw-like balance beam, 2 pressure pads on the floor and 2 movable crates. Drop down to the lower level and pull the crate out from beneath the seesaw. Then push it onto the lowered left end of the seesaw. Climb onto the raised right end of the seesaw and jump up and down. This will catapult the crate onto the ledge. Climb up and pull/push it onto the pressure pad on the right. Pull/push the other crate, which is already on the ledge, onto the other pad. This opens the exit above on the right.

To get there, go all the way to the left and climb the vertical chain. Jump to grab the ledge to the right. Climb to the right, jump straight up to grab the ledge above and pull up. Jump straight up to grab the horizontal chain and climb across to the other end of the chain. Drop onto the ledge, then drop down so Lara is hanging from the front edge. Climb to the right, jump to grab the horizontal pole, swing around it and jump to the ledge on the right. Go through the door you just opened to reach the next CHECKPOINT.

RETRACTING FLOOR & BLADES: To get past the retracting floor and vertical blades, first position Lara near the wall. That way she'll have more time to get across before the floor moves out from under her. Run past each of the blades as they start to swing outward. Just beyond the vertical blades, there's a horizontal blade at floor level. Keep running and jump over this. It may take a few tries to get through, but fortunately the checkpoint is close by.

TALL ROOM WITH ROTATING WHEELS: Hang from the ledge and drop down three times, catching onto the green handholds. Jump to the right to grab one of the horizontal bars on the lower wheel. After it stops moving, drop to the floor. Kill another leopard and go the far right to get the gold reward in the alcove.

Return to the left and climb up to the ledge where Lara can stand. Take a running jump to grab the lower wheel. It rotates upward. Swing around and jump to the right to grab a crevice on the gray stone column. If Lara doesn't grab, it probably means she's too far forward (i.e., toward the screen, rather than toward the background) when trying to make the jump. Position her touching the stone column with the handholds. Then run straight to the left and climb up onto the ledge. Without changing her position with Control Pad Up or Down, jump to grab the bar on the wheel. Then try to swing around and jump to grab the crevice again. It should work.

Jump straight up several times to grab the highest crevice on the column. Climb to the right just enough to position Lara a little more than halfway past the center of the column. Then jump to the right to grab the next wheel. (If you climb all the way to the right edge before jumping, Lara will miss the bar on the wheel.) Swing and jump to grab a green handhold on the right wall. Climb up and follow the passageway to the next CHECKPOINT.

WOODEN BRIDGE & STONE DAIS: Run along the rope bridge to avoid gunfire from the helicopter. Near the end of the bridge, jump the gap so Lara doesn't fall into the chasm. Fight the 7 mercenaries near the stone dais to complete the level. (They drop a few items—possibly the shotgun and SMG, a grenade and/or health pack—but items won't carry over to the next level, so it's only necessary to pick up what you need right away.)

CROFT MANOR: After completing Bolivia, you can explore part of Lara's home and pick up a few extra rewards. Croft Manor is accessed from the level menu. In the early stages of the game, only one of the doors leading out of the main hall will open. Another opens after each completed level in the main game (i.e., Peru, Japan and Ghana).

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