Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance Tomb Raider Cheat Codes

Cheat codes for the Game Boy Advance version of Tomb Raider: Legend are listed on the Legend Cheats page.

There are no built-in cheat codes for the Tomb Raider GBC games (The Nightmare Stone and Curse of the Sword). Tomb Raider: The Prophecy for Game Boy Advance also has no cheat codes, though you can skip levels by entering the appropriate 4-character level code. This is explained in the section on the game's controls.

Below are links to various places that have GameShark and other cheat code listings for the Tomb Raider GBC games. Please note that I don't have a Game Boy or any of these accessories, so please don't email me if you have trouble with the codes. Instead use the contact information on the site(s) where you found the codes.

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