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Below are miscellaneous questions that I have received from fans. If you have a question that you do not already see on this page, fill out the Ask Katie form here.


Katie. Have you played the Xbox chapters for TR8?

Unfortunately not. Since they weren't released for PC I had no way to play them!

Hi Katie! My question is: If you could pick any actress (not counting previous actresses) to voice Lara, who would you choose and why?

That's a tough question! I don't know, to be honest. I don't follow any British actresses and I wouldn't want a non-British voice for Lara. It has to be a real accent, otherwise it sounds fake. Sorry I can't name someone specific, but a genuine accent is a must!

Hey Katie I hear you like Left 4 Dead 2 what is your best special infected example boomer smoker hunter from Tom

My best would be Spitter or Hunter! I love combo attacks with other teammates... Charge + Spit, Hunter + Spit, etc.

What is your review on the new Tomb Raider?

Please visit my forums for my review!

Are you going to order the Tomb Raider collectors edition? -Brandon R.

I was lucky to receive my copy of Tomb Raider for free, but it was not the collectors edition.

Hi Katie. I have started 3d animation and I want to make a Tomb Raider film. I have been trawling the internet for ages trying to get a Lara Croft 3d model. The trouble is, no one has them for Blender on a Mac. I wondered if you had seen any good ones anywhere... Thanks, uberstriker22

Unfortunately since I'm not into 3D myself I haven't ever gone looking, but I do know there are a ton of fans over at who will definitely be able to help. Post there, and I know someone will point you in the right direction. Good luck!

How come in The Last Revelation Lara dies, then in Chronicles they tell stories of what she did when she was alive? Then in Tomb Raider 6 (Tomb Raider after Chronicles) she magically came back to life? It doesn't make any sense. Please answer me when you get the chance. Bye :)

Tomb Raider Chronicles wasn't meant to share what happened with Lara after the Last Revelation. While everyone was waiting to hear what happened, and sort of in memory of her, they gathered to share stories to give us more of a back story of what other adventures she had been on. I'm not really sure why AOD didn't explain what happened, but the book, the Amulet of Power was supposed to explain everything. Had there have been another game after AOD I think we would have had a full explanation.

When playing Tomb Raider what versions do you play the most A}the classics for the ps1, pc (Tomb Raider 1-5) B}or play the more modern versions like for the xbox, ps2 and ps3 (Like AOD, Legend, Anniversary, Underworld and lastly Lara Croft GOL)

The classics, including AOD. TBH I've never replayed any of Crystal's games other than to work on videos for my YouTube channel!

Dear Katie, do you think an anime and manga adaption of Tomb Raider will be good? And, who's better Amanda or Natla?

I think if it was a fan-made piece, the anime/manga would be accepted by other fans. If they were to change the games to match this, I don't think it would work since Tomb Raider was never meant to be anime/manga. To answer your other question, I'd have to go with Natla! She seemed more believable as a baddie than Amanda did. I wasn't fond of the story of how Amanda came to dislike Lara and definitely preferred Tomb Raider 1's story of Natla.

1. Have you ever considered posting the Tomb Raider: The Quest movie online? 2. Have you also considered doing a mini-series similar to The Quest? From @SuperHazman

No, I've never considered it! It was a small school project that I decided to share on the Tomb Raider documentary so Turner Broadcasting would have a bunch of material to choose from. No plans to ever do another! Thanks for your questions.

Hi Katie, it's @SuperHazman from Twitter! What are your tips for writing stories?

Hey! Thanks for your question. If you haven't already, check out my Guide Book which is full of writing tips. If you'd like me to elaborate on anything feel free to e-mail me and I can help you further!

I hear you like Silent Hill a lot... what's your favorite game in Silent Hill.

I love the Silent Hill series! My favourite is a toss-up between Origins and Homecoming.

Hi Katie :) Have you tried to make custom levels in Tomb Raider level editor? You should make levels with your own stories like The Evil House (my favorite) that would be awesome! :D

Hey! I've only attempted the level editor once briefly. When I heard it was going to be released with Chronicles I was super excited to make my own levels, but unfortunately my computer at the time wasn't able to run the editor without crashing. I took to downloading and playing other fans' levels instead, and never got back to the editor. It would be super cool if someone turned my stories into levels! (Fingers crossed) :)

Hey, Katie :) The new reboot has me filled with mixed emotions. I grew up with Tomb Raider 3 and 4 and they remain my favorites to this day. I'm just wondering how you feel about Tomb Raider 9? As well as Underworld and Legend? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed replaying Legend a thousand times (Underworld not so much) but they don't seem like Tomb Raider games. What do you think? Hope all your stories are going well :) Thanks!

I make it no secret that I prefer the classics over Crystal's games, and I agree with your opinion. Legend was a disaster in my opinion, and Underworld was a step in the right direction. I really disagree with their choice to reboot Lara when they acquired the series - I think they should have completed where Core left off, at the bare minimum. Rebooting her right away was not the right way to take over the series, and if anything, it seemed like they were mocking the previous games. In my Tomb Raider #1 Debate (Lara's Biography) video, I read a paragraph from Crystal's new biography where they used words like "utter rot" and "total works of fiction" which is most definitely an attack on the classic series.

Legend and Underworld were extremely linear, short, not challenging, and didn't feel like Tomb Raider games at all. Underworld was an improvement, however, over Legend. As far as Tomb Raider 9 goes, I definitely agree a reboot was necessary. Legend/Underworld were going nowhere and very few fans actually enjoyed the storyline. It's sad in a way we need another reboot so soon (they only got 2 games out), but I think it should help the series. It's too early for me to give a full opinion (I have to actually play it) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed they're more serious about the franchise this time round. Thanks for your question!

Hi Katie, do you prefer Lara's hair braided or not?

I like it both ways, actually, but I think I prefer it braided. It would be cool if she had a couple styles throughout a game - no one says it has to be one or the other! :)

Hi Katie, which game has your favourite Croft Manor? Mine is TR3. :)

Definitely TR3 for me as well! It had great upgrades from the previous versions and the quad bike is AMAZING. I also really like the giant aquarium in her basement - the whole house is so much fun.

Hello there Katie my name is Fai Dingaway I would like to know what your favourite costume she wears is?

Hey Fai! My favourite costume is Lara's black catsuit from Tomb Raider Chronicles. I love the look, and it's perfect for sneaking around and breaking into the building! I really like the sunglasses/headset/infrafred-set as well, especially since it's used in the gameplay, and not just for looks!

Hi, do you think Tomb Raider 9 will be a big step up in Tomb Raider or do you think it will change lara (not for the better). If that makes sense. I diddn't really like Tomb Raider Legend and I don't want Crystal Dynamics to make the same mistake for Tomb Raider 9. Bye the way, love yours and Stella's sites. You should make your own Tomb Raider page on facebook :D

At this point it's really hard to predict how Tomb Raider 9 will do. I think Crystal realized that Legend/Underworld were short of disastrous and they definitely needed to re-think the direction of the series. Personally, I think they went wrong right from the start with trying to create a new Lara and sort of erase what had already happened. I really don't think they "got" Lara and it showed. The game was too easy, linear, and didn't stay true to the character that we all knew. It sounds like they have a clear focus for Tomb Raider 9 - they are re-inventing Lara, so hopefully this time they'll get it right! I'm not on Facebook but you can join me on Google+!

I love the classic TRs the best what is your favourite classic game?

Tomb Raider 3 for the win! Love it - graphics, level design, music, vehicles, choosing your next location...perfect.

I am upset because TR9 doesn't look that good and I only have a Wii and psp

I'm sorry to hear it won't be released on either system you have! When Underworld was released my laptop couldn't run it, so I was in the same boat you are now. Had to save my pennies to buy a new might have to start doing the same! Good luck :)

Hey Katie! How R U? Well, my questions are:
  1. you would like to do another video tutorial on some TR?
  2. What part of TR Underworld you like more?
  3. How many times have you played TR?
  4. What other games do you enlarge too?
That's it all. Your New Follower Cristian Baletto

Hey Cristian! Doing great thanks. Absolutely I'll be doing more videos on Tomb Raider. If you mean reviews, I plan on eventually reviewing all of the Tomb Raider games. In Underworld, my favourite parts would have to be all the underwater levels. The graphics were gorgeous and it was fun to search around in the ocean! I have no idea how many times I've played Tomb Raider...lots! I like to replay the classics every once in awhile, and when I'm getting footage for my videos I enjoy playing them then too! As far as other games I enjoy: Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, and Silent Hill. Thanks for the questions!

Wha'ts your favourite tomb raider model?

I think they all did a great job but personal favourite is Lara Weller.

Yo Katie. What's the hardest TR ever? For me its the third one, what a nightmare, still an excellent game though.

Ooh, tough one. For me I'd say Tomb Raider 4 - the levels were huge and complex...especially the levels where you had to travel back and forth between. Really had to keep track of where you'd already been and where everything was located!

Did you think Tomb Raider: Anniversary was a worthy remake of the original? I liked that they'd corrected the Thor and Neptune rooms. :)

Absolutely, I loved the remake. I appreciated they didn't deviate from the original and they paid tribute to it well. In a way it was a little funny Crystal was given the remake and not Core (since it was their game) but overall I'd say it was nicely done.

What did you think of Core Design's attempt at recreating Lara for Angel Of Darkness? Personally I think she was a bit too mean/intimidating. What do you think?

I absolutely loved AOD - it wasn't a reboot but it definitely was taken up a notch story-wise. I don't think Lara was re-created; she was adapting to her new situation/surroundings. She was wanted for murder and was being chased down by the police - I think her demeanour in the game was perfect for the story. I don't think their goal was to make Lara darker, rather to show us another side of her given her circumstances.

Hi Katie! Do you think there'll be any more remakes of the original Tomb Raiders?

I really don't think so - Crystal is now focused on the reboot #2 of the series and it sounds like they want to leave the last 15 years behind. At this point it would be a weird decision to re-make any since it would be confusing to new players. Personally, I'm happy with having just the classics! They're already perfect :)

Other than Lara, who is your favourite character in Tomb Raider?

I absolutely love Zip from Chronicles! He was a perfect side-kick and I loved the bantering back and forth between Lara and him. He was entertaining, helped with certain spots, but it wasn't too much. As soon as I played Chronicles I knew I wanted to write a story with him in it on another adventure!

When is Tomb Raider 9 out?

No exact official release date as of yet, but Fall 2012 has been confirmed.

Lara Croft was a revolutionary figure when she first appeared on the game scene in the "girl power" era of the mid to late 1990s. Do you feel she is still relevant as a role model in this day and age? - Kelly M

Great question! When she first appeared she was an instant icon and role model. I think now she's lost some of that appeal. Lara Croft is a household name but she doesn't have the same impact as before. As you mentioned, the 90's were all about girl power so that was the ideal time to launch Lara. It was unheard of to have a lead female character, but now perceptions have changed and it isn't shocking anymore. Exposure is key and I believe Lara hasn't had the correct, or positive exposure, in a long time.

What is your favourite Tomb Raider Gold game?

I loved all of them! It's a tough decision between TR2 Gold and TR3 Gold...I'd say TR3!

I've got to the level before Brother Obscura in Angel Of Darkness and I can't go on because I'm too afraid. I've read countless walkthroughs and things about him and even watched a video or two with him in. Basically he's a scary ghost. Can you give me some advice on continuing, and/or tell me if it frightened you?

This is what Tomb Raiding is all about! Get in there with your guns blazing and you'll do just fine. I think Boaz was a lot more intimidating than the ghost.

Hey Katie, I was wondering - what was your favourite and least favourite boss? My favourite was probably the T-Rex in Tomb Raider: Anniversary and my least favourite was probably James Rutland from Tomb Raider: Legend.
Also, I read the question about what scared you in Tomb Raider and I wondered if there was anything that you thought that looked quite dodgy? I didn't like the bit in Tomb Raider III where that guy got attacked by the wolf and there was blood on his face. I'm such a wuss. :) The Willard thumping sounds at the end of the game scare me. 0_0

Tough questions! I really enjoyed frying Sophia Lee and enjoyed the challenging of climbing up the structures outside while trying to avoid being hit. Least favourite would probably be Amanda at the end of Legend. As far as things that looked "dodgy" I can't really think of any. Well, maybe the bug in Angel of Darkness when we can see inside Lara's head! ;)

Are you the person in the Tomb Raider documentary on the Anniversary collector's edition disc?

That's me :) You can read more about it on my Documentary page.

You must've played so many custom Tomb Raider levels in the past. Which one could you call your favorite?

Another tough question! I've loved all of the ones I've played, but the few that come to mind right away are Lara at the Movies, The Christmas Train, and Neon God. There are so many talented fans and I highly recommend that everyone gives them a try! I've got a section on my screenshots side of the site that features several levels I've played with screenshots. Check it out here.

What's your favorite TR game? What's your least favorite?

Favourite is Tomb Raider 3; least favourite Legend.

Do you think Tomb Raider will be released before 2012?

I'm guessing it will be released end of 2011 based on on the date they announced the game, and the type of marketing we're seeing. I'd bet on it, but no one knows yet for sure :)

Hi Katie, I was wondering if you have ever recieved by emails stories from other fans? Daniele Zucchi

Hi Daniele, depending on how busy I am, I will sometimes accept entries from other fans to read. Unfortunately due to my busy schedule I can't promise I will be able to read every story that is sent to me, but I always encourage fans to post their stories on my forum where other fans will be able to enjoy them!

Do you have a favorite level? By the way, love your stories!

It's always hard picking a favourite Tomb Raider, let alone only one level from it! Let's see...

Tomb Raider 1: Caves. It's my first memory of TR - this was the beginning!
Tomb Raider 2: Venice for sure - the speedboat was the best and the music was amazing
Tomb Raider 3: This one's tough. I'd have to go with Nevada Desert
Tomb Raider 4: KV5 for sure - the jeep was awesome
Tomb Raider 5: VCI Headquarters levels hands down!
Tomb Raider 6: Le Serpent Rouge was brilliant
Tomb Raider 7: Probably Japan
Tomb Raider AE: The Egypt levels were beautiful
Tomb Raider 8: Any of the Coastal Thailand levels

Hello Katie, I'm a big fan of Lara Croft and I think your stories are truly excellent. What were your thoughts on the two Tomb Raider Movies and what did you think to Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft? Thanks, Aaron, Buckingham shire, England

Hey Aaron, thanks for your question. I remember when the first Tomb Raider movie was coming out - I was so excited. I was still in contact with Gary Reading at Core Design at that point and I remember sending e-mails back and forth about it. I have to say though, while Angelina did an excellent job with the stunts, it just wasn't Lara Croft to me. The storyline was good but it seemed to lack certain elements from the games that would have made hard-core fans really get excited. Of course, changing her butler's name and having a different house didn't help either! The second movie I thought was better - it would be awesome if one day they made a CGI TR that could be interesting!

Hi Katie. I'm putting this under miscellaneous because, as far as i know, you haven't written these yet. I wanted to know if you were ever planning to write novelisations of the games? I know there are a few legal issues but if it were ever possible, I would love to see them. And if you can't do so, do you know anywhere I can find some?

I haven't penned any stories that follow any of the games, and I can't say I see myself being interested in doing so. While my stories sometimes follow the storylines closely, I prefer to create new adventures for Lara. As far as the legal issues go, you don't have to worry about this unless you're trying to get published. If you're trying to publish anything with the Tomb Raider name/Lara Croft character you would absolutely need to get the rights to do so from Eidos Interactive. Penning stories and posting online are fine as long as you include the copyright information that you do not own the brand. Hope that helps!

Is there pictures in your stories and if so how do u get to veiw them? Thanks!!

Yes, a few of my stories have photos in them (maps or diagrams). If you're opening the Word version (that you would download in the zip file format, here) when you scroll past an area that is blank, stop, and give your computer time to load the image. If you cannot see it, try clicking in the space. If that doesn't work, try downloading the PDF version, individually available on each story page. Hope that helps!

I got Tomb Raider Underworld for x-box 360 how do you turn off the auto save or is there a way to do this?

According to Stella's website, "Like the last two games, Underworld has autosave checkpoints. Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the game is saved automatically. Then, if Lara dies or you quit the game and restart, the game reloads at the last checkpoint. In the PS2 game, each time you reach a new checkpoint the word "checkpoint" appears on-screen and there is an audible chime. If you pass over a checkpoint you've crossed previously, there is no indication, but the game usually autosaves again." She also says, "I highly recommend that you do not rely exclusively on the autosave. Instead be sure also to save manually at least a few times in each level. Then, if you miss something or run into a bug, you can reload rather than having to replay the entire level."

Hi Katie. Here's the question. If you were Lara, where would you like to visit (and raid) first?

Tough question, there are so many places I'd love to visit! I'd probably pick Egypt first...that's a classic place to start. It would be awesome to visit the Valley of the Kings, and KV5 - all the spots featured in the Last Revelation. I can only imagine what it would be like to go exploring in a tomb...hopefully one day!

Hi it's not exactly a question but I want you to know a lot of Tomb Raider fans think your very luky to get all this cool stuff from eidos. I have seen a lot of you on various documentaries. As a fellow Tomb Raider fan and collector I would like to say well done on what you have achieved. I would like to ask you though that do you get bothered a lot about other people asking you for help. Some times I hate knowing where every secret is off by heart.

I am very very lucky and fortunate to have such an extensive Tomb Raider collection. A lot of it has been given to me from Eidos, and I feel very lucky. I've also spent a LOT of money buying the rest on eBay.
When Eidos gave me some copies of TR AE to give away they threw in extra bonuses for the winners - tshirts, notepads, and I think even a figurine.
It's a shame the merchandise isn't available in stores around the world, so I am so thankful for Eidos and eBay, else my collection would be quite small :) But a few tokens are nice too.
I don't get too many requests for game-play help since that's Stella's realm of expertise, but I do get questions from time-to-time. I personally love it - I love talking about the game, the experiences, the storyline, and the more people I can talk with about it, the better. I don't know anyone personally who is a fan, so it's wonderful to be able to communicate with fans from all around the world. So no, doesn't bother me at all - quite the opposite :)

If you could follow Lara on one adventure, which one would it be? I would like Tomb Raider Underworld. -Anika

Hmm, great question! That's a tough one...I think I'd have to pick Tomb Raider 3, that way I'd get to visit a bunch of places since her adventure was in India, South Pacific Islands, London, Nevada, and Antarctica -- that'd be a sure way of seeing a huge part of the world at once!

I saw the TR documentary, and I noticed that you said you made a video. Where can we find this? I've done a million google searches. Nothing.

Ah, the secret until the Documentary came out! The only place you can see a small segment of the video is in the documentary unfortunately. You can read all about it, and see screenshots from the video in my TR Work section which is part of my Screenshots section. Check it out here!

Hi Greg here two questions, What is your favourite Tomb Raider game? and Do you ever plan on going to a tomb or somewhere and explore?

It's always a toss-up between Tomb Raider 3, and Tomb Raider 5. I love them both, and I ALWAYS have a hard time picking just one! TR3 for its vast locations, incredible vehicles, music, story. Tomb Raider 5 for its locations, story, music. I would love to go around the world and visit tombs and other locales! Top of my list would probably be: Egypt, Venice, Nevada, Tikal, Tibet, and the River Ganges! It would be incredible to visit the places from the games, and my stories. Any chance of getting Eidos to sponsor a world-trip for me ya' think? :)

Which one do you like best? The classic Lara or the next-gen Lara?

Classic Lara hands-down. I'm not a fan of how Crystal changed her history. The next-gen Lara looks good (newer technology) but I most definitely prefer the REAL Lara that we once knew (TR1-AOD). When I write my stories, I'm always basing her from her original history, created by Core Design, and her adventures from TR1-6.

How many chapters are there in underworld?

Unforunately I haven't been able to play Underworld because of my computer specs, but according to Stella's site, there are seven levels.

Hello Katie. heres the question. what do you think is Lara's favourite food besides chocolate?

In the Official Tomb Raider Fact Files book, her favourite meal is beans on toast with tea, while she's at home! I haven't heard of her favourite food being chocolate before, but who doesn't love it? :)

I absolutely love your stories and have been inspired by them
immensely. I am also interested in writing stories and LOVE the Tomb Raider series. I would love to start a similar website as you have here, but have absolutely no experience and wouldn't want to 'copy'. May I ask if you host other people stories on here or if you were to consider it?

Thank you for the compliments! Sometimes the best way to learn is to copy, then make it your own. While I have considered making a fan section for stories, right now the only place you can post is on my Tomb Raider forums, in the Fan Fiction section.

Just wondering, how do we enter your competitions? I can't find anywhere about how to enter, and you keep announcing winners!!! Help. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

When a contest is running, all you have to do is click on the ads and you'll be taken to the contest ballot page. I currently do not have any contests running, and typically I do one a year. So keep your eye out for the ads, and follow the instructions!

Hiya Katie! My question is; In any parts of any of the games, is there a point where you've been really scared or actually screamed or jumped at something? Mine would be lighting a flare in Catacombs of the Talion when I heard some thumping around. A yeti was there, and I screamed, LOL ^.^

I love this question! Oh my gosh, yes. It was in Tomb Raider 3 - Aldwych Station. I jumped down onto the train tracks and was running deeper into the tunnel. I just had this terrible gut feeling, when all of a sudden, WHAM, the train came out of nowhere and I hit the roof. I've never jumped like that before, it was hilarious! I think we all can say we've had moments in the games when we've been caught off guard!

How did you learn about Tomb Raider and when did you start writing stories?

I first learned about Tomb Raider when I was in a store looking through computer games. I literally picked up a demo copy of the first game, thought it looked good (I've always been a fan of Egypt) and was hooked within minutes of starting to play. I began writing stories about a year after this, and released my first story in 2000.

If you were Lara exploring through the jungles of India and South Pacific Islands, what would you wear besides Lara's outfit?

An interesting and odd question :) Hmm if I was in India I would probably opt for some shorts or capris (to help with all those bug bites and swampy water...) with a pair of really good hiking boots for sure. A tank top would probably be the best bet because it would be hot, but that does sound like Lara's outfit. In the South Pacific Islands I would definitely do the shorts and tank top again, still with some good hiking boots. I'd be good in the water, and fine running around! Hope that answers your question! :)

I haven't played Tomb Raider Chronicles so I'm confused. Is the Zip from Chronicles the same Zip as from the Crystal Dynamics continuity? Is the new Zip inspired by the old one, or is the similarity in name only?

I'm glad you asked this question...Zip from my story, The Strenuous Escapade is a complete resemblance from Tomb Raider Chronicles. In fact, there are references in the story from the game which might give some clues. Furthermore, before I wrote that story I literally listened to all of his dialogue from Chronicles to get into his mindset, see how he worked, what made him tick, his personality, etc. Also, if you look at the copyright information (bottom of the story), you'll see I released the story in 2005 - before Crystal Dynamics introduced their version of Zip.

Hi Katie...Its Brandon..some of my friends say that Tomb Raider Underworld will be the last part of the game...Is it true??? And thanks for answering.

Hey Brandon - do you mean the end of Tomb Raider? I highly, highly doubt it. In fact I'm willing to bet on this! :) Tomb Raider is Eidos' best selling game, so from a business perspective, it would be the worst decision to cut the game. I think we will be seeing more Tomb Raider games for quite some time!

Do you think Eidos will ever make a continue of TR3?

Do you mean, will they do a remake of TR3? If so, I really don't know...and I'm not sure about any other remakes. I think if Tomb Raider had a 20th anniversary it is a possibility they would do another remake. I personally would love to see TR3 re-done, but I also think it's already perfect as is :)

Hi Katie. Have you ever wished one of your stories be turned into a level using the TRLE? Personally I'd love to turn SSD into a set but what is your thoughts on this? Could it work?

Of course! I think it would be awesome. I think it could work with any of my stories, and it would be up to the level designer to use their creativity to mould a level/levels around it, staying true to the story, and providing players with an exciting game.

How do you feel about Lara's portrayal as a sex symbol, particularly during the Tomb Raider 3 period, and what would you say to those who criticise Lara for this reason?

To be honest I don't feel Lara was portrayed overly sexual around Tomb Raider 3, I think that happened earlier, looking back at some of the promotional materials. Well, in short, it was an advertising tactic that worked. The games were targeted at males, and a sexy video game character was sure to attract lots of attention. Now, over ten years later, while she is still an attractive character, I think fans have grown out of the "lets portray Lara as a sex symbol" because they're so into the games. What do I say to people who criticise Lara? Um. She's made out of pixels...criticise away :)

Out of the dozen or so people who have officially portrayed Lara
Croft, who is your favourite? (Jonell Elliot, Angelina Jolie, Keeley Hawes, Alison Carroll, etc.)

My favourite Lara model would have to be Lara Weller - to me she looked like Lara the most (of course all of those surgeries...) and I also liked Karima - I think she did an excellent job.

Which is your favourite Tomb Raider Continuity? The Core Design
one, or the Crystal Dynamics one? Or is it one of the combinations they used in the movies or comics?

I definitely am a Core Design fan and always will be. They created the games, they developed six fantastic adventures, and built who we all know Lara to be. I absolutely love the work that was put into them all - hiring the London Symphony Orchestra to play the incredible soundtracks for us, the writers who brought us a witty, sarcastic, and bold Lara, and all of the fantastic storylines. I must admit Crystal Dynamics is still growing on me. I do not like how they changed her history - how can you do that after 6 games? I do not like her new mansion with a new Winston/Zip and the controls for PC are a nightmare on the hands. But, with that being said, I am still happy we are getting TR games and they are working very hard to bring us exciting games. I do have to admit some fan levels are more enjoyable than some of Crystal's levels, but I am definitely not going to knock them completely -- they still have a chance ;)

I think this may sound very awkward but I am just curious to know how long Lara would be able to raid because she is now almost 40 and still has ability and strength to work. Or is this something
far-fetched that we don't need to bother ourselves about it? Sorry if my curiosity sounds funny.

Ah, yes, our poor Lara is aging. Well, what about Batman or Spiderman? They've been around for ages and no one seems to think age is a factor. I think when Core created Lara they were unsure of the success she was about to bring them, so they created a biography for her, including her birthdate, February 14th, 1968. In the games she never seems to age and we bounced between "normal" Lara and "young" Lara. Yes, she was given a birthdate, but do fans necessarily care about her aging in the games? I don't know, I can't speak for everyone, but I'd say this is probably where fans jump over the reality line.

Hi! I have a question but I don't know if it sounds funny to you. I was just wondering how famous Lara is in her country and international. Thanks.

I had a chat about this actually not too long ago with a good friend at Eidos. Lara is most popular in the UK (which makes sense), followed by the US. I'm in Canada so I can't speak for the European fans, but from what I've seen/heard she's quite popular in Europe where they have Lara models and other promotions.

How old are you? :)

When I used to get this question from fans (before the Tomb Raider Documentary was released) I would always answer "Younger than Lara, but older than young Lara" :) I was born September 7th, 1986.

Hi! I know this sounds very funny but I would like to make Lara's profile so I would like to know how tall and heavy she is, her
hobbies besides raiding and her favourite country, color and animal. Do you know? Thanks.

Excellent question - and to answer this to the best that I can, I'm referring to the Official Tomb Raider Files book. Also, check out TombRaider4U's webpage here which has 100% accurate info and will answer the majority of your questions. Her favourite meal? Beans on toast and tea when home. Her favourite vehicles: "When she's on a mission to get somewhere, may the best driver win! Favourites include her Norton Streetfighter motorbike and battered old Landrover Defender..." I highly, highly recommend this book and if anyone is wondering, it's published by Carlton Books, written by Susie Hamilton, and the ISBN # is 1-84222-378-X

Hi! I would like to ask you about the red car at "It's A
Madhouse!" level in TR3 Gold game. There were two and... are they covered with the goo or someone was driving the car? Sorry for this funny question! I am wondering what they're doing out there.

I must admit I can't remember seeing any goo on one of the cars...the only screenshot I have, on this page, doesn't show a close up. Since Core Design are no longer making the Tomb Raider games, all of my previous contacts are gone. Maybe it had something to do with Dr. Willard and his experiments? :)

What are the things which Lara can get afraid from? I
understand she's brave but I don't mean to ask any negative questions. I am only curious. Thanks!

Great question! According to the Official Tomb Raider Files book, "You may think that the invincible Lara Croft has no fears - but that's not quite true. She's certainly not too keen on her aunt's Corgi. It's bitten her on severeal occasions and even cornered her in a meat locker - a situation about which, for once, there was nothing Lara could do!"

Hi, Katie! I was just wondering what sports Lara used to learn? In my point of view, she must have learned gymnastics, swimming and
Karate since childhood. Then, motorcycling, hiking, bungee jumping,
shooting and other dangerous sports, right? And another question far apart from that, who is the main villain behind the meteorite artifacts? Miss Leigh or Dr. Willard? Sorry for such questions! Just curious.

Your guesses are probably just as good as mine for the sports! I checked the Official Tomb Raider Files book, and it says, "Later, at Swiss finishing school, Lara discovered a new outdoor passion and took to the art of extreme skiing like a duck to water." Later on in the book, it also says, "A typical day at home will involve an hour or so of gymnastics and a quick dip in the pool, mostly to improve lung capacity, followed by a short run, a couple of hours on the assault course and finally - as a reward - some practice on the range."

As for your second question, I found this blurb in the Official Tomb Raider Files book: "Dr. Willard's terrifying experiments to accelerate evolution are getting out of hand as Lara comes across some of his depraved and deformed creations." Now your question asked who the main villain was - my guess is Dr. Willard since he is the final boss in Tomb Raider 3.

What is your favorite story so far? Mine is A New World a New Life.

I get this question a lot and I can never seem to keep giving one answer! I guess my favourites change as I write new stories, but I'd have to say my top three are The Strenuous Escapade, Premonitions, newest one that I haven't released yet ;)

Hi it's Suzanne here ;) I have a funny question for u..have u ever had a dream where u were Lara Croft herself?

Hey Suzanne! (my official Dutch translator for those of you who don't know!) This is a great question, I love it :D It's so funny, I actually have had dreams where I'm playing the game, but I'm in the game. It was very weird but cool! That's the only one that comes to mind, but great question! :)

When did you first play Tomb Raider 1 and did you immediately get into it straight away?

I was about 12 when I picked up a copy of Tomb Raider 1 - it was a demo actually. I played through the demo and was literally hooked within the first few minutes of playing - I had never played a game like it before and it was an instant success with me. After the demo I played TR2 and it wasn't until after completing it that I bought Tomb Raider 1 and was able to play through the full game.

Do you have any screenshots on Tomb Raider Unfinished Business?

Absolutely. I have screenshots from all the gold games and they have been mixed in with the regular screenshots. Most of them can be found near the end and are scattered amongst the different sections.

Is TR Underworld a continuation of TR Legend?

Yes it is! Crystal Dynamics is working on TR Underworld which will be released this Christmas. They are continuing the storyline from Legend, but haven't given any specifics at this moment. Make sure to keep checking out my TRU Section for the latest news and screenshots!

Note: Its been awhile since I posted my answer to this question, and since then Eidos has gotten a little more vague with the storyline. Right now I cannot confirm that Underworld is in fact a continuation as they've gotten very "hush hush" about it. Sorry I cannot provide any further information!

How long have you been doing this website for, it's the best!

I actually had a small website up before this one but officially started my counter and set my anniversary date on April 2, 2002. Shortly after I switched to the server, and hope to be here for quite some time! :)

How is Tomb Raider Anniversary? Is it as good as the first one?

I'm a strong believer in that the first is always the best. That's where it started, that's where Lara was "born" and when the games commenced. While each game improves in graphics (and sometimes) gameplay, it still doesn't replace (for me) the first game!

How long have you been a Tomb Raider Fan?

I started playing the games when I was about 13 years old, so for almost 9 years now. I wrote my first story around that time and have really grown as a fan since then. Tomb Raider has been more than a hobby to me and I hope to continue pursuing this passion for a long time!

(Edited for length) I've hit a brick wall with the Anniversary game. It's the two Centaurs, I can't kill them no matter what I try. I have read all of the forums, and walkthroughs.

The Centaurs are by far the most difficult part of the game. It took me a very long time to beat them as well. My best advice is to keep trying, and using different techniques. The more angry you get, the worse off you'll probably play so try and stay determined! If it helps, turn off the sound, as sometimes the hype from the music can start to get to you. As soon as the game starts, I found running in a large circle (notice how the Centaurs run to begin with?) Start shooting immidiately and by the time they cross each other, one will be ready to charge. Good luck!

Hey,your stories are great. Having played all the games and seen the movies, it's great to see someone continue Lara's adventures. Your stories are just so original, they feel as if it's part of an actual game. Is there in any way other people can help you write or is it a one woman show...

Thank you! I really appreciate your kind comments. I've certainly enjoyed writing Tomb Raider stories for the past several years and hope to continue for some time. I have been asked in the past to co-write stories with other fans, however I think for now I'm just going to continue writing alone. I do encourage fans to send in any questions they have while writing their own stories, and hopefully I can provide some insight to help them out. Thank you for your comments!

How old do you have to be to enter the contest? How do you think of stories like that? They're really good.

All of my contests I hold are open to any age, world-wide. If you are under 18 however, I do require that you ask your parents for permission before entering as I will need your address to mail the prize to if you're a winner. I'm glad you have enjoyed my stories! I'm not really sure where my ideas come from. I can visualize Lara doing so many things and adventures for her seem endless. Typically I start with a place that I'm interested in, research it, and come up with a storyline. Thank you for your question/comment!

Katie I love your stories and I've just entered your latest contest to win a singed copy of Perilous Paradise. How do you pick your winners - is it randomally chosing or is it people you think should win?

I'm sorry for answering this so late. All of my contests are completely random. Each time I get a contest ballot I number it. After the contest has ended I put all the numbers into a huge pile, mix them up, and draw the winners. If you are a part of my Story Mailing List I will typically double your ballot (you have to read the contest rules to see if I'm doing this) which will help your chances. I've had a couple contests where all the winners were on my mailing list, so if you really want to increase your chances, it's a good idea to sign up for my mailing list! Hope this helps :)

I love your stories. But what I was wondering is how did you get your site and stories well known?

When I first made my website I did a lot of advertising to get people to visit. I sent out e-mails, posted in forums, etc and it really took off from there. I quickly made my way up in search engine rankings which helped, having Core Design/Eidos Interactive post my link on their site, etc. I was very fortunate that my site took off so quickly -- all in all it really didn't take a lot of work to get it out there! After I won Core's contest that really helped boost recognition with my stories, and especially after being included in the TR Documentary. I am so grateful for all of my fans - I've been writing some for years, since I first started! I appreciate everyone who visits my site and supports what I do. Without my fans, this would all be pointless!

In Lara Croft Tomb Raider AE why did they skip the level: The Cistern, do you know why? please contact me soon.

While I don't know the exact reason this level wasn't included in the game, it was a part of the Tomb of Tihocan level. Since it was a remake the new creators decided that it wouldn't be a large enough level to re-do so they incorporated it into the other area. Sorry I couldn't provide a more in-depth answer!

I was wondering if you could send me one or more of your Tomb Raider fan films. I would really love to see them, I'm 14 years old, and a huge fan of Tomb Raider! Your fan films look awesome of what I saw in one of your documentaries.

I'm glad to hear you're interested in the film! I actually made it as part of a school assignment when I was in the Interactive Multimedia Development program. I've been asked many times if I'll post it online but I've decided not to - sorry! I would be willing to post screenshots from it, however, so keep checking back for when I add it to my Katie's TR Work section. Thanks for showing an interest!

The Documentary says you've been in your own Tomb Raider film. Have you put it someplace on the internet because I'm just curious. Also, how were you able to do it?

Ah, TR movie! I don't have it posted anywhere on the Internet. I did this movie in my first program in College as a project. I was thinking of posting screenshots from it and some other photos under my TR Work section but haven't decided for sure yet. If anyone's interested in me posting pics and the story behind it, send me an e-mail!

Hi Katie how are you doing? I'm so exicted about your new story! TRAE is #1 of Video Games of the Year 0f 2007! So do u think that Eidos is going to make a remake of the TR2?

I'm great! Hope you enjoy the story. I'm not sure if Eidos is going to do a re-make of TR2 or not...I've heard rumors but nothing solid from Eidos themselves. I know they're working on TR8 right now but I don't think it's a remake. We'll see!

Katie is there a way I can just download your new story without downloading the others which I have already downloaded? Please reply as soon as possible.

You can download the PDF for Perilous Paradise here but I do not offer the Word document as an individual download.

What's it like being in a film?

Sorry for the delay with this question...I wanted to wait until I saw the Documentary to answer! To start off, it feels great! I was so surprised and thrilled when I was asked. After we shot my part I had a 9 month wait to see it, and once I did it was just an incredible feeling. I've been receiving so many wonderful comments from people around the world about it. It's really strange having people write and say they've seen you in it! It's entirely different than getting mail about people reading my stories, because now they know what I look like/sound like, etc. I had such a great time doing the shoot for the Documentary and I hope someday I'll be given another opportunity to do something like this again. It is an accomplishment that I will never forget! If you haven't already, make sure you check out my Katie in TRAE Documentary page for info on the entire process and more!

When do you think you are going to have a new contest and what the prize will be?

As soon as I finish getting my latest story edited (#11) I will be having a contest to win copies of it signed. I've had two contests like this before in the past and I had great responses to both. You can read about past contests here! If you'd like to know when I will be having future contests you can sign up for my Story Mailing List or keep checking the site. Thanks for your interest!

Hi I'm new and I was wondering who this Stella is cause is the best Tomb raider help ever.

Stella and I have been friends for several years now, although we've never met. She started up her website shortly after the release of the original Tomb Raider. She has spent so many hours writing the walkthroughs, and it certainly shows. She told me before that she spends on average about 7 hours per level. Now that is dedication! Stella is known for her walkthroughs which are far superior and more detailed than any TR guide!

How do you take screen shots or video of the game?

Please refer to my About TR Page!

Hi Katie: why does lara lose a lot of life with bosses?

Well with any video game, the bosses are always the hardest to fight. So it makes sense that you would lose more health because they're that much harder to fight. Certainly a dog won't do as much damage as Boaz ;)

Hey! I don't know what's up with me tonight, but I can't stop exploring your site. God, I didn't know it's that creative! By the way how do I: 1. Join you'r fan club; 2. Make TR4 & 5 animations (hair, clothing, those stuff...) 3. Can I upload a story of mine here? (All rights reserved for YOU!) 4. I wanna upload some new screenshoots of TR from 4 to 6 here and again give you the glory. And finaly... 5. Where can I get all kinds of editors for all kinds of TRs? (free and e-buy) Except for the first 3 TRs Bye.... for now

Thanks for all of your questions! I'm glad you have been having fun exploring my website :) Now to answer your questions... #1: You don't officially 'join' the fan club. Anyone has access to the Fan Club pages. However, if you would like to be a member of my Story Mailing list, you can sign up for that. #2: You can use any 3D modelling programs....Maya, 3Ds Max, etc. #3: Right now I only post my stories on my website, but you can definitely post them on my Tomb Raider Forums under the Fan Fiction category. #4: Like my stories, I only post my screenshots here. Again, you can post them on my forums! I'd like to see them. #5: I'm not quite sure what you mean by editor...the Tomb Raider level editor? That was included in the 5th Tomb Raider game which you can buy at any game stores or online. Try eBay or Amazon. Hope I have answered all of your questions! Thanks for writing.

Are there any cheats in TR3 where I can get new weapons immidiately? Thanks.

To get all weapons and ammo, use this cheat: Draw PISTOLS. Walk one step back, one step forward, crouch, release crouch, turn around three times in either direction and immediately back flip. This cheat also provides medipaks.(Source: Stella's site)

Dear Katie, do you know when the Tomb Raider 3 movie is coming?

I haven't heard any news about this in quite some time. I'll post info if I hear anything about it. As of right now, it just sounds like a bunch of rumours.

Hi Katie, I've been taking great screenshots, ,but they keep getting saved on Windows Media. How can i turn them into jpg image?

If you are taking screenshots in the games using the ' or " key then the files should be saving themselves as jpeg's. If they're not, you can try re-naming the file to have a .jpg extension and see if that works. If it doesn't work, you might have to do a reinstall of the game. Additionally you can buy programs to take screenshots for you. Hope this helps!

Hey Katie, why do you lay low so much? I mean like I know you have to for saftey reasons but why? And mabey you can join me on Give pointers to people or somthing? An where do you live? God I have sooo many questions!

Hey there :) Well I guess I don't really 'lay low' for too many reasons. I do have a picture of myself with my montage up on the site but as you know there's a nice big smiley face on it. I guess at the time I just didn't want to post my picture, I didn't really think it was that necessary. However, I do have a little surprise coming shortly...(and that's all I can say!) I live in Ontario, Canada :) Thanks for writing.

Can you show pictures of all her outfits?

If you check out my 'Lara Pics' in each section you'll see the various outfits she wore during the games.

How do you take screenshots for TR4?I don't have a clue!!!

Press the ' or " button on your keyboard. See this page for more help!

Are you friends with Stella, the lady who has the website Stella's walkthroughs?

Yes I am! I've never actually met Stella, but we've been friends for many years.

How the heck do I get to see the screenshots I've taken??? I've always wanted to find out. Please help me!

It's so easy! Just go into the directory where you have your Tomb Raider files (where the game is saved) and you'll see jpg files.

Katie, I have a question. You know how you said that the secret training level on Tomb Raider Aod was just past the chained-up rottweiler? Well, I tried to open the door, but it just wouldn?t budge! Please respond!

Hey there, no matter how hard you try, that door will never open! You've got to 'fly' through the door. Press B to make her fly, and then just head through the door. Have fun!

How long have you been a fan of tomb raider?

I've been a Tomb Raider fan since 1999.

Will lara ever encounter zombies? Like in resident evil? Or will u make a fanfic that acrossover?

Great question. To be honest I have no idea! In my story I'm working on now (#9) I can say for a fact that there won't be any. You never know though, we'll see!

You said we could write on, but I want to know if being a member will be free? Because you have to be a member to write.

To become a member, it is free. Make sure you read their policies before posting any stories.

Did you accomplish all of the Tomb Raider games? I was also wondering what the exact date that TR7 is coming out? I know it's in 2005.

Yes, I have beaten all the Tomb Raider games. We haven't been told which date TR7 will be released, so I'm sorry but can't say yet. Hopefully will be updated shortly with news on the game.

How did you pull all of this site/comuniy together?

One page at a time! I actually re-did my site two times before putting it online. For those who have visited my site since day one may remember my old layouts and how I organized everything. At first I had screenshots organized by category, but as the pages were getting longer and longer I decided to organize by game, then category. It's taken a lot of work to put everything together but I have loved doing it!

Hi Katie! For the Fan Club, could we also have quizzes, fan art and fan fiction?

For My Stories section I'm keeping it all 'Katie based.' Stella and I have talked before about making a fan section for other people's work but that's yet to be decided. I am currently working on a plan for the stories section - I will be re-doing the entire thing, and yes, with quizzies too :)

Why won't you show your face?! Are you scared of recognition, or are you just shy? I think your stories ROCK!!!

I've given out my picture to some people but I don't have it on my website mostly for safety reasons. I would love to show you all a picture but right now it's for my own safety. No, I'm not scared of recognition, when I was interviewed in my newspaper I had people come up to me which was really neat. We'll see, maybe in a little while I'll post one.

I live in the uk so how is it possible for me to get hold of the Amulet of Power as I dont think it's here yet.

You can order it online from any major bookstores or try Ebay.

Could we have more polls, and update this place a bit please? Like, the background? Or, the pics? It looks nice, but changing it would make it more attractive too!

Sounds good to me, I plan on having at least one poll per week now and a page where you can look at past polls too. As of right now I don't think I'll be changing the background but hopefully I'll get around to some updates.

How often do you change the layout of this site, if ever?

In the past two years I've changed the layout about 3 times and right now I'm quite happy with it. You never know though, I may change it again!

Hey Katie well I was wondering if you're going to write another story!? I love those stories of yours!!

Yes I am! I've got some ideas jotted down, and now I'm doing some research. I'll keep posting news about my progress in my mailing list letters.

When is Tomb Raider 7 coming out and where can i get hold of tombraiders 4 and 5?

Tomb Raider 7 is scheduled to come out at the end of the financial year in 2005. I would suggest looking in game stores for TR4 and 5, if you can't find them you can try Ebay.

How do I get to play as Kurtis Trent?

Later on in AOD you'll get to play as Kurtis.

With the website and the stories, how do you find any time for everything else? I'm asking because it doesn't seem to be possible.

I've been asked this again and again but it still sounds crazy everytime! Tomb Raider is my hobby and if you love something you'll make time for it.

Dear Katie, Now with the contest over and you're new story finished, what are you planning to do next? Update the fan club? Work on a new one? (That's too soon!!!) Or are there other plans as of now?

Tons of things! I will be updating the Fan Club with a new section to the Q&A section. (watch for the ad) After that I will be adding an entire new section to the site, which I can't say anything about yet -- I want it to be a surprise :) Then I'll be adding some pics of myself with the comics to my Published page, and I'll be adding another section to my Stories page called "In the News." And yes, I am actually working on another story, believe it or not! I've got some rough ideas written down and I'm starting the research process. Other than that, no other updates ;)

The page [Fan Club, Question and Answer] can be set up the way it is ie:regarding stories, regarding your writing and miscellaneous questions, AND you can also add an Ask Lara page regarding what she did in YOUR stories! What do you think? We can ask her about Run And Don't Stop, The Evil House, Search for Delphi, etc.I think it's a great idea to get to know Lara as an individual in your story, don't you think?

I'm sorry I didn't respond to this one sooner, but I think it is a great idea! Once the contest is over I will be adding a new section to the site, and I will add the new section to the fan club. Thanks for the great suggestion!

With the contest, do you mean by sending you multiple e-mails, you won't participate? What if a multiple e-mail was sent accidentally?

This always happens when people are filling out my forms and it's understandable. If I find people are entering more than once (not by accident) then they will be disqualified. I can tell though if it's by accident so you don't have to worry.

This question just struck my mind: You obviously play TR, but there must have been a time like all players who have gone stuck. (I know.) Did you then visit Stells who's just round the corner?

You bet! Stella's walkthroughs have saved me many times from various parts I was stuck at. Without her I'd be back at the first Tomb Raider ;)

Just wanted to how you made this website? Is it possible to only have it by hotmail and then add it by a link? How long have you been practising making websites?

I use a program called DreamWeaver. No, it's not possible to make one with Hotmail unless you write all the code and paste it into a site. I've been practising for 6 years now.

Hello. I visited your webistite a month ago, (I was on holiday during that period) and I visited you fan club with the icon "fanfic" on it, but it was gone when i came back last week!!!! Is this idea on hault, or cancelled?

It's still there! Every time I add a new section to the site, or just want to advertise one I will put an ad on my homepage. If you look under the menu "Katie's Stories" you will be able to find the Fan Club. If you go to "Story List"' you will also see another menu which might be of interest to you. Let me know if you're still lost!

Do you know any good websites where i can post my fan fic? Your link showed one, but i wasn't too sure about it. Are you sure we can't post them on this website?

You can try although when you sign up with them you agree to cancel all copyrights on your story. As of right now there will not be any fan things on this website, but perhaps in the future!

Will Lara ever, and I mean ever be in serious trouble that will cause us to think; "Ok, Lara's done for!" I had that feeling once when I read Run- and Don't Stop! Will that happen again?! Because in the previous stories, it was certain she was going to win (Lara being Lara)

This is a really good question, but I can't answer it! In all of my stories Lara gets in a pickle in some way or another. It's hard to answer because it depends on how you view each situation she's in, whether or not you think she's 'done for' or just in trouble!

Aren't Lara and Kurtis on the run from the police or something? What the heck are they doing out in the open?

That they are, but when I decided to put Kurtis in my story I wasn't writing alongside the game storyline

Wasn't he [Kurtis] Karel? And din't he die? So why was he in your new story?

This is a bit confusing for all of us, since we don't know for sure whether or not he died. At the end of AOD when his chirugai glowed, it was perhaps a clue to show that he will live. I put Kurtis in my story to sort of keep up with the games, but not writing mine along the storyline of the games.

If she didn't die in TR4, then how the heck did she get out? Does every one know this or is this a mystery unsolved?

That's a great question because we were never told! She didn't die, as we know because of the games that came after. We are told what happens in the novel, "The Amulet of Power."

Hi! I wanted to know when we should expect a mailing list to arrive? Does it come every 4 weeks or does it come randomly when news comes out?

I usually put a mailing list out every month, but if there's special news that I want to share I will send out the letter then. I will always post on my homepage when I have sent out a letter so you won't miss any.

Where can we get the novel; The Amulet of Power that you mentioned?

It depends on where you live, but here in Canada you can buy it at Chapters, Coles, etc. Most bookstores sell it, so ask around!

How do you find time to write, provide the contest that's commin up, upgrade your site AND still play Tomb Raider?

What a great question! When you put it that way it does seem like I've got a lot on my plate. I'll tell you how I do it, one thing at a time! I love doing all of the things you mentioned, and if you like doing something you will make the time for it.

Of all the Tomb Raiders you've played, which one is your favourite and why?

This is a tough question! I really enjoyed TR3 and TR5 but I don't think I could pick between them. I loved TR3 because of all the locations and vehicles. TR5 was amazing, especially the VCI Headquarters levels and playing as young Lara.

I don't get AOD that much... I've only played TR 1,2,3 and 4 and i know that we play her past adventures in chronicles but what's with the new look? I thought she died in The Last Reavelation?!!?!

It was a bit confusing, wasn't it? Lara didn't die in TR4 (as we find out in TR6) but came close to it. There's a Tomb Raider novel out now that fills you in on what happens between Chronicles and Angel of Darkness. It's called, "The Amulet of Power" by Mike Resnick.

Will Lara ever die and then come back from the dead?

I'm not sure if you're talking about the games or my stories, but Lara will never come back from the dead in my stories! It's a far-fetched idea, but I can't see it happening.

Where did you learn how to make a website? I'm planning to do the same, but I need to know the steps of making one.

My interest in making webpages started just over 5 years ago. I taught myself how to do everything. If you're just a beginner I suggest you start with a site you can make using the providers tools. Angelfire, Geocities, Expage, etc are good for beginners. Also, get some books on web design -- you'll learn a lot! If you ever have any questions please feel to contact me. Good luck!

When did your interest in Tomb Raider start?

It's actually kind of funny how I got interested in Tomb Raider. I was shopping in Staples (Business Depot) one day and was going through their reduced games. I picked up Tomb Raider 1 and read the back of it, instantly glued to the box! So I bought it, thinking I'd give it a try -- and it went from there. This was in about 1999.