About this Site


Katie's Tomb Raider site is an unofficial site created solely by myself, Katie Fleming. I have enjoyed having an excellent relationship with Core Design, Eidos Interactive, Crystal Dynamics, and Square Enix over the past decade + and am honoured to be listed as an official fan site.

How it Started

I've always been a gamer but Tomb Raider was the first video game that was able to incorporate action, adventure and shooting into a single game. I discovered a demo version of Tomb Raider 1 one day around 98/99 and was instantly hooked. I had played games like Doom, Quake, and Duke Nukem but had never experienced any third person game before.

I wanted to create a website that showcased the beautiful graphics, and at the time, no other websites were around which housed original screenshots. My goal was to create a fan site dedicated entirely to the games, and to be the first source fans went to for screenshots.

Site History

Many of you only know me from being with tombraiders.net, but a few of you might remember my first site which was hosted with Angelfire. That website was created around 99/2000 and it was an instant success, and in fact, it was suspended many times for drawing too much traffic. In 2002, Stella offered my site a home on tombraiders.net and saved it from being shut down permanently.

My website offers screenshots from all the games, my own work section where fans can see what other Tomb Raider related projects I've completed, and an entire section devoted to screenshots I've taken from fan levels/games.

Not until several years after launching my website did I decide to split it into two sections: screenshots and stories. To read more about how I got started writing, click here. Long-time followers of my site will also remember the various face lifts my site has gone through over the past several years. For a few examples, click the thumbnails below.

A screenshot from 2004.

Stories section - 2004.

A screenshot from 2006.

Stories section - 2006

A screenshot from 2007.

Stories section - 2009.

To check out other pages from the past, refer to Wayback Machine: Angelfire, Tombraiders.net, and my Stories section. Unfortunately almost all of the images are missing but you'll be able to see the general idea - some of you may even remember these when they were live!

If anyone has copies of old pages and would like me to include screenshots, I'd love to hear from you! Send me an e-mail with any files you are able to submit.

Best on the Web

I have continued to play each Tomb Raider game and have posted screenshots from the entire series. Fans can enjoy Lara shots, baddies (which also include good guys), screenshots from her mansion, vehicles, special features, extra footage, and most popular and unique to my site, scenery shots.

My goal with this website was to create a spot for fans to visit first to collect screenshots. For years I have ranked first on Google for Tomb Raider Screenshots, and the response from fans has been wonderful. I have been writing fans from around the world since day one, and have kept in close contact with many of you. Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to keeping the site running for many years to come!

The Screenshot Process

The Tomb Raider games have always had wonderful graphics with stunning locations. In order to showcase the games in the best possible light, as I play, I take screenshots continuously. Typically I will have between 3,000 to 5,000 screenshots per level. Then, I go through each of the shots, one-by-one, saving the ones I like best, before uploading to the site. It usually takes about 3 hours per level to get the shots, and I hope you all appreciate the beauty in the screenshots available on this site!

Site Awards

Over the years my site has been given various awards from fellow fan sites. Check them out, here.


Over the years I have enjoyed hosting many contests to win signed stories, Tomb Raider memorabilia (Lara Croft Tonner Dolls, Sideshow Collectible statues, games), and more. Keep an eye on my homepage for future contests, and you can also subscribe to my mailing list where I announce contests as well.