Tomb Raider Mobile Controls & Menu/Inventory System

This information has been adapted from the controls list at the Eidos Mobile UK site. The default controls should be fine for most mobile phones, but if you want to change the controls, or to revert to the default controls, choose Options > Controls from the game's main menu. The exception is Tomb Raider Anniversary mobile, which doesn't seem to have an option for changing the controls. Note that some features in the list below (e.g., teleporters, conveyor belts, etc.) do not appear in all three games.


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NOTE: The UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and ACTION keys are also mapped to your phone's joystick. Also, in TR Anniversary, press the right menu button to pause the game. (When Lara stands still for several moment's you'll see the 'Pause' option on-screen, but you can press the key any time.

Walking and Running
You can make Lara walk by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT keys. To switch to running, double tap the LEFT or RIGHT key.

You can make Lara crouch by pressing the DOWN key. While crouching, she will not be able to move around, but she will be able to fire her guns.

You can make Lara jump across gaps by pressing the ACTION key. When jumping gaps, be careful to judge the distance to the other side. When jumping, Lara will automatically grab onto the far side of the gap if it is within reach.

Lara will automatically climb low walls when you press LEFT or RIGHT as she approaches. To climb a higher wall, stand at the base of the wall facing it. Press UP to jump up and grab the edge. Press UP again to pull yourself up. To grab an overhead ledge or ladder, position Lara beneath it and press UP.

Lara will run off of a ledge or platform, but if she is walking, she will stop at the edge. To climb down safely, face the edge and press the DOWN key. Lara will drop and hang from the edge. Press the DOWN key again to let go and drop. As long as she doesn't fall too far, Lara won't take damage.

Climbing Ladders
To climb up ladders, face the ladder and press the UP key to grab hold. Continue pressing the UP key to climb to the top of the ladder.

To climb down ladders, face the top of the ladder and press the DOWN key to begin climbing down. Continue pressing the DOWN key until Lara reaches the base of the ladder. If the ladder is suspended above the floor, press DOWN to let go and drop.

Pushing/Pulling Blocks
You will frequently come across blocks in the game that you can push and pull in order to solve puzzles. To grab hold of the block, use the ACTION key. You can then push or pull the block to a new position by pressing the LEFT or RIGHT key. To release the block, press the ACTION key again.

Zip Lines
To use zip lines (angled cables for sliding down from a height), position Lara underneath the upper end of the wire. Press the UP key to jump up and grab on. Lara will automatically start sliding down the wire. Lara will automatically let go and drop to the floor at the bottom of the line, but if you want to drop off sooner, press the DOWN key. Remember that Lara will take damage if she falls from too great a height.

Picking Up Items
There are numerous items strewn throughout the game. Some of these items, such as health packs, are used as soon as they are picked up, while others may not be needed until a later level.

To pick up items, position Lara over the item and press the DOWN key. If the item can be used immediately, it will be, otherwise it will be placed in your inventory for use at the appropriate time. There is no separate inventory key in the game. Instead, the inventory will automatically appear whenever it is required.

Using Items/Interacting with the Environment
You will frequently come across places in the game where you can interact with the environment. When you come across such a place, a small '?' symbol will appear next to Lara. Pressing the ACTION key at this point will perform the action required. Typical actions that might be required are pulling a switch or using an item from your inventory.

Drawing & Firing Weapons
To draw your guns, press the DRAW GUNS key. To fire your guns, press the ACTION key. To put your guns away, press the DRAW GUNS key again. If Lara's guns are drawn, she won't be able to perform any other actions that require the use of the ACTION key such as pulling switches, etc.

Lara will keep her guns drawn while walking, running, if she crouches or if she jumps. However, while her guns are out she will not be able to perform any action that uses her hands (e.g., grabbing, climbing, etc.).

As in the "big" Tomb Raider games, Lara's default pistols have unlimited ammunition. However, any weapons that you find in the game have limited ammo. The number of rounds remaining is indicated at the top of the screen.

Using Doors
When Lara comes to a door, whether at the end of a level or leading to another area within the same level, position Lara in front of the door and press the UP key to go through.

To abseil down a rope, position Lara on the ledge above the rope and press the DOWN key to swing over the edge. Press the DOWN key a second time to let go of the ledge and slide down the rope. (This action isn't available in all games.)

Teleporters are magical portals that move Lara from one place to another within a level. To use one, just step into it. Lara will automatically emerge elsewhere. The maps accompanying my walkthroughs show where each teleporter emerges. (Teleporters aren't found in all games.)

Elevators function like doors. To use one, stand in front of it and press the UP key. The lift will then take you up or down to the appropriate floor. (Elevators aren't found in all games.)

Spikes, Electric Floors and Other Hazards
Beware of spikes, electrified floors, etc. If Lara touches them for longer than a split second, she will die. In some cases, these can be deactivated using switches, pressure pads, etc. At other times, Lara will need to find another way around. (The particular hazards found in each game vary.)

Conveyor Belts
When Lara encounters a conveyor belt, note the direction it is moving in before stepping onto it. It is usually possible to run in the opposite direction across them. (Conveyor belts aren't found in all games.)

In-Game Hints & Tips
Occasionally, a text box will pop up at the base of the screen to give you information on items you pick up, clues to solving puzzles, etc. Pay attention to these hints, as they may help you solve the mysteries of the tomb.

Pausing the Game
The game can be paused at any time by pressing the PAUSE GAME key. When the game is paused a menu will be displayed that will give you the option of resuming the game or quitting back to the main menu.

Quitting the Game
To quit the game, press the PAUSE GAME key to access the pause menu. Choose the Quit To Main Menu option to return to the main menu. From here, you can choose Quit to exit the game. Any progress you have made within the current level will be lost, so you'll need to restart that level next time you play.

Map & Item Codes
Every level and found item in the Tomb Raider mobile trilogy (i.e., the first three mobile games, not Anniversary) has a 6-character code associated with it. Map codes can be found on the map screen (i.e., the tan screen with the dotted-line path between squares representing each level). Use the direction keys/buttons to move to the square representing any completed level. The map code and level name will blink on and off at the bottom of the screen. Item codes can be found by selecting the Item Info option in the main menu. Scroll through the various items you've found so far to see their names and codes. Or, for a complete listing, see the Map & Item Codes page in each walkthrough.

Enter the map and item codes you've discovered on the Tomb Raider Mobile or Eidos Mobile site to access level maps and detailed item information. (This info also appears in my walkthroughs for each game.) Tomb Raider Anniversary mobile does not use map and item codes.

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