How to Install and Play the Golden Mask Bonus Levels in the New Aspyr Tomb Raider 2 App for Mac OS X:

WARNING: These instructions are unofficial and still in the experimental stage. Several players have had success installing the levels this way, but apparently it's impossible to save the game without it crashing. If you have a solution for this issue, please let me know so I can share it here.

First you'll need to purchase the game through the Mac App Store.

  1. Download the "Golden Mask (Mac) full 5-level expansion" (33 MB) from

  2. Use Stuffit Expander to extract the contents of the "tr2g_mac_full.hqx" file. You should now have a file called "TR2 Gold.sit".

  3. Again use Stuffit Expander to extract the contents of the "TR2 Gold.sit" file. You should now have a folder called "TR2 Gold"quot; folder there is a "data" folder, rename the following files:
           level1.tr2 --> WALL.TR2
           level2.tr2 --> venice.TR2 (with 'venice' in lowercase letters)
           level3.tr2 --> BOAT.TR2
           level4.tr2 --> OPERA.TR2
           level5.tr2 --> RIG.TR2

  4. Right-click on the NEW "Tomb Raider II" app in your Applications folder and choose: "Show Package Content".

  5. Browse to the Contents > Tomb Raider 2 Data > Data folder.

  6. Rename the following files (so you don't lose them when you want to go back to the original levels of the game):
           WALL.TR2 --> WALL-old.TR2
           venice.TR2 --> venice-old.TR2
           BOAT.TR2 --> BOAT-old.TR2
           OPERA.TR2 --> OPERA-old.TR2
           RIG.TR2 --> RIG-old.TR2.

  7. Drag the earlier renamed "Gold" levels into this "Data" folder.

  8. Run the game, and chose "NEW GAME". The first 5 levels of the game will now be the Golden Mask levels. (Later, if you want to restore the original levels, just delete the WALL.TR2, VENICE.TR2, BOAT.TR2, OPERA.TR2 and RIG.TR2 files and rename the original files back to their original names.)

Special thanks to Attila for these instructions.

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