NOTE: Letter designations for switches (S#), doors (D#), save crystals (C#), etc., in the text refer to labels on the corresponding level maps. The switches are numbered to match their corresponding doors (e.g., switch 1 opens door 1, switch 3 extends ledge 3, etc.). All pickups are marked on the map (I hope). Enemies and hazards are noted in the walkthrough but not on the maps. The exception in this level is the numerous fireball emitting traps. I haven't mentioned every one. If you're low on medipaks, try to conserve them since you'll probably lose some health to these traps.

Volcanic Temple B - Map 1 (click for printable map/map key)

You fall into the level at the top left of the map, slide down a ramp and land on some white break-away tiles. Fall through into the pit, kill the 2 snakes and pick up a small medipak. Climb out and go to the right. Jump over another set of break-away tiles above a spike pit and then walk over the next set of white tiles (they don't break). You don't need to blow them up yet; you'll be back in a bit. Climb onto the ledge and use the save crystal (C1).

Climb onto the next ledge, slide down the long ramp and jump near the end to land on the platform below the lava pool. Take a standing jump off the left side of the platform to land on a smaller platform below. (Watch your step; there's a huge lava pool below.) Jump from that platform to the ledge on the left. Pick up some dynamite and use the switch (S1) to open one of the 2 blue doors (S1) below.

Jump back to the small platform to the right. Jump from the right side of the platform to land on the ledge below. From there, take a running jump to grab the ladder on the right wall. Climb to the top and then use the ceiling bars to monkey swing to the left above the bowl-shaped pool of lava. Let go at the end to land at the top of the slope near the save crystal (C1).

Go to the left to the white tiles and use dynamite to destroy them. Climb down the ladder and backflip to the ledge with the switch (S2). Use it to open the second blue door (D2) below. Drop down and get the DOOR KEY (K). Climb back out of this area. (If you like, use save crystal C1 again. It's just to the right.)

(NOTE: You'll need dynamite later in this level if you want all the pickups. It's probably easier to backtrack now to the ledge near the first switch to get the dynamite there. Follow the walkthrough above from the save crystal to the switch and then return to the crystal. If you don't care about getting all items, just continue with the walkthrough below.)

From the first save crystal (C1), go left. Use standing jumps to clear the next four gaps in the floor.

(NOTE: The ladder at the third gap from the left leads down to a snake-head doorway. This connects with another door on the right side of the same map. The connecting doors are marked "A" on the map. You can skip this for now, since you'll be entering that area from a different direction later.)

After the fourth gap, take a running jump across the lava pool. Climb down the ladder and backflip to clear the break-away tiles above the spike pit. Pick up heavy and rapid bullets. Jump back over the spikes to grab the ladder and climb back up.

Continue to the left to a slope. You'll encounter 2 bats as you go. Look to the left to trigger 2 more bats and kill them before sliding down the series of slopes. At the bottom, jump over the white break-away tiles (there's a lava pool below) to the left and use the save crystal (C2).

Jump back to the right and climb down the ladder past the fire traps. At the bottom of the ladder backflip to avoid landing on another set of break-away tiles. Shoot the mercenary to the left and fall through the tiles onto the slope below. (Or, you can drop from the ladder and fall through the tiles, avoiding the mercenary altogether.) Shoot the snake at the bottom of the slope and drop to the level below. Note the blue door (D4) to the left but, for now, head to the right.

Climb onto the ledge and take a running jump over the lava pool. Continue to the right past 2 sets of fire traps in the floor. Climb the ladder and use the switch (S3) at the top to extend a series of small platforms (L3) to the left.

If you want all the kills and pick ups, before going to the left, climb the ladder on the wall above and opposite the switch. Backflip to the ledge above. Climb down the ladder on the other side to a gray door. Use dynamite to destroy it.

(NOTE: If you don't have dynamite, you'll have to take quite a detour to find some. See the note at the end of this walkthrough.)

Drop down and shoot the mercenary on the level below. Pick up heavy and rapid bullets plus a large medipak. Climb back out and up the ladder. Climb down the other side to the switch (S3) you used earlier to extend the platforms.

Take a standing jump to the first platform then another standing jump to the second. If you want all the pickups, climb onto the ledge above the second platform and use the switch there (S4) to open the blue door (D4) back at the bottom left of the map. Safety drop back down to the small platform. Take a running jump to the next platform to the left. Climb up onto the fourth platform and then take another running jump to the left. Use the DOOR KEY to unlock the blue door (D5). Enter and climb onto the ledge above, where you'll find save crystal (C3).

(NOTE: If you've reached this point but are missing the DOOR KEY, you'll need to return to the top of this map to get it. See the note at the end of this walkthrough.)

After saving your game, you can go for the items behind the blue door down below if you want to: Safety drop from the ledge with the save crystal (C3) back down to the ledge with the door lock. Step off the left side of the ledge to land just above the blue door (D4) with the goodies. Go in, shoot the snake and pick up heavy bullets (2x), rapid bullets, small and large medipaks on the three ledges inside. (Watch out for fire traps.) Return to the right, across the lava pool and up the ladder. At the top, turn left and jump back across the platforms: standing jump, standing jump, running jump, climb up, running jump to the blue door (D5). Then climb up to the crystal (C3) and save again.

Climb the ladder to the right of the crystal, backflip to the small platform behind and climb up to the snake-head doorway above. Go through to emerge from another doorway just above and to the right. (Both doors are marked "B" on the map.)

Take a running jump to grab the ladder. Climb partway down and jump to the ledge with the rapid bullets (2x). Safety drop to the platform with the fire traps and from there drop to the ground.

Pick up heavy bullets and a small medipak to the left of the big snake-head statue/doorway and dynamite to the right. If you want all the pickups, don't go through the doorway yet. Instead, climb the ledges and ladders on the right, gathering 2 large medipaks, a small medipak and rapid bullets (2x).

When you're set, go through the snake-head doorway (stand near the mouth and press Up) to enter the next area.

New Area: Volcanic Temple B - Map 2 (click for printable map/map key)

You fall into this area from above, slide down a ramp and land just to the left of the Snake Guardian. You can deal with him right away or avoid him and get the various items in the side areas first. If you want go right to the fight, just advance to the left and skip the next three paragraphs of the walkthrough.

Run past the guardian to the left and slide down the short slope to land near a blue door (D6). Climb the ladder on the left wall and backflip to the first small platform. Climb onto the platform above and jump to the ledge on the right. Climb the ladder and backflip to grab the edge of the next small platform. Pull up, shoot the ceiling switch (S6). There's no need to hop over to the next platform; just safety drop off the right side of the platform Lara's on to land on the short slope and slide down to the blue door (D6), which is now open.

Go through the door and take a running jump to grab the bars on the ceiling. Monkey swing over the big spike pit and drop onto the platform with the heavy bullets. Monkey swing farther to the right to get more heavy bullets. (Be careful not to drop onto the slope, or Lara will slide into the spikes.) Hop down on the ledge below and duck to pick up more heavy bullets here and avoid the fire trap as you shoot the snake. (Be sure to save some of those heavy bullets for the guardian.)

Take a running jump over more spikes to grab the small platform to the right. Pull up. Jump to the next ledge and shoot another snake. Climb the ladder on the right wall and backflip to the small platform behind. Jump to the next ledge on the left and climb up. Go left to face the guardian.

The Snake Guardian spits gobs of green venom at Lara, depleting her health pretty quickly. However, defeating it is relatively painless if you have at least 10 heavy bullets and a couple of medipaks saved up. Just stand in front of him blasting away, keep an eye on Lara's health bar and pause to use a medipak when it becomes necessary. After 10 heavy rounds, it's done. (If you're low on ammo and health, try to dodge the venom or explore the side areas before fighting to resupply.)

Cut scene: Lara gets a crystal from the dead Snake Guardian and returns upstairs to the altar. She uses the crystal to unlock the Nightmare Stone and then throws it into the lava. The destruction of the Stone triggers the temple's collapse and Lara has to make a run for it. She finds the exit blocked and has to search for another way out.

*NOTE ON BACKTRACKING TO GET DYNAMITE AND/OR DOOR KEY (Map 1): If you are missing the DOOR KEY and/or dynamite to blow up the gray door at the bottom of this area, you can get back to the top for the needed items. First, climb to the top of the wall above the switch that extends the platforms (S3). From there, jump to the ledge with the fire traps on the right. Climb onto the next ledge to the right. Don't slide down the slope into the spike pit. Instead, jump up to grab the short ladder and climb onto the platform above. Jump onto the small platform to the right and from there to the next small platform, where you'll find save crystal C4.

Jump to the right to land near the snake-head doorway and go through to emerge in the upper left part of the map. The two connecting doors are marked "A". Climb the ladder to the right of the connecting doorway and go to the right. Jump the next three gaps and climb up next to save crystal C1.

Follow the beginning paragraphs of this walkthrough, above, to get the dynamite and/or DOOR KEY and return to save crystal C1.

From the crystal, go back to the left, jumping three gaps and climbing back down the ladder to doorway "A". Go back through the doorway, jump to the left onto the platform with save crystal C4. Continue to the left and down to the ledge with the fire traps. From there, jump to the ladder, where you can either climb down on the right to the gray door, or the left to the area with the platforms and locked blue door (D5).

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