NOTE: Letter designations for switches (S#), doors (D#), save crystals (C#), etc., in the text refer to labels on the corresponding level maps. The switches are numbered to match their corresponding doors (e.g., switch 1 opens door 1, switch 3 extends ledge 3, etc.). All pickups are marked on the map (I hope). Enemies and hazards are noted in the walkthrough but not on the maps.

Temple B - Map 1 (click for printable map/map key)

Swim down to the bottom of the pool to pick up 2 small medipaks. Surface and climb out of the pool on the right side. Follow the passage to the right, killing a scorpion on the way. Where the passage opens up, there's a save crystal (C1).

Climb the ladder just above the crystal. Shoot a bat and scorpion at the top and then jump the gap to the right. Continue right toward a spike pit. Jump up to grab the vines on the ceiling and traverse across the spike pit. Use the switch (S1) to open a blue door (D1) back to the left. Backtrack left, using the vines to pass over the spikes and jumping the gap above the ladder. The blue door you just opened is on the ledge above. Inside are a dart-shooting gargoyle (duck and roll to avoid it), dynamite and a large medipak. In a shallow pit below you'll find a small medipak guarded by a snake. Climb back down the ladder to the save crystal (C1).

This time head to the right past the crystal. Hop down from the ledge, kill a scorpion and continue to the right. Next you'll come to a pit containing 2 snakes and a small medipak. If you drop in close to the edge, you can kill both snakes without losing health. Climb out of the pit on the right and pick up the large medipak concealed in the undergrowth.

Climb onto the wall to the right with the dart-shooting gargoyle and down the long ladder on the other side of the wall. Backflip off the ladder to the first ledge on the right. On this upper ledge are two statues with blue square designs flanking a big blue square. (The passageway at the bottom of the ladder leads to the level exit, and you have some other exploring to do first.) Shoot a scorpion and a bat. Duck to avoid the dart trap as you pick up the small medipak under the overhanging ledge.

Now climb onto the ledge above, kill a bat and continue to the right, climbing up a low ledge then a long ladder. At the top there's a gray door on the right. Go to the left first to a shallow pit with a snake, a small medipak and a stick of dynamite (if you don't already have one). Get the stuff and backtrack to the right, jumping the gap above the ladder. Use dynamite to blow up the gray door.

(NOTE: If you missed the dynamite or set it off in the wrong place by mistake, another stick will appear in the pit to the left, described above.)

There's a save crystal (C2) just beyond. Use it and then approach the slope. Wait for the bat, kill it, and then slide down the slope, jumping near the end to clear the spike pit and land on the small island with the large medipak. (You can also jump and grab the edge of the ledge.) Take a standing jump from the right edge of the island over the second spike pit to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and kill another bat and a scorpion. Use the red switch (S2) to extend the ledges (L2) above the slope. You'll return this way later, but for now, continue to the right.

Descend a series of tiered ledges supported by columns. To avoid the dart-shooting gargoyles, either descend carefully, ducking to avoid the darts, or duck and roll from side to side, falling down the ledges as you go. At the bottom there's a small medipak. Grab it and slide down the slope to the left to land on the ledge below. Jump from the edge of this ledge over the spike pit to grab the ladder. Climb to the top.

At the top of the ladder, go to the left, shoot the scorpion and continue to the left. (You'll can climb onto the ledge above for a small medipak or get it when you return later.)

Take a running jump to grab the ladder ahead on the left and climb to the top. Kill the snake and use the switch (S3) to turn off the dart traps above and below. Climb back and backflip onto the ledge where you were earlier. Climb down the other ladder (on the right side of the shaft). At the bottom, let go. Pick up the small medipak and go through the arched doorway (marked "A" on the map).

(NOTE: To use doors, center Lara in the opening and press control pad Up.)

You emerge through another arched doorway near the center left of the same map. (The connecting doorway is also marked "A".) Use running jumps to get over the spike pits. Duck and roll through the low passage. Pick up small and large medipaks concealed behind the rocks and plants near the ladder. Then climb the ladder and backflip to land on the ledge with the DOOR KEY (K) and save crystal (C3). Climb back down. Return to the right, roll under the overhang and jump across the two spike pits. Go back through the arched doorway (A).

Now climb back to the top of the level: From the arched doorway (A) go left, jump up to grab the ladder and climb back up to the first ledge on the right. Climb onto the ledge above and to the left of the blue square decoration. (Pick up a small medipak here if you didn't get it earlier.) Jump straight up to grab the vines on the ceiling and monkey swing to the right above the spike pit and ramp. When Lara can't monkey swing any farther, let go to land on the flat ledge above the ramp.

Climb onto the next ledge (to the right) then work your way up the tiered ledges to the top. If you time your moves carefully, you can climb up one level, duck to avoid the darts, then climb up to the next level. At the top, go to the left and, if you didn't do so earlier, use the red switch (S2) to extend the ledges (L2) above the pit. Make a series of jumps across these platforms. The last one must be a running jump, or Lara will land on the slope and slide down toward the spikes.

Continue to the left past the save crystal (C2). Climb down the ladder and keep going left, hopping down two levels and passing in front of the two statues flanking the big blue square. Safety drop to the ledge below. (No need to use the ladder.) Kill 2 snakes—one in the pit at the base of the ladder and one to the right. Duck and roll to the right and keep going. Shoot a bat. Climb down one ledge and another long ladder. At the bottom let go to land near a gold trapdoor (D4), which isn't open yet.

Go to the left, climb the ladder, pick up a large medipak concealed in the weeds, and use the switch (S4) at the top to open the gold trapdoor. Climb back down, go right and climb down through the open trapdoor.

About halfway down the ladder is a ledge on the right. Shoot the snake from the ladder and then backflip to the ledge. Pick up the small medipak and dynamite (if you don't already have some). Take a standing jump from the edge of the ledge to grab the ladder and climb down until Lara is level with the next ledge. Shoot the scorpion from the ladder, backflip to the ledge, kill a bat and then use the switch (S5) to open the blue door (D5) below. Climb or safety drop to the ground.

At the bottom of the ladder, go left through the blue door. Use the save crystal (C4). Take a running jump across the spike pit to grab the opposite edge and pull up. Continue to the left and climb the ladder to the top. If you climb carefully you can avoid the flying darts.

At the top, jump into the pool, swim down to the bottom left and use the underwater switch (S6) to open the blue door (D6) above. Surface, climb out of the pool on the right and take a running jump across the gap to reach the blue door. Go through, kill a snake and a scorpion, pick up large and small medipaks and return to the left. Climb down the ladder past the dart-shooting gargoyles.

Backtrack to the right, taking a running jump-grab over the spike pit. Use the save crystal (S4) again if you want to and continue to the right through the blue door (D5).

At the next ledge, shoot the scorpion below before hopping down. Keep going to the right. Take a running jump across the spike pit, kill another scorpion and continue to the locked blue door (D7) Use the DOOR KEY to open it (stand by the lock and press A). Continue to the right to the next level.

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