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"Curse of the Sword" Maps Index

Below is a complete list of maps for each level of the second Tomb Raider Game Boy Color game. Click each link to view/print the map. For a detailed written walkthrough, see the main TRGBC page.

Or, to download all the maps in a single zipped archive, click here: (177 KB).


S# - switch      C# - save crystal
D# - door         C/B - hazard (chimney, falling boulder, etc.)
L# - ledge or ladder (only indicated for the type triggered by a switch)

- water    - toxic goo

- black-and-white door (retracts into ceiling)
- ladder (black = permanent, gray = extended with switch)
- ledges (black = permanent, gray = extended with switch)
     - monkey bars (black = permanent, gray = extended
     with switch, pink = electrified)
- trapdoor
- doorway (connecting doorways labeled with the same number)
- tunnel or concealed passage
- spikes
  m - underwater mine, land mine
- hazard (laser trap, pounding machine, etc.)
D - dynamite, M - large medipak, m - small medipak,
A - ammunition (shotgun or rapid bullets), K - key
(other unique items indicated on maps and described in walkthrough)




Runaway Train




*NOTE: The starred maps are larger than a standard 8½" x 11" sheet of paper. Unless your printer automatically scales images to fit the paper, be sure to print them using landscape (horizontal) orientation, or the edges will be cut off.

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